Day in my Life at College: University of Alabama

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AHHH so this is my Day in my Life at College at the University of Alabama!!! I love these types of videos and I hope you enjoyed this~ definitely subscribe to my channel and give this video a like (CAN WE GET TO 2,000 likes?!) My Healthy Breakfast Ideas Video: FAQ's-How old are you? 18-Where do you go to school? U of Alabama-Where are you from? ATLBusiness inquiries: [email protected]

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A series of unfortunate event's count Olaf is the worst loved your vlog btw
Abby Asselin
I go to UA too and i'm just now finding your channel but I'm glad I did!! Roll tide :)
Alexander Sisigua
hey please respond my question where is tagovailova the football player of alabama
Alita Aguilera
first video I see from you, I loved your edition and stuff, obviously subscribed 🤗🤗
Annie Fong
Please film another version of your college day please
Cailyn Kilgore
Roll tide ❤️❤️🐘🐘
Caitlin Knox
Ha, the add for this was by Smirnoff
Cat Fontes
who sleeps in a sports bra :((
Chloe Carpenter
I got so excited when I saw your DG water bottle! Sending love from Beta Beta chapter. \u003c3
Diya Asnani
pleaseee do a morning routine!!!!!!
Driana Diaz
I loved it!!!!! I love watching these they're so fun to watch
How come you live so far from campus as a freshman?
what made you decide to live off-campus rather than in a dorm?
Also congrats on the 14000+ followers you gained since this video?! :)
Funny Pokemon
How many hours do you study per week ??
GamingGrass -
U said \
Genara Channel
Yay a other Alabama youtuber I’m from Alabama and i have only seen two youtuber
Geovane Brito
I wanted Brazilian universities to be like this, greetings from Brazil
Grace Jicha
i love that tapestry!! where did you get it?
My Facebook NH Nadim
Haleigh Amend
Roll tide girl! I go to bama too!
Humera S
Yes please another one of these!!
Inês Sebastião
honestly, probably the best day in my life at college I've ever seen!!
Isabella Fitzgerald
Would u rather live in a dorm or in the apartment still???
It's Hanna
Where did you get that tapestry? 😍
Jade Green
hope you make more of these with the classes you have on different days!!
Jake Đỗ
Hey sister! Can you tell me the songs in your video? I was really impressed with your video combining with those cool song!
Jakubko Englich
Wow, things that you have on college we learn in high school, in my country.
Jasmine Martin
I'm attending this college in August!! So excited!
Jess Thai
i saw ur calculus exercise and its similar to what we study in 11th grade in VietNam =))
Katie Carnes
I'll be a freshman at Alabama this coming fall and i'm also rushing :) i'm so excited and maybe i'll even see you during rush week ❤ Roll Tide!!!
Katie Horan
hey guys hope you enjoyed this video!!! let's get it to 1000 likes and I'll film another one of these for a different day!! :)
Kiara Madisen
I love seeing other people's lives at different schools!! I go to the University of Oregon and love it there! Your apartment is adorable and I love your day in the life!! Great video ❤️
I just came across your channel and I love it, just sub. You're so pretty btw ^.^
Lauren Jesson
hey vitamins are good for you no matter what kind 😂
Lauren M
can you do a video about being in a sorority!?
Leanne Elizabeth
I toured there today
Leslie Hernandez
I am interasted in alabama but im scared I wont know any one because im from california. Do you know if you guys have a lot of diveristy in the school?
This makes British colleges look like absolute crap, I’m jealous!
Mahfuj Ahamed are so good
Is it just me or does she and Lilly from Modern family have the same face? 😂
Marc Van Masten
The university in the US, as part the best like Harward .... the are really too easy. The level of them are really low, nothing to compare wirh the EU Uni.
Margo Johnson
Roll Tide Roll
Md Younus
Michele Passionemare
The most i likes was pizza, but here It s Better, I was joke....there were a Lots of interesting places college Is One of, you are very pretty...Kiss from Italy
Omg girl I go to Bama too!! Your videos are so good, keep it up!!! Roll Tide!!
Muh Taufiq Ikram
Cool video,may i know how i can study there? I am from indonesia by the way
Muhammad Iqbal Rofikurrahman
yeah that was a great life , you have what people in Indonesia don't have it :D
New Star
Nguyen Duy
Thanks! Goodluck!
Nick Jones
When you see your school on YT 🙃
Poramee Prayoonpokaraj
Pradatta Jas
Me at 5:02 she workouts so hard.....must have had a strict diet....\nMe at 5:14 all goes to water 😂
That what you did in your first class,I guess math, I did two weeks ago in math, but I am 10 grade on Gymnasium 😄 ( Gymnasium is the hardest (?) high schhol form in Germany)
Rahul Kumar mandal
the limit continuity that was in ur notebook .is this ur syllabus in ur university .in which class you learn these things
Ray G
Song at 5:14 is called \
I want scholarship to study in USA 😢😢😢😢.... Just look at this
I'm a freshman at engineering school and the first girl to enter there! I'm telling you that *gasp I always have coffee to stay awake 20 -22hours (which I hate but I have to) because I need to finish my projects and 7 essays in two weeks Oh and of course I was isolated since they prevent girls and boys working together..\n\n So...Having my first semester rn lol I FEEL LIKE IN HEAVEN GOSH Wish me luck sis ♡♡♡
You're sooo prettyy 💕💕💕😍😍😍😍
Sadie Sease
Roll Tide
Pls create a Facebook group for us pls
Sarah Asseff
Day in the life videos are now my new obsession...Also sidenote, first class at 12:30, jealous!! I actually go to Bama and her morning commute route made literally no sense to definitely looked like she was pulling into the west commuter lot oh well
Sarah Houy
I'm going to UA next year so any videos like this are super helpful!!! love your videos btw!
Sarah Julia
I graduated from Alabama in may and so this felt so nostalgic to me! Haha so funny that it popped up in my suggested videos!
Satyaveer Singh
Study in colleges of India are long and boring.....start at 9 am and end at 5 pm with 1 hour break and no sport😭
Shital Shinde
Oooooooo very nice katie horan.... Because of Watching your vedio i just want to Study more of english... Nice university.. Nice nature... You are So pretty.. \nThank You !!
Suhaib Bhat
You are so beautiful I love your hairs
Tessa Strickland
I wanna go to UGA
The Daria
You are beautiful
The Free Life
I learned about transgender, homophobic, pansexual, asexual, racially queer bipods that identify as funny land mines! to exercise my magical powers of protest from my safe space in Vietnam! joe Stalin rules! HAHAHA!!
The best days
Есть Русские?
Vegane Putzfrau
Where do you got the clothes in the Video ?
Roll tide! Loved the video girl!
Victoria Whitlock
UA is so nice but I could never go to a school that big.
I'm Japanese.\nYour videos not only share information about the university of the United States, but also motivate me to study English so hard.\nThank you!
Zhav Deva
you and Gavin are so cute together :) please make more videos with him! :)
ashutosh mishr
hy i m from india and want to admission in you collage csn you please help for this
christy parker
PLEASE make this a mini series!
danica fullido
hi are you related to niall horan?
eliza martinez
What is your major?
grace zhang
love this video! I went to UA for 4 years and now am back in Beijing, China. You can register for Dr. Patrick Wang's calculus class if you still need to take math next semester, I enjoyed his classes very much.
indiera maneice
UA is my dream college!
I'm going to sound really ignorant but I'm wondering if the school is racist. I'm half Asian half white and Alabama has a history of that so would I be welcome
jose carlos ramírez mija
i love you to, katy horan :)
katie lain
I loved this video, I attend USC so its cool to see videos about other campuses!!! I am in Alpha Xi Delta at USC and I saw your water bottle said DG, so it is also awesome to see fellow Greek life girls posting videos. It would be really awesome if you did a series for college life!!
What state is this?\n*sees title*\nOh.
megan wiley
where did you get that copperish wire thing you hang stuff on?
Roll Tide!!!! Are you from Alabama too? I'm from Mobile and went to Bama too! 😊🐘
You don't have to apologise for chowing down at some Cane's!
rafi farhan farhan
I'm from Bangladesh.I want to study in university of Alabama. would please communicate to me?
sandip raj creations
this video was very nice i am from india
I have the exact same bagpack
sun flower19
I wake at 5 30 am 4 uni .
Lovely video! I would love to watch a mini series. You're honestly one of my favorite you tubers :)
widyadana paramitha
What major are u in a college ??
কাশেম টিভি
So beautiful videos..