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Armour sucks
Adrian Lopez
Reminds me of a bunch of newbies vs pros in Pantball/airsoft
Adriano Barbosa
Qual o nome desse filme ?
Akash Van Eerten
Alberto Valdes
This guy is like Rambo just much cooler
Amir MBA
Great idea
AmirReza Sharifi
What he builds is called navak.it was used in persia first.
Andri Yadi
Waw kereeen
AppTesting Official
hanzo 4k
Billy Smith
Rambo mini version. 🧟\u200d♂️
Castro Eduardo
Nombré de la película xfavor
Caçador de comentários estarei sempre la
Qual o nome desse filme
Chung Naga
Bhai movie scene kaise daalte ho jo copyright strike nhi aata hai.plz answer
Darrick Ting
I hate campers
Denis Kukharsky
отличный фильм. good movie.
*I only have one question*\nWhy are they hunting so far apart from each other and not search together in a group?
Don Srdon
Это что за индийский фильм?
Faheem Khan
Femme Froufrou
Full Movie HD Link
Gil pinheiro
Já assistir esse filme umas 2 vezes.... Essa parte é louca...
I Like Turtles
Anybody whose used a bow in their life knows that most of the shots they made in this scene were complete bonkers. Know idea why you would hold back a drawstring on a recurve bow for 30 seconds, given that that would be like holding up a 30 - 40 pound weight.
James Ziemba
Death by “twang”.
Jimmy Likoelangi
Wow its like a sniper combat...
Joao Sobrinho
O cara é MITO kkkk
Johan Jonsson
now we wait for supernerds that will surely tell us how much failures this scene has. all from the sun to the bow will be teared down by internet heroes that collect old bows and read about archery history.. they cant just enjoy a good film . they wants to ruin it for us that really just want to be entertained. i hate them.
war of the arrows
KOREA Terminator
주인공이 편전 만들어 4명의 청나라 용사를 저격하는 장면은 수백번을 봐도 지루하지가 않는군요. 통쾌하고 짜릿한 최고의 명장면입니다.
Khánh Sv2
Tao đã bị \
Life Motivation
Most powerful bow in the world this one gakgung bow and turkish horn bow... The sniper of the bow.
Louis Claudel
oh waw nice💯
M Kim
To people that questions about accuracy of this film...\n\nThe twisting at the full draw is perfectly accurate, it's a traditional style commonly seen in Mongolia, Manchuria and Korea. It provides greater stability in unstable environment as it holds the arrow firm to the body of the bow when you give slight twist at the end. A style adopted as these cultures practiced a lot of Mounted Archery. An example of unstable environment.\n\nAlso, the smaller arrow shot at first is called 'Ae-gi-sal', a traditional arrow in Korea. Because of the smaller length and weight, it has significantly faster velocity thus greater penetrance and range while reducing the energy loss from the natural wavering of the arrow. However it's very difficult to shoot and is affected more by external factors such as wind.\n\nI got to admit though, that second shot penetrating through the two armored men does seem quite unrealistic. I wouldnt say it's not possible, maybe it passed through the weak points in armor, but it would be very unlikely. Plus the arrow used was traditional Chisel shaped, Manchurian arrow, which would provide even less penetrating power.
Marriott Ep
etwas \
Michael Pavlov
кто мне тупому обьяснит за что дислайки!
Moa Naga
Name of its movie please
Mohan Elubandi
Super \nWhat is the movie name please tell me
Mohd Juber
sandila juber
Mr Sunny
Munna star
Most fight
Twist the string, not with any bow I've shot. If you could twist you'd be shooting a 10 lb draw.
Nhan Vo
Hay q
Nicolas Borazo
Alguém brasileiro
Parker Danny
this is what happen if everyone want to play hanzo....
Rahul Srivastav
Next level of archery
Typical cinematic Medieval warfare. How did that wood tipped arrow shot through the padded or Brigandine legging?
RofL RofLz
These bolts are maked from shroud
Romania GoldRecovery.
izlemeye deyer. lutfen abune olmayi unutmayin
Sam Yen
can someone explain why he used that piece of bamboo with the first arrow?\nActually can someone explain all the arrows
Savage 5K
That arrow that went through the two guys kinda made me angry, that type of arrow head was made to hit the target, but fall out afterwards to cause the target to bleed out. This method was used hugely in Mongolian traditions, especially if they were facing another horse rider, the rider wouldn't have time to ride, shoot and attempt to close the wound and would result in him bleeding out a lot faster due to the horses galloping and the riders going up and down.
Shamim sk
Vote for it \n bow arrow 👍or sword 👎
Shibasabakar Naik
Really short
The neon orange gecko
The tension in this fight is unbearable
Usha Kumari
Victor Omar Guerrero Rubio
Nombre de la película
Wanderson Goncalves
Manda e o filmes copleto em portugues brasil
Wong Wai-Kit
Nice aimbot and maphack.exe
Yogess Limboo
Sniper of ancient time
х.ф: Стрела объсалютное оружие 2011г.
channel rusak
darkwizards fire
Clint Eastwood with a bow!
fot ppd
truly the koreans are the true bow masters.
фильм называется -Война стрел (2011 г )
husai ni
Like a sniper style.. 👍🏻👍🏻👍
junaidi tanjoeng
5:31 ohhh so sweet 😍😍😍
Well... I need to say as one of korean. It's just a movie but based on history background.\n\nOnce one of enemy target wounded, Lure few more of them, Take down rest of them.\nThat chisel type arrow work as Armor Piercing round vs chain mail armor. It's standard length arrow.\n\nBut, Short arrow offer low visibility, high speed,improved stability with barrel and enemy can't loot your arrow then shoot back to you.\nA rifle with standard length of barrel offer better stability than SBR. \nLong ATA(Axle to Axle) bow is not that good in mobile archery while hunting at mountain terrain - But It's suitable for target practice at archery range for score based match.\n\nJust find out nearest archery shop in your town place.
maxamed cabdirashiid
md m7701918669
https://youtu.be/_89GvsVOxU0\nhttps://youtu.be/_89GvsVOxU0\n👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆\n\n*Hello Friends Share This Link Please*\n\n हमारे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब *SUBSCRIBED* जरूर कर लें दोस्तों.
mukesh sehrawat
Awesome clip
Tactically speaking, he should have picked up the arrows of the Fallen victims he just slaid in order to replenish his ammo.
road video
makes usa sniper looks easy
soe moetun
tamarana naresh
Movie name??
vennela Krishna
This is the best
Ömer Ak
Turkish bow difference
Фильм называется (( стрела абсолютное оружие ))
Азамат Аноним
Ебать тут даже не у кого спросить что за фильм
Базыр Жамбалов
Да, я тоже охуель
Бауыржан Бахытжанов
Мыкты екен
Евгений Глазков
Стрела. Абсолютное Оружие (2011)
Жасик Толегенов
Что за фильм
Кабдолла Булганбай
Историческая версия фильма \
Михаил Есин
зули тигр убит
Нурдаулет Кожаков
Кандай кино! !!))))
Сергей Сутормин
бляя, такая поебень
Тариел Алипсатаров
хороший фильм
Турлан Серикулы
Шакс Гаргамель
Физика индийского Болливуда
зубай мусаев
Как называется фильм скажите пожалуйста
ابو دلوو
كلاب حلكو
حسين حسين
اسم الفلم
حيدرر البصراوي
ممكن اسم الفلم
قناة الرسمية للراقي بدرالدين
is the best
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why this movie is a hollywood movie? this is a korean movie,