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React to Se Dons vs Palmers FC
*Gerardo Bedoya* has the most red cards in *football history.*\n He has *43* red cards during his footballing career. Even Pepe or Sergio Ramos can't be compared with him in terms of red cards collected.
ABfly 77
It was thier manager Jose mourinho who told them to play rough
Abhi Chaudhary
Real Madrid plays with clear tactic, if u can't stop messi, break his legs.. 👏👏
Akash Jaiswal
He looks like 32 or 34. Why is he going college.\nIs he professor there?
Alejandro Ambrocio
Real Madrid has the most dirty player, Ramos is a pig, remember what he do Salah in this last Champions League final.
Hey, you should totally check out Portugal vs Netherlands in the Fifa World Cup 2006, also known as the battle of Nuremberg. Record for the number of red and yellow cards. There might be a video highlighting certain moments, but even then, the whole match itself was a trainwreck haha
Arjun Saha
I told you. Pepe and Ramos is a disgrace. They're really disgusting. I don't know how Madrid fans support these two players.
Arnav Chand
Dirty side of el clasico is a better video and offers a more non biased showing. This video was just madrid doing bad stuff for thr 90% of it.
Please react to puyol
Bob De Aardappel
Check the video that shows Pepe’s most outreagous moments
You should react to top 10 most brutal tackles on Messi
what this channel is about? \n\n\nbarca and real madrid
Carlos Quiroz
React to Chivas vs Barcelona 4-1
Changitos_4 '
React to Dennis bergkamp legend of the ice man please!!!!!!!
Cormac Corrigan
Any Kevin de bruyne
Wow, this video was VERY barca-leniant. They didn't show ANY of the \
I get so pissed off watching this...everyone is just flapping about as soon as someone comes within an inch of them
Dan H999
Should react to a video on the worst dives in football 👍🏻
Daniel Kruse
React to Germany-Brazil 7:1
Dank Matter
*R E A C T T O P E P E*
Dany Eichouh
Wanna see a dirty player? Watch Pepe thats the guy that stepped on messi's hand. Twice.
Davit Bakti
*_Real Madrid target = Messi or All_* \n\n\n*_Barcelona target = You can enter your own name_* 😂😂😂
Dennis Wong
If you think ramos is already very dirty, you should check out another ex real madrid player pepe
Please react to Pepe, hes so savage and dirty
Elber Lopez
React to the Barcelona trio!!!! Messi neymar Suárez
Ethan Hirst
Man I didn’t know Ronaldo and Dani Alves had such a big beef between them
Flemming Mikaël Nielsen
React to PEPE we talk football
It's like Catalans vs Spanish
Giuseppe, Michele Diana
Please stop with the barca-real highlights and players, i cannot stand them anymore, there is football also from other countries... Watch something from Italy, even if not now se were before so good as Championship, or watch crouds from Brasil, big matches from Bundesliga, even premier League if it's not players from the last 5 years... Come on
Gonza :v
React to the most brutal fouls, then you'll see how physical football can get.
Gorge Lewdkush
i know i already metioned it but pls pls pls react to \
Mesut ozil next
usually I'm not a big fan of reaction channels but watching you discover, learn and become passionate about a new sport is really enjoyable and fun to watch.
Iceswallow cum
Do worst injuries in football of all time
Ilias Attar
Pepe is an animal\nRamos is a horse\nArbeloa is a dog
React to El Classico 2018/19 highlights
Jack Lowe
React to the old firm derby (Rangers v Celtic)
Jacob A
Still waiting on Liverpool vs Milan UCL final 2005, one of if not the best football comeback
Jan Man
Please react to “30+ really insane commentaries on famous football matches”. Its a video with insane commentator moments, you have to watch it. Like if you agree so he Can see it
Joan Gabriel Margenet Cerutti
The tittle need to be \
Jordan95 HD
This was a great reaction video, bro! El Clasico is the biggest rivalry in world football. Refdrid have Redmos - who's probably the dirtiest defender in the world, and Pepe was a dirty b*stard, too!
Jordi Martinez
React to pirlo he has some nasty passes and shots .like if you agree
Joseph Mugabo
it's always real madrid and barcelona
Jota Lopez
You should do a react to: Horror Tackles in football, or soccerplayers who nearly died on the pitch
Julio Chavez
React to Dennis Bergkamp \nThe legend of iceman
Bro react to Messi Never give up- Unstoppable
Kukurutxu 4
You should seriously react to Pepe, he was a player for Real Madrid know for his bad conduct and for how aggressively he played
Lenny Fraiser
Anyone remember “victor valdes “ ahhh the good old days
Litsa Mega
Ugh please stop saying that Suárez dives a lot or that he is in all the fights that's seriously not true😑😢😥😒\nBtw I love your channel❤
Lucas Chelcea
React to messi worst injury in el clasico...He did bigest comeback with bloody mouth black eye and lots of hit places on his body...
Luka šimić
Make video about rene higuita and luka modric
React to chelsea road to munich best revenge ever 💙\nLike so he can see if you agree with me
React to * Top ten knuckle ball goals*
Marcus Wolff
Please react to Xavi and Xabi Alonso! Two different players
Matias Carvalho
Suarez is not thaaaaaaaat dirty. He plays really strong because he has a lot of power. And he gets angry fast. The thing that a lot of people critique from him is that he is always trying to provoque fouls, even from the smallest hit. I dont think he fake fouls that much as many people think, but he definetly use every little hit as an excuse to go to the ground when he thinks that a free kick is the best option. He does it really well and he provoques a lot of free kicks and penalties, but a lot of times the referee continues the game. This can look dirty to a lot of people but its actually really smart and productive. The event that created the dirty label to Suarez was both times he bited other players when he was really angry. He did it first when he was playing in Liverpool and then when he was playing for Uruguay in the 2014 worldcup in a match against Italy. He explained a lot of times that he inmediatly regrets doing it and that its something he is really ashame of. The problem is that he is not very good controling his anger and for some wierd reason that was his reaction two times. I think he is a good guy with a lot of pasion and a ver humble past that is living a really big life and sometimes he loses control, but I dont think he is dirty or violent like Sergio Ramos.\nAlso, another moment that a lot of people point to say he is dirty is at the 2010 world cup when he blocked a ball with the hand from his own goal. It happened against Ghana in the cuarter finals (probably one of the most amazing games in the last 5 world cups... That game was INSANE). The match was 1-1 and they were playing the last minutes. Ghana was atacking and they shot many times into Uruguay goal. It was blocked many times by defenders and the goalkeeper, but each time the ball ended up again in a player from Ghana. Almost every player from both teams was inside the penalty area and it was complete chaos. There were like 4 or 5 shots in just a couple of seconds until the referee stops the game and shows a red car to Suarez who left the game crying knowing that he blocked one ball with his hand in the middle of the chaos. He saved the goal, but now he left his team with one man less and a penalty for Ganah. He was crying while leaving the field when Ghana misses the penalty. He celebrated it louder than any goal from his career. The match ended 1-1 and they went to penalties. Uruguay won with the creaziest final penalty I ever saw in my entire life of watching football. Uruguay went to semi finals for the first time in decades, Forlan (one of the playres from Uruguay) was named the best player of the world cup. Suarez couldnt play the semifinals, but he is remembered as a hero in his country for saving that goal. Suarez was very young then, and he wasnt the superstar that is today. Many people still point to that moment to call him a dirty player. But I think thats one of his most special moments in his career. I think you should watch some videos from him. It would be wierd, but the highlights from that iconic match would be a really amazing video reaction.
Milot Metaj
React to Arjen Robben cutting inside
Paw_Dr99 9
Look at Carles Puyol
Pedro Lopez
He should check out Pepe if he wants to see brutality
Purple Candy
You need to watch Pepe if you think Ramos is a dirty player
Rahul Mahale
Check the video why Barcelona and real are arch rivals
Random TV
Videos with commentary please
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
React to Ronaldo vs Ashley Cole
Redz Lag
Ramos -Gladiator reaction plz
Repollo Neitor
Boca vs river is x10000 this video
Rockforever forever
Can you react to Luka Modrić ? Pleaaaase
Rui 3000
Top 20 Assists in Football History
Ryan Pugh
Ooh watch a compilation of some of the most horrible injuries or tackles in football.
Sam Hirst
U need to review Torres at Liverpool
StonedDan YMM
If you are impressed with Ramos you need to REACT TO CARLES PUYOL he was one of the best defenders in the history of modern football and is a leyend in barcelona is the long hair dude with the number 5.
Supra Naradi
You need to watch Pepe the animal, he was worst than ramos
Takahiro Morimoto
Hey man please react to Messi horror tackles and Ronaldo horror tackles please.
React to the legendary Goalkeeper Oliver Kahn (Der Titan)
Ulises Lopez
If Ramos is not sent off in the clasico is not the clasico.
Utkarsh Mishra
Can you please react to\nHow tiki taka was destroyed by Bayern Munich\nBy The Next Manager
Walidovic Vald
Manchester united vs Manchester city fools and dives please
Yassine yAsSiNe
React on puyol or Gattuso
Yonex J-Fun
Waiting reaction to Buffon ,Maldini, Nesta,Del Piero
The Kitchen Sink This match is very political: Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, which is currently a part of Spain, and Madrid is the capital of Spain. Catalonia wants Independance very much, but Spain doesn't allow them to go free. It goes for years: arrests, marches and etc,
Genuine tip... stop with Barcelona and Real Madrid. Both have their own glory but there have been matches played out that are more famous than the el classico or La Liga...
Real madrid is a dirty club.
bruno ramalho
Check out iniesta and xavi
check out Mesut Özil (art of passing)
henrique melo
React to libertadores fights!
Craziest thing is almost all of them were playing together for the spanish NT.
isaac mcmillan
react to messis superhatrick against arsenal
mr. fawzy
why would ramos whos spanish talk in english to someone whos also spanish(pique). in another way : he didnt say keep talking ill remember that.
React to Dennis Bergkamp Ultimate skills legend of the Iceman. Bergkamp was a graceful player and scorer of unique and iconic goals. Thierry Henry said Bergkamp was the reason he scored so many goals at arsenal due to his brilliant passing and vision. DB was the only ever player to get all top 3 places on match of the days goal of the month competition. 3 goals of stunning quality all scored within a few weeks of each other.
In this video u can see that barca is trying to play football and r. madrid is trying to bring some karate on the football pitch...
priyam gore
2005 Istanbul champions League final pleasseee
ramon santiago
Good morning Yall💪
tourists with a guide india
Please do a reaction video on Carles Puyol.
zesty_ _sauce
react to james rodriguez best passes and touches
Watch the accidents and serious injuries in football