Grooms answer to the first question is priceless!!! The Shoe Game (Joe Maroon Entertainment)

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We absolutely love this event. This is called the "Shoe Game" and we have included this event in our weddings for the last few years and finally decided to record one. The game is a fun way to transition from dinner into the dancing portion of the reception. (Instead of using shoes, we make it easier and just have the bride and groom use a bouquet and handkerchief to answer the questions. In this video the groom's answer to the first question is an instant classic. He is going to make a great husband!!! Congratulations Joel​ & Jordan​. We had a great time entertaining you and your guests - Joe Maroon Entertainment / Disc Jockey Productions

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A True Love Official
I cant stop laughing at this shoe game. It brings fun and everyone is enjoying the way they answer the question. Congratulations to this beautiful couple!
Ada Rose
I love this game
‘What could go wrong?’ The first question answered that one when he didn’t even finish reading the question 😂😂😂😂
Alana Stratemeyer
Anony Mous
I did this with my brother at a church party to see who knows their siblings the best. We said all the same answers except who gives the best gifts.
Aphmau Fan_101
Arianna Brown
Enjoyed watching this!
Ashley Beth
Twins? Lol
Ashley and Max Perez
The shoe game it’s not with a shoe
Ava Meyers
This is in my recommended for the second time wtf
B. Berya
Who's in charge!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Beautiful Banana
I want a shoe game like this one in my wedding
Bittersweet Charity
Ok this was cute but that announcer was EVERYTHING!!!!
Britt moore
Aww such a beautiful couple
Butterfly Arts
“Who’s in charge.....”\nGroom: *lifts flowers*
Callie Martin
What can go wrong?\n\nEverything!
Captain Jack Sparrow
I want a woman 😢😭😭 \nAnybody ...???
Chantelle Streete
Chris Bennett
Interesting game.\nDo some get a divorce after this ?
Clara The Fox Demon
Color heart 11
Guy: Who is in charge?\n\nGroom: *Holds up flowers without hesitation* I WONT DANCE ON THIN ICE-
Debbie Carlson
His first answer was priceless. This is just so funny.
Delia Kyazze
That was so much fun to watch guys. May the Good Lord bless your marriage. Peace.
Elisabeth Petersmann
Why is everyone in the background screaming Joel!!!
Emily Acosta
It would’ve been cool if they said who is pregnant then it turns into a whole baby reveal party
Evie Frye
My mom and stepdad played this but instead of a handkerchief and bouquet, they used the shoes they wore on the wedding (converse)
Game How You Like
Chicks just keep getting fatter
George Svetovich
That one girl in the back just on her phone
Gothic Genius
Hercules K
2:22 blue face???
Hlengiwe Zungu
that was cute him answering before he finished the question
It's david Yo
Jacob Deering
I wanna do this at my wedding
Janique Robinson
Omg is she having her wedding in wedlock that's so amazing
Joshua Tetteh
Nice.. I enjoyed it.
Just Me
I so wanna play this when I'm getting married
Kailey Sharp
Can we take a moment and talk about how beautiful her dress is?
Kawaii Bunnie
0:30 and the bride just nods like \
Kenzie Nadine
i couldn’t understand the first question because they were laughing can someone tell me what it was
Kevin Da G.O.A.T
I watched for the first question and forgot to turn it off after and realized I don’t care about these people and it’s cringe
Joel shes cheating on you...
Komal Hans
When I never get married I wanna play this
Kwity David
I want this game to be played at my wedding. Hahaha.
Kyleigh Crawford
LO Angel
Im gonna play this game at my i hav to attract someone for my 1st date 😭
When a man says she’s in charge leave him. Find someone who isn’t afraid to take care of a family 😋
Lauren Towers
At my friends mums wedding they did that game but with their shoes
LifeCould- B -Beautiful
“Who’s in charge of-“\n\n*AGGRESSIVELY LIFTS BOUQUET*
Lockon stratos
Rip,another man just died.
I have laughed so hard on this game for the newlywed couple. Answering all the random questions asked by the emcee, their guests laughed out loud with their answers. This is a unique wedding game idea. Congratulations!
Lulu Laine
XD man I know I'm only 14 and honestly I haven't even thought about marriage love and all that stuff but after watching this I wanna play this on my wedding xD
I'm definitely going to be doing this at my wedding... I think everyone will get a kick out of this, even my future husband.
Makusuweru San
Matthew Gallowglass
Boy why you wearing a flannel shirt, this ain't casual Friday!
MediaMan James Smith
*Groom answer first question* 😂 I'm crying
Morgan Kujawa
I was waiting for his bouquet to go flying.
Music Anime Fan
Who's in charge of---\nGroom *raises the flowers*\n😂😂😂
bout to start watching a bunch of these
Mythlover B
I don’t know why this was in my recommended but I’m so happy it was. This was adorable.
Nery Ramirez
Who is charge o... the wife
Wat did he ask at the first time?
0:30 yeah you keep thinking that mate :P
Oliver Wood
Love is video, because it's soooo cool, ace, and funny, 0:25 so so so funny, (who's in charge) he raised up flowers straight away, stating she's in charge. Which is 100% correct/true, wife/female in charge. Love the video, cas it's awesome.
Opal Wolf
Guy: who will kill the spiders in the house?\nGroom: *holds up flowers* it ain’t gonna be my job
Page Summer
I want this to happen at my wedding 😂
People Are Still Weird
Who is in charge of what? The first question
If the person asking the question asks the facebook one at my wedding I'll say my mom and grandma
This is so sweet
Saki Blooms
Sans X Frisk Undertale
My aunt and uncle did this but with Ken and Barbie dolls😂
Seriously Schleich
Sidney Zastrow
Love her dress
Spooky Skeleton
I want to do this at my wedding 😂
Happy wife, happy life.
If they asked me who has the crazier family, it would most likely be me
Sultan Wadood
I don't know how it came to my recommendation, I'm glad it did!
Tarik Elschiehaby
That is so cute
Guy #1: What could go wrong?\nGuy #2: Everything\n\nI am Guy #2 XD
Tsubaki Lee
HAHAHAHA the words 'in charge' came out and he immediately raised flowers \n(of course its my wife😁)
User 1
That girl raised him right on the first question 😂
Victoria Ramos
Vijaya Lakshmi
This is so heartwarming! 😍
Vipers #31
Can I just say her dress is beautiful
This is so sweet, I'd do that for my wedding for sure \nThe first answer for sure was the best 😂
Wild Heart.
See that woman with the long white dress in the background on the left? How rude that she wore a white dress
Yamel Camel
The girl keeps looking back which makes it less funny that she knows
I want to do this in my marriage\u003c3
anusha iyer
autumn Sims
I love yall
bob code
That was hilarious 😹 So cute !
gianna b
I was laughing within the first 33 seconds
heidi horvat
They are well matched! Excellent to them.
just a weirdo
The shouldn't be called the shoe game
meeekz world
He’s a smart man on that first unfinished question 😂😂😂
risbec’s life
i love the crowd just shouting out random things
ur mom
*question* \n\nAHAHAHAHAHAHA. .\n\n*question*\n\nAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH