One Step Closer [Live from the KROQ Red Bull Sound Space 2014] - Linkin Park

Linkin Park performing "One Step Closer" live from the KROQ Red Bull Sound Space in Los Angeles in 2014.

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Aamir Khan
Chester used to be quite skinny but it seems he's hitting the gym these days. Good for him!
Alex 1703
Круто !!! Супер !!! Класс !!! 
Antonio Pérez
Hahaha i love the screams! I remember hybrid theory once again :DD
Bangkit Fajar Putra
Bastián González Urbina
His voice sounds amazing !
I remember when crowds would pile on each other and just thrash on a song like this.... these people just stand there in aw.. lol
Bienshidoris :v
salten amargos, hagan algo la concha de la lora!
Chaotic Atmosphere
RIP Chester, you will be sadly missed. Especially by me. :(
That was so hyped! Chester jumping around raised the excitement level tenfold. We love and miss you Chester!
Christos Apostolopoulos
RIP legend ...
Corey Tuccelli
Chester got better... Holy crap. Can't wait for LP and OM&M tour.
Craneo 18barrio
old school
Cruz Majeno
Screaming has deteriorated his singing over time, but does not change the fact that he is still a bad ass vocalist, that low, and that climax at the end and that part where he sang, \
Oh Hell Yes!! Bring It On!!!
Daniel Morales
This is soo sickk!!! i want the full concert now! :oo
Dee Iver
The crowd isn't loud enough!
Di Rose
Good old LP.
Emily Love
Enrique Contreras
OMG Chester is awesome
Shut up!!!! Just don't fall when you're one step closer to the edge or it could get messy!
Yes! You're BACK I relly missed your screms Chester!!!
That growl though!
Franco Alejandro Martínez López
RIP Chester...
Rip Chester
Helter Skelter1208
I love it! That was awesome! \\m/
Hons Hon Central
Of course the crowd isn't loud, he is telling them to shut up!
Horns And Halos
Chester had to inform the crowd filled with beiber fans that they were going old school so they they can leave before they pee their pants
Igor Castro
One of the best performances of OSC
Ilmi Maki
one step closer is my best song and the part shut up when im talking to you needs to be a meme
JJ Galm
These crowds... When they ain't Mike gets pissed. \nWhen they actually move Mike smiles lol
Jadson Siller
Foooooda o/ \n- SOLDIERS BRASIL
Jamal Ahmed
That extended outro solo + that \
Jeremiah Fernandez
I listened to this shit when I was 11. damn
It's easy to tell when Chester's just saving up for the screams and when he's really going all out, because he's wobbly on some notes in the fairly easy first verse but makes a nearly flawless transition from scream to high note at 2:57.... I'm just glad he can scream live again. :`D
Joshua Clarke
Not to sound weird or anything but i like Chester's flame tattoo on his right arm!
Julio Rodrigues
i haven't smiled like that in a while
Julius Paul
Kamrin Murphy
Favorite performance of this song. RIP Chester, much love
Leonid Kretovich
Вижу снова тот LP из-за которого я начал слушать альтернативу и тяжелую музыку. Спасибо вам!
Lost In The Echo
He's back.
M. Murry
This kind of songs we try not to make songs that sound like pop ,make song that sound like Rock!
Marija Brincat
I love this therapy ever
Marlon Oliveira
This is the real Linkin Park! Aggressive and heavy! Thankfully, The Hunting Party is not like pop music.
So lange genießen bis die gema das Video sperrt...
Miguel de Sousa
Great !
Must be awkward to sing to a room full of cellphones instead of people....
Честер подкачался чтоли?
I'll always love LP new albums and diferent styles, but this is the LP I grew up with and damn they can always bring the epic!
Oice _Kool
Rip Chester u will be blessedly messed 😓😓😓🙏🙏🙏
such an amazing, one of a kind voice. RIP Chester
The Old songs i mean from album Meteora Hybrid theory are just simple the best for ever make a concert with only old songs i will buy it instantly
Pugito Pitapayle
1:43 that was beast.
R мαяσση
Chester Bennington Is the best scream vocals in the world forever!!! R.I.P Chester Bennington..
Ricardo Gonzalez
Linkin Park THANK YOU for existing!!\nP.S come to the Dominican Republic!\nThank you again.- Ricardo
Secily B
lol he was gettin it
SkyBlast Beatz
WoW this is the meaning of going back to the roots
Sotiris Bitsios
Κορυφαίο τραγούδι
Storumans Lärarbänd
That singer rocks it big time! But what's up with the guitar player with the head phones???
I'm in love with Chester's screams. ♪\nOk, I'm in love with all of Chester Bennington. ♥
Tatas Fachrul
this is why i love linkin park since i was in elementary school :3 
Terri W.
Words are not enough...I'll miss you forever 💛
ThatRANDOMTeen s
The BraZz
We love you chester
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phoenixs tshirt
Thomas Edouard
Quality here is very very high !!
Timoxa Spec
от души, слушаю и тащусь))
Trinity Lopez
They are amazing \nI love them so much \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3 \n:D
WTF is wrong with the crowd? You have Chester at his best, screaming his ass off, and all you gotta do is stand there? Srsly what's wrong with these people?
I'm thirteen for a while again. Thanks.
attirah daniar
Dave you're adorable asf
Guess whos gonna see them live soon ... ;)))))))
burhan bin yacob
Rip chester bennington 😭😭😭ur voice always be in my heart from Singapore ur song mean to me
chris lee
When was this video made bc sheesh Chester looks amazing physically. I've never seen him this good of shape. \n\nThe singing is so much better when the body is healthy. Big ups to Mike and the rest of the band as well, u rock LP. \[email protected] can't wait to see you next month (aug2014) in Charlotte North Carolina.\ufeff
david sentosa
Chester's scream at the end remind me of Faint in 2007
Are those peoples dead !? wtf, jump mtfs..!!
After 14 years this song still sounds really good in live!!  LOVE U LP!!!
frank carter
nice live , can t wait to see then in londom , and omg chester put on some muscle
OMFG CHESTER YOU ROCK!!! Feels so good to hear this one live again.
Chester is still absolutely, incredibly, and without a doubt, amazing. However, you can tell that after all this years of rocking out, his screams are alot less softer and shorter. Singing/screaming for years, along with age, will do that unfortunately. Still awesome though! LP for life \u003c3
juan carlos perez silva
que buen tema
Classic LP. Awesome.
piet spatbord
i was screaming this when i was like 6
Does anybody else finds it annoying that people now days just record things in their camera or phones, instead of participating in the show.\nNot just in LP concerts but in all concerts over all.
rangga skew
Rip chester benington😭😭😭
raylan cunha
muito legal adoro linkin park...\n 
non so se sono più sconvolta dalla prestazione di chester (in tutto questo show) o dal solito pubblico americano congelato
Really strange how Chester screams AMAZING, but his clean vocals are much weaker than as it used to be.
Chester still sounds dope, but poor guy cant do high notes as well as a couple years ago :(
umang punk
you know its chester when you hear a screaming song and you can understand the lyrics :)
they sounds awesome live. really miss the old stuff. 
this dude rocks, for decade now and more, he is still amazing. Respect
Rest in peace K I N G
Wow chester looks really nice
Chester lo mejor.
Вадим Крушатин
Это самый настоящий Линкин Парк! Парни вы охуенны! Возвращайтесь!
Се мён
Ну кто ставит дислайки? Это же LP!