Family Guy in the 1950's

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The Juke Joint looks fun!!!!!
Abby’s Life
This is chris, their first boy son.\nThis is little stewie, he’s a handful\n\n*meg*
reminds me how most people didnt know johnny mathis was black
Meg looks better in the 50s. She's slightly less attractive than Velma.
Amy Erlanger
If it's the 1950's how are the Browns in the Griffin house?
Aurthur Radley
Its pretty cool to think that one day a show like family guy will make fun of the technologies which we think are advance like AI, VR and AR....
Ausla Davis
Here come all the lightweight milennials with their 1 talking point..
Benjamin Thein
Pretty progressive family to have black people and a cripple in their house
Big Bubba
A lot of the females I work with are alcoholics.
Its 1994 the moon belongs to us!
Boosted Fool
Fallout 5: Quahog
Brad AmeerBeg
This is Chris, first born son, this is Stewie, boy, what a handful! ... Meg...
you ain’t nothing but a hound dog
Cao Ang
Sometimes you gotta like your own comment just to get the ball rolling.
Well. This was not half bad. Most of the new Family Guy absolutely sucks, but this was decent.
Chris Huston
Chuck Dixon
The funny thing is that Peter used to be sexist just like that in the old Family Guy.
Clorox Bleach
1:04 Fallout 4 in a nutshell
“meg....”\n\nI’m dying
Desmond moonbear
Devin Petersen
DoomGuy Pictures
Family Guy: New Vegas
Dorian Graye
Fred Trump Apartments would be an interesting place to live?\n\nI wonder if the have a basketball courts with actual NBA Hoops with nets🤔💭❓
Duncan Higgins
And thus, Peter started the settlement of Petoria after the Great War, rivaling with the NCR and Enclave as they fight over the providence of Joehio.
Guys, let’s repeat every joke from the clip right here in the comment section.
Faiq Md Dan
*Insert some quote from the video*
Fichgo Fichgo
It's 1994 and the moon belongs to the Earth!\nSo how's the soil?
Glockz Beats
Heartworn Fox
isn't it funny how the first tv's had a screen about the size of a tablet/phone? fulll cycle y'all
is this fallout?
Meg. \n\nDont press read more\n\n\n\n\n\nEdit: Congratulations 🎈🎉🍾 i asked for 5 likes so that i dont make this comment longer and i got 22. Because of them, no one else will suffer my long scrolling comment... u didnt listen to me about my warning tho but no one listens to me anyways.... still leave a like
J Williams
Damn Meg don't ever get respect
Jacob Cain
Fred Trump. Smh
Jake Sully
Jamer360 A
actually women in factories has been around since the early 1800s
Jashon Coleman
A red scare in her \
Jason Lurf
When Lois offers to help out the family and Peter gets triggered \n\nL I V E H A R D E R , N O T S M A R T E R
Jeff Sanders
Jong dae every day
For newer Family Guy, this was pretty entertaining w/o being gross or tasteless
Joshua Hammond
My butt stinks.
Josip Ricov
Time when America used to be great.
the fallout 76 teasers are kinda weird..
Kiyoshi Kirishima
Not enough wife beating.
Leah Tverly
Leo Peridot
Seth McFarlane throwing major shade to Trump family for their racist policy against minority tenants.
fallout Family GUy!
@1:29 Important.
These are their children\nThis is Chris, the first born son\nThis is little Stewie, oh boy he's a handful\nmeg
Meme aholic
If it was the 1950s how were the browns in their house
Micah Sanders
They all have radiation poisoning
Michel Meijer
*meg* 😂
Mind Power
The way he introduces Meg is legendary, I died when he did that . .l0l
Mohammad Rashid Mohamed Al Ballaa
Apparently, everyone has better hair in the 1950s...
Mr. Shiada
fallout 76 is looking good
wow peter is actually cooler in his 50s version than present day version.
N.J.O Productions
Hey person reading the comments\n\n\n\n\nmeg
Narzy Z
*Meg*\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI never get likes 😭😢
Natalie Alfera
Professor Knockers
Nathan Rose
This is Chris, the firstborn son!\nThis is little Stewie, oh boy, he’s a handful!\n*Meg.*
Ndubueze Echefu
This is Chris, the firstborn son.\n\nThis is little Stewie, oh boy, he's a handful.\n\n\nmeg
New Zealand Lads
This wasn’t aired in the 50s some people are so dumb
Nipps nipples
what season and episode is this ?
Not Politically Correct
The 1950’s looks neat!
Paraguay Mike
Fred Trump. Donalds Dad.
2:01 Who else wanted cleveland to fall out of the house in his tub after the nuclear test destroyed it? LOL
Ravioli Ravioli Why'd You Lewd the Dragon Loli
LOL  This SO describes my early childhood.  I had the \
Richard Paull
Raleigh Cigarettes / Family Guy = Winston Cigarettes / The Flintstones
Rizwan Aziz
1950'@ the good old days
Rolyn Georges
I forgot in the 50s there's a lot of racism and sexism. Mainly a lot of racism.
Safe And Happy Galaxy
Sarah Ad
I love how he said only meg and not intruducing her
Savannah Ellis
Sean Patchen
Meg almost looks like Velma from Scooby doo.
The Christian Cowboy
Wow, even in the 50's Family Guy hates Trump, who wasn't born yet...
I'm amazed. 50's Peter wasn't a complete monster.
Tomba 2
The 50s sucked.\nThank God those times are long gone
Topaz 13
The part about the pants and how they need to be scurtch
Trey Brown
I swear meg was oldest
Valami Izé
The televisions needed some minutes to warm on.
Will Fikes
Their proximity to an atomic testing site explains alot.
This is Chris, the first born son!\n\nThis is little Stewie! Oh boy, he's a handful!\n\n*Meg.*
Yukime Hime
caitlyn who r u
2018 and we still haven’t met aliens
It's 1994 and the moon belongs to Earth!
gustaf3 333
Wow, Peter Griffin and his family were at least racially progressive! Being friends with blacks!
Haha. Fred Trump apartments, if you don't want to live with blacks, Fred Trump. \nThe rotten, disgusting, waste of life, etc,... apple from the Big Apple does not fall from the tree. Lol
maki pizon
meg is pretty in the 50's 😂
The atomic test...looks like those whammys from press your luck found the key to the explosive shed again...heh heh, this outa do it. Boom, Nukes the city and takes your money.
There is one thing I don't get about their clothes: 1950s Chris is wearing jeans while todays Chris is not. Shouldn't it be the other way round? I mean, there are way more jeans today than in the 1950s.
*Fallout 5: Family Guy Edition*\n...\nSounds like a awesome game, I'll definitely buy.