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Addie Fay
I have a younger sister that I love so much, and our parents do to, but our parents dont spend too much time trying to help her. \nI didnt want my sister to have a hard time, so i searched for educational videos that taught the alphabet, and numbers. I stumbled apon this one. My sister really loved the animation and can do her alphabet in a breeze now! Thank you SO much.
Adonis Bersales
i like it ..i want to download!but how pls help..want to save my divice
Alex Carandang
This is Sam \n👱🏻\u200d♂️\n👕\n👖\nHe is vary annoying
Alice K Penny
Dave and Ava always have so much fun.
Alphabet App
Hello, Dave and Eva!
Anthony Evans
did he say x is for box lol🤣😂🤣😂
Asha Harry-Davis
; vvvvcvvvvvvv v.
Best for kids
*I want more!!!!*
Bilalscv Bilal
Bre'Anna Robinson
Good. education
C2Z44 Wawa
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Ciel Phantomhive
Cookie Cream
Cortney Leonard
It is my first time see ava talk and fight
Craig Wheaton
CrazyKidsRhymes 3D
Wow! It's just the best video I've seen this week on YouTube! I've added it to your playlist! You are cool!
Czarina Louise Tadlip
Dave and Ava - Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs
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Deku Midoriya
Dinesh Diabolic
Your videos are awesome. CGI is Pixar grade and stunning. My one year old son love it so much that he refuses to eat without Dave and ava.lol
Duong Pham
Eli Story
eli love this
Emarati Girl
Teddy mouse
Emily Toys Review
My cousin love it .. me too 😍
Feng Music Entertainment
because u take SOOOOOO much time on this
Fun Kids
Wonderful channel wonderful videos
Very nice. Big like!
Gabriel Rojas
You guys should make Pop Goes The Weasel ! I have a great idea, well a scene where the mouse accidentally pops his head out the hole (where you play whack a mole but instead of a mole its a weasel like the arcade game) and Dave and/or Ava wacks the mouse on the head \
Gabriella Cineus
Thank you
This is great
Iliana Morel
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Jenny Metodieva
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Jungkook Jeon
Key X
A tyshc grace. F\n\u003c QTT
Kids World TV
Educator for kids :)
Kids and Fun Pandita's channel
So cute 😍
Latesha Rogers
enjoy showing ur videos to my 6month old
Lord Sanik
Magic Films - Kids
hi Dave & Ava
Makoto Yamanaka
Marnetta Buford
i love this show im a baby yay
Maryelle Amparo
May Moo
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Mechelle Bregente
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Monico Buizon
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MoonKids Education
Muna Leah Muna
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Nialee Mass
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Nubi Hairston
Paper Dolls TOONS for KIDS
Phuong Tran
Raihana M
A is for Apple a a a a apple
Rex El Rydo
Roodo Shiibk
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Russell Davis
Hiding.... the mouse comes out holding something... flower - sunglasses - etc
My sister really lives your videos!! Keep up the good work!! and thank you for making my sister happy!!
Why im i here im 11 yers old 0-0
San Bdrl
Dave and ave ava
Sha Doh
Shawndess Household
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Sheldon Boyea
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Sheniza Sheikkariem
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Shinu Abdulvahab
Cheese is the one for phonics song
Soriya Socheata
Super Kids Finger Family
Great video, thanks for this video
Tanya Goodchild
The Kids Fly Toys
I like it.upload more pls
Therese Habashi
Train Art & Design
Very effective cartoon.
Tuấn Nguyễn Văn
Veronica Daniels
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Yaya Ng
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Yeet In The Sheets
I watch a lot of baby shows with my 2 year old nephew and this one is honestly the most visually appealing (compared to shows like chu chu tv, Cocomelon, little baby bum ect) it's not as amazing as say Pixar or DreamWorks but it's really amazing for a simple baby show none the less. I love the attention to detail it has, as in the Hickory Dickory Dock you can see concept art of the main characters up on the wall. Honestly I love the character designs in this, Ava is my favorite she looks really pretty and I love how this world looks in really curious about it, honestly if they made a movie that wasn't just nursery rhymes I'd absolutely watch it
Zyrine Amador
one little finger the mouse took the glasses\nhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
baby clemencia castillo
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benjamin pawlowski
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brett boyd
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christina Richards
i love ABCs
emery lucas
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X is not for Box. Shouldn't use that example, it's confusing for kids who are learning the alphabet and just learning how to read. Xylophone is a nice example for letter X.
khalid zakir
stler mouce
khent rhusselle
kimberly hernandez
Thanks for this video my baby brother loves it
lucky yoongi
Hey, Dave and Ava! My sister loves these and is a big fan. i was wondering if u can say happy Birthday to her. Her name is Lavishka. it will mean a lot!
rajbir sinha
iii km