Aliens vs Predator - Game Movie (Сhronological Сut, 1080p 60fps)

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Cutscenes, trailers, gameplay parts and some audiologs from all campaigns joined into one movie.Events starts on the planet BG-386, sometime after Alien3, where a Weyland-Yutani research team led by Karl Bishop Weyland has discovered a Yautja Pyramid, and is simultaneously studying the Xenomorphs found there and hoping to unlock the advanced technology contained within. The Aliens soon escape, prompting a response from the Colonial Marine Corps, while the Predators also send three of their members to investigate. Playlist: Developer: Rebellion DevelopmentsPublisher: SegaDistributor: 20th Century Fox

Alien Alien Movie Aliens vs Predator BG-386 Colonial Mar... Facehugger Lance Henriksen Predator Predator Movie Weyland Xenomorph Yautja chestburster

Acap 7x
11:02 \
Alan G. Bandala
Bether than avp 2004 and avp requiem
Alex the wolf [nice cute]
Is this game for Xbox 360??
Alpha Omega Anime
Visting some classics games the edits on this vid along with voice rec make it so much better great video
never throught the game would look so good these days
Armando Heredia
When are we gonna get another AVP game?
We really need a sequel to this game
Ben Johnston
great work, could never finish the game because the alien's bits made me nauseous with all the different angles.
Brandon J Lee
They should remaster this game for next gen consoles or make a sequel in next gen consoles
Brenda Lehman
This was awesome, made me feel like I was actually watching a movie, you've got talent.
Bruce Banner
this was the very first game i played on my ps3 i always played it in the dark and playing as the marine kinda got scary at times playing as the alien was cool but playing as the predator i felled that everything was repetitive.... until i got the throwing staff
Cajun Gangster
Damm you got skills I thought maybe I watch 5 or 10 minutes b4 I got bored but 2 an a half hours later and I wanted more this should be a big budget movie with you directing .. 👍👍 keep up the great work
Carson dickey
I’d have loved to play this game when it was in its prime. I was a kid when it came out and knew it wasn’t appropriate so I couldn’t play it. I was obsessed with predators however.
Christopher Wilkman
Got to say. I suck at all parts of the game, except for that tunnle when all the xenos come in. I keep my last partner alive, until I'm ordered to retreat to the elevator. She just dies by default in the end. -.-
Ciputra Aditya
Crazy Giraffe
it so interesting how the predator is working with the rookie it is almost like the movie
I love how every time a xenomorph grabs somebody, they seem to go into shock for 2 or 3 seconds, allowing the xeno to manhandle them and then stab them. Instead of just shooting the xenomorph immediately as a reflex action.
Davien Clefton
3:00 -- Reverse blow-job, Alien style.
I’m in love with this video
I remember playing this game on my Xbox 360 back in the day and getting psyched out with the marine campaign.. I wish they would make a new avp game soon 😀
I have to say, This is the best well-polished, handmade game movie I've ever seen mate! The cuts, the audio, everything is simply high quality professionalism. Thank you for making this!
Dexter Wong
This video editing is too awesome and well organized to be a very complete story throughout the whole series. Thanks DeeAlup. Very good job. I enjoyed this nice movie very much!
Thanks for the game movie in 2018 , they dont make games like this anymore.\n I wouldnt be surprised if the next Alien VS Predator game is only on mobile.
Dragon Kick
Only watched like 10 mins so far but fantastic work, I really appreciate the 'acting' you do on behalf of the alien in the player controlled moments
Dylan Casey
Did anyone notice that 31:04 the marine killed that civilian or was it just me?\n\nEdit: sorry I meant 31:03
Eat People
Omg this editing was awesome it was like an actual movie great job dude 100 out of 10 from me
Filip Sosnowski
NOICE! Been waiting for someone to do this... I only wish I've gound it earlier. Good job.\nP.S. It's better than new Predator movie...
Since the new Predator movie is coming out, I'm wondering if they're going to turn this game into a sequel as the new \
Harry Warden
So glad it's finally playable on Xbox One!!! Incredible game that absolutely MUST get a sequel!!!! And I mean NOW!!!!!
Im Empathy
I wanna see a sequel
The only thing I hated was the absence of monologue from the Rookie, they should have hired a voice actor to play and give him some life. He looked more android than the actual androids.
Jason Voorhees
Nice pole dancing
Jeep3r D
I never understood the predators, i mean they managed to dominate space flight, stealth technology, plasma weapons, atomic self destruct in a wrist band, but they seem to have never understood the use of a nail clipper.
Jeff Thomas CRS
Thank you thank you thank you. Amazing video!! It's nice not having to listen to some ones personal nonsense or feelings, or just talking. Amazing first view movie!! Thank you!!!!
Nice! I was lead animator and always thought the predators should have engineered the aliens for the story but no one else went for it. Most of the cutscense make me cringe now but a couple stand up. Kill moves should have been 10x faster, hindsight is 20/20, especially after Doom 2016
Joseph Hick
Most underrated game ever
Joseph Makowski
We need a sequel to this game. Not just another Aliens vs Predator game, but a sequel to THIS game. Like if you agree.
Josh Alt
This was the greatest piece of work I have seen anyone make with this game. Nice inclusion of the free camera shots and the audio files as well as the AVP scene at the end.
Katan Akuma
Good game, but nothing comes close to the fear and anxiety you got from the very first game. Having no saves or save points made it even better.
Kevin Yo
So much better than the movie
King Bugs
One thing I can say about this game: it was and is the greatest portrayal of the Predators in any video game, ever.
Imagine a Predator game with gameplay like Dishonored. I'd love that
Logan Kerr
this game really needs a sequel like yesterday.
Lord Hydreigon
There better be a sequel to this. Especially since both Dark and Rookie are heading to the Xenomorph Planet where Six is the new Xenomorph Queen
Lord ShitBiscuit
Now this should have been the TRUE aliens vs predator movie!
Luke Duke Bellamy
This game is incredibly underrated.
Martin Topliss
So let me get this right.... We have here a game that's what 10years old, not only does it look better, its AI is 1000% better then that crap that came out a couple of years ago, SEGA hang Ur head in shame....
Monika Varun
Unfortunately, this game is too underrated.\nI have no idea why people don't agree with the fact that it's one of the best in AVP series, though the Campaigns are short, still, it was a delight to play.
Mr Thompson
I forgot how awesome games were when Developers weren't trying to suck all the money out of consumers smh
Mr. CoomCoom
Lol, love how all the alien cut scenes are like 2 seconds long. Great cutscene movie for a great game. They don't make them like this anymore.
Mr. Devil 4304
Someone needs to remaster this game.
2:07:21 sheeesh REST IN PEACE
Nuk Su Cow
This is a more well put together AvP film than either of the actual films. The use of footage from the trailers, the use of the audio logs, brilliant! Makes me appreciate AVP 2010 sooooo much more now.
Awesome vid, it just needed subtitles for the Predators' language. Pretty sure none us can speak growl and snarl
They should bring this game back on the Xbox one I love this game and it is one of the best avp game I ever played
Oybek Abdurasulov
узбеклархам бор
Superb editing, this is a gem among game movies
Peter Price
amazing game, when playing this i always felt invincible when playing the aliens......powerful when playing the predators......and fear when playing with the marines, i cant remember the game took so long to complete, i must have played it with a different setting, thank you for this amazing gameplay, may you continue to do more ^.^
This game in its prime was absolutely amazing. So many communities and friendly people. Until the glitchers moved in. Sigh.
lmao\nthis already looks and sound better than that new \
Redtailcatboi 930
You called this improving better world! So long as improving better nightmares!
Retro Wave
Lel I like how u took pieces from Alien Vs. Predator (2010) and stuck them together into a movie.
Reverse Fuhrer
This reminds me of Doom 3. And Weyland's voice reminds of that robot guy from Doom 2016.
Ricky Moran Jr
this game is awesome! there should be a reboot for this game with more realistic graphics.
Sam O'Neill Mullally
I'm probably the only person on earth who thinks that the concept of alien vs predator should be made into a TV series and it should be a transformers prime level of dark. 😕😮😞😒😔
Predator: Man I want a toy\nAlien: What?\nHuman: Uh *runs*\nAlien: ah fu-
Shaded Shadow
the amount of effort put into this will set a bar of expectations so high I doubt I will ever witness again, the audio timing, the Gameplay style that changes depending what POV, this is a true Movie that holds the heart and soul of the game played and shown flawlessly.
Shadow Hunter
I like Predator. \nThey are truely badass\nn my favorite
wow great work, one of the best game movies out here on youtube
Smokey 420
That's Lance Henriksen the man who played Bishop in Aliens who is narrating the intro to this video.
Spartan A111
A good game idk why people called it bad
Steven Simmons
when playing a Predator you think you would be penalized for taking dishonorable kills.
Stormtrooper 2004
This is my favorite movie.
Wow. This was well thought out and edited perfectly. It felt like I was watching an actual movie than just parts from a game. Awesome work!
they need to make another game like this!! like pls lol I loved this game
Terry grand
To be honest I like to think this is the true sequel if not prequel to avp it just fits in
The Crimson Dragon Slayer
I really wish they'd remaster this game for the next gen consoles or at least make a sequel. For some weird reason I've been in the mood to hunt some xenomorphs and turn marines into trophies. Don't know why though.
TheRussianSpud Blyad
This is amazing
Tyler Moore
We need another avp game:(
Unforseen Consequences
Nice compilation of pre-made or utilized footage composed of a storyline containing three main characters from multiple factions facing eachother over multiple planes of existence with abilities regarding visiblity, speed, strength, endurability and sharpness with the purpose of fighting, killing or locating one member of the opposing or multiple opposing faction, with one of them having an unrelenting desire to end or kill the other two for sake of races and or species energeticment growth. \n\nGud vid m8
Dammit. You did a better version than mine.\n\nWell done, mate.
Whisper Darkling
Guess what. Xenomorphs aren't just mindless animals. What do you do against an enemy that's larger, faster and stronger than you are... and more intelligent. \u003c_\u003c
Yes this is a beautiful masterpiece i would give it 10/10 on awesomeness meter
Xenomorph King
I watched the entire thing
Clever use of trailers as filler content, very nice addition.
Young RunItUp
how is this better than the actual movie !!! smfh
cyber Cyborg 2.0
awesome kills bro
When a random youtuber with mad editing skills edits a game to be a better AVP movie than what we got.
This seems like it took a long time to make, and I say you’ve done an incredible job! Many thanks for making this!
jasir lipscomb
I miss playing this game they have to make a sequel out of this
i really like how you add all 3 campaigns and make them go together as if it was an actual movie, different perspectives.
Aliens vs predator 2010 players:\nSix the xenomorph\nDark/lord predator\nRookie the marine
They should make this available for the ps4. I’d play it again
The way you blended the openings for the Marine and Predator campaigns was seamless and virtually flawless. Very professional, well done!
Awesome movie, DeeALup! Truly a work of art!
yonathan david
A very good edition
Мића Димитријевић
Very skilled! Great gameplay. Very nicely arranged and edited. You've done a brilliant job making this movie! I must say the source material is flawed. A marine should not be able to wrestle with an alien. That is the issue of the game, not your fault. I love the ending. Nice use of flashbacks recalling the 2004 movie AVP. Your movie could easily wipe the floor with AVP Requiem and be the true sequel to AVP. You should make a movie based on ALIEN ISOLATION. Now that's a true ALIEN game. I always consider Sir Ridley Scott's original masterpiece to be superior, and that game is the true sequel to the 1979 legendary movie.