Billy Joel - Shes Got A Way

Billy Joel - She's Got A Way 1971Uploader Comments: I think you all got a way by viewing my videos! I let this song be my carryout song at our school for a special occasion back in the day and I got myself my first girlfriend! :)"She's Got a Way" is a song by Billy Joel. The original version is on the 1971 album Cold Spring Harbor, while the remade live version was released as a single from the 1981 album Songs in the Attic and peaked at number 23 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in early 1982[1].After its original recording, Joel no longer appreciated the song as much as he originally had. In an interview, he "thought [it] was a cornball for years. I had trouble singing it at first. Then I got into it and decided everybody has a corny side, I suppose.Charts PeakpositionU.S. Billboard Hot 100 23U.S. Billboard Adult Contemporary 4In other news, I have added other lyrics to this song so you can sing along, or perhaps learn the song! Enjoy :)

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Makes me think of the Cold Case episode with Summer Glau that ends with the echo of her running the track.
Al Huggins
what if you can't see her or touch her? can she do the same thing to you and still not even know what you look like? a complicated question? maybe the answer is even more complicated. a lifetime to figure it out? i'm inclined to agree with you!!!
Aldo Clamar
When I find her I'm marrying her God's will
Alex Beamer
Roy? No. Roy doesn't play piano.
Alfonso Borik
This is exactly what I think of my wife.
Andy Robetoy
This song is for my mom \u003c3
Apple Craft
\u003c3 Billy!!!
My boyfriend dedicated this song to me. ❤️
Bitcoin University
Hard to believe this was never charted as a single. Never ranked on Billboard. Reminds me of Stevie Wonder's \
Brian Tim
can definitely hear the Paul McCartney influence in this one.
Chantalle Archuleta
This is chantalles dad... Steve..... I'm a big fan this song I dedicate to my wife because she everything to me....- she's my smile, my laugh. My happy and my sad..... she's all..... thank you Mr.Joel for this song.... I think of my wife when I hear this this song.....she's my world....B-)
Clayton Meinke
I'm baffled Joel lost appreciation in it as the description reads -- It's personally one of my top 3 from him.
Cloras Fauna
I dedicate this song to a girl who I love very much
DJ Amber
beautiful song.
Dan Murray
Running to stand stilk
Danielle Baker
I wish my man thought this way about me. I do everything. 2 jobs, school, the cleaning, alot of the cooking. Taking care of his daughter like my own. And I've begged for a child of our own also for years. Merrage is not even on the table. But for me it is. I wish a guy saw in me what I see.
The cosmos pushes us together...and we push away...making it hard.
Deception The Introvert God
This Reminds me of someone that i like at school :)
Del Shoemaker
Thanks Moo Moo that's nice to hear. So much of our music is the same, very few people out there making new songs and sounds! I guess I'm showing my age! HA! Peace
Denise Hedden
Beautiful song
Donovan Keith
This is good.
Eric Prine
I felt this way about someone. Once.
Ericka Morales
love this song
Fionna A.
This song really takes on a new meaning when your significant other sends it to you... really means a lot
German M.
Im alone......
Good Time Charlie
I love you, and hope your day gets better! You are my everything!
Hayden Smart
Roy Anderson’s wedding? Anyone
Heather Lynn
Heather Wheeler
ok everybody will find a love like this warning though that person may be a jerk at times and come with some interesting baggage but ultimately will love you like no one else and always have your back
Hiding in my Bedroom
this song i want as my first dance when i get married... i'll sing, i'll cry and it'll be perfect, because i know that my grandma would be proud
Isaac Hill
My dad played this to my new step-mum last night at their wedding
Jack Leach
I sang this a couple of years back to a girl in school but she didn’t like it and turned me down. It just so happens that another girl was around listening to me sing to her and afterwards came up to me and told me how she thought it sounded amazing. And since then we’ve been together
Jack Steele
no one is a lover like billy joel
Jade S
Beautiful 💛
James Johnson
The most beautiful music ever written, by a great singer Billy Joel never again you will ever hear such beautiful music
James Kirks
this song never stops playing
Jenna Hagedorn
I am in Girl's choir at my school and my friend Nolan who is in Royal Nights and A Cappella choir sang solo for this song for Royal Nights at the fall concert and he was amazing.
John A.
This song is extra good.
John Galt
this song is a dagger in my heart.
Johnny Reed
This song is clearly about a man who loves a woman so much. He's just telling the world about the woman he loves so much. Tanya Beardsly, you ought to find a different song for bitter women who's men don't love them. LOL!!! This is completely the wrong song choice. this song is a celebration, a declaration, of the woman that he loves so damn much!!!
Jonathan DiMario
billy joel is a master of song writing god bless him and this song is so beautiful
Kaily Merrifield
I absolutely love Billy Joel! but.... this song is amazing... and I cry wishing someone would feel that way for me...
I've found her.. She just hasn't found me. \n\nFor those who are even vaguely interested, her and I are good friends. I can make her feel better, and make her happy. She says I'm the perfect guy, and the exact kind of guy she looks for, yet she for some reason doesn't like me that way. She says I'm the best, and thanks me for everything I do for her. We went on a date, and we both had a great time, and want to do it again. I love her. But I'm only her friend. But I can't give up, because she completes me. And this song is accurate to the point it's scary. Well, thanks for listening, those of you who did.
Kristen Schmitt
If some guy sang this to me 😍
working on trust and faith while I may not be moving mountains yet I have mastered getting them to stay. You taught me how.
Lavender Passion
Billy Joel songs on YouTube have the best comments sections.\nYou're always sure to find a whole bunch of really personal stories about so many people's lives.\nI think that says a lot about his music and his impact.
Leah Cupp
Thank you babe XOXO
Lindsay Davin
I looked at my phone and had a random text from my fiancé and he sent me this song. So happy and crazy in love.
Luis Perez
The Office anyone?
Luke's Life Channel
Billy was highly disappointed in this album because the recorder was to slow and he said it made him \
Mark Meents
good ole Billy Joel
Matthew Cromwell
Thank god for Billy Joel
Miguelina Museau
This is one of my favorite songs of all time. When I was young I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to replace her with him.. \nYou see being loved is great and all, but my biggest satisfaction is loving! I want to feel this for someone. I have come really close recently.. 90% of the lyrics fit.. actually all of the lyrics fit but I don’t think the feelings are reciprocated. It’s ok though. \nYou can’t force something that isn’t there. So it begs the to ask the number one question if all time... it’s it better to love? Or not to have loved at all?\n\nI have gotten so close to love but I run away from it. Ever given into love so quickly that you lost all your marbles and was almost committed to an institution?!?!? Yeah me either.. well not the commuted part. \nAnyway, he’s got a way about him. An unavailable way that drugs me to submission with just one text *deep sigh*
such a sweet song \u003c3 love it!
Moo Moo
It's sad that music like this isn't written anymore 😪
Mrabuable ABU
She's .. she's just this song..
Mrs. Greene
Women are so beautiful and fragile and graceful and adorable..
Backstreet Boys brought me here. That's right, Kevin Richardson (oldest member of said group) covered this song, and that's what brought me here. Lovely song, this original version sounds more like a romantic ballad, where as Kevin Richardson gave it a country touch.
Nancy Wilson
Always thought this was one of his better songs, and I have had most of them.
Nikki Vang
I wish someone felt this way about me. .....
Pamela Johnson
So b e a u tiful
This is such a beautiful song. It's my favorite from Billy Joel.
im gonna ask my crush to homecoming, and if she says yes, im gonna request this song for a slow dance because this is everything i see in her, she means everything to me without even knowing it
Quinn O'Hara
this song is beautiful, billy joel is an amazing song writer
beautiful song
“Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together? \nSome things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.” ― Emery Allen
This song was used in my cousin's funeral. :'(
Richard Landry
One of the best love songs when i was a young man. This song by Joel, She's Got A Way hits me stright to the heart. Thanks Billy
Robert Zastrow
I wonder if Billy was inspired to write this song, after hearing Paul McCartney's Maybe I'm Amazed, which is structurally similar to She's Got A Way
Rosemary AlvareZ
This song my ex husband would sing this to me, and would tell me that i was his life, plus there were other \nbeautful songs, wonderfull\ntonight, Lady in red, she always a woman to me.
Rosy Miller
Does anyone else think of their mother when they hear this song?
Ruby Terrone
Im Now listening to it handsome.. Joey terrone.. Thank you
Sally Johnson
yes &she knows it 💞💚💚
Sara Bell
This song reminds me of my daughter.
Simone Valentine
my boyfriend told me to search up this song because this is what he thinks of me
This song is less well-known than most of his, but none better exhibits his powers as a melodist. Close to it however, are \
Tatha S
:) \u003c3
The Glitter Fairy
omgds i cried so HARD on this song.. i dedicated it to my daughter who's out of my life till adult hood so i could give her a much better life out of the deep love i feel for her in my heart and always will... she does have a way about her in the pictures i get of her growing up happy...
She can see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Tim Haneline
I think I've found her. . .
Tristan Radeka
I showed this song to my girlfriend and she loved it immediately so I’m about to learn this on piano and sing it for her
Varun Kuchibhotla
Found the song I'm gonna use to try and snatch up a girlfriend.
Wombah 0070
This IS the first time I've ever heard this & yes, it has the Billy Joel excellence of sound! Perfect!
#1 wedding song choice right here\n\nThis song is so beautiful, I can't even describe it. I wish they still wrote music like this. :'(
Yuki Cee
Zha Zha Binks
one of my Classics
I love this song and it puts me in mind of no one. I just love the lyric's.
This song is the exact feelings my crush gives me. My mom and my grandpa are both dying and my crush soothes all the pain. :)
One of my all time favorites. I always wanted to be this to someone...for someone to see these things in me...
I use to listen to Billy Joel growing up. Haven't heard this song in years. Its soooooo beautiful! I can really appreciate it now that I am older.
I am thinking maybe this is about inspiration ?
maha ghanem
lovely song for a true love
masterofmy sea_
It's almost unreal how heavenly his voice is:) makes me happy just to listen
matey mate
325 dislikes a shame!
mercy mallari
Thank you for appreciating my Doux Bèbè 😎😍😙😙😙❤💜💝💕💕💕
rutiger jones
When I was growing up, my mother listened to billy joel. my brother and sister too. my family was big fans. even seen him in concert. this song when i was young was slow and i didn't understand it. i was bored. my mom pulled me to the side and said one day you'll meet a girl that will make you understand this song. and you will love it too. she's right. i met that girl. and now i understand. mom is always right.