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Adsel John
Filipinos are really great singers. Anywhere street you go, you can hear people singing beautifully. hope you visit our country.
Afnan Wasi
hi Sweet Couple\nhow you doing??\nLiked your channel and reaction too.\ni have a request\nplease do react on Coke studio song\nname of song is \n\
Aisisgallo Yo
Hi, new subscriber here :) I found your channel through your reactions to Marcelito Pomoy's videos and I love it. Have you seen his video singing \
Albert Cortez
That voice is a gift from God
Alberto Waynasdee
the biggest rection views so far
Ale Sh
Marcelito Pomoy will be on Ellen DeGeneres’ show! Be sure to watch! ;)
Alex Bausemer
Whooa! 1 million views and counting !
Alison sario
try to fine ENDLEES LOVE sing by Macelito Pomoy
American Mum
I just found him the other day; I was like 😧💗
Anais Romero-Rios
Wow, shocking voice
AngeloARCO Oandasan
He sings while seated, how did he do that!!!
Ann Cherry Lungtad
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Anthony Orsini
What's crazy is that he is hitting a lot of the same exact notes but in two different voices.. the opening notes are the same ones he hits at the upper end of his tenor range but it's pretty disguised. What a talent.
Arki Ced
In the Philippines we have this talents called “doble carra” which is actually a one man singer who sing both male and female voice. In the Philippines he’s definitely not the only who can sing like that, what makes him different is, the way he interprets a song is so natural that makes it look so easy on him. Marcelito’s voice is both tenor and soprano but he is also a baritone which makes him an all rounder singer but he prefers singing on his tenor voice because that’s when he can reach even higher notes.
Arthur Buenvenida
Three million one hundred seventy thousand nine hundred seventeen views
August Don Rabina
Cong TV brought me here. hahahahaha
Aztec Maya
jaw drops...
Barbara LaForest
Before anyone asks what was that at the very end, yes that was a yawn. When powerful singers sing from the diaphragm, they lose oxygen. And this is the reason why we yawn in the first place. Unless some idiot in the room starts yawning and then nobody stops. LOL!!
Bayron Tolentino
lalo hahanga mga to pag si daniel padilla nagguest sa wish mapapasigaw ka sa galit!
Bel Dalzielle
more than 2 million and a half views?!!... and still counting... unbelievable
Carson Abarintos
Pinoy ga yung singger nayan?
Chris Patel
Thank God for a react channel that actually reacts to stuff, not just watching it with little to no input. Keep it up:)
Christian Aguilar
Christian Andrew Tamanu
proud to be a Filipino
Cyntia Martin
He has the most amazingly Beautiful Voice I've Ever Heard\nincredibly Talented\nflawless voice \nsuch a Rare Talent Love his Voice \nbetter than any females\nThe Voice of an Angel\nA Beautiful Voice & Talent From God!!\nI'd love to have his female voice n Talent\nabsolutely amazing n Incredible !!!!
David Faker
How can a person be a soprano and tenor at the same time 😂😂
Dino Agustin
He should have award in the billboard award
Divina Suño
How about korean pop..pls.feature exo
Edward James
That's what we call \
Emman Eudela
wla naman duda magaling tlg yan si marcelito..kaso ngtataka lang ako bat andaming nagsusulputan na mga ganitong klaseng reaction video sa ngyon??tapos halos lahat ng nasa comment section karamihan pinoy din hahah...di kaya iniisip ng ibang lahi satin eh utu uto tyo??palagay nyo lang haha...bigla sila nagsulputan...imposibleng wala sila ipinagmamalaking talented artist sa bansa nila... OO walang masama humanga pero kumikita na sila sa basurang video na to 1million views??dahil lang sa reaction nilang un na paran sarcastic at plastic at pwedeng peke or pwedeng totoo...napadpad lang ako dito dahil kay cong tlg hahah di tlg ko nagpapaniwala sa mga ganito,,,guys suportahan nyo nlng sariling atin kung proud pinoy kayo hinde ung papauto kayo sa mga to,,,susko po ang OA ng reaction ah..ako nga kinilabutan lang nung narinig ko to pero hinde ung gnyang reaksyon come on so fake
Franz Runner
She's the only singer I know in the world that can do that PERFECTLY.
George Phillips
U should listen to Morissette Amon. She's called the Mariah Carey of the Philippines. Very powerful voice, great control of her voice, and fantastic range as well. 2 songs u should hear, \
Gil Quibs
Foreigners would truly be shocked with this guy's talent. Here in the Philippines, Marcelito is one of those popular and talented performers and we had been used to him. In fact I was more surprised the way foreigners react in shock. Our country is truly like a basket of singing talents some of them had been seen worldwide in a variety of talents show like Britains Got Talent, America;s Got Talent , Australia, and many European countries. While Filipinos are so scattered around the wold, so is their talent.
Ham and Burr
He's incredible.
HappyKat 9
HI Ashley & Yusof, yes he's amazing! Pls react to more Wish videos: Marcelito's POWER OF LOVE (Celine Dion), and Marcelito & Morissette Amon's duet of SECRET LOVE SONG on the Wish 1075 Music Awards (pls use official video of Wish). Also pls react to Morisette's STONE COLD (Demi Lovato) & I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE IS (Mariah Carey), and pls use the videos from Malditangwapa's channel (clear version). Thanks!
HeartDiaLove 123
That's from Philippines ayeeeeee
J- -Bless
Please react to WARREN LABAN cover ALONE by HEART.....he is amazing....
This is an updated life story of Marcelito Pomoy. \n\n\
Marcelino Pomoy he is a Filipino Singer Very Talented \
Jaala Mangaser
Try to watch 4th impact audition x factor UK
Jedidiah David
1M views!!!! Congrats you guys 💞
Jefferson Santos
Thanks both of you for good reaction of Philippine singer, Marcelito.
Jhoel Baking
1 Millon views 😧😄😍
Joel Mendoza
I love u guysss I love ur reactions.\nProud to be Filipino😍\nCongrats for. millions views.\nAnd counting:-)\nThis is my first time to comment in youtube :-) promise.
John Boquinquito
Have you ever reacted to BLACKPINK as if its your last
John Rhy Tapang
That Transition was awesome. I was still amazed by that.❤❤
John jay Tonglason
Filipinos are very talented \nAnd respectful
Joker 22
Pleassssssssssssssssssssssse react the video of the voice teens battle heaven knows archie and bryan
Kazumi Scarlet
* screams in Korean* R.I.P.
Huwwaaaatttttttt Cong Wahahahahaaahaha dinala moko d2
Lenuta Alexe
Mac Artur
Marison Abe
He was the grand final in Pilipinas Got talent yr 2011
Mark Verdad
Ooh I just love watching non Filipinos jaws drop to Pinoy talent
Marvin Radaza
He so good!
Min_min Dowie
The range of his VOICE is so wide.. Take note his not standing yet.... Love from PHILLIPINES
Monic Tabalon
Believe it or not . He made that 2 voices in one performance . He is the grand winner im pilipinas got talent that it held here in the philippines . He is one of our great singer
My Heart of Asia OST
Filipino singer is really AMAZING..
Naruto #Rasengan !!!! Gardon
Path Tiu Yap
morissette amon \
Rainier Esguerra
This kind of talent rightly deserves millions of views. Thanks for the reaction guys. 👏👏👏
Filipinos 💪💪💪
Raul Nisperos
ellen degeneres should hear him
Raw2929 Will
I love a woman with black finger nail is that ur boyfriend
Raymark Pabingwit
Filipino singer is insane! proud to be pinoy here
Regal TV
Goodness, how did he do that?
Ricky Marinay
Pls.react to bryan magsayo and johann mendoza songs.
Saddam Kahar
I'm proud to be a PILIPINO!!!🙌 shout out to all pilipino in all over the world. Specially to all those OFW's.
Slayer Paul
We filipinos are so talented... Napaka talento talaga namin... We are so rare😂😂😂
Stephanie Pettgurlz
Turn it up
Taehyung BTS
Proud to be a Filipino \nwhere are my squads?
Tom Pitts
hes sitting too
Tone Poblete
Gemini gem
Tyler Isabelo
yes its a gift ur right cuzz God is l❤️ve
Veronica Pancho
thats why i love to be a pilipino were talented in many ways
Wasted Joker
Yow sa mga pilipino dyan hinahangan na si Marcilito
Yna Tam
Wow 3m views
Yoona VLOG
Omg is that my song my goodness😎😂🔥🔥😘
analiza llanita
3m views and counting 😍😍😍😍
bumchoo cho
Wow. Goog
catayas lormel
Grave naman kumanta si marsilito
when he was singing the female part, i was like \
Call a Priest, he just did a duet with the woman that inhabits his body!! This is not ok...a little warning next time my innards are still shaking, he just plowed right through us knocking me out of my chair in the process. If you were trying to sing me stupid...mission accomplished!! 🤯👀😨
ji gero
hey guys can you please react to TNT boys in little Big Shots UK and USA..singing Listen and Somebody to Love and also in Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids edition 2018 singing Bang Bang....thanks
Would you people REALLY like to know on WHY Filipino singers are the very best in the world!? Ok here’s the secret: IT’S the Water that we drink. That’s it.🤗
mercyful vasis
he have been in Ellen De generes show yesterday
and now, ladies and gentlemen, i am going to react to their reaction: i very much liked it a lot. i have listened to quite a few reactions to Marcelito's version of this song. i just got done telling one guy that his was the worst, and i gave him a thumbs down. some reactors curse a blue streak (me no likie); some listen, mug a few faces, but say little to nothing even if they liked the performance; some are physically all over the room, falling off their chairs, dancing, having a \
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rexon ragasa
hi.. i dont know if someone had already given you infos bout Marcelito Pomoy but here’s some...... When he was only months old, his father was jailed while his mother left them along with his younger sibling and went to Manila. He lived with his father in prison and was later adopted by a police officer. He only finished grade 3. Later he found out that he was adopted and ran away. He did odd jobs when he was a teenager (balut vendor, caretaker in a poultry) While doing poultry work, he started singing both male and female voices to while away loneliness (poultry houses are far from the city). He honed the skill then later entered contests in \
See, during the 90s, we had, in the Philippines, a show where singers perform both the male and female parts of a duet. Like a solo duet (if that makes sense. Probably doesn't.)The show was called Doble Karaoke (a play on the term \
some guy
Here to say hi from 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
xKat Kya
yusop sasan
Very100x amazing😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭 from Malaysia.. Marcelito pomoy you're the number 1 master singer in around the world.. I'm so beautiful your voice \
夏ŁexíMečhü YT
Is that guy filipino just asking.