Saoirse Ronan Tries To Teach Stephen An Irish Accent

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The star of Brooklyn gives Stephen a primer in speaking with an Irish brogue.

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Seeing as how Mexican is a nationality and not a race, her comment about skin color is off.
Abagale Montemayor
I'm Irish and I can speak I little of it
Look up \
Abe Gohr
Adám Maguíre
She pronounced Caoimhe wrong lool
Agnimitra Roy
This woman will never leave behind the talks about her name. Any talk show she goes, she is subjected to this.
Aldo Zilli
I love how Americans always say they are Irish. They might be 50% German, 30% English, 10% Chinese, 5% Native American, 3% African but that all gets ignored when Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Sean was a Dublin man!!! haha
Alec Hall
Lady Bird was incredible
Alec Scheller
Lady Bird is a Great Film
Alonzo Cruel
I was in love with this woman ever since she was in The Lovely Bones and I'm so glad she's now making it big.
Anne Hartnett
im irish and I get told alot to talk slowly but i think talking normal try pronoce my irish name Eimear
Anton Leonenko
I am from Belarus and I can read Irish names and words, I live in your beautiful county\n:-)
Ashley L
okay the name queevah sounds a little bit like...
Augusto de Moraes Valente
Mac Amhlaidh = Mac'Avlay (Macaulay)\nEoghan = O[h]an (Owen)\nSinéad= Shee-neyd (Janet)\nDomhnall= Dough-nal (Donald)\n\nMe brazilian and do love irish language even not able to speak it
love her dress
Bannor Haruchai
I saw someone write they thought her name was pronounced \
Her eyes are insanely beautiful
Caoimhe Randles
My name is Caoimhe! I feel depressed now. lol
Caoimhe Stevenson
lol my name is Caoimhe
Caoimhe {Quee-va}
Chris Preston
Saoirse is a stunningly beautiful woman. And I hope she doesn't mind that any films or videos I see with Irish folk swearing always makes me laugh. Sorry.
Cloudy Forest
My surname is also ronan, im also irish....
Cáit Ní Fhaoláin
The names are Irish names, written in Gaelic. That’s why they ‘don’t make sense”. Would you say the same thing about a Chinese or Iraqi name?
She is adorable girl. I love her
IN GERMAN, IRELAND is pronounced ir land.\nin french, it is eer laund (as in laundry)\nin england, it is aw land.\nin ulster, it is eyre land, as in jane eyre\nin dublin, it is oir land.\nin the rest of all ireland it is ..... ire land.\nand in u.s.a., it is eye er land.\nand in the irish lingo, we call it eireann (air onn) who was a scottish celtic queen.\nand eire, as in sarah, .
Daisy G.
Stephen: \
I like Saoirse-she’s a proud Irish woman (I know she was born in the US!!) \nKeep your history strong, girl-it’s an ancient history n it brilliant.\nFrom a Limerick man 🇮🇪
Delana Hopeworld
I'm obsessed with her accent. Gorgeous!!
the grand budapest hotel wouldn’t have been the same without her and her accent.
What's that movement she did at 3:28? I dunno what that is or why, but I can't look away.
Emily Brennan
I’m Irish ☘️ 😂
Fernando Soares Alves
I can only imagine some of the first angle-saxon/english men to arrive in Ireland, announcing \
Flying Potatoes Rule
Saoirse was really pretty in Galway Girl... TOP OF THE MORNIN SAOIRSE!!! Jk..
Frankie Pitochelli
Beautiful young woman
Funke Motor
Geoff Webster
Here's a simple phrase to practice: whale oil beef hooked. Not an Irish phrase at all at all, but say it a few times then emphasize oil. See how it sounds then.
Gina De Seta
Literally for months upon months I have been calling a friend of mine who's name is Caoimhe, \
Her eyes are stunning!
Iain Meldrum
Quaver? Really?? You're just making it up now!
Jace Carsonne
Dear God. She's adorable 😂
Actually, miss Soarse, there are many blond and light-eyed Mexicans with pale skin, such as myself. Mexican is not a race, but a nationality, and remember Spanish people, Frenchies, Italians and even Scots and Englishmen migrated to Mexico during the last 500 years, so actually you could be a Suarez and look the way you do.
James Butler
Oh the irony of one of my countrywomen giving lessons in Irish pronunciation when she can't even pronounce her own name properly, she also buggered up the pronunciation of Caoimhe.
James Marino
She's so delightful and charming.
James _h
in my class there's a saoirse caoimhe ailbhe and an oisin
Justin Wright
I love her
Thought its Keeva
Kevin Pope
My name, \
Kimberly Parrish
I could listen to Cillian Murphy talk all day.
Kristine Ahn
The last name just threw me off. \
half of Americans have Irish roots.
Lulu Love
Irish is my favorite accent in the world
Luv Vibes
She’s from the lovely bones
Matt Kaz
She's wonderful.
Matthew Grimshaw
I hope the Irish language doesn't disappear anytime soon.
Michael McNamara
She looks and sounds like John Lennon
Minty Coral
*A lot of Irish people sound American like me, and the older people are the ones who sound more Irish. ( I'm not saying the old people I'm saying like the older teenagers and stuff)*
Irish is an insane written language. If you take the phrase \
Moch Rizaldy
I love her
Mon Lemon
Could listen to an Irish accent all day. ❤️
Mr. Sensible
Cillian Murphy, Domhnall Gleeson and Saoirse Ronan should all star in a film together. \
Nick Eh 31
The lovely bones 😍😍😍😍😍
Nikki Nicole
The pronunciation of Saoirse is actually easy when you read it just pronounce the “a” as an “e” and the “s” as “sh” and “e” as “a” so it would be pronounced like seorsha with a silent “o” the proper Irish way is seer- sha
Noel Ryan
How funny (ironic). There is no one Irish accent. There are dozens of them, depending on which part of the country one comes from. An informed ear will quickly discern from which part of Ireland the speaker originated e.g. Saoirse is attempting to teach Stephen an urban Dublin accent (I won't complicate matters by saying which part of Dublin or socioeconomic stratum). That's the problem with supersimplification. It'll always get you into trouble.
Pedro Pierre
I have a new crush
Poison Kiss
Now I want a 60 minute video of nothing but Irish names and how they are pronounced.
Rachel B.
For all you wondering: Eoin is pronounced the same as Owen, Cian is pronounced the same as Keane, Micheál is pronounced Mee*hawl*, Pádraig is pronounced *Paw*drig, Tomás is pronounced Tuh*mawss*, Darragh and Daragh are pronounced the same as Dara, Róisín is pronounced Roe-sheen, Aisling is pronounced the same as Ashling, Sinéad is pronounced Shin*aid*, Cathal is pronounced Caw*hil*, Fionn is pronounced Fyunn, Áine is pronounced *Aw*nyah (the N's pronounced like ñ is Spanish), Gráinne rhymes with Áine, Orlaith is pronounced the same as Orla, Eimear is proceed Eemuhr, Clodagh is pronounced Cloe-dah, Máire is pronounced *Moy*rah, Diarmuid is pronounced Deer-mid, Méabh is pronounced the same as Maeve, Ailbhe is pronounced Al-vah, Sorcha is pronounced Sore-sha, Sadhbh is pronounced Sive, Eabha is pronounced the same as Eva, Laoise is pronounced Lee-sha
Poor Saoirse, every show she goes on she has to do this bit.
There are dozens and dozens of Irish accents. Every county has it's own accent, and some have more than one depending on where you're from in that county. Hence why all the comments saying \
Rayudu P
Nice to watch her sweet words.
Robert Patrick
Stephen Colbert doesn't know when to shut his big fat mouth.He is always stepping on what she is trying to say.What a turd.
She looks so different in Galway Girl
Sacha K
It's Galway girl. Best interview it was verra amusing.
Sonny Etchell
Am I the only one who finds the Irish accent really sexy?
Stephanie Roestel
She is so unbelievably cute with her accent and her adorable face. It's not ok.
Tadhgh Keating
My name is Tadhgh!
The Caribbean Amphibian
Shoulda tried my name, that would've been hilarious
I'd marry her.
Uncon TROLLable
Irish people are beautiful
Wren Wisp-Wings
Zachary Greensite
She's the kind of woman I dream of meeting at a bar.
you go to hell! hahahaha
She pronounces her own name wrong! Honestly as an Irish person it's so annoying that she's telling people how to pronounce Saoirse when she can't pronounce it herself. Saoirse means freedom in Irish and is pronounced Seer-sha
cha mekke
Irish pronunciation does make sense according to Irish orthography. Most people in North America already know how to pronounce the name Seán (\
Caoimhe = Queever = lol
I think I love this woman
to be fair, those irish names aren't in the english language, it's the gaelic language....
Saoirse ronan doesn`t have an irish accent,she has a manufactured irish accent.
jerome go
keats john
When it comes to writing English is the most f****** language
at 0:40 she sounded like Luna Lovegood
mugi setiadi
She's a nice girl.i ❤ Saoirse Ronan 😊
Plenty of white skinned Mexicans and white skinned Latin people. That joke fell flat for me
shira h
I thought her name was soire-rose for the longest time. I dont even know how I got that.
silver storm
How can I make her my wife :)
smriti dahal
someone please pronounce her name
yin tsun li
Try listening to welsh😂
Ó Braonáin
I like her...but she still can't pronounce her own name. 'Sur-sha'? 'Saoirse' is pronounced 'Seer-sha'.