Combichrist - Blut Royale

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Combichrist Blut Royale Music Video

Blut Combichrist Industrial Royale

AK cristo
this guy only want sex! the voice is hearing is why i don´t being rappe when i was a child
Don't worry they are tracked. We're all tracked. And when we step out of the line, the dogs are unleashed. You know that doggy, don't you?
Adolfo lavernia colomer
hitler salute... roman salute\nits your fault if u see nazis everywhere
Adriano Henrique
Alejandro G
Wut du fuck did I just watch?
Alexandra Hassdenteufel
Emo, auch en bischen kryptisch, aber ganz viel kassiopaia. \nKommt nur zusammen gut !!
Antoine Soto
old combichrist is so much love
Carlomagno Zanabria Jimenez
Pure industrial we have the blood industrial... Exc... combi...Carlomagno costa rica...
Carolus Rex
te refieres a combichrist? o.o
Thumbs down for you for describing Indo-Asian culture with the parochial Japanophilic perspective.\n\n\
Danny Esson
Wait it's the roman salute?!? Oh I didnt know that sorry.
Dark Angel
I love Combichrist!! 🖤🖤
Digital Beat Music
red cross ...
Edward V
combichrist blut royale uncut
combi got his redwings
The uncut version is so much better, where the hell did it go?\n
Firnen Olavsson
Come here the voices in my head\nThey want you dead!\n\nIt's the Blut Royale!
Frankyy Milkyy
Frau Zimmy
They're marching They're squirming\nThey wanna get out\nThere armed to the teeth\nIts the Blut Royale
Hateros Medis
i want to get into parties like that
I wish this video was available as HD / better quality than this.
Isabella Campos
So sexy Andy *-*
Its Zaebin
Andy LaPlegua you sick badd-ass! \u003c3
J. Lee Tillery
after what you did?
Jackie Yoshi
To those of you who think the band is racist, it's pretty clear they're making fun of racists and fascists.
Just for those who dont know, \
Jozie Pozie
wtf???? i need to go to church and im a athiest. wth
Juana Mendoza
d mis favoritas
Judy Hirsh
damn this song takes me back
Jürgen Nasenhorst
now feeling weird for getting a boner
Karl Hezog
I like this song but it sounds familiar to their other track, Without Emotions.....just saying.
Kevin McCrank
I put more than 1000 Nazi's in prison including Ernst Zundel, so if CombiChrist are Nazi why aren't I having them thrown in prison and listening to them? They must be anti-Nazi then... Just ANGRY and AGGRO.
Lebram Loup
con éste video los conocí! Andy!! :Q______
Lesley Clifton
sex to this band is amazing!!
Luan Olveira
A mihhh tem problemas
Machine Drugs
que exagero -- ' chei de emogoticacyberlokapuramagia HUAHUSAHUSHAUHUA
Mankind Heir
Hell yeah!
Miguel Garcia
this song ist about how power leads to war! a lo of fucking voices... channel news.. screaming what candidate,goverment or who is right... i do belive in god, but practice love people every day with the ones you love and the ones around you! Good music!!!!
Mikael Carlsson
No, they are just bad.
oh oh pissed off germans(dont mention the war)
Nina Swan
Oh sweety you have a little blood on your chin, here, have a napkin. /hugs Combichrist.
Percy Rogers
I'm on hear cause I like updated version of theme. That's on the latest DMC game that's out.
Rahul Utwal
why was andy smiling at the end?
Rob Pax
lol right on
Schwarze Sonne
I bet Combichrist has lots of Rammstein influence. 
Sergey Ovchinnikov
actualy every soing sounds much better live ) Except those who would better never come to life ofc, bit thare no shuch songs ^^
Serious Cat
LOL Nope.gif
Solace Dark
reminds me of Fear Factory
Sony Antony
Love from india
Ummm... I HIGHLY doubt that! Remember, the Romans did it a LONG, LONG time before the Nazis did.
Steven Crow
Tony Trayling
evil vidio
Tqwa Alhamed
Utopian Websurfer
u can't hear the voices in my head, but they say I'm OK & I'm not dead.
Wayne Rocha
Tim Skold called, he wants his identity back.
1:25 Zombie boob!
alexander gamer
amazing !
chris tonks
Swastika's are the Buddhist symbol of peace reversed. also shut the fuck up about it im here for Combichrist not because of online retards!
It's a Blue Toyota!
filetaraig travers
Tu sais qu'le sang ne se digère pas mon chouuuuuuuuuuuuuu
CC = SS\nskull = SS\nred banner + white ground = Nazi banner (without the typical \
【★】Combichrist Army Sweden【★】
nice eyes :) andylaPlegua
The style remembers me Marylin Manson.
marcelo benitez
ja ja ja!!!\n
freaking awesome!
murdah ella
@&#&% yeahh!!!
object undefined
Swastika have origin from ancient Sumer
poul g exner
Don't mention the War
i like their songs \ni dont really like their image :(\nall chill though
sand hecate
Александър Бошнаков
And if they are, what??? You will stop listening them??? :D
Сергей Минаев
блядь...соседи думают что я нацист...сдают меня ....
Obrigado mihhh por me trazer aqui . SQN!