Mark Knopfler on Guitars

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Taken from “Soundbreaking” documentary © 2016 Higher Ground

A Player 69
He's like the Bob Ross of guitars. I could listen to him talk about guitars all day even though I know nothing about them.
Alejandro Rocker
Alessandro Drudi
Throw in a crapload of talent, sprinkled with enough British style, and you can even pretend all this isn't crazy hard to accomplish, and not to see all our jaws dropped.
Andrew Power
Arunaditya Basu
Oh when he kisses the Les Paul at 4:20!!!! Such passion 😢
Attila Camdeviren
Hattori Hanzo of Guitar playing
Austin Kirkpatrick
I love how Mark has a hard time articulating what he’s wanting to get across, but his guitar always finishes his sentence for him
Brad Coleman
Pardon me while I play 5 different genres of music in just a few minutes, and with such ease that you'd believe anyone can do it. ;) Great piece of time with a great guitarist.
Calamity James
Love the Fraight train part by Elizabeth cotton. She a legend in fingerstyle guitar.
Captain Slappywacks
I'm by no means a great guitarist, but he explains a lot of things about guitar that are hard for me to put into words such as the bit about finger picking. I learned to finger pick years ago when I lost my guitar picks but wanted to keep playing and was too lazy to go out and buy more picks. Been finger picking most of the time since then and it evolved very much the same way he just explained. Brilliant musician!
Chris Knight
Wonderful - my blood pressure just dropped into the green zone watching this. When I first heard Sultans of Swing I was a 20-year-old lonely student on industrial placement in a small town in Belgium. SOS came on the radio and I have never been so gobsmacked! Never heard anything like it before and the musicianship was just off the scale - all wrapped up in some unique guitar licks from Mark. Decided there and then to spend my first pay on an acoustic Yamaha which I still play 40 years on.. A guitarist's guitarist if ever there was one.
Csaba Kiss
What a wonderfully unpretentious guy. I would listen to him for hours.
D. Leigh
I saw the Dire Straits in the 1980s, and Knopfler made 13 guitar changes throughout the show. After the first few, I started keeping count. It was THE thing that I came away with. His ability to move from guitar to guitar while seemingly not caring as he chats on a beach is in full force on the stage. This video captures well that essence.
David Power
A humble master of his craft is a rare and splendid thing.
can someone tell me how to get more independence in my thumb?
Desmond Odom
Thank you for your insights on guitar sir! You would make a great teacher
Dr Cutter
Edmund Wong
You are genius which I don't believe can be learned with any amount of effort.
Engenharia Mental
I started hearing Rock Bands after the first time I have heard the \
Forrest George
Fantastic clip. Thank you!
Frank J.L. De Clercq
Thanks thank you so much !
François Thouvenin
I've been a Dire Straits' fan ever since their very first LP. Mark Knopler is one of the most gifted guitar players... and singers. Besides, he is quite a nice and modest guy, despite his talents, like his friend Eric Clapton. Wish we could say that about all \
Gaen Kok
He is my one and only guitar god. Humble and kind.
Id love to be on stage with my triangle with mark
JT Michaelson
I love Mark Knopfler. I never knew that until somewhere in early 2000 when Dire Straits had long been gone. Back in the 80s, I liked DS but was not necessarily a fan. I had some of their albums and loved some of their singles, but not all. \n\nBut in 2000, I was working at a classic rock station and the new Knopfler CD came in called Sailing To Philadelphia, and I saw the PD made a note to play \
Jack Spradt
4:20 - pulls a $275,000 '58 les paul standard - first thing he does is kiss it....
James Jo
I LOVE HIM....but dam...what year is this \u003e!!?!?!!??! why do i hear jack off noises when he plays vibrato ?!?!?!?! did they not ask mark how to mic voice and guitar !?!??!?!?
James White
I don't want it to be the case but as I was watching this I couldn't help but think if popular music carries on the way it has over the last few years people like this and the talents they have will be completely irrelevant in 20 years from now. How can that be? I'm not an old misery full of doom and gloom and anti-youth etc but you just don't hear anyone play guitar on pop songs anymore (or bass, drums, or any instrument actually). What's going on? This video is an old man but just listen to the emotion going on.
Javier Alejandro Osorio Montes
Love and respect shown when he kissed the guitar. Great Star...!
Jay Prestridge
Thanks for the video.
Jeffrey Pritchard
I don’t understand the 1.2k downvotes.
John B
This man's music has brought me a lot of joy over the years. Thank you for that, Mark. Such a down-to-earth and easygoing guy.
Jonathan Kahanovitch
What guitar model is that
Kenny Coultrap
Nothing has made me want to grab my acoustic guitar and get back into finger picking than this video. Life is too short to just give up on what you love when getting old and sick . Thanks Mark.\nI've been a big fan most of my life.
Knut Mikael Haukeland
Everytime Mark Knopfler trails off and starts playing I can swear i see his soul leave his body and enter his guitar...
Luckydog -
The Man !!!
Mario D
I have a new appreciation for Mark Knopfler after seeing this video.
Mark Knopfler Russia
Happy birthday Mark!
Martin Cameron
Martin G
At 4:20 - \
He stated that \
Michael Robinson
Mike Kopf
He is a superstar and yet so down to earth. It's like he has no idea nor does he care how awesome he is.
Nancy Morton
He is the master ! !
Nicolas Luis
I m getting all these weird feelings inside me while I m watching this.. I think... I think I need a resonator now. Never happened to me before.
Nino Divino
Im having a lazy morning in bed, in Japan. It's a rarity for me because I'm usually always chasing something. This was such a treat as I sip my coffee and the sun rises while the birds are singing outside the window. First time I've had the pleasure of seeing this guy talk and play up personal. I'm a new fan for sure.\nInspired with thanks.
Oliver Dolgener
When he kissed his guitar it brought a huge smile to my face. You really can feel the love he puts into the music. Such an amazing musician!
He can play the honky tonk like anything. 😮
Paul Stewart
This man is a inspiration, he's not in it for the fame or the adoration or money or recognition or anything, he's simply in it for the music - Thanks Mark you've been with me throughout my life, long may you continue
Prince Westerburg
RICH 1971
Totally got lost in this video,I could have just carried on watching,what a real gentleman and musician this man is!
1:54 Speedmaster Professional. And he leaves the chronograph running. Bam
Richard Ofsoski
Im a shredder whos into Yngwie, Gary Moore, Petrucci etc but this guy remains one of my favourite players he has such a magic touch with impecable note placement and phrasing
He is not afraid of sharing his knowledge. He is humble and a gentleman. A true master.
Learn from this single video more than from years of watching instructions.
Simon Simon
The longer this went on, the farther he left me behind.
Simon Wotton
I just love the way he gets carried away as soon as as he strikes a tone
Sir Lance Goodthrust
A true musician.. he showed love to that sunburst guitar with a kiss!
Steve Cuss
Knopfler using a pick? The end of the world is near!!
SteveBelieve Guitar
_I saw the thumbnail and I thought:_ *Vin Diesel can play the guitar??!!*
TIM Grills
This video needs to be about 30 hours longer
TSK 126
I love the way he's almost self-deprecating, like he just stumbled into being a world-famous guitarist
Tablature Butler
I'm guessing this lad will go far...
The Magic Rat
I have the 1, 4 and 5 chords nailed... it's all that fancy shit in between I'm struggling with!
Tonto Epstein
Finally, a bald rock star not afraid to show that he's bald. No stupid Carlos Santana selection of hats, no Roger Glover head hankie, no idiotic everyday Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley wig glue and wig.
Tony Driver
I jammed with MK, for about 20 mins along with my friend Stuart at the end of a jazz guitar lesson at Loughton College, Essex, England, on a Saturday morning in (I think) about 1973. MK was an English language tutor (before he was famous) and 'just happened' to be by the music rooms as our lesson was ending. He won't remember I'm sure - but I do. Stuart and I had this little jazzy/blue grass thing going on - and MK joined in. I was 15.
Tony P
What a huge huge talent this video was brilliant to listen too, a legend sharing wealth of knowledge..from.where he started..
Umair Ejaz
I have a dream.. watching two of my fav musicians play together someday... John Mayer and Mark Knopfler
I keep waiting for him to say \
Valen Sinclair
Oof, thanks for reminding me I'm still a terrible guitarist.
Vaughan Scott
Never thought much of Mark till i watched this. What a legend and so humble.
Zé Setta
You are the best my friend, !!!!
You have to love when he kisses his 58 Les Paul.
Such an amazing talent. How seamlessly he transitions between styles, like he is changing his accent when he speaks or something. Except this is complicated stuff. He makes it look like he is tying a shoe or something. WOW. He says it is really not his sort of thing as he nails it. From 12 to 14 he just dabbles around sounding like it is his life's passion to play blues or jazz. Then at 14:08 he says it is really not my thing. I'm just a simple guy... So, I just broke my guitar up and threw it in the wood stove. I'm not worthy to look at it any longer....
captain deinonychus
5:02 to 5:12 sounds so goddamn rich
4:19 only guitar players will understand-
contrast principle
You can tell his character from his music, he was the entire 80's music
The 58' Les Paul is worth more than everything I've ever owned. At least I have a Gibson Advanced Jumbo acoustic that he's playing.
dean bagley
haha.. great,. i love this guy ,,your fkin great..,, class & id like to have an ale w/ him
He just made me realize how much I suck at guitar
g mat
Awesome vid!! Like how he tried to make it seem easy with the C chord. Fan since the first Dire Straits album and ones i like are Down To The Waterline for that then more recently, Blue Tarp Blues, guesting on Sonny Landreth's \
Can't help but just smile through that clip. Truly a kind genius.
I love how he stops mid sentence, just because he has to finish the riff, and then he finishes his sentence. Also, just how rare is it to see somebody who knows so much about something be able to explain it so casually, modestly, and contentedly to someone else. Wow.
joey bloggs
Looks fairly straightforward. I'll buy a guitar and do all this
martyn spooner
He just seems like such a nice guy. Its like talking to the guy next door who plays guitar and is giving a few tips.
meve barr
My favorite part is the \
I like the cut after 5:16, where you can really hear the difference between a Stratocaster and a Les Paul.
mike rayner videos
amazing musician and music/songwriter.. love this guy 🌹
He makes me laugh like a kid he's so good. Anybody else lol.
Much more Impressive the emi tg12345 on the back 😉
This video should come with every starter guitar.
sedgwic st.patrick
I started playing guitar in 1979 and this video shows me that I don't know a damned thing about playing guitar.
simpe zulu
I do not understand sometimes from informative outlook like this what is here to dislike, he talks about past and guitars and playing styles. So I don't understand thumb down, where is it coming from, really, is that like automatic move or something else !? I am not his fan and I don't have to like it particularly, but I know he is great guitar player and if you like guitar it should be in a way interesting for all guitarists, no matter do you like him or not, what is here special to dislike, if not some kind of jealousy, that emotion, urge is not good, people generally should strive to be less jealous or envy etc, that feeling within is like a cancer, very dangerous.
10:42 that's what i been waiting for all video
william Rupert
One of the 10 best ever...................thanks, Mark.........
نديم الراح
What's the music in 5:50 ?