NINJA CATS vs DOGS - Who Wins?

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Funny brave cats and kitties vs dogs. What do you think who will win??AnimalzTV in Internet:Please Subscribe: , it seems, we received false permissions to use this clip. We would be happy to resolve this for you! Please send us a short message about the issue at contact (at)

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/Mr Cat\\
Cats wins
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Wonder if dogs will evolve someday to use such marksmanship with their paws
Aesthetic Point*
cAt=Like\nDOg=comment\nBOTH= IDK\n\np.s im a cat person
American Jedi
2:57 = Southpaw.
Cats think they are professional boxers haha
Hairless cats are an atrocity.
Arex Gamming
4:24\nHusky: i love u sibling\nCat: i need space\nHusky: i love u sibling\nCat:DONT TOUCH ME \nhusky: aw your so cute when your mad
Asia Khan
Who likes dog give a like
B-boy StuntZ
Bunch of coward dogs.
I like dogs and cats
Ben Best
Im a dog person
Betsy McCloskey
I don't know how some of these pet owners can sit by and laugh when more than a few of these cats are terrified.
Big Buck
I don't like cats, I love them. Dogs are OK.
Black Star
50% of the clips: cat tries to fight, but the dog fights back and wins.\n35% of the clips: the cat beats the hell outta the dog \n14% of the clips: the dog beats the hell out of the cat\n1%: *they actually play together*
Check your Corners
Who likes cats, give a bigger thumbs up.😻
Chloe Cooke
0:47 my cat and dog all the time
Chris DiCintio
Here in Florida we have Panters, more even playing field, nothing is a match for them, mostly.
I’m a cat person by nature, but they don’t belong on the countertops! But other than that the video was cute!
Comedy Gumball Machine™
One of the best vids I've seen ... ha ha ha... I love seein' the cats get THEIRS! lil sinister rascals!
Creepy Pasta Girl Rockz 101
Best thumbnail titel, \nDog: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FEED THE DAMN CAT!!
I like the sarcastic look in the end on the cat getting his head beaten by a tail on 5:15.
E. Jose 03
cat vs dog= dog wins😌
Ethan Wright
cats win thay can be jerks sum time
Europe Insoumise International Communisme
sont où les francophones??? Ils sont trop mignons les chats sur cette vidéo! Et tout le monde sait que les chatons dominent les chiens, peut importe la taille! hihihi Beurk les petits roquet c'est vraiment une sous race!
Freedoms Battle Pirates
Used to hate cats with a passion. After spending a few months with two of them, now i love dogs and cats
Fromandos I
Сразу видно кто в доме хозяин!
Gacha dough
Hayat Hayat
Holw Playz
On 0:39 the cat looks like my cousins cat name is Melon
Hound Dog29
0:43 stupid cats
1:48 when an extrovert tries to get their introvert friend to come to a social event
Ioan Catarig
09:48 That cat can realy throw some punches but the way the opponent avoids those direct hits is just out of this world. Beware Mayweather!!!!
Isabelle Lambe
who likes cats give me a like
John Borowski
Watching Dogs and cats play is funny and cute !😅
John Flamez
Cats are badass!
John Kitteral
Dogs will always rule. When playing with a cat, they hold back, because they know they are stronger, and must respect the cat's weaknesses.
Jordy Muselaers
If you want to love you take a cat. If you want to get love you take a dog. I'm not saying cats don't love you but dogs just show it more
King_ GT5.0
Dogs are afraid of cats they can bite and paw the crap of you
Kosi Ekweanua
Who likes both give me a like
Kyle Coughenour
Hands down ninja cats
Lone Wolf
Cats are just assholes sometimes
Cats are ASSHOLES..✨
Luis Alvarez
5:09 Holy shit I laughed so hard at this. 😂 Cat was like \
Matrox One
LOL...the first on was funny...the dog really wanted to smack the cat back but didn't because he didn't want to start any sh!t, so he thought about his actions before acting upon his instinct.
1:33 I've the same dog
Michael Hegwood
Michael O'Brien
* Great video and cat's are cool ! ! Since.., I was born and raised on a 'working cattle ranch', we had a Border Collie Sheep Dog named \
Miguel Santiago
Ms Precious
Ew hate to see cats walk on counter, kitchen table, litter box w poop on feet then spreads where you eat, yuk, dog lover, lol
Nick Wilde
DOGS RULE \nI like them bot Cats And Dogs but I feel like DOGS are more awesome then Cats So DOGS RULES 🐕
In my opinion, I think the cats are strong and attack the dog when they just want to play and most of you will say \
Omar Sanchez
Ocelot vs wolf
Cat vs dog= leopard vs wolf
Paul Correia
Good hearted laugh, tks I needed that !!!
6:57 Beerus vs Goku
Random Thoughts
More a cat person than dog😻😹
Rihanna And Little Mix
I love cats so much (also love dogs) but cats are my fav but they get a bad rep for being “aggressive” yet if you have a cat you know they’re not it’s just in these videos dogs and the people don’t understand their behaviour so they get antagonised, but if you know how to treat them and realise they’re independent they do show you affection. Cats need to trust you they’re not like dogs were they give everyone affection you need to earn their trust first then they’ll show you love, that’s why it’s so great when a cat gives you affection cause they’re letting you know they trust you.
Sebastian Niehues
When dogs and cats are friends, that's the best way!
Shanty Irish
Ninja ? Those cats are straight up gangster ! Vid is hilarious on so many levels . Gangstas won.
Shawnieville Rivers
Some of these clips are cute when the cats and dogs are having fun and playing.
Sébastien Canipeche
GoOd Very GoOd VideO ♥
Poor doggo
There's a body language barrier between cats and dogs.\n\nWhen dogs crouch, they want to play, when cats do it they are ready to attack.\n\nWhen a dog wags its tail it is happy, when a cat wags its tail, it's about to go ballistic!
The first video are Odie & Garfield...😅😂😂
4:51 Five punches in half a second lol
Undecided Awesomeness
7:04 what the hell is that a Kangaroo cat???
Wildman Samurai
Cats always win
Xaimchel Wons
Am I the only one that sees a lot of these cats and dogs In this video as sibling's going through a rivalry of sorts
Yellowtinycat :3
5:15 Cat: can *slap* you *slap* please *slap* stop *slap*
Yessica lott
YoungLove Gaming
Ze Carlos
I like dogs and cats.And you?Give a like.
Zuriel 883
3:51 That's a beautiful cat right there. Look at how the sun reflects against that long white fur.
very cute ♪
billy barkly
The white cat at the 4;03 mark could be the Olympic gold medal champion in the high jump.
the people laughing at 2:25 are morons. that position the cat had the small dog in is when the cat is trying to disembowel the dog
five star animals
Lovely animals
i have got No Name
If anyone of those Sized dogs would have been aggressive and not friendly, believe me a dog can rip the balls out of a cat if it wants to...\nDon't believe me? Put as large cat as u want in front of an agressive Pitbull or even an German shepherd and watch the annihilation of the cat in seconds. A dog Can tear a cat these cats were lucky 😹
justin hitriz
2:03-that dog's literally running circles around that cat!
lps keroline
Dogs are so much nicer than cats.
michael truthson
Believe or not the dogs provoke the cats in some instances just so the cats can chase them
mickeymerc260 w124
Doggie, bite kitty in the tail!
oxy 75
Alot of these are not funny if the cat had front claws. Just saying
richard hananeia
Ninja cats and dogs? Recommended for me? Oh all right then.
rismawati khanna
I dont like dog's my favorite Animal are cats❤️😻😻😻😺
Dog runs from cat=shit dog
susana rossini
One can see the difference between playful and aggressive . If the dog is afraid of the cat , don’t keep calling him to cross in front of the cat . Teach them to tolerate/ love each other . Do it for me . My weakened health doesn’t allow me to have pets anymore . 😔
Hahaha I love these-MY cat smacks my dog and it hurts his feelings so bad, he's like \
tikruu :3
Who likes cat and want cat Win\n👇 NOW like!
Александр ***
Какие же они забавные))
Граф Грановский
коты наваляли пиздюлей сабакам))))))))
Миша Горбачевской
It’s like watching stupid “oblivion” nps vs player
Сюзи Dog
Тупо!!!! Дебилизм!!! Самая лучшая видео в мире!!!