Italian Course for Beginners - Lesson 1

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Amine Allaoua
You are the best teacher ever! That video helped me a lot
Armaan Hossan
Thank you so much for this video.
Babar Sher
Blaze Fortesque
Molto bene
Chipmunk Funny Music
thank you so much BUT you teaching so fast, Beginner too hart to take it.
Diana Rivera
Please slow down on your videos .. you are so fast teaching .. and I am a beginner trying to learn.
Ernesto Calcano
Great teacher thank you
Gloria Johnson
Vas muy rapido! Necesitas enseñar más despacio para que los principantes entendamos.
Hamster Love
It is good that the perdón just speaks italiano
Iqbal Thaqif
I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover how to learn italian try Pycanta Amazing Italian Protocol (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my m8 got great success with it.
Jean Toussaint
Buon giorno Signorina, Mi chiamo Jean-Rony Toussaint. Io parlo francese, spagnolo, inglese, Portuguese e un po' d'italiano. Io comprendo la rigola grammatica molte bene perché e quasi simile alla francesa. Allora, io ho una domanda. Perche non c'e d'accordo nel participio passato accompagnato del verbo avere cuando il pronome relativo viene ante del verbo. In francese, c'e d'accordo. Per esempio, invece di le uova che io ho mangiato sono cattive; devono dire le uova che io ho mangiate sono cattive. L'accordo si fa con il pronome relativo ( che)   un antecedante del nome uova che femenile plural. Per favore, mi piacerebbe che risponda alla domanda. Gracie davanti!
Jissele Cueva
Io apenas sono arrivata in italia la sua lezione per me è molto bella semplice d' imparare anche lei è bravissima come insignante 🤗🤗🤗😊😊😊😊
Joan Lynch
Thanks so much for all your work in making this video, it is very helpful.:)
John Joy
It encouraging and easily understand.but at times the English writing are blocking the writing on board and the writing are to small on the board please.
ma che bella ragazza \u003c3
M.A. Haque Abir
per favore translate both english and italia......................\n\ngrazie_________
Marco Resta
that mic looks rediculas
Marko Bradas
I've been studying learning Italian quickly and discovered a fantastic website at Hartlyn language lessons (check it out on google)
Marwa Cupcake
Milona Carmichael
Thank you! Everything was clear and well explained.
Missed Planet
learning Italian in italy , .... Wait What ?
Mohammed al mouswi
i don't understand Italian
Pauli Nydu
Loving it
Prime Captain
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Raza Chaudhary
Like you
Tibet Lara
Was ist mit lektion 3,4,5 und weitere folgen?
Io mi chiamo Zohaib
couch potato
interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out learn how to speak italian try Tarbetti Amazing Italian Tutor\n( search on google ) ? I've heard some super things about it and my buddy got excellent success with it.
daniel iriarte
dave johnson
WAYYYY TOO FAST!! Especially for beginners! I had to leave.
hodan cadeey
we use this words in Somalia:\nciao= jaaw \ngelato=jalaato\ngiusto=juusto\npresa= bres\nrosso=rooso\nmaglia=maliya\nBorsa=borso\nAmore=amoore\npasta=pasto
kmi i
Wow, I found this language very easy to learn, I think it's because I'm Spanish speaking xD
Thankyou !!!! MERCI
thank you so much this is was a great first lesson people jump into talking and introducing themselves whilst i wanted to learn reading first grazie :)
sunny md36
روما روما
شكرا\u003e\u003ethank you very much you are a brilliant teacher \u003e\u003e