Introducing yourself - Easy Italian Basic Phrases 3

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Learn Italian with Easy Italian! In this basic phrases episode Giulia is helping you introduce yourself in Italian :D► SUBSCRIBE TO EASY LANGUAGES:Easy Languages is an international video project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews and expose the street culture of participating partner countries abroad. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English.Host: Giulia CerizzaCamera: Francesco TironiEdit: Giulia Cerizza and Francesco Tironi

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Aziz Hamed
Bonjour Italia from Afghanistan 😊
Chef Rafi's Awesome World
Can you do a Sardinian video?
Christian Peña
im melting
Dreoilín the Didactic Dinkum The Wren
I'm totally crushing on this girl!
to be honest I'm not even learning Italian... but WOW
Freddy Jones
She is soooo cute.
Guillermo Habsburgo
piacere di conoscerti Giulia :)
HashCosmos ~ Se ti piacciono i videogiochi ma non i gameplay ✖
Come on! Learn our language!
Hijrat Momand
Grazie millie
Javier Mendoza
She's always on the verge of laughter, lol.
Joseana Ramos
Julia Gontier
Nice! Make more videos please!
Lucas Gomes
I'm actually learning German, just decided to see if I could understand anything of Italian since I'm a Portuguese native speaker and I actually did understand it all without needing to translate it, it's quite similiar to Portuguese. After German, that's my next language for sure, I really enjoy it.
Michael K.
oh wow, how beautiful it sounds, and looks, I will try to learn it!)
Ngoại ngữ Bình Tân Anh Hoa Nhật Hàn Thái 0908890881
I think Roman languages are the most beautiful languages. Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian . I want to learn these five languages
Nikola Sekuloski
do this with funny italian accet lol
Patrick - Sprachen/Musik/Studium
Ciao Giulia!
Rajpreet Smagh
Bellissima Giulia))
Realm Of Darkside
I'm a Spanish learner and I absolutely love the language, but its actually a close 2nd favourite of mine after Italian.
Sandra Mike
Whats ur ethnicity? Where from italy? Are u full italian?
Marry me!
Yesnik Silva
Madonna!, ma che bella Giulia.
Bravissimo il video per favore fai più questi tipi di le lezioni.
I am Italian. I suggest people to learn Italian *along with Spanish and Portuguese*. You must study them *at the same time* . These three Languages are mutual intelligible. Each of these three Languages is helpfull in order to memorize the other two Languages. For example, let's consider the Italian word \
che bella giulia!!!
talar Dony
i love italian language so much.keep it on