The Most Surprising Facts About Austria

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Bonus fact: If you read this there is a 96% chance that you are from austria
Ali Sina
Apparently the kangaroos there are very shy...
Allison Argent
I am austrian and im enjoying this video a lot cause it’s one of the few videos about our country that is very well done and in fact very correct ☺️
Österreicher hier?
Arab Rehman
Very good bro
Ay Caramba Mama
Most of these things are no Facts
Babsi W
i would love it, if you could include some facts about the eastern part of Austria in a part 2. we not only have the alps and vienna, but also the amazing 'flat' parts, like the Burgenland (northern Burgenland with the Neusiedlersee which has such an amazing nature around it) and the Südoststeiermark and the southern Burgenland with a lot of thermal baths and great red wines! :-)\ni still liked your video. it showed people from all over the world, that Austria is a great country, but it would still have been nice, if you didn't skip the not so famous not alpine parts.
Just watch \
Nice greetings from Austria =D
Christof Brandstetter
Mozart is born in Salzburg in Austria, not in Germany
Claes Lundin
It reminds me about norway, in more than one way.
Claire Juilliard
The many dialects are very importand in austria!
In fact, we austrians are germans, just as much as bavarians are germans, we share about 1000 years of history... Many did and still do not relate to ourselves as germans since 1945, because noone wanted to be associated with \
Danilo Bautista
Adolf Hitler was born in Austria
Dinesh Nayak
Facts about Ramdev (owner of Patanjali and yoga guru) 👍
Dominik Kaltenleitner
I just saw my house. 😂😂
Dominik Paul
The most Surprising Fact should be that Austria started The first and the second WorldWar
Ein Gamer
Fact: Austria is German
Ein echter Weaner
You did a great job mentioning so many interesting SECRETS and facts about Austria! By the way, I am an Austrian from Vienna and I can‘t live without this country! I love it! I think this is the most beautiful country in the world! 🇦🇹
you forgot to say that many people think *Austria* is *Australia* . If you maybe play Video Games and say you live in Austria, the people mostly say: ah isn´t it that country with the kangaroos?. \nEven if they are more than 15 years old, I don´t know how they can´t know Austria. I mean every country has schools where you learn something about history.
the only valid test to see if a person is austrian is to make them say oachkatzeischwoaf 😂
Elli Reiter
Schnönbrunn is really fricking nice =) if you go to vienna one day, visit the zoo guys! I always loved it to go there as a child and even now it's a fantastic experience!
FTD Facts
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Felicia Humer
What I would like to add (as an Austrian) : hardly a person even speaks German. Every area has its own dialect, which most Germans do not even understand
Frieda Sehorst
Much Respect ✊ from Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹!! Great video👍🏾👍🏾
Giulia E
I'm really really proud of Austria! (:
Google Wixer
Please say \
Gregor Hontsch
In my opinion, you forgot so much about austria. Vienna is scaled with the best life quality from all over the world. We have so many cultural behaviours, like the \
Henri Bachmann
U gotta mention the Krampus
Hey Max
Austria has the best tap water☝️
if you do a video with more about austrian history make sure you put in the double victory over the ottoman attacks
Imtiaz Khan
JB Rattler
Bavaria should become one nation with Austria because they more alike than Bavaria and Deutschland.
its so wierd to watch it as an austrian😂 where are the austrians?
Jurij Popotnig
Do you really think Austria could decide something for itself after WW2 and Hitler? LMFAO. Austria didn't decide to become neutral after WW2. The Soviet Union saved Austria so it didn't became a US colony as Germany did that's why we're neutral now. :)))
Kaiser Mechanics
I have a question: do anyone of the tourists Go to linz?
Seeing this brings homesickness to me. I lived 24 years in Austria, I was born in Vienna. Now, I live in Finland for special reasons. haaa, I miss Austria.
Leo Lentsch
Who spread those “facts” that people are sharing in the comment section ?\n90% of what i just read was complete bullsht
I'am from Austria and i love it.
Leonard Wong
Elections are a 1 man 1 vote system. Let in too many refugees/illegals and you risk being outvoted. (legally or illegally.) Remember... they will reproduce too. Also... if terrorists and criminals are hidden among refugees, they could gradually increase in numbers and vote their agents into your government. This causes social problems which in turn ruins your economy too. Every country's government must be responsible for their own people, not let foreign nations care for them. Accepting refugees/illegals encourages their corrupt governments to continue ill treating its citizens. There are other ways to help.
Leonardo Prince
Proud to be Austrian 💕
Lucky chuks
I love Austria and I live in Austria
Luis Mendez
Can I ask if its possible to find a job so I could stay to live with you guys
Lukas Breiter
Saufen! Morgens, mittags, abends, ich will saufen!😆😆😆
Lukas S
Just fix your right wing politics Austria ;)
Man I
Marc1142 8
Marcel Schallar
What people often forget to mention is that the majority of the population of Austria does not live in the mountainous area but in the eastern part of the country where Vienna is located. Actually Vienna alone with its metropolitan area makes for about 25% of the Austrian population.
Meeran Qureshi
Afghanistan please
Meri Pehchan
What Indian Think About \
*We actually speak Austrian German, an official language on its own. :)
Michael Staudinger, MSc
I am from Austria and I don't have a clue which cave system you are talking about because there is no way to understand you pronouncing these words. You should have really added the word itself in the video. But on the other hand: Great video.
Miki Gross
Thanks very much for making a video on Austria & Vienna! I lived there for 8 years and found it to be an amazing country. I am back in America now but will always have a place in my heart for Austria. Thank you again, FTD Facts!!1
Moifi kea
Other important facts:\n\n-The city Graz (second largest) has 2 \
Monkey Crash
We don't speak German we speak Austrian
Muhammad Moudood
It is a intersting country
NicoGamingLp 18
Österreich ❤
Odysseus3k Zeus
Sorry, but no! Austrians are Germans and Austria itself is a second German state. The German Empires always was a federation of different Gernan states, with their own unique tratitions, dialekts and so on. And since the last German Empire is not disbanded, Austria is de jura still part of the second Deutsche Reich of 1939 (before the war started). And no, I'm not a Nazi.
Omar Alaa
We want facts about Egypt
Paul Nigl
Wo han de Österreicha
Peter Fehringer
You forgot the famous \
Pomeranian Mapping
They are german. They just dont wanna admit it because they dont want to get associated with us because the 2nd world war. Even Mozart said: \
Go watch a taste of austria to see some better pictures
Redneck chick
i‘m proud to be an austrian girl 🇦🇹❤️
Ron Paul
I live in Austria, but I have to add that they are really really racist.\nBut only behind your back not to your face like germans
Sammy The Umbreon
Schi foan!
Sandra Schreitl
Vienna is the most livable City in the World since 9 years
Sentus Lumus
Austria exists longer than germany
Son Goku
The Austrians are ethnically German. A hundred years ago they wanted Like all other German Countries to get one Big Nation. But the stupid allies fought against this! \n\nGermany is an Federative Nation!
Unser stolzes weißes christliches Österreich!
Sweet Jay
country with no coastline 😢
The Real Carl XII
San eigentlich Preissn do? Wenn jo: Zupfts eich :-P
Thomas Tsang
Salzburg is missing. I like the Hallestadt itself, including the way you showed it in the video ...
Austria is not similarly to Germany, Germany is similarly to us :)
1:59 look on the right on top of the screen. ,,Nordsee“ best fishfood in the entire country👌
❤❤Its a good feeling when people say good things about AUSTRIA and not the bad things like ww2😘
Victoria Klaghofer
Noch jemand von Österreich hier?
Viral in Pakistan
I Like Your All Facts ! keep it
William Quiñones
Austria and Germany are different countries due to political problems during their history, but they share the same traditions, besides the language. Auschland!!!
ahmed Hussain
Do a video on Gilgit baltistan province of Pakistan
Austria and Germany were right in 1937.
cocu flakm
Ja das Land ist super
david white
One of the most beautiful countries.
der hurensohn
did you know Austria got first place for the most livable country in the world several times in a row?
don't mind me
“Austria decided that they wanted to become a neutral country...” \nThat’s not really true. Austria became neutral because that’s what the Allied Occupation set as a condition to become free again.\nAlthough, if asked today most Austrians would probably say they want to stay neutral
jojo Turi
Thanks God I am in Austria \u003c3
kaxi HD
I am from Austria. Cool Video👍👍.
lance miller
I was elated to see Austria finally electing a conservative leader and not a lunatic liberal that thinks open borders is ok... CONTINUE VOTING CONSERVATIVE! NO ISLAM IN AUSTRIA
3 greatest Austrians of all time:\n\n1. Arnold Schwarzenegger\n2. Adolf Hitler\n3. Josef Fritzl
lil x Marow
Sag a mal oachkazalschwoaf
lucas M
I am Austrian and I just wanted to say thanks to you for this good video about my country and thanks for saying that we are not eqoul with the Germans thanks man
One of the best places to live in the whole World!!!!
peter koller
An Irish tourist asking me  som questions about Austria and its people. \
petmatti _
Last time i was skiing (i am a west austrian) I got to see somebody from New York in the Ski-Region \
You forgot the amazing landscapes of our lakes and our dialects \nBecause every state has its own dialect \nEven some cities located just some kilometres beneith each other speak a different austrian dialect \nVery fascinating :)
str&arr addicted
Guys here is a tough topic... please make a video about Tamil and it's history
the Maverick
Austria always fascinated me, the People are amazing and the country itself has lot to offer. Gotta visit someday . P.s. love the BGM
Im one of the 2.4 percent of austria with serbian origin 😂👌