The Food and Wine of Italys Lazio Region and Machismo

From the series Two Greedy Italians.

Cooking Food Italy (Country) Lazio (Italian Region) Two Greedy Italians (TV Program)

I will miss you Antonio Carluccio RIP ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
Alejandro Zurita Céspedes
que belleza la tradicion italiana
Amazon Intact
Think I'm guna order this on Dvd. They don't make em like this anymore. Such enjoyable shows to watch. Grazie Gennaro e Antonio.
Amenaz A
SJWs btfo
Amir Rahman
RIP Antonio!
Ann Other
I never noticed they were so obsessed with manhood. Maybe they were just shocked by the changing face of the Italian man
classic italian clownin right here
Blanca Taborda
I love it!!!! thank you for share it.
Blessing Doesntmatter
Choi we will miss you I felt really had watching this and realiseing you died
R.I.P. Antonio
Candice Thomson
RIP Dear Antonio Carluccio..\nHaving to know you passing away felt like my Father ( who looks exactly like you ) just died.\nGRAZIE, Signore ! For everything ...\nARRIVADERCI ! MI MANCHI ! :'( :'( :'(
Ciaoin Lin
its the first sight of this greedy italian, its great! i cannt wait to see the recommets, then i found out Don Antonio has passed away. to show my respect is back to continue looking the artwork he done..
Daz io
RIP Antonio Carluccio
Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza
RIP Antonio! The italians, they are MAD for this pasta!
Dennis Catalano
Love your vids bellisimo
Dnomyar Rebalas
the way that guy around 34:00 opens the cheese is amazing, rip antonio :(
Do Not Call Me Ja'Lisa
Dominic M
Oh my Lord, the aphrodisiac scene! Hahaha, worse awkwardness than an episode of the Office!
Dr. Spectre
RIP Antonio Carluccio!! Ripose in pace signore! Here in italy we cried openly for the loss of such a great man.
Droog II
Some delicious looking food.
Emmanuel Sebastiao
i grew up like this ... how beautiful; my family coming from old Salerno in Napole
Enzo Cinc
When I grow old, I want my life to exactly be like theirs.
He's like the grandpa everyone wishes they had
Gabriel Colucci
RIP Antonio
Gaelle Rabary
still love this.. RIP Antonio
Henkka Matikaine
Rest in peace Antonio, world doesn't have many such gentlemen anymore...
Holly Wednesday
These people should take advise from Valter Longo
Houry Khachigian
James Dale
Watching big men eat themselves to death.
Jim Baxter
You're still inspiring me and making me laugh from beyond the grave, the world was a better place with you in it, now you get to make God the angels and saints laugh \u003c3
Joey Zosa
I want to grow old like them...
Josie Blanco
Wow the beautiful lovely sweet bestfriend antonnio and Gennero sweet memories
This made me cry, laugh, smile... So full of love!
Karl Traunmüller
Antonio Carluccio was a very bright man
Kendrick Jacocks
La mamma non mangia con gli'altri perche si mangia come un'ola grande. capisco bene. haha mi piace questo, loro mangiano bene senza questa donna in gran'forma.
Sexist Italy move out of the 1930s.
Leon Lee
This made me tear up
Linda PR
Liza Smith
A BEAUTIFUL FILM in a gorgeous country with two great friends who showed much love and respect for each other. What a trip watching this from beginning to end. RIP Antonio. Gennaro - god keep you well for a long long time
Mage Magelan
Gennaro ... what a guy... all best for you capo
Mara A
.... that is why I married an American man! God bless!
Margaret Brown
Watching this episode today after hearing the sad news that Antonio has passed away. I never met you but felt I knew you as your enthusiasm for what you did always shone through the TV screen. God bless Antonio and RIP. Salute. xx
Rip Antonio
Michel Linschoten
This is not just about amazing food, it's about a very intimate friendship between two men of the old days. I enjoyed it!!
Miri Miriotti
Mitchell Sommers
Oh my gosh! Antonio passed away? This series was beyond remarkable. The whole idea of different relationships was amazing. The relationship between them was great; changed throughout the series, and was entirely genuine. Their relationship with food was inspiring. The generational differences between them, although not really big, were still so interesting. I could (and would happily) go on. But, let me say Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Every once in a while, youtube just surprises the hell out of you. Impeccably well done!
Nadir Morsi
R.i.p antonio
Narek Unanyan
The slow cooked beef at 51.20 looks so f*cking good. Definitly going to cook it myself.
Noor HK
I'm really sad to know that he's no more with us.. may God has mercy on him. The man who made me feel the true passion of cooking and merely made me taste every plate he cooked.. through depicting it and making it with the main two ingredients : love and passion. also I'm grateful to him for making me realize the cruciality of yummy food in Italia and how blessed is this country, it's even on my top must visit list. \nrest in peace, Legend.
An absolute delight...such wonderful, funny gentlemen.....R.I.P. Antonio........A good life is so simple, good food & wine & good friends
Philipp Karacev
QE ornotQE
That was one wonderful documentary. Thanks, OP!
R. Barrett
So many good food programs on American TV but this show far surpasses all, incredibly entertaining and love their open discussions of culture, much of which is never touched on American TV.
Raizel M
Heaven is going to have better food now. Ciao Maiestro. RIP Don Antonio.
Ricky B
This video makes me very sad because Antonio is not here with us.
Robert Cotaj
Proprio come in Albania, Uomini sono uomini e le donne sono donne, I doveri sono separati e il rispetto ha la sua importanza. R.I.P Antonio.
'Everyone that produces food... produces love'. .. Antonion Carluccio
Saruman The White
RIP Antonio
Semper Fidelis
It would have been great to drive around with these two, I would have had a blast with them!
Shavin Anganan
At 15 40 the music reminds me of everybody loves Raymond the episode where they went to Italy :)
Star 501
Bide türkçe versiyonu olsa \nIzlemistim bir ara tv de türkçe süperdi.
Steve Wilkins
I love this movie.....Bravo!
Okay, so obviously it was an amazing decision to watch the two legends exploring Italy's finest foods, but why did I watch this at midnight... I AM SO HUNGRY!
Taylor NS
RIP Antonio ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Antonio Carluccio = LEGEND! will forever be missed.
Ujenenisa Njembo
Where can one find all the full high quality episodes of every season of this show
I need to go into culinary
Vinny C
This series has an authentic charm
Great video! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we love to notice these types of content. We make Travel & Food films too, everywhere around the world, and therefore we are continually looking to get inspirations and vision. Thank You.
Zim Zimma
RIP Don Antonio
antonio sasso
La cipolla nell'amatriciana? Vergognatevi.
R.I.P. Antonio Carluccio...
Great people
just watching this to remind of good times... so sad he is gone, but his passion is with us
chris blick
grazie Antonio your a wonderful man and always a great pleasure to watch and Ginaro it showed loved you what a friendship i will miss you dearly so i want to say thank you and god bless you x
d dd
'yeah yeah'. Ginnaro, your a don. (she's the maid, but the boss, because you don't eat?) Life is better when....
deborah daniele
RIP we loved watching you cook ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you 🙏🧀🍝🍕🍷
excellent movie, yes movie. i've seen much worse produced in hollywood. RIP antonio. j.
fau v.
Italy doesn't forget , thank you Antonio Carluccio ! R.I.P.
ferdi yusuf
R.I.P. Dear Antonio Carlucio .... :( :(
Did he fry the meat in an empty hot saucepan or there was olive oil at the bottom of the pot
You make me ,so happy!
Rest in peace Antonio
leandro correia
R.I.P Antônio..
mario siaven
Le mie condolenzze per Antonio riposa con il Signore
28:58 I ate the first pepper and it happened to be in that 1%. My sister didn't believe me:/ I knew I didn't imagine the spiciness!
olaf brolaf
if you love life - you love food
paco hers
Genial !
papa mama
Gennaro, you are a good friend! That's the Words!!!
The prison pizza had to much sauce on it making it watery. Better to preconcentrate the sauce and to apply it in modest amounts and then put the pizza in a very hot pizza oven. I guess 300 °C should be the minimum.
visan dragos SPIKE
lei e un cornuto?
xXPrometheusXx _
I miss you Antonio you were my italian idol!! Have a good rest now old man! ;(