hit songs of 2010 ᴴᴰ


10s 2010 black eyed peas bruno mars david guetta... hiphop hit hits latin max wevers music new nostalgia nostalgic old pop rap rnb rock songs

;; sueños unicos
2011 \u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e\u003e
Adrian Hidalgo
Like for Kesha and her vibes ❤
Aiman Nizamić Najjar
i'm looking for a dance song with a girl get her eyes with chemical acid in the laboratory van and dance in the street with dancers in the rain look like papi from jennifer lopez
Alex Ewing
Wow I totally forgot Jessie j was a thing
Ashiru Centauri
Wow, it was Kesha's year!
Atusa S
Am I the only one who feels like some of these songs came out in 2001 and some came out like last year?
Ayush Upadhyay
Baby Mario
Gaga, JB, Rihanna, Beyoncè, Chris Brown, Jason DeRulo.... 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Badass Queen
My early teen years.. when I thought that I’m going to be a singer and I performed these songs every night in my room using a hairbrush as a microphone. Damn. If my mirror could tell stories... 😂😂😂
Banana_chocolate_ crepes
It was all cool back in 2010 but now, now people are sinning about Gucci flip flops
Beth McLeish
Bops. Every single one of them
How iconic
Caribbean Flava
2008-2011 was a great period for music tbh...
Cat Cat
GOOD LIFE. Okay imagine being a little kid, you have to move like the 8th time and your crying as you look back at your school for the last time. Your mom turns up your favorite song good life and doesn’t seem to notice you crying. But she does she just this is the best thing for you and has to deal with it. Fast forward to being a teenage girl in middle school who completely forgot about her old school and her old friends. Now you listen to this song and remember how hard it was to move away from your friends. You break down next to the charging outlet while you listen to this song on repeat.
2010 had such good music. i miss those times
The year Lady Gaga saved my life 💖
Crazy Angel
Bad Romance?
Elizabeth Nicole
Ohhh my childhood 😩
Emilia Nuszczyk
Where is Wonderful Life by Hurts? 😭
Emily Bennington
Boooooo!!!!!! No Linkin Park! Where's Waiting for the End and The Catalyst?!!?!
Emma Evans
I miss 2010
Esmee Landa
It's so funny how many songs you actually forget about as the years pass, and then when I watch videos like these all those songs come back to me
Everlong Raider
So basically Rihanna owned the year 2010?? 😂
Hamlet Villilo
Childhood memories
Hey Jimin You Nice Keep Going
Oh god, those were the days were the 8 year old me was in love with Justin Bieber....🤦🏽\u200d♀️😭
Honey Bre
*My 5th grade playlist is quaking*
Man, the songs back then were 10x better than the shit we have now.
3OH!3 underrated legends!
The Catalyst by Linkin Park?
Jeani Nae
Rihannas red hair era 😍
Jessica Anne
Jonathan Atrey
I love this series of yearwise top records
Jovan Milošević
Damn black and yellow is 8 years old
Joy Galler
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards 2011
Junior Vieira Saraiva
When pop music used to be LIT
Kendall Abercrombie
Kesha was THE artist of 2010
King of sandess
8 years later and I still know the lyrics to all the songs!
*Back in the good 'ol days..*
Lord Spyro
That thumbnail of Kesha is absolutely gorgeous
Louis Antongiorgi
The year of Kesha and Gaga
Luc Moreira
Kesha the best !
Luis Rivera
It’s crazy how some of these songs are 8 years old some of these feels like that came out yesterday lol time just flys when you older
EDM/Eletropop in 2010 - 2015 was the best.
Margaret Gray
Screamed every time Adam popped up😭💜💜💜\nAlso this Kesha 🔥
Mert Esdeath
Kesha dominated 2010-2012. End of story
Michèle Berthaud
The year of geek glasses, fedoras, bumpets and graphic tees...
Mike Nava
Damn all upbeat dance music!!! No wonder I was listening to indie music around this time and not mainstream. I have to say I prefer 2018 music!!! Current R&B music is what I’m into nowadays.
Miles S
6th grade me is so happy right now
Morfeas Rellas
Can do top 100 songs of the 2000s?
Ms. Service
I loves so much. It would be awesome if you did each year again but with different hits to showcase more awesome music. Thank you.
Natalie Natalia
is it just me or all these songs have their own style and are so catchy all the time\nlike i miss these songs so much, we didn't know how precious this year was...
NebelBrot &coKG
Dudes,\n2010 was just like the perfect year for every genre of music. Pay respect to those days but don't forget that memories are there to be loved and not to be lived.\nBut honestly you forgot wavin flag.\nBut thanks for this awesome video
Prometheus/Adrian Chase
1:09 oh God no
Rafa C.R
rihanna,kesha and Katy's Year
Random Benji
I´m thankful that these were the songs that i listened in my childhood
Raven Holt
I think i like Selena more when she was with the Scene, the band gives the music more depth
Reece Haire
Where is All Time Low from the Wanted?
Reicuois Siobhan Grainne
Just realized this was arranged in alphabetical order
Rida Laamoumi
This is the literally the soundtrack of my junior high school year. So much good memories.
Roberto Lucidi
Omg I forgot Jay Sean even existed.
Romone Buchanan
Lit af!! Please take me back to early to mid 2000’s😩😩🔥🔥
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Sam H
I didn’t remember this year was such a golden year for music
Sherline Kinyanjui
My innocent mind just singing to bedrock
TeeHee Mincraft
I miss the 2000’s
The Ghost
6:09 Wrestlmania 26.
The real Ann takamaki
I remembered when I heard all those songs on radio
Um Sheesh You know what i mean?
In my head - Jason Derulo❤️❤️\nRidin’ solo❤️
Unnamed User
Who agrees 2010 had amazing music?
Virtual Machine
I don't know why 2010 is such a hit year for me...\nProbably 2009-2011 in truth, but still.
Adam Lambert \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3\nMichael Jackson \u003c3 \u003c3 \u003c3
a big CATastrophe
back to the time when kesha looked high on glitter.
aren suxx
When kesha was dominating the charts
edo christ
Most of these songs are just so good.\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAnd then there's Barbra Streisand and We no speak Americano.
jess jess
Miss 2010 😣😍😆
Goes to show how much music sounds the same now a day. I would have sworn that Only Girl (In the World) Was sung by Beyonce lol
legend song
top song 2000 vs 2010
i need a 2010 spotify playlist
it feels like it was yesterday...\nIt's already 2019..
Despite being one of the worst years in my life, it was very good year for music. Almost all songs were popular.
nisa rojas
Back when music was so colorful
ohoj h
Did Kesha got a record for having 999999 nee singles in a year? LOL
paris chanelle
2010 was so precious !❤
reev nas
Waka wakaaaa
robert linke
there is very great music in here\nbut also you really see some prelude to modern day music.\nlets hope 2020's will be just as good as the 00's and early 10's
Music was much better back then...
black eyed peas will forever be iconic
5:43 king of pop💞❤
although it was the best year of my life, from here I started to no longer appreciate pop music 😪
There's a lot of Rihanna songs in this year. No wonder she's successful...
без ума
how are these nearly 9 years old
مدري عن شيء
the good songs stopped in this year 2010