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1956 2018 all eurovision winners

ATHYNA sanchez
Airis Airis
I wish the Eurovision was able to bring back the votes when the jury spelled 8 and 10 points too, as they are doing it just with 12 points. Also, I wish Eurovision could be less political and more musical.
Alex Radyuk
2018 Israel is the worst winner ever. It shows how dramatically deep the music culture has fallen. It is very very sad that after the 2017 beautiful Portuguese victory THIS has happened. The only song that deserved to win in 2018 was Sweden, sorry jews, and there's nothing anti-semitic about it
Andre ́ 16
1966 ~ Udo Jürgens from Austria\n1974~ Abba from Sweden\n1987~Johnny Loggan from Ireland\n2009~Alexander Rybak from Norway\n2012~ Loreen from Sweden\n2014~ Conchita from Austria\n2015 ~ Mans Zelmerlöw from Sweden
Andrzej Kaczmarek
Angely Phil
My favourite is 2016❤. I am Ukrainian 🇺🇦
Aviva Volper
❤️❤️❤️\n1965 ,1973, 1983, 1988, 1998, 2005, 2012, 2014, 2016 & 2018
B.Selçuk Köroğlu
2003 Turkey Sertab\n2005 Greece Helena\n2009 Norway Alexander\n2010 Germany Lena \n2011 Azerbaijan Ell & Nikki\n2013 Denmark Emmelie de Forest\n2014 Austria Conchita\n2016 Ukraine Jamala\n2017 Portugal Salvador\n2018 (Cyprus) Eleni...:)))..
Clementine Marsh
In 2018 the best song :)
Cute Cookie
Netta did the best.
Darth Cupcake
My favourites\n1.2009 Norway \n2.2006 Finland \n3.2015 Sweden\n4.2012 Sweden\n5.2005 Greece
Demon Prince Rowan
My top ten, in order of year:\n1959\n1961\n1965\n1971\n1973\n1991\n1995\n1996\n2007\n2017
2018's eurovision songs were pretty poor imo and there were better songs than Israel's but it's all about how strange and different it was and the whole type of demographics the song speaks to. It just feels as if it's not about the music itself anymore and it's been sort of diplomatic for a long time in terms of voting. Saying that Portugals 2017 is probably my favourite eurovision song and deserved to win....Israel however it hurts my eyes and ears :/
Ellen Williamsson
My favs: \n\n1. Sweden 2012🇸🇪\n2. Sweden 2015🇸🇪\n3. Finland 2006🇫🇮\n\n(I think 2018 was worst🤔😂)
Eray Yiğit ve Gül
Turkey 😘😘😘😘🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
We look forward to welcoming all of our European friends at Eurovision 2019 in Tel-Aviv in May 2019.\nIt will be a wonderful celebration filled with love, laughter, friendship, music, diversity....and acceptance.
Esmeralda Riverside
I still cry when I hear Amar Pelos Dois. It's too much beautiful to me 😍
Felip 21
In MY OPINION! Waterloo, Euphoria and Only Teardrops are the best winner songs....
Galina Paloš
To Marijaaaaaa
Hajdu Martin
My favs:\n\n- 2008\n- 2009\n- 2012\n- 2013\n- 2015\n- 2018\n\nEdit: I'm from Hungary.
Harold Baja
Netta is actually good but I prefer Mercy tho. But still can't wait for Gal Gadot to host eurovision.
My favorites. It was so hard to chose!\n\n1. 2011 Azerbaijan\n2. 2013 Denmark\n3. 1982 Germany\n4. 2012 Sweden\n5. 2009 Norway\n6. 2006 Finland\n7. 1996 Ireland
My favs: \n\n1. 2018-Israel \n2. 2012-Sweden\n3.2015- Sweden \n4.2017-Portugal\n5. 1999.Sweden\n\nLOL I´M FROM SWEDEN!😂😅🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪
I like pen
My top 10 from the last 18 years (I'm from France but I am Russian and Belarus) :\n1-Norway (2009) I love you Alexander! 😍😍😍😍😍\n2-Finland (2006)\n3-Israël (2018)\n4-Germany (2010)\n5-Russia (2008)\n6-Ukraine (2016)\n7-Denmark (2013)\n8-Greece (2005)\n9-Austria (2014)\n10-Portugal (2017)
Måns from Sweden with the song Heroes was the best one ever in my opinion, and he is hot lol! I’m not saying this cause I am from Sweden I actually think so, miss when eurovision was about music and not the wierdest songs like excuse me but wtf is that Toy song that won this year
J Rohas
My favourite winners:\n1974\n1978\n1979\n1980\n1983\n1986\n1987\n1988\n1989\n1995\n1996\n1998\n2003\n2005\n2006\n2007\n2008 \n2009\n2010\n2012\n2013\n2014\n2015\n2017\nAnd 2018 is good❤👏
Jasmine Beever
I really liked Israel! I’m glad they won! 😁❤️
Jo Nyu
And western europe is complaining of bias? In the first years it was like france-spain every other year! Hardly any scandinavian countries..
Joanna 010
Σε γνωρίζω από την όψη του σπαθιού την τρομερή σε γνωρίζω από την κόψη που βία μετρά τη γη απ'τα κόκαλα βγαλμένη των Ελλήνων τα γερά και σαν πρώτα ανδριομενοι χερο χερε εκευθεριά και σαν πρώτα ανδριομενοι χερο χερε εκευθεριά!!!\nΈλα ρε Ελλαδαρααα!!!
Jonathan Todorov
music stopped being good in 500BC when the Ancient Greek's started making that terrible modern music. Every song before 500BC is good and every single song after is terrible....
Julian Postavnichev-Harri
This is the moment, when I realise, that the winning songs from the 21st century actually did not impress me so much, as songs from the 50ies, 60ies and 70ies. Since I started watching Eurovision in 2008, only Norway (2009), Azerbaijan (2011) and Portugal (2017) were my favourites in that year they were participating. Good songs have won (including this year’s Israel), but they did not impress me... I wonder why...\n\nEdit: I want to notice, that this is a song contest, not politics. Try to close your eyes and just listen to the songs, don’t look at the performance, don’t look at the flags...
Kafe Kypseli
2005 greece
Karolina Vasiliauskaitė
1975 Netherlands, 1976 United Kingdom, 1987 Ireland, 1998 Israel, 2000 Denmark, 2003 Turkey, 2004 Ukraine, 2017 Portugal \u003c3
Konstantin Derevosokroshchsky Volksgeist Federation
I only recognized Amar Pelos Dois(2017) as the latest winner song, the one in 2018 makes me ill!
Kyros Hermes
The best:\n\n1. Sweden 2012\n2. Norway 2009\n3. Serbia 2007\n4. Finland 2006\n5. Ukraine 2004\n\nSome years every of us wish another song would win but I never understand it in 2015. Well, Sweden \
Leia Organa
Leon Döring
Lisett Peddai
My Favorites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\n1.Estonia2001\n2.Denmark2018\n3.Germany2010
Loe Milan
Ugh... So much Useless hate to Netta🇮🇱, Lena🇩🇪 and Jamala🇺🇦 the sad part is that they being hated only because the haters favourite didn't won. And Eurovision supposed to Unite Europe this is was the true porpoise of Eurovision.. now all the trolls start to come to me and say : \
Loïs Dolan
I miss the days were they actually chose good songs now it's just nepotism.
Lucas Dal Bosco Baseggio
My faves:\nNorway 1995\nUkraine 2004 and 2016\nSweden 1974 and 2012 (obviously)\nLuxembourg 1972 and 1973\nUnited Kingdom 1976 and 1997\nItaly 1990\nSwitzerland 1988 (classic)\nIreland 1994 and 1996\nIsrael 1998\nIsrael 1979\nThe Netherlands 1975\n\nThe 70's were great omg
Lucas Sampaio Esteves
Portugal (2017) still holds the record of the highest score ever.
Lucia Raznjevic
❤cro❤\n💙Rock me💙
Luka _
Israel 2018 best! NETTA♡
Manos Contakis
My favs 2005 9:04 2006 and 9:13 2007 9:23
Maria Serask
love israel 2018
My fafourite is 2010
Naor Daniel
1973 🇫🇷 \n1974 🇸🇪 \n1978 🇮🇱 \n1979 🇮🇱 \n1986 🇧🇪 \n1998 🇮🇱 \n2003 🇹🇷 \n2005 🇬🇷 \n2008 🇷🇺 \n2009 🇳🇴 \n2010 🇩🇪 \n2012 🇸🇪 \n2015 🇸🇪 \n2018 🇮🇱
Naruto Uzumaki
9:08 greece!!!! my number one!!! helen paparizou!! IS THE BEST♥
Niagara Eurovision
The best winner is of course Molitva, from 2007.
Nick Karras
Heroes is still my latest favourite winning song .
Penelopa Smrček
2009 is my favourite 😍😍😍😍
Pink Unicorn
1.Norway(2009)\n2.Greece(2005)\n3. Sweden (2012)
Quee Maja
2018 it's joke?
Ravenclaw Girl
11:12 GO SALVADOR!♥️♥️
Raúl Tabar
The best for me is Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 Netta ( TOY) and Dana International ( Diva)
Roie bro
2018 was the besttt \nLove you my chicken queen ❤👑
So ga
9:07 best
Spyros Kokkalis
+1 οι Έλληνες για την Έλενα το 2005💙💙
Stardust Sonic
Netta is my city
Tobias Hørsted
The difference from 1956 and 2018 😅
Vegan Stone
Didn’t like 2016,2017,2018 at all.
Voicekids vlog
My top from the last 20 years : ( from Poland ) \n1. Greece 2005 \n2.Sweden 2012\n3. Azerbaijan 2011\n4. Norway 2009 \n5. Germany 2010\n6. Ukraine 2016\n7. Israel 2018 \n8. Portugal 2017\n9.Ireland 1993\n10.Denmark 2010 \nPozdrawiam :) \nRegards :)
Yoval Yoval
Israel the besttt
[HERO]AlFirst Youtube Chanel
5:07 What is it?
aiden Rosewood
2005 and 2010 are great
anonym girl
My favs:\n2010\n2009\n2012\n2013\n2015\n2018\n\nEdit:i'm from germany
dieisdestny666 dey
elite erion airborne
My fav \n\n2009\n2013\n2012\n2016\n2017 \nBut and others winner are good and 2016 is the best\nIn all Eurovision's congratulations for all
ellen eberle
2012 was the best 😍☺️
My top from the last 20 years:\n1. Israel 2018 👑 \n2. Ukraine 2004\n3. Israel 1998 \n4. Sweden 2012\n5. Finland 2006\n6. Greece 2005\n7. Serbia 2007\n8. Norway 2009\n9. Sweden 2015\n10. Turkey 2003
music Styles
The 2017 winner was so good and pure
nina jokelainen
Best ever Abba!
stan girl groups
fairytale will forever be my favorite eurovision song. not tryna sound biased since i'm from norway, but it was amazing.
taurts 11
1956-2017 best\nWorst 2018:)
toypa kat
I miss the good old days when Eurovision was about music 😥
venla lah
1 finland 2006\n2 sweden 2012\n3 sweden 1974\n4 serbia 2007\n5 germany 2010\n6 turkey 2003\n7 the netherlands 1975\n8 sweden 2015\n9 portugal 2017\n10 denmark 2013\n11 austria 2014 \n12 azerbajan 2011\n13 greece 2005\n14 irland 1987\n15 urkaina 2016
vio rotariu
Greece was the best
yair oren20
לייק מי שישראלי אמיתי אבל
9:18 Best winner ever.
Ελπίδα Μικροπουλου
Μόνο Ελλάδα φυσικά 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷☀️🌞☀️☀️
Σωτηροπουλου Αλεξανδρα
Greece for eve😘😍
Χρήστος θ
Εγώ το έχω πάρει τρεις φορές οπότε αντε γεια
Българската Телевизия
My top winners:\n1.Serbia 2007 and Russia 2008\n2.Austria 2014 and Ireland 1987\n3.Norway 1995\n4.Ireland 1994\n5.Sweden 1974\n6.Denmark 2000\n7.Italy 1990\n8.Yugoslavia 1989\n9. Switzerland 1988\n10.Bulgaria (pre-winner) 2017\n11.Serbia & Montenegro (pre-winner) 2004
2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 RIP EUROVISION 😢
Марек Галицкий - Marek Halicki
MY TOP 20:\n1. Ukraine 2016\n2. Sweden 2012\n3. Sweden 1974\n4. Serbia 2007\n5. Belgium 1986\n6. Germany 2010\n7. Israel 2018\n8. United Kingdom 1997\n9. Sweden 2015\n10. Switzerland 1988\n11. Norway 1985\n12. Norway 2009\n13. Sweden 1999\n14. Portugal 2017\n15. Switzerland 1956\n16. Azerbaijan 2011\n17. Greece 2005\n18. Germany 1982\n19. Ukraine 2004\n20. Yugoslavia 1989
Ясмин Кейран-Засимаускайте
My faves:\n— 1963\n— 1964\n— 1965 \u003c3\n— 1967\n— 1968\n— 1969 (Netherlands аnd France)\n— 1971\n— 1972\n— 1974\n— 1975\n— 1977\n— 1978\n— 1982\n— 1983\n— 1986 (and she was only 13-year-old?!)\n— 1988 \u003c3\n— 1991\n— 1995\n— 1996 \u003c3\n— 1998\n— 1999\n— 2002\n— 2003 \u003c3\n— 2004\n— 2005\n— 2006 \u003c3\n— 2007\n— 2008\n— 2009\n— 2010 (pretty good 9 years :D)\n— 2012 (but Macedonia was better)\n— 2013 (but I prefer Montenegro)\n— 2014\n— 2016\n— 2018 (but Estonia is still my winner)
אחיות זאב
איליי חפיף
ארטיום LIVE
but the song Golden Boy in 2015 was really good.