Scenes From An Italian Restaurant-Billy Joel (lyrics)

My first video using windows movie maker.LYRICS:A bottle of white, a bottle of redPerhaps a bottle of rose insteadWe'll get a table near the streetIn our old familiar placeYou and I, face to faceA bottle of red, a bottle of whitesIt all depends upon your appetiteI'll meet you any time you wantIn our Italian Restaurant.(SAXOPHONE SOLO)Things are okay with me these daysGot a good job, got a good officeI Got a new wife, got a new lifeAnd the family's fineWe lost touch long agoYou lost weight I did not knowYou could ever look so nice afterSo much time.I remember those days hanging outAt the village greenEngineer boots, leather jacketsAnd tight blue jeansOOHHH drop a dime in the box play theSong about New OrleansCold beer, hot lightsMy sweet romantic teenage nights(PIANO SOLO)Brenda and Eddie were thePopular steadysAnd the king and the queenAt the promRiding around with the car topDown and the radio on.Nobody looked any finerOr was more of a hit at theParkway DinerWe never knew we could want moreThan that out of lifeSurely Brenda and Eddie wouldAlways know how to survive.Brenda and Eddy were still goingSteady in the summer of '75when they decided the marriage wouldBe at the end of JulyEveryone said they were crazy"Brenda you know you're much too lazy" and"Eddie could never afford to live thatKind of life."But there we were wavin' Brenda andEddie goodbye.They got an apartment with deep pile carpetsAnd a couple of paintings from SearsA big waterbed that they boughtWith the breadThey had saved for a coupleOf yearsThey started to fight when theMoney got tightAnd they just didn't count onThe tears.Yeah Rock n Roll!(SAXOPHONE SOLO)Well they lived for a while in aVery nice styleBut it's always the same in the endThey got a divorce as a matterOf courseAnd they parted the closestOf friendsThen the king and the queen wentBack to the greenBut you can never go backThere again.Brenda and Eddie had had itAlready by the summer of '75From the high to the low toThe end of the showFor the rest of their livesThey couldn't go back toThe greasersThe best they could do wasPick up the piecesWe always knew they would bothFind a way to get byThat's all I heard aboutBrenda and EddieCan't tell you more cause ITold you alreadyAnd here we are wavin' BrendaAnd Eddie goodbye.A bottle of red, a bottle of whiteWhatever kind of mood you're in tonightI'll meet you anytime you wantIn our Italian Restaurant.I do not own this video it belongs to Columbia Records® and Billy Joelthis is one of my favorite videos by Billy and i really like the solo at please comment, subscribe, and reply i will have more videos uploaded soon.If i find disrespect to this video i will take away commenting.TY Youtube first video of mine with 1,000 views done in February 2010May 31, 2011 200,000 views. Thanks Youtube.October 16, 2011 300,000 views. Thanks Youtube.

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