Scenes From An Italian Restaurant-Billy Joel (lyrics)

My first video using windows movie maker.LYRICS:A bottle of white, a bottle of redPerhaps a bottle of rose insteadWe'll get a table near the streetIn our old familiar placeYou and I, face to faceA bottle of red, a bottle of whitesIt all depends upon your appetiteI'll meet you any time you wantIn our Italian Restaurant.(SAXOPHONE SOLO)Things are okay with me these daysGot a good job, got a good officeI Got a new wife, got a new lifeAnd the family's fineWe lost touch long agoYou lost weight I did not knowYou could ever look so nice afterSo much time.I remember those days hanging outAt the village greenEngineer boots, leather jacketsAnd tight blue jeansOOHHH drop a dime in the box play theSong about New OrleansCold beer, hot lightsMy sweet romantic teenage nights(PIANO SOLO)Brenda and Eddie were thePopular steadysAnd the king and the queenAt the promRiding around with the car topDown and the radio on.Nobody looked any finerOr was more of a hit at theParkway DinerWe never knew we could want moreThan that out of lifeSurely Brenda and Eddie wouldAlways know how to survive.Brenda and Eddy were still goingSteady in the summer of '75when they decided the marriage wouldBe at the end of JulyEveryone said they were crazy"Brenda you know you're much too lazy" and"Eddie could never afford to live thatKind of life."But there we were wavin' Brenda andEddie goodbye.They got an apartment with deep pile carpetsAnd a couple of paintings from SearsA big waterbed that they boughtWith the breadThey had saved for a coupleOf yearsThey started to fight when theMoney got tightAnd they just didn't count onThe tears.Yeah Rock n Roll!(SAXOPHONE SOLO)Well they lived for a while in aVery nice styleBut it's always the same in the endThey got a divorce as a matterOf courseAnd they parted the closestOf friendsThen the king and the queen wentBack to the greenBut you can never go backThere again.Brenda and Eddie had had itAlready by the summer of '75From the high to the low toThe end of the showFor the rest of their livesThey couldn't go back toThe greasersThe best they could do wasPick up the piecesWe always knew they would bothFind a way to get byThat's all I heard aboutBrenda and EddieCan't tell you more cause ITold you alreadyAnd here we are wavin' BrendaAnd Eddie goodbye.A bottle of red, a bottle of whiteWhatever kind of mood you're in tonightI'll meet you anytime you wantIn our Italian Restaurant.I do not own this video it belongs to Columbia Records® and Billy Joelthis is one of my favorite videos by Billy and i really like the solo at please comment, subscribe, and reply i will have more videos uploaded soon.If i find disrespect to this video i will take away commenting.TY Youtube first video of mine with 1,000 views done in February 2010May 31, 2011 200,000 views. Thanks Youtube.October 16, 2011 300,000 views. Thanks Youtube.

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Asolutely the best thing to ever come out of NY!
If you grew up in the NY/NJ/East coast area, you know Brenda and Eddie... It may not be their actual name but you sure as hell know them. Hell, theres a good chance you are them.
A bottle of White, a bottle of Red, perhaps a bottle of Robitussin instead.... HAHAHA I miss the 70s/ 80s!  I never made it to New York State and City until 1992, so I missed going to the Automats by one year (they closed in 1991),  But I always remember, driving around Manhattan at age 23, I played \
Alan Wallace
Billy Joel's Magnum Opus, to be sure. Absolutely flawless. This was one of the songs that made me want to go from someone who adequately played an instrument to a musician. It's like a challenge. Think you can do this, kid? Give it a go.
Allen Francis
That sax solo at 1:08 gives me Chills every time.
Anthony de Fex
fun song. strange thing about this song is that it seems like its goes on forever and seems like many songs in one
Audrey Wood
My favorite song off of my favorite Billy Joel album.
Beatle Stories
One of the best non Beatles songs ever written and performed.
Brandon Morris
When someone says Billy Joel, I think of this song and not Piano man.
Brenda Garcia
I am Brenda I miss my Eddie \u003c3  this was our song
Bryan Waldron
Captain Chemtrail
3:11 Brenda and Eddie brought Me here
Chachi Shapiro
Challenges 101
NJ and New Yorkers always know a Brenda and Eddie, or we can just feel that we do. The songwriting is amazing, I love, “and they just didn’t count on the tears,” it shows that the song is real, and like I stated earlier, we all know a Brenda and Eddie. I for one do. Instead of calling him the Piano Man, I sometimes like to refer to him as the common man, cause he is truly a mix of both.
Charles Surette
This song tells such a great story that I think we can all relate to at some point.
Cheryl Haydon
Best Billy Joel song ever.  Today's music can't hold a candle to this song.  Damn good.
Chris Kozak
What a beautiful, melancholic tune about lost love and how time changes all of us in so many ways.. Billy's magnum opus
Christine Davidson
Great song, one of my favorites from this great composer...
Clara Matloub
You can make a movie with the lyrics in this song.
Coach L
\u003c3 BILLY JOEL ...! :)
David Alexander
Only a True New Yorker could ever write and sing this song.
Dawg Tired
336 who just didn't count on the tears.
Douglas Rogers
Dig!, I was 10 in 68, was at the Green in Levittown swim'n, no money but went up to the snack bar , this older kid says to me , hey kid you thirsty, I shook my head, it was Billy , he bought me a bottle of coke ,
Dylan Lange
The Saxaphone on this song is stellar
Grammar Nazi
Touching. Speechless. Music is the medicine that heals the mind.
Greg Fuller
This song touches my soul in a way that I can't even explain.
Harry Cox
Joel described this as his Bohemian Rhapsody. Why it dose not get the same media attention is beyond me. Is so sweet and beautiful and melodic. If this wont put a smile on your face nothing will! and the Piano solo, just genius!
Henry Przepiorka
love Billy Joel, the straight American Elton John
This is the first time I've listened to this. It is massive. Wow
Iris Kehler
lost a great friend who used to sing this to me - RIP Nat, you fought hard. love you always
Jacob Rivera
This is one of my personal favorite billy Joel songs
Jake Rosen
Bottle of pasta, bottle of bread, bottle of pizza, bottle of olive oil, bottle of salad.... THIS is italian food
James Doud
Who really comes here, listens to this and says, yea I do not like it, or better yet, why?
James Edgar
2:48 - this is one of the most killer piano solos of all time!
Jasbir Chopra
Captures exactly a typical night I used to spend with my woman. Transition at 6:12 is just sublime.
Jaundiced Jape
The artistry of the common man -- none do it better.
Jeanette Duda
My Mother had the 8 track. Ha Ha. A lot of people out there don't even know what I'm talking about!
Jeff Dunham
Joel and Springsteen and a precious FEW others are the Shakespeare's of our day and time. If you have their lyrics, you have America(na) in the last quarter of the 20th Century.
John LaStrada
One great poetic Italian song by a Jewish guy from Long Island, New Yawk. Love ya for this Billy. A masterpiece. Absolutely.
John Skilbred
Billy Joel.... No one Captures the feel of NYC better than that Kid from Oyster Bay, Long Island....\nHis Piano-playing is Captured in this more than Any other!
Joseph Sacchetti
To Billy Joel! I took my daughter to your concert in Syracuse NY In 1999! I wanted to take my wife! But she turned me down! She loved you in the 80's. I won the tickets at Bleachers in Syracuse! My daughter said she would go in her place she was 19yrs old. She passed away in October of that year! She was the sweetest thing! She loved being with her dad at that concert! I will never forget it! Thanks Billy! This song is now our song! RIP Shanna! Daddy loves you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to an Italian restaurant and this song was in ny head . 😁
Katherine Rose
One of the best he ever recorded. The piano in this has no equal. Stylish and precise, anyone who knows anything about piano music can feel it vibrating in their bones. Wish you would play more like this, Billy. For the fans.
Kathy Vondracek
I love so many of Billy Joel's songs, but this is my all-time favorite. Thank you!
Keith Walker
An all time great song from the soul of a passionate and talented man! What a story!
Ken Henderson
In the mid-late 80's, after he married Christie, in his live shows Billy would sing \
Kevin Cushman
It doesn't matter when you were born.  When you first hear this song, you fall in love all over again and memories start to pour out of you, especially the ones from all those Italian restaurants.  I've had the fortune of not having to go through what Brenda and Eddie had to go through but I have friends who fit the description.  This is a timeless song and they don't make too many off these, no matter what generation you're from or what age you are.  OMG!  I'm 67.  Where did the time go?
Kevin Kral
Billy Doge\nSuch poignant\nVery emoshun\nCry evritiem\nWare she iz nao\nSad histori\nWow
Kool Kev the Jam Master
My father borrowed The Stranger album around 79 when I was 12 years old. Totally into music as a kid and grew up on 50s, 60s and 70s R&B at the time. I never listened to\
Kristin Clark
My favorite song by him. Sounds so great on Vinyl.
Laurylie Polito
A bottle of white, a bottle of red\nPerhaps a bottle of rose instead\nWe'll get a table near the street\nIn our old familiar place\nYou and I-face to face\n\nA bottle of red, a bottle of white\nIt all depends on your appetite\nI'll meet you any time you want\nIn our Italian Restaurant.\n\nThings are okay with me these days\nGot a good job, got a good office\nGot a new wife, got a new life\nAnd the family's fine\nWe lost touch long ago\nYou lost weight I did not know\nYou could ever look so nice after\nSo much time.\n\nDo you remember those days hanging out\nAt the village green?\nEngineer boots, leather jackets\nAnd tight blue jeans\nDrop a dime in the box play the\nSong about New Orleans\nCold beer, hot lights\nMy sweet romantic teenage nights\n\nBrenda and Eddie were the\nPopular steadies\nAnd the king and the queen\nOf the prom\nRiding around with the car top\nDown and the radio on\nNobody looked any finer\nOr was more of a hit at the\nParkway Diner\nWe never knew we could want more\nThan that out of life\nSurely Brenda and Eddie would\nAlways know how to survive.\n\nBrenda and Eddy were still going\nSteady in the summer of '75\nWhen they decided the marriage would\nBe at the end of July\nEveryone said they were crazy\n\
Lisa Malone
LOL! In the beginning I thought he was saying Brenda Reneti. My family is from Queens (NY), and it didn't take me long to figure out it was Brenda and Eddie. I love this song, it describes perfectly my relationship with my ex, who is from New York City. We used to go to a street side italian restaurant in Greenwich Village and this brings it all back. Billy Joel's music got me through art school, a lot of late nights.This piano work is brilliant. The man is a genius. P.S. Ironically, My cousin lives in Hicksville, Long Island, the city where Billy was born. Hope to run into him one day!
Lisa Shapiro
This was his Masterpiece imo 💖
MaeMae II
This is by far my favorite Billy Joel song \u003c3
Mark Bailey
A song of life, love and changes with exceptional vocals, instrumentals and change of pace. One of my favorite songs of all time!
Mark Mazzone
The brass band/trad jazz song within a song wrapped around the line \
Michael Fenichel
On The Late Show last night (9 January 2017) Billy Joel was asked (by Colbert) what Billy's \
Michael Pierce
I always thought an entire Broadway show could be written based on the story in this song.
Michael T
thinking of my Uncle Roy who passed unexpectedly. Feb 14 1950 - Feb 26 2017 R.I.P. we will miss your crazy ass
Mr. Spiff
Happy birthday to the Piano Man himself, this is my favorite song by him and one of my favorites of all time! It's my goal to someday learn the solo from 2:48 to 3:02 even though I don't play piano at all
Nicholas Pollizzi
from an Italian, this is gold
Bottle of red bottle of white, whatever gets me laid tonight. Jon-Delocated
Simply the finest song he has ever done.. so ahead of its time and so so sweet and romantic.. Will always be my favorite
Panda Parade
Billy Joel said that this was his favorite Billy Joel song in an interview
Patrick O'Donnell
I'm 15 years old and I know this wasn't my time period but I'm in love with this song. I always used to try figure out the piano solo on my own because it was so extraordinary. Never could get it tho
Ray Whittington
Bought the LP in 77 when it came out. Instantly loved this song and went on to become a huge Billy Joel fan ever since. He never did stop being a brilliant lyricist and composer. Why is he underrated? Never kissed any critic ass. Didn't need to.
Rebecca Hoover-Bohar
Richard Bain
My Top 25 Billy Joel Songs\n25. It's Still Rock&Roll To Me\n24. River Of Dreams\n23. I Go To Extremes\n22. Uptown Girl\n21. Zanzibar\n20. Goodnight Saigon\n19. Tell Her About It\n18. The Longest Time\n17. Pressure\n16. Leave A Tender Moment Alone\n15. The Stranger\n14. Allentown\n13. Big Shot\n12. She's Always A Woman\n11. Say Goodbye To Hollywood\n10. Captain Jack\n 9. The Entertainer\n 8. Only The Good Die Young\n 7. Keeping The Faith\n 6. An Innocent Man\n 5. You May Be Right\n 4. Moving Out (Anthony's Song)\n 3. We Didn't Start The Fire\n 2. Piano Man\n 1. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
Robert Smoker
This song stands alone. No category, No genre, just a great song. It is uniquely awesome, I have listened to it 1000 times and will listen to it 1000 times more.
Robertt Avro
What a great song. And I just love the center section about Brenda and Eddie. Tells it like it is...because let's face it, you can never go back, only forward into your own future.
Sarah Cherry
Growing up on Long Island makes this so much more beautiful. Nowhere like it. Love you Billy Joel, so happy we share the same home
Steve S.
Always puts me in a new York state of mind. Grazi.
Steven Kaye
One of the greatest songs ever written.
Streetlife Serenader
Why can't today's music even be half as good as this? :/
This song was playing the first time I made out with a girl. It was magical.\n\nI'll never be young again, but at least I can relive it once and a while with this song.
Thomas Arbec
I want to be young again.
Thomas Devlin
It boggles my mind why this is not on The Essential Billy Joel which has 36 of his greatest hits. Just how.
Thomas Floystrop III
reminds me of my parent's marriage, always fighting when money got tight. then came the divorce, one was always willing to spend time and rebuild the marriage, but the other always declining
Victoria Lth
This is my favorite song by Billy Joel! A masterpiece
baby sinclair
In college, after class I would meet at my friend Ryan’s house for dinner and sometimes he would play Elton John & Billy Joel songs on the piano & we would sing. He was so talented. When he did this piano solo part of this song I was shook!!!! Brilliant, amazing! Loved it. I miss those good old days in my hometown. Will treasure them and this song forever!
david mumford
such an underrated song
Beautiful song about life- there's a subtle message to it if you listen carefully to the entire track. There's a beauty in the story of two individuals(Brenda & Eddie) who separate due to differences, go their own ways and live their tumultuous lives... survive to see old age and reconnect once again- perhaps awkwardly, and unsure of what to say to each other. But mutual silence sometimes speaks volumes from the heart that words could never express...
My favorite Billy Joel song and about as Meat Loaf as Joel ever got. What a storyteller.
Billy is an amazing talent. It's tragic how screwed up his personal life is, but that's often the case with artistic types. Love the man's music. My favorite Billy Joel song is whichever one is playing at the moment. They are all just that good!
john borucki
lisa evers
so poetic... it creates such a vivid image and feeling.... the red and white checked tablecloth...the old-school waiters that have worked at the restaurant for decades...the classic 'red sauce' dishes they offer (no fancy schmancy Italian dishes here!)....and the way the melody switches from one tempo and mood to another...I always marvel when musical artists can accomplish this so effectively... just a perfect piece of music and lyrics and piano-playing.
I love hearing about Brender and Eddie.
I always loved how he sang Brenda and Eddie as , \
What breaks my heart is that Billy Joel never followed up this one with Scenes from an Asian Buffet.
...billy joel in his prime brings me back to days of my youth, skipping school, playing video games at the bowling alley, bmx bike and summers at the pool with all the pretty girls, sleepless nights and daydream daze...
tammy battaglia
he is one of the greatest writers and performers
It sounds like he's saying \
The sax work on this song is great.  So many instruments put together beautifully. Throw in Billy Joel's voice and piano work, Can it and ship it out.  A true musical masterpiece.
The transition into each part of the song makes me so happy I can't explain it lol Billy Joel did something really special with the piano