Manley ASMR: Man-gling your Anxiety, Stress Insomnia

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Iggy Manley returns to help you relax, sleep, experience ASMR and boost your testosterone levels!What is ASMR?ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It's a non-scientific word that an everyday person came up with to describe the feeling characterized as a pleasurable tingling sensation felt in the head, scalp, back and other regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli, such as crinkling bags, hand movements, whispering, personal attention or watching someone perform a task. It's like goosebumps but much more pleasant and without the uncomfortable chills.ASMR videos are meant to intentionally induce this sensation in the viewer, often referred to as "tingles", but the videos also serve to provide a relaxing, calming and soothing experience for the viewer. Many people who do not experience ASMR still enjoy the videos for their calming and sleepy effect.

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time to get rigity riiggggity riffted!
ASMR ForDays
open teh beer with the chainsaw buddy :)
I love this character! Definitely the kind of guy you want to grab a pint with! 🍻
Alex Santana
I love this channel but this channel comment section is a great place to find some new channels that are good💯
Alexus Dutton
clicked on because of man-gling your anxiety
Anderson Mejia
*Has birthday today*\n\nRift: This is a special occasion\nMe: :O\nRift: and you wanna know why it's such a special occasion?\nMe: Tell me uncle E *closes eyes*.\nRift: Nothing, absolutely nothing. So let's celebrate *NoThInG*\nMe: :/ Sounds about right.
Anger Reacc
My cat turned into a tiger
Anonymous the Internet Friend
Testosterone and tingles
Thought that was smoke coming out of his mouth but no it must be cold because that's his breath
Blake Houle
uncle er with another banger
Dude. You've got a rocking beard.
39:27 “lemme get my nutsack for ya” had me laughing so hard
CREESTL[ValenoKK prod.]
You didnt cut the cigar and didnt take the paper ring off of its top though
Chad Timberman
I was half expecting the nursing cap bit to be a reviel of a blast from the past with a shaved head lol
Cole Hovis
My favorite Iggy
Colt Hawkinson
The drank on that cigar was somewhat frustrating to watch 😁
Beer and Heavy Metal are all one truely needs in life.
Did u always have a nutsack or did u have to practice with other people's nutsacks 😂
Was just thinking about how I wished he would make another Iggy video! Day made.
Dat Wille
Just yesterday i watched/listened to the other Iggy Manly videos wishing for more... You are a mindreader
Desmond moonbear
A real man opens a bottle with his teeth
Donald Trump
Please do a belshnickle role play for Christmas!!
Emir Yerlikaya
There is no ad in whole video. Just testesterone my lads. *smell the testesterone* .
Enceore Mcnabb
Dang ol tell you what man this guy is quite the actor.
L live in Nunavut and this is so powerful
Fraser McMahon
Cigar shop role play asmr maybe?
I love how you bringing back classics. Only new and improved.
he has to make a John Wick asmr
The feeling when you got done watching an ASMR video, move on to the next one, and then a Grammarly ad pops up..
I prefer earbuds
Bro how cold was it in there ? We can see your breath 45:38 ! Don't do that to yourself :(
look what dragged in the the cat
Thanks for the complimentary man-gling Iggy! I be sure to come back for some more tomorrow!
Isaiah Bevans
Me: *Stressing immensely over the 3 papers and 2 take-home exams that are due next week*\nER: *Posts a new Iggy Manely ASMR video*\nMe: *Stress levels decrease 50%* Thanks ER.
Itchy ButtCrack
Jack Mahler
Let’s be honest, Iggy Manley is the best character ER has ever created.
Jackson Purtell
I’d actually really like to see Manley ASMR for women... Iggy would find a way; plus it would be relaxing and funny 😂
Jazzyboy TV -
Quest giver ASMR!!! Plz Rift
Jesus Him self
Not gonna lie the durag kinda suits you👌
Joey Gartrell
That thumbnail is straight fire.
Jon Gordon
it might be 12pm...and I might be at work..but tIME TO SLEEP
KJ Bervin
Oh good, that means I can remove this false mustache. Thank you for the peace offering on this non-occasion, Iggy. I hope this means we can put the past behind us. I mean, the whole unflattering poster thing was done in haste. Now that you're sober and I've been through a few good beakings, experiments, and more than a few trips to Margaret's garden, life at Arkham Sanitarium should be more tenable. Friends? (Offers hand)\n\nGlad to be back, E.R. 😊 Great work!
Killer JD
My god, IT'S HURK
King Jules
Jesus Christ Rift, I'm studying for Finals, *WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME SLEEP IN THE AFTERNOON?!*
Kraft Zero
Lol when you slide the time bar backwards and forwards slowly it looks like he is going ultra instinct and dodging punches
Learn Teach Work
‘Let me scratch my nut sack for ya’ work that one out kids...
bruh you just done smoked the paper band
Let's Find Out ASMR
lolol. \
do you keep taking a puff of the cigar every jump cut? because if not it's disturbing how long cigar smoke stays in your lungs
Lucia Markechová
You’re the only person whose whispers don’t make me wanna rip my ears off. 👍
Madeline L.
Oh boy i can smell the axe body spray from here...
Mads Jensen
*Testosterone intensifies*
Male Feminist
No Tin Foil Hat Society membership tests in 2018??? 😢😢😢
Meg Alyssa
I can’t wait to raise my testosterone levels!
Megan Leigh
This character reminds me of my dad and his biker friends. They were all manly and respectable, until I got a hold of them, all of that went out the window once they were invited (forced) to my tea parties. Like god damnit Larry no bandanas at the table, put on your crown or no more tea for you.
Met Productions
Saxton Hale get out of town!\nThere’s a new Mann in charge!
Mountain Man ASMR
Wow. \nI’m relaxed to-the-max now, and my testosterone is *through the roof.*
Mr Krabs sold Spongebobs soul for 62 cent
God I love this character...
Thanks. That cigar'll definitely help fill my dead-eye core.
Nathan American
Suprised YouTube hasn’t censored this yet for promoting cigar smoking.
I can feel my beard growing and my periods stopping. Thanks Paul!
Oran Moonrazor
I need you to knock me out so I can wake up to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Are you up to the task?
I watched this and now i have a full on beard and chest hair.... damn he warned me but i didn't listen... the tingles were calling my name
Pika Bamboo
Srsly,who is dissliking this?🤔🤨🤨
Pip Pip Jongels
Should do an asmr roleplay as Arthur from Red Dead Redemption 2 lmfao
7 people turned their phone upside down to give a second thumbs up :)
Pyro VA
I'm too manly to explain this comment. (Insert manly quote here)
Ralph Wiggum
Man this makes me want to have a beer, walk over some hot coals, chop down a tree, and then check my privilege as a man. Praise be Papa Rift, the one true Lord of ASMR.
You know I can't sleep if I'm laughing yeah?
Roronoa Ban
How can you pull off the classy gentlemen look and raggedy biker look so perfectly??
Hey Ephemeral Rift? I was wondering if you could do a Dungeons and Dragons cosplay at some point? It's only a suggestion but I was interested to see how you would make a video out of it. I think it would be kinda cool to have something like that where you use what your character that you made has to relax us, such as wood working tools. I hope you see this comment! Stay awesome! Oh, and since this is a manly video, ROCK ON DUDE, ROCK ON! AND LONG LIVE 'MERICA!!!
Sergei Nohomo
Shoron ASMR
Doing for your easy accessibility \nit's already in the description! \n0:00 sup\n1:05 helping Iggy choose a skullcap\n5:59 Special announcement for women\n8:43 A special occasion \n9:07 non alcoholic beer\n11:15 A special guest\n12:45 bottle cap sound\n15:31 The dedication \n16:33 Cigars\n31:01 Manley hand motion\n32:24 something borrowed\n34:13 relaxing chainsaw sounds\n39:15 the great american nut sack \n44:53 The final words\n\n45:40 ps3 controller sound \n👊😐\n[ 7:41 what if it really happens? 😂 ]
Siege ASMR
It’s real *nutsack* hours
Stephen Snyder
Well it’s the middle of the day but always got time for Iggy or Corvus
Suku The Gamer
Glad to come here and relax after an absolutely *D I S G U S T A N G* Youtube Rewind!
Iggy is hands down one of your BEST characters man!
The Hierophant Roth
This is so manely i almost passed out.
The Shittiest Poster
I'd have a cigar with Iggy.
I find beer repulsive. I have tried some fancy beers and some garbage beers. It just all tastes like people trying to flavor hop water with various. Whether it was Four Loco or fancy microbrew eight dollar a bottle stuff I have always found it to be not good. Thusly, the thought of anyone actually enjoying it to the point that they will drink it with the alcohol removed, and that they might do this of their own volition BAFFLES me. I am still willing to try to find something that I actually like tho since so many seem to believe there are beers that taste good. So can you ASMR YouTube commenters perhaps recommend some of your favorite beers to me, maybe the beer that got you to start liking beers? When I am not drinking liquor or some type of mix drinks, the most beer-like substances I will consume are ciders. Angry Orchard has some things that are tolerable and that is one of the more common brands so that is usually what I will go with if I am going for a beer type beverage. Idk if that helps at all. Thanks to anyone who bothers trying to help. : 3 You're all the best, and so are you Uncle E!
Tyler Newsome
New avengers trailer just dropped
Veronica Byers
I get no ASMR from the Manley series...because I'm laughing to hard. Always a favorite!
MAN-handling your insomnia
I can’t
brandon lever
What if you're non-binary?
cameron briggs
Yo after picking skull cap and seeng the beard u should do a pirate asmr eye patch and all
Saw this in my feed and had to crack open a cold one...\n\n... good to see you, Iggy.
evan hubbard
The thing I love about uncle e is all of his characters could have their own channel
fuck me amirite
I don’t speak T A C O
jesse black
Iggy looks like my lesbian neighbor
mr welder
iggy is my favorite rift character. literally not alot of asmr gives me tingles anymore. but these do. but with rifts videos I quit watching for asmr a long time ago it's all about the lore now
It's Independence Day here and we got a new Iggy Manley vid 🔥❤️🇫🇮
scared star
I bet you cut your sammich with that chainsaw lol
lmao you were still exhaling smoke for the whole video after smoking the cigar
sup hoes
Can you smell the *testerone* my dudes
yettle Päŵz
El gato in english is called the cat.
Віктор l
Even better than my Buddha-box.