Beyond Apollo/Linkin Park - One Step Closer (Cover) (Studio Live)

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Apollo Closer Cover Linkin Live One Park Step Studio Beyond

I love it!
Adib Bin Shahid
Nice scream! Liked the voice tone. Overall, it was an excellent cover!
Alchemist X
sounds like the happiest song in the world....which it isnt.
Alex S
The performance was kinda boring
Andija Rahman
totally failed the screaming part
Anton Nikonenko
just more action! this is metal baby! more drive))) in other nice work gues. and epic scream
you did the extended version....\n\n\n\n\n\n\nme like
Screams were so gooood
Bagus Sepdana
Great job. I'm a big fans of Chester
Ball Govy
wow his scream sounds like chesters surprisingly
You changed the second verse with the first , dude kkkkkkkkkkkk but good stuff
BigDog123456vr Productions
Tbr you got some bad accents, the guitar is off and you seem kinda bored
Cahaya Cinta
Nice sude
Cheezy Cheezya
the male vocalist has a very nice voice :)
Chester CharlesBenn
Not much cover! but the scream is good just do not like from the woman it is very soft music :)
Cobalt Sulphate
Your bridge does not make any sense in the song's original context. The original song is simply the band getting frustrated about their producer forcing them to have endless re-takes of \
Cryslleno Nascimento
Porra a parte final ficou foda 👌
DJ Jankov
Voice soubds unNatural
Dany Sora
I'm in love with your voices now....
Dave the Assassin
I like the addition of the \
David Morgan
Tight performance! R.I.P. Chester.
I’m not hating it was good but everyone saying it’s just like Chesters screams is completely wrong sounds nothing like him
Donnovan Maldonado
Ej Icon
Awesome. Evenesccence meets Linkin Park. Love it!
FJP 124
Good job... It's better then original.
Gilles Jack
Its a nice adaptation with your own style cover, not really a perfect cover of original but we dont care of that, keep your own style and continuous to work on it. Chook dee ;)
Guitar God เทพเรียกพี่
เชี้ยเล่นดีวะ หน้าโคตรเหมือนคนไทย
Hayk Hovhannisyan
Girl dislike
Hilco hielkema
i like it nice cover
dude you need act crazy if you do a linkin park cover
laik perro
Javed Ali
I thought this was great guys. Good mash up. Great vocal covers
Jermaine Riley
The most unique cover I seen, you guys get my props. Bravo
Jizreel Pandey
lol thats not live \
Joe Redfield
There's no energy in this...the singers do really sing good but their voices don't project aggression....lose yourself in the song dude!
Jonatas Alves
Great cover!
Jonathan Santander Phillips
Shut up when i talking with you!!! is the same scream of chester, very good!
Jordan Allen
Hell yeah
Josh-oo-ahh Ivanovic
NO NO NO NO NO I want to die now that I heard this KUK Linkin park are the only ones who can pull off a song like this and that scream is SHady af
Oh my God... You brought in the extra bridge!!! I love you so much :D
Ker Ling
omg I'm your fan))) guitarists my weakness)) very cool)))
Lara Verbeeck
Im a bassist,  and maby its just me but in my sight a bassist needs to look badass, this bassist isn't looking badass...
Larasati beautyfull Seto Handsome
Good, but chester da best
Lost Zone
Hey guys, have a look at our full-band-cover of \
Loïc Benoit
nice cover, you just need more \
Lucas Prado
Befora singing a song  try to learn the lyric !!
Mahabub Rahman Rokon
thta guy scream good. u did that part very well. u didn't ruin the song.
Mahesh Bhuju-maki
👌👌👌👌👌nicesest cover of one step closer
Malcolm Tychicus
i wanna meet that girl!!
Nice scream man. Wanna hear more heavy stuff with that scream
Mason Hyden
Screams are excellent! Great vocals! Guitarist did a great job too!
Mat Loyal
Bad english from the girl there, the rest is awesome
Mateo M'V
no hablo ingles pero que asco de cover \nla mujer caga la canción y esa parte suave es peor no soy hater pero que asco de cover
Mikey D'Couto
Oh the scream - BRILLIANT!
wow epic scream U.u
Murilo Batista
Great job!
Naat :3
linkin park - given up *-----------------*
the bassist looks REAAALLY into it :P
What's with the lyrics tho...
Girls just ruined LP songs
Phill F
Man Asian do it better lol like the new twist with a girl in it and man can that dude hit those screams! Best band, vocal cover I've seen on here.
This would have sounded much better without the girl
Rami Qudah
fukin awesome screams duude
Raphaël Henry
The cover is really good but your bassist looks ridiculous, he seems to be good at bass playing anyway. Need to relax man, just be metal
Rass Cunningham
This is the best cover of the song yet.
Ray-death studio
That scream man! Gooood
Robert Ramos
this is the most gay and soft cover of this song
Rubens Bispo
brazil love linkin park
SNAPPER Official
Sajin J Mathew
Wow guys.. awesome cover..\nI am a band member and I was thinking to perform this song in our school but I thought I won't sound good without a DJ. But now I think we should do it...Thanks :-)
Salman Alfarizi
Wow, surprisingly good.
Sandi Ramdhani
cool man!😱
Me gusta mucho ese arreglo después del break
WOOOOO!!! The bassist was completly out of control!!! There was a devil in him!
Sulistyawati Tyut
I rather hear it than see it😅
only japanese
Vladmir Lenin
Everytying you say to me \u003ctakes \u003eme one step closer to the edge \nI need a little room to breath (cause) am one step closer to edge
The screaming part is just too awesome!! Hope to see more LP covers from you guys!!
Yahiki Ryuuga
Zakir Hussain
Nice Scream from an Asian Dude.. Must've got it from watchin Dragon Ball Z..
dude playing the Guitar : I heard it till the end because of you.... that was great
Damn that reanimation part was damn good, great job :D
john watson
Can you do a tutorial on how you scream. :O
OMFG your Scream is badass man, PLS do more of Chesters Screams!
maddie watts
Well.. I dont know what to say actully. Its a little bit off course at the begining. No offense. :|
palmer jacob
I like your scream man gave me chils
restu jatnika
mantep uuuy aluuus
ruckuss12000 ruckuss
technically perfect but no emotion behind it
ryan christopher trinidad
How much that girl
shaun manny Meza
Exelent work one step closer LP
thereis noname
umang punk
miss Mr Hahn's scratches
this is so solid, why does it have so many dislikes
Грачик's Channel
You singed end of 1st verse in 2nd verse, and end of 2nd verse in 1st verse