HOW TO BE ITALIAN • 20 Rules Italians never break

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Italian stereotypes? Well...some of them are true! Especially when it comes to Italy's social etiquette. Here's a list of unwritten "rules" Italians must respect at all times :) SUBSCRIBE for more ♥ Thanks for watching Marco in a BOX!

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LoL, love it. Wow I guess Slovenians and Italians have more in common than I thought.
Ale Bertra
Io sono italiano
Ale C
Alessandra Simeone
Mio marito è straniero e all'inizio non capiva. Poi ho stampato queste regole su un po' di fogli A4 e li ho appesi per casa. Ormai va in giro a predicare il Verbo da solo 🎉🎉 che soddisfazione
Alessandro Perez
Ma chi cazz è stu Alfredo???
Angela Spettoli
Since 7% of Italians are vegetarians (one of the highest rates in Europe if not the highest),there are plenty of vegan places also.probably there are some slight differences between north and south,as well as for kisses.however, overall these rules apply to everybody not forget that spaghetti never go with ragù!!tagliatelle or large pasta...This is \
Anthony Parisi
Marco, hai detto che la salsa Alfredo NON era italiana. Ti chiedo di eseguire una ricerca per Alfredo di Lelio. Grazie.
Bello Rama
I am from Albania 🔴⚫ and yes we do have bidei that is for hygiene and also that after eating you must wait until 3 hours until going to the sea ... im so happy to see my country has something common 😅
Ever since I had the real Pasta Carbonara in Italy with egg yolks, pepper, and pancetta, I haven't put cream in it ever again ;-D
Carlo Cibin
Ordunque:\n1. In Italia ci si bacia quando ci si incontra solo tra amici di lunga data. E non lo fanno tutti (io per esempio lo odio)\n2. Il macchiato freddo è un caffè con un goccio di latte freddo. Spiegami come fai ad ottenere la schiuma col latte freddo. \n3. Non si esce con i capelli bagnati per non prendere il raffreddore ma perché è brutto da vedere. \n4. Il digestivo ormai si prende solo dopo pasti particolarmente impegnativi. \n5. Delle tre ore prima di fare il bagno non frega più niente a nessuno.
Charlotte Bradford
I find Italian culture so appealing bc my mother is Greek and Italian, so she’s like the socialite chef of our whole familia.
Chiara Delli Poggi
Senti ma lo mandiamo come video di spiegazione sugli aerei diretti in Italia?
Chiaretta Chiara
Guys please stop thinking italy is only good food. We have the highest number of UNESCO world heritage sites. We have 3000 years of history and art, for example the Roman empire, the Italian reinassance and baroque (with artists like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Caravaggio) and don’t forget an Italian explorer discovered America, and America is called like that thanks to Amerigo Vespucci. We are not only good food and mafia.
Christopher Ramirez
I ❤ italy, I'm a puertorican and i hope to live in italy some day.
Chuck Pope
There is only two races in the world, Italians and those that want to be.
Dan B.B.
Sooo... I was born in Italy, i live in Italy since i was born but i follow none of these rules. Does this mean I'm not italian?
I’m Half Mexican, but I love learning about the Italian culture so much !
Davide Fioravanti
Here comes the but you forgot comment\nDon't argue with an Italian. You will never win and it will scar you for life.\nNever criticize an Italian. Especially about his cooking. If you have to bring up an issue, start it off by begging for forgiveness.\nIf you're visibly hurt physically or emotionally near an italian, you're in luck! We love to be the hero. We also love to be the villain to those we despise.
Faktor F
Wow I love family guy
You forgot cervicale!!!
Filippo Lissoni
Grandissimo!!! ahahahah
Fiona Hodkinson
I live in sardinia right now, and some of these things are definitely not the case here. Do you think some of these things are region or the italians i know are just weird?
Fixy Bitz
L'unica cosa che vedi commenti italiani è perchè..\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nSi parla di cibo.
Uno dei traumi delle mia vita è stato scoprire che all'estero non credono nel colpo di freddo. Non capisco come possano essere ancora vivi.
Gabriela Silva
i think the way you described italians is similar to the way people see the Brazilians
Gherardo Gheri
When you order cappuccino after 12pm, we laugh at you!
Giacomo D'Ambrosi
Grazie per aver puntualizzato questi argomenti. Molti turisti stranieri in Italia lo apprezzeranno 😁😉
GoodMusicManiac999 Z
Americans eat vitamin-added pasta. My father worked in a pasta factory and said just the smell would suffice for anyone to start a hunger strike on the spot!
Hamdy sy
Italians r so similar to syrian people with that kissing habit ☺.but unlike you we mix food . In syria if you want to express that a guy is handsome you would say he is Italian . Greetings and love from syria 😘
He Bro
Spaghetti and meatballs is gotta be an Italian dish my grandpa who is full blooded Sicilian used to tell me all the time about my great grandma making spaghetti and meatballs at least two Sundays a month they had a pasta dish every Sunday and I happen to know for a fact spaghetti and meatballs was one of them and we had it alot to growing up meatballs were hand made mixed up with different meats pork and beef usually and bread crumbs Italian seasoning and egg it was a special dish along with a huge salad with fresh tomatoes and onions and peppers straight out of the garden some times we even had rabitt and pelenta
Hip Hop Blows
Italian women are the BEST\n\nThat’s why I married one ❤️
Quando da piccolo andavi al mare ed entravi in acqua solo dopo 2 ore e 59 minuti dopo aver mangiato,e tua madre puntalmente aveva già chiamato il pronto soccorso,i pompieri,i carabinieri e i sommozzatori...
Saludos y mucho amor desde México! Ho finito le mie lezione, dopo un anno intenso. Mi sento felice di conoscere la sua cultura e spero ugualmente conoscere l'Italia presto!
John Elmot
Io ringrazio Dio per avermi fatto Italiano.
Johnny Rutz
My God My Mum and Grandma where sooo into wait 2 hours before to jump in the water hahahahahahaha Greetings from Puerto Rico. Ciao btw my Grandmother is From Sardinia.
Jose Gonzalez
In Mexican culture we falllow very similar rules to Italians
Kanan Al
Viva Italia :-) my favourite country of all time :-)
Kawaii Little Nerd
I’m Italian and the one rule that all Italians is always never ever for the death of you ever use ketchup for sauce this is one of the worst things you could possibly do!
Leonardo Fabbrica
Marco comunque la pasta co le polpette esiste in Italia dalla Campania in giù. Mi dispiace dirtelo, ma la Alfredo sauce è nata proprio a Roma e leggende narrano che fosse meravigliosa! Solo che poi fu americanizzzata
Long Live Evil
Le polpette con gli spaghetti dovrebbero essere illegali
Luca Ellul
Vivo in Malta, e amo l'Italia.
I calzini coi sandali sono il mio incubo peggiore
Maira Bay
I'm Brazilian (descendant of Italians) and I can say that we have a lot of similar rules... not swimming after eating, kissing when greeting, obsession with hygiene, small simple coffee, putting salt in the pasta, not going out with your hair wet, and I remember in my grandpa's house (his father was Italian) they had a bidet.
I come from Holland but I've been living now In France for 40 years ; in the beginning I found it so strange and it was difficult for me. But so many things the French do in the Italian way, and I really love it ; the food, the kisses on the cheek just everything, I will always stay in France and never go back to Holland, I like the mentality of the South so much , but eeeuh : I don't drink espresso , gives me heartbeatings ( sorry for my bad English ). Buona giornata : Maria
Marwa J. Facchini
I'm an Italian, and i just watched this to see the rules. This is very true and i'm proud to see i never broke any of the rules.
Sto ridendo leggendo tutte queste \
Maurizio Laudisa
#21 Mai mettere il formaggio sulla pasta con pesce o frutti di mare (cazzata americana)!!
MaxJ Lane
Sie tu un uomo caio
Michelle F
I'm German but I love Italy so much♡🇩🇪🇮🇹
Mike Jones
You can't be Italian you have to be born that way
Mikeren_lol Attack on titan
Ci sono più italiani di altri tipi 😂😂
Minh Le
So Mario is Italian\n*illuminate confirmed*
Myria Pitsillou
My god Italians are exactly like Greeks and Greekcypriots....i am from Cyprus and we share the same rules.....its amazing!!!
Mátyás Hajba
Just a word of advice: Stand a lot further from the camera. The video begins and in one second it feels like you're trying to make out with me. It's really unnerving. Also ...How the hell do you stay alive with all these rules? The food, the cold, the draft, the digestion, the clothes etc.... Also why are you Italians all the same? Why aren't there more adventurous types of Italians who try Americano with milk god forbid? Or sausage on a Pizza?
vediamo se gli stranieri capiscono questa frase: ngul a mammt
Nat De Santa
Wait? Alfredo sauce is American?! I gotta get out more.
Nevena Tanaskovic
It's funny because in Serbia we do everything the same way...
Una cosa che mi fa incazzare e gli americani non capisco sono i “pepperoni”, sulla pizza, in Italia, non li mettiamo! Pepperoni è un tipo di salame “piccante” del Sud che mangiamo SENZA la pizza. Se propio vuoi puoi ordinare una “diavola” al massimo.
Paolo Tartaglia
Pineapple on pizza is as bad as BLASPHEMY.
Hmmm... Voglia di mangiare adesso
PheeNex Phedurs
Interesting...\n\nI like that...especially the Hygiene part. I'm a clean freak so I get really disturbed when someone smells bad or looks dirty...looks like France is out of my to-travel list...
LOL my family is Cuban ! And we weren’t allowed to swim after we ate! I think it’s a Mediterranean thing my great grand parents were spanish. Also when I leave the house with wet hair my mother tries to stop me at the door screaming and yelling that I will get sick! Super dramatic they call Cuban the Napolitanos of the new world!
Ralsei the fluffy boy
Hi sono italiano e so moltissimo l'inglesso e non mi piace il caffe ;^; ne il capuccino xD
Raymond Stark
He's stating some of these things as if this is what Italian people are walking around thinking about, when they go out to eat, etc .. but I have lived in Italy over many years and I never saw some of these things!
Rocco Ravioli
Alfredo sauce was invented by a man (named Alfredo) in Roma, and then he moved to the USA because his sauce was so popular with Americans.
Wow im puerto rican and i cant believe italians have such similarity to us,thats AMAZING,plus we puerto ricans and italians are very famous in new york and brooklyn. VIVA ITALIA AND PUERTO RICO🇮🇹🇵🇷😆!!! My whole family is Puerto Rican but my grandma is the only italian and im proud of it
Sara Dau
e poi vai all'all you can eat e te magni pure il cameriere senza pensare all'ordine dei piatti ahahah
Sayem SSS
il pollo sulla pizza? è un insulto alla nostra cultura diocane
This is useful and i respect other's nationalities and rules, my wife recently found out that her father is from Italy and we haven't met her father's side of the family yet so I will practice this before I get too meet 'em :) I just have one question, can u explain the reason why u can not wear white socks??? I'm from cold Sweden btw, take care! Best regards/Simon \nPlz answer!
Sol Invictus
If you're vegan, don't come to Italy. Otherwise you won't be vegan anymore.
Sophia Gracelen
I was at a restaurant and I ordered carbonara and it came with peas... I live in America, but I have been to Italy, Sicily, Sardinian, and Corsica (French but Italian influence) and I have never ever gotten peas in it. It was a very sad carbonara. Also one time I was at lunch, and my friend was eating spaghetti-os and she was saying how good they are. I told her I never have tried them, so she gave me spoons full, I smelled them, I gagged (they do not smell very good) I put ONE on my tung, I'm about to throw up at this point and I start CRYING, because it tastes sooo bad. I did not swallow the spaghetti-os. I learned valuable lesson, do not eat spaghetti-os
Lol I took my ancestry DNA test and I’m 15% Italian. Am I part of the family now??? Familiano
Umberto De Palma
It's not completely true that italian doesn't eat pasta with meat ball. There is a kind of pasta known as \
Cannot wait for the typical american to say that their Italian great great grand parents make them italians, and that they have so much in common with us!
Hey Marco, I'm learning Italian and wondering if there is any international speakers club similar to so called 'toastmasters' club where people could collaboratively learn Italian in a formal or informal environment exchanging their ideas and discussing different things in Italian? I live in the USA in Virginia not far from Washington D.C.
Youtube Addict
Who doesn't love ITALIA !???! \u003c3
Yvan Giovanetti
21. N-E-V-E-R cook non Italian pasta.\n22. Wear red underwears for New Year's eve.\n23. Never say anything bad about your friend's favourite football team/your friend's car.\n24. Call your mom everyday or she will think that you're dead or severely injured.\n25. When you have a \
christopher curran
There are two types of people in the world. Italians, And those who wish they were!
What about a nice Pizza with Pineapple and Ketchup?? And, after that, a juicy Cappuccino?? :D
emmanuele spataro
I'm Italian American my parents are from Sicily. And it is true that people are jealous of Italians.
gorden glisen brackman
I am italiano evry time i look at d moon i say bellaloona
homesick clifford
I'm Sicilian born in America. The stereotypes of gangsters is one that really pisses me off Thanks to Scorsese, DeNiro, Pacino, you sold out your own dignity & patria... Come Puttane puttane!! Whores for non italian speaking. It's Like were sicilian therefore we're murderous criminals. VAFFANCULO!! We do cuss a little but who doesn't. To make things worse il mio bisnonno was from province of palermo, not the city, origin of Mafia. His home was Camporeale, field of kings translated ( Google it, its gorgeous!! on YouTube also) I'm proud of my heritage so quit watching so many gangster movies it'll make you PAZZO.\nChe Dio ti benedica e Pace!! 😯⬅actual photo of me Paolo L.
lol che \ncosa cazzo è spagetti e polpette
Italy is the only country in which you can easily spot a tourist and the only place where women are smoking outside whenever their boyfriends/husbands are enthusiastically shopping for clothes. No kidding, my wife was storm raiding one Zara shop in Rome and I spent like 45 minutes outside chainsmoking surrounded by a small gathering of patient women. I was the only guy. Crazy! I bet that the look on my face was priceless. In my country, whenever a child is born the State is rewarding the mother with a “ welcome gift” _(baby diapers, formula milk, a toy, the usual kid stuff)_ ... in Italy I guess the “welcome gift” is a pair of Ray-bans, a life time Vogue magazine subscription and lots of hair gel. Just sayin’
I’m French and I realise that we actually have many ( most !) of these rules in common. The one that brought me back to my childhood was the one about NOT going swimming after a meal. That made me laugh because it was pretty traumatizing ! As you said. If a friend would enter the water at the beach one hour after lunch, she would look to me as the ultimate suicidal daredevil person in the world lol !\nMy granddad was Italian and he would always have a bit of Fernet Branca after lunch on Sundays. \nGreat video anyway
john vento
johnny llooddte
i have italian friends who would like to understand what the hell you are saying.. maybe put in italian subtitles
la ragazza che ama i gatti
Per essere Italiani si deve essere VERI italiani!!! 🇮🇹😍💖
Cold milk does not make foam..
e se, dopo 2 ore e 59 minuti che hai mangiato, mangi una caramella, devi aspettare altre 3 ore prima di fare il bagno.
Italy, the country of pasta and pretty people.
No. Non lo chiamiamo espresso. Quello che fuori chiamano espresso, in Italia è un caffè. Vai in un bar e chiedi un caffè, ti fanno quello.
Why you people always exaggerate? these are not rules, they're habits or receipts and real Italians won't make a fuss for none of these things, they're very relaxed (excluding people who make videos like this) and anyway, Italians always very relaxed about any rule.
Caesar salad is also an American invention. Yet today (at least outside of Italy) across Europe and the Americas, you will see it in most Italian restaurant menus.
what the fuck
in un video di Babbel parlavano di ketchup sulla pizza, ho bestemmiato in sei lingue diverse
I cannot understand cultures that get offended when people put spins on their foods to adjust them to their taste. It's like getting offended because someone puts salt on their dish. People have different tastes and ways of eating food, just accept it. I love real Italian pizza, but I also love Hawaiian pizza from dominos, and I don't see anything wrong with that.
2:33 Excuse me, but wearing sandals and socks is recognized as a war crime by the Geneva Convention.
Thanks God, I'm Italian.