Learn Italian: 600 Italian Phrases for Beginners

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96serpendity youarelostnotme
I want to learn italian, do I need to go to colloge and talk class or can I learn here on youtube?
A Agha
Grazie mille
Che cazzo vuoi?\nChe cazzo vuoi?\nChe cazzo vuoi?\nChe cazzo vuoi?
Abdur Rahman
thank you so much, would you like more
Académi Fernando
bonjour comment ça va
Adam Quaglia
Agboola Bukola
Grazie per aiuto noi per parla Italia. Ho mipiace parla di lingua italiano.
Ahmed Mohamed
Grazie per làiuto imparare con ľitaliano
Albert Samealung
Very essential phrases, thanks!
Alberto Félix
How many languages do you speak partner?
Alessia Molinari
Sinceramente a me non mi piace l'italiano, però agli americani si
Angelica Garcia
ma che bravo
Aristeo Tony Trevino
Avhie Fairygreen
Badman For Ever
Che bravo
Blake Emerson
bro i totally italian \\ciao.
Bobbie Ditcharo-Roland
Great video. Do you think studying your phrases is the best way to learn basic Italian?
Catherine Beverages
I want to learn italian
Chloé Chantal
Grazie mille!
Christian Fracchia
Mille Grazie!!!!!!!!!!
Cletus Omakpoji
l like to speak Italian language.
I’m guessing you normally use formal when you meet someone?
Creative World
grazie mille 😋😋😋
gracias a usted
Dawda Trawally
geazie mille
Drone World
I'm also Italian🇮🇹
Elya G
Your teach is so good and easy
Ensa Bargie
sono contento per te
Frances Van Siclen
The Italian language is the most beautiful !
Francisco Maia
gracie! !!
Frosina Ivanova
here's a few tips for how to learn Italian\nDecide precisely why you want to learn it\nTry to use Italian everyday\nFind which process works for you best.\n(I read about these and more from Hartlyn Language Lessons site )
Gabriel Mejia
Pablo tus videos ayudan mucho gracias
Gamer_Girl 04/15/27
I only know basic italian phrases....btw grazie!!
Giosue Michell
Thank you for your hard work. It is much appreciated!
Gopa mondal
you r very good teacher sir..grazie mille
Great Idea
Hello, sailor. Hel-lo sai-lor. Hello sailor! Squawk! Polly wants a cracker!
Thanks very much for this, any new languages that could potentially be coming up?
ciao come sta grazie
Honey Honey
please give me a sample of interview in Italian Embassy thru ITALIAN LANGUAGE per favore :) Grazie :)
J Goodwin
Hey do you have a hard copy of this? Like a pdf or a work document of all these phrases?
Jesse Rodriguez
Julie Lopez
Knowing spanish really makes learning Italian easier ... Thank you latin lol
Kamal Abdullahi
thanks for you
Kobi Sky
not only good to learn the language but also helps your communication skills
Lamin s Sanneh
Thanks you so much I like the video
Lisandra Chavez
So, do you speak Italian, English & Spanish?
Lizette Pacheco
is there anyone who could help me learn italian ? I'm super determined to learn
Maggie Davis
Maik P
Makes it very simple
Martin Isleem
This a great video! Thanks a lot.
Mel Myendo
Grazie! From Nairobi, Kenya 😊
Nazim Dar
ben fatto☺
Nazmun Nahar
Nevin Elbatsh
Grazie con sue aiute
Ninjinsuren Byambajav
so inspired, how many languages do you speak ?
Okafor Happy
Oscar Guillen
i lov your vids
Paul Schuster
It is the running together of words like so many here that make Spanish so hard to understand.
Pixen West
Can i kill meself?
Progress Okolo
Mi piace
Rajwinder Judge
Rebel Holiday
Grazie, molto bene.
Richard Quiróz
muy bueno estos vídeos me encantan
Rodolfo Castillo
Ciao Pablo! grazie mille per questo video é molto interessante,buona fortuna.
Rommel Salanga
grazie mille
Roy J Weerasinghe
i like it this video, thanks
Sandra Anthony
grazie mille
Shosha Shosha
Thank you!
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Why am i watching this video? because i'm italian
Simon Conteh
Good lesson\nNeed more new words
Suker Darboe
thanks Mr u make things easy for us now
Grazie (Mille)
Sunay Babayev
Durante 4 anni ho parlato italiano, adesso non ce un persone per parlare pero dimentico piano piano. Molto grazie per questa lezione.
Terri Barnes
now, i understand the persons comment who said, \
That Nerd Who Rages at Pixels on a Screen
Ciao, buona notte, mi chiamo Greg. La ringrazio, Grazie molte, grazie mille, e Ti ringrazio!
The Boss
The Lebron
Me no pablo
Vesa Uusimäki
mille grazie
Wajid Iqbal Ahmed
I want to learn Spanish and Italian in 3 to 4 Months, any tips...???
adaliz 2.
Does it help if I speak Spanish already ?
anees ali
batch samba
thanks alot u doin good job
Fantastic video. Thank you for taking the time to make it.
kamonnat k
bene bene.
lamin ceesay
grazie mile
meranda vip
musah donto
i have enjoy it. and I have able to studied all into mind. is easy to learn it
nani rotestan
rachid saidi
someone who wants to learn Arabic I am here. I can understand English . French. and a little Spanish
tuğçe türker
sei meravigilioso
قناة مشاهير العرب
We can say instead of \
يا الله يا غفر الرحيم ماساء الله
Ciao come stai grazie mille