Cuts Transitions 101

Director/Editor Joey Scoma is here to talk to you about something simple: cuts and transitions. Except... there are so many different kinds!! In this video essay, Joey lists and defines the different cuts and transitions available to you as an editor, with examples from classic and modern films. It's up to you to decide when and why you'd use them!What movie is that clip from?! Just turn on Closed Captioning!Written and edited by Joey ScomaAssistant edited by Sean PrzanoJoey can answer your editing questions directly here in our forum!

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there are some good movies in this video.
A&A Media
I love the J cut, would love to try that in my films one day!
Adam And Logan Productions
Amazing thank you vary educational
Adrian Collins
I want you to edit my film...
Ahmad Mostafa
10th time I see this video and still learn from it
2:12 lol
Excellent video. Thanks.
Andi Blair
Thank you so much. Great video. This helps enormously in my screenwriting.\nQuick question : would you put J Cuts in a screenplay or (V.O.) or is that best left to the director/editor ???????\n\nThanks again. The day is never wasted if you learn something :D
Arun Ramanathan
Found a gem of a video. Thank you vert much.
So amazing. Has anyone tried using all of these cuts in a single video?
Funny how I've used a lot of these editing techniques and never knew what they were called till now.
Blueberry Tent
Such a modest title for such an amazing video!
Bounkoub Hamza
Match Cut !\n9:09 - that my favorite cut Bro !
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Wish me luck, I'm submitting a short film for a Digital Arts contest so I'll be binge watching these all night. Starting with this one.
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Great, informative vid. You're undoubtedly helping the new generation of filmmakers.
I love this video
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Amazingly well done video
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J cut and L cut very useful 😊
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super helpful. thanks a lot 👌👌
Corey Carnes
That morph at the end of SPR is one of the greatest cinematic techniques in history. It does visually what \
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wow, what a great video. Thank you
Is it possible to give the exact time of the scenes..Would be so thankful 🔥👏
Digitalsoju TV
Very informative video, even for someone who has been editing for years like myself. It would have helped if they had visually shown why it's called a J and L cut for people who don't know.
The scene from the world's end with 'Alabama song' by the doors is a great display of different types of cuts
Satoshi Kon was the master of match cuts.
Jump cuts were popularized by the French New Wave, wish you had mentioned that!
Francesco Films
Mi favorite transicion is \
To emphasize the cut in a peak of intense scenes, I would rather choose to cut it, then a blackout for several seconds so that the audience's emotion is still going after the particular cut. Fade out or even wipe would dismiss audience's emotion so I think it might not be the best idea for a certain situation.
Gautham N Chitraju
Jumpcut , L , J -Cut ❤
Edgar Wright movies use so many creative edits and camera moves you could make this entire video from just examples out of the Cornetto trilogy and Scott Pilgrim.
Harsh Parmar
just an awesome piece of information.. thank you so much for this channel. subscribed..
I love it when the audio from a scene continues to play as the next scene or montage begins.
Hugh Thomas Cropper
should I be taking notes?
Ian Mansfield
Started in on directing a short animation and was going well until I had to stitch all our scenes together and while the story board was great the lack of thoughtfully designed transitions and cuts ruined the films quality. Definitely learned a lot in the process and continue to try to better understand the nuance of cinematic sequencing.
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wow. opened a whole new world for me... loved the video. lots of info
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i have a feeling this is a video i will watch over and over again, very precise in such a short period of time. great work you guys are doing on this channel, i just want to thank you for that. :)
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Thank you so much! I knew about this stuff but I don't think I knew it fully in depth! So thank you for teaching me. I can now try to use these things in my videos!
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So crazy that this channel probably has more information on filmmaking than my entire college education
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Wow! This was amazing 😀 Thank you!
Joe Seijo
Show us cuts & transitions in porn films.
Joe Sullivan
I think Anime has a lot to offer in this subject
Johan Visser
Best whip-pan cut ever (as described at 6:37) is the one from Serenity where they intoduce every one of the cast in just one continuous take. They then sneak a cut into it when the captain and doctor walks down the stairs to (a complete new set but) the lower floor in the movie. Brilliant and I never noticed it until it was pointed out to me.
John Clement
This is the second video I've come across that gets \
JuanCena meme lord like me?
movei at 3:52
Kennon Bellile
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Oh my god, that closed caption thing is genius.
Lloyd Nix
1:27 What movie is that from?
Lord Alfajor
Amazing way of teaching us! thanks
I see what you did there with the match cuts lmao 3:39
I knew Mad Max was good, but I hadn't realised I had to watch a scene 3 times to see how good it actually is!
Wow! What a great video. I need to watch this one a few more times.
Maksi Illescas
Edgar Wright is the master of transitions
Matski Toots
You're videos are incredible. Thank you for every upload.
This is one of the best videos on YouTube. Very informative and fascinating. The use of examples is done well.
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I really dig this kind of overview. Keep em coming!
Miley onDisney
My favorite cut is the cheese.
Smash cuts are particularly useful tools in comedies.
You forgot the cheese cut...
I just want to know what is cut to: , it pops up in final draft lol, that's it please
What movie is this from?
The scene when Marv from Home Alone is being electrocuted and it jumps to him having just a skull and an afro! xD
Natacha Daniel
Hello! First I want to say a Billion thanks to you for sharing this video of cinematography. This is why I love youtube. I enjoy writing scripts all night long. I am a stay at home mom who is so eager to learn about this craft. It hurts that I am unable to go to school at the moment because of my circumstances but YOU made my night. I remember having a bad day yesterday because there is so much That I want to do but I have to be honest, Lack of knowledge and no support made me feel like crap. Especially when you're surrounded by people who claim that they're there to help but instead, they feel threaten by what you can accomplish. It hurts, because I care about others and wish nothing but great success for them. I only wish that they felt the same way about me rather than Jealousy. God knows how much I want to succeed. Anyway my email is [email protected] ..You can reach me, I am open to learn. I just started my own Production company Daniel Gold Star Productions LLC .. I am hoping one day I can find a crew where we can all grow and work together Thats my plan for the future.
✌️😀👍 it's Dope dude… regards from INDONESIA🇮🇩 🎶FREEDOM SOUND🎶
I shared this with my teacher for Video and now he uses it when teaching
1:08 \
Pedro Amaral
That was INCREDIBLY helpful, I mean, it was awesome haha. As u said it, people wont even notice. My friend asked my why I take so long to edit.. they say it looks easy and all haha.. its like magic, the better you are, the less people see. Great video, I subbed!
Peter Rafeiner
There is so much sub-par content on Youtube. This makes finding a true gem like this post even more rewarding. Thanks for a great example filled lesson in editing technique!
best filmmaking channel on YouTube. no over the top jokes like Film Riot that make the video 13 minutes long, and not an amateur like DSLRGuide. Thanks!
Pranav Chaturvedi
CUTS \nCutting on action - 0:30\nCutaway - 0:59\nCross Cut - 1:31\nJump Cut - 2:13\nMatch Cut - 2:59\n\nTRANSITIONS\nFade In/Out - 3:53\nDissolve - 4:04\nSmash Cut - 4:55\nIRIS - 5:32\nWipe - 5:57\nInvisible Cut - 6:13\nL Cut - 7:25\nJ Cut - 8:01\nCreative Combinations - 9:04
Rajesh Kumar
Learnt a lot from video about editing can u please suggest very best softwares used in industry by professionals
Ramkrishna Banjantri
Thanks for this video it's very help full \nMy favourite cut is match cut & action cut.
Rohith Muralidharan
9:23 Why is it a match cut ? i count find any resembles in actions.\nthanks in advance
Ronnie James Harkness
Do you write these into your screenplays or should you leave them out to allow the director to shoot what they want?
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Great channel! 10/10
I just learned so much information.
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very resourceful thanks a lot for sharing.
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I've studied movie production and direction,several years ago. I'm really learning more from this video,than I've learned in 6 months,maybe a year...
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just hats off to you..for sharing your valuable knowledge to others..thank you very much..i learned lots of thinks from this
Steven Spielberg
Great video. Should try using more than just clips from American movies!
It's nice having the correct name for the transitions we have been using for year. Thank you!
I think wipe transitions look stupid.
The Adventure Biker
This was a fantastic video for beginners like me! Awesome!
you should have mentioned satoshi kon for the match cut
I keep coming back to this one. It's a cheat sheet.
3:40 - I like to think I'm a smart guy but then comes shit like that and I'm in tears
Tre Smith
the question is how do you explain this in a script?
Trips with Dee
This is a super helpful video!! Thank you
Thanks, guys. I was wondering about the Iris (and different wipe styles but I'll stick to one). Was watching The Departed and there are two big Irises, that just seem needlessly distracting. Since I can safely assume that Scorsese knows more about film making than I do, why do you use this?
davie kamau
Please do a tutorial on this scene as if thoughts are elapsing in the mind. 9:37-9:39
For years I've been trying to describe the L and J cut. Now I finally have a term for them. Ty!
Zack Synder didn't watch this.
My personal favourite is a continuous shot. Basically, the camera man follows the actor around and films the entire scene in a single shot; hence the continuous. Just like the one in Game of Thrones during the Battle of Bastards when the camera was following Jon in action as mayhem ensued
hailey rae
Wipes are always in the crappy movies
[TIME] [TRANSITION NAME]\n0:29 CUTTING ON ACTION\n0:58 CUT AWAY \n1:31 CROSS CUT\n2:13 JUMP CUT\n3:00 MATCH CUT \n3:53 FADE IN / FADE OUT \n4:04 DISSOLVE\n4:55 SMASH CUT\n5:32 IRIS\n5:57 WIPE \n6:05 MORE WIPES\n6:13 INVISIBLE CUT\n7:24 L - CUT\n8:01 J - CUT\n9:04 CREATIVE COMBINATIONS\n\n-----------------------------------------------------\n*Same as above but with a short description...*\n\n[TIME] [TRANSITION NAME] \n[TRANSITION DESCRIPTION]\n\n0:29 CUTTING ON ACTION \n_This means, cutting from one shot to another while the subject is still in motion._\n\n0:58 CUT AWAY \n_This means, cutting to an insert shot of something, and then back._\n\n1:31 CROSS CUT\n_This is when the editor intercuts cuts back and forth between locations._\n\n2:13 JUMP CUT \n_Jump cuts are when the editor cuts between the SAME shot._\n\n3:00 MATCH CUT \n_Match cuts are often incorrectly referred to as jump cuts... A match cut cuts from one shot to a similar shot, by either matching the action or the composition._\n\n3:53 FADE IN / FADE OUT \n_It's just dissolving either to, or from, black._\n\n4:04 DISSOLVE \n_It's when you blend one shot into another._\n\n4:55 SMASH CUT \n_Smash cuts are abrupt transitions._\n\n5:32 IRIS \n_It used to be an in-camera effect back in the day, when you could manually open and close your iris to transition from black. Nowadays, it's used as a stylistic choice._\n\n5:57 WIPE \n_A wipe is a wipe..._\n\n6:05 MORE WIPES \n_There are many types of wipes._\n\n6:13 INVISIBLE CUT \n_It is used to give the impression of a single take..._\n\n7:24 L - CUT \n_It is an audio-based transition. This is when the audio from the current shot carries over to the next shot._\n\n8:01 J - CUT \n_It is when the audio from the next scene starts BEFORE you get to it._\n\n9:04 CREATIVE COMBINATIONS
Thank you so much for posting this. Learned everything I needed to know. After watching this I have a question if anyone knows the answer? When writing a movie script, do you need to add all these cuts and transitions or will the director and or editor add them in sometimes? Thanks.
As a high school Film teacher, this video is a valuable resource for instruction. Thank You!
The wrist cut
Can you make these cuts & transitions with a single camera?
I absolutely love your video essays. Please continue to do more! Not only is it a great way to see some iconic scenes, but I can appreciate it even more than I did initially. *__*