Kysskalas i Love Island Sverige - se den blöta tävlingen (TV4 Play)

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The rules are simple, the best kisser get the most points. Let the competition begin!FOLLOW LOVE ISLAND SWEDEN TV4 Play:

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Lip kiss ok
Abhishek Biradar
Is this like Swedish version of big boss? Lol
Adam Adam
Alyssa B.singh
7:20 was she trying to do Orange justice 😂🤣
Amar Original
4:31 she's so plastic lmao
Amir Mirmohamadi
This is not love island. This is lust island☺😚
Bertha O Esparza
Blanche Jarvis Monnot
What’s the point of the headphones cause they cld clearly hear when she asked for the points? 😂
Bobby Moats
Why do the the boys and girls have to wear bathing suits?
Brenda Cortex
I want to do this
Crafty Kid
why tf is this my recommended
Curise Gorge
Wtf Im so confused why is black chick speaking english at the same time?
Cutie Sparks
why the heck am i here 😂😂😂
Daku My Waifu
This is really a thing???
Devang Somani
How about having some STD 😜😝😂
Dio san ka
Girl you black
Doris Earapi
1:29 I need to find some friends like them 2
E Sp
Elline Maliao
Okay children, does anyone know who Jesus is?
Enzo Thurmond
This is why I hate my recommendations 🤦🏼\u200d♂️🙄
Thats creepy
Roses are red \nViolets are blue \nThe best hoe\nWins the show
Hama KP
waw its really hard to get married with someone whoe's virgin in sweden! \n*disguesting*
Hey Itz Kae
That girl in the yellow swimsuit was trying to make the other girls jealous
I don't care if you hate the bts
wtf. How I got to this video?
Jamie Holt
It doesn't matter where in the world they host this show.. The guys and girls are always the exact same type of person. 😂
Jasmine Harvey
Last guy: \
JiaSheng Here
Why is this in my recommended please help me
Jiggly McSugertits
I feel sorry for the last guy.... and girl
Johan Ramos
Justin Y
Im watching this cuz i dont have a gf, so im FOREVER ALONE
Kapamilya Kapuso
Its 's like the boys kissed each other also 😂😂😂😂
Karl Rock
I would only do this if I was the first guy in the line 😚😁
Kiley Letendre
I’m going to be completely honest I have no clue why I’m still watching this I thought I clicked on total drama island but it’s whatever
Kumar Mohit
Layla Lola
😡😡😡 ناس ما عندها شغل تضل تبوس تفوو
Lesly Hernandez
In the thumbnail the guy who got kissed looks like Jake Paul
Love Girl
Good video
Léa Lopez
Je suit pa interesse ....!Merci!
MIKA chan
Esa wuea es ser maraca wueon
Mai Giza
I geting hot too 😊😋💓
Mario Hernandez
Bruh the last guy probably tasted what the other dudes had for lunch
Mein König wird kommen
Oh man\nIn what Kind of world we are living\nDisgusting..
Moises Isaias Albarado
No les entiendo nadaaaaaaaaa
Mrbrown freak
The last guy probably had a little taste of homo..... XD Jus saying
Ms. Filipina Traveler
Talk about sharing saliva 🤢🤧😷
Musical index ©
*Emmmm* 😍😍😍👌
Myka Paula Santos
Karin has a point. No need to kiss every guy, just who she wants. You go girl!
N Sri Anush DP
I also want to go to this show for age 10 to 15
Naulo Sanchar
When you have nothing else to play that's how sweds spend their time
Night Girl
Wow hot
Nikola Shunda
Why am i watching this im 14 and i have homework to do..
Nitish Kumar
What a lovely game !
Obada Emad
ﺍﻩ ﺷﻮ ﺗﻮﺟﻌﺖ ﺍﻩ
Ondys 07
Give me Sandra home❤️❤️💕💕
Oh i i i uf
Parzival 2800
They got this shit down to a science!!!!
Welcome to the dark side of youtube
Rama Fars
I want kiss any men
Randell Apostol
Smart guys. They scored the first girl high so that the next girs would do better.
The girl who won 😍💔😞
Re-Creation World
their mom and dad will proud for them😂😂😂
Rian Thomas
Lonely... Im mister lonely... :/
I love it how youtube reminds me of how single i am,
Sabrina Fan
*why did this come on my recommended and what have i done wrong in life*
Slavic Snoop Dogg
Jesus is watching you
Sujan Paudel
5:26 wtf is science behind these bra 😇
Christian is damn doubts..
Sunney Leone
Kiss me please 💋
Süleyman Akif Erdal
Me and my I recommended list are have a long *Talk*
Tea Lizard
Why the hell did I click on this
Vanessa Heimuli
Sucks this show is in a different language or else it would be like another Bacholeor
[•Grand Priest•]
I m 12 😐
ahmad wahbeh
صدقوني إبليس و جماعته الآن في صدمة من حجم الظلم والفساد وهم يتعلمون من بعض البشر فنون الكفر والإجرام.. الي فهم علي لايك
anubhav kapruwan
The last guy will get the taste of first four 😂😂😂
ash cabahug
hahhha all guys are cutes
baby life love
LOL I MEANT TO CLICK ZOE AND CODY INSTEAD I ACCIDENTALLY CLICKED THIS VIDEO 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂\n\n\n\n\n\n\nAnd yes I do like my own comment because I don't get some likes and I'm not trying to make people say \
bad girl -_-
احلى برنامج
channel KP
doooms daay
Omg imagine being the last guy......
gém ail
inviter un serial killer à ce show
in - tech
اكو عرب بلطياره؟😂
jose holowaty
Qué asco
limpion okg
There’re wearing noise cancelling headset yet they can Hear when they get asked a question
linda coco
Ben nereye geldim aq
loffee bean
The title thing looked like jakepaul
KiSsy FaCe
Ofcourse the black girl talked English 😂
stor krift
اكو عرب
tamanna islam
Youtube this time you have got a wrong person for your recommendation....i mean find someone who r interested in watching this😒
Маликова Айя
حسوني السماوي
اكو عرب بل طياره
لحن الغروب
آگو عرب 😂
विनाशया चाधुस्तकृतम
I feel shameful watching this video.