Funny or Die - Interrogations Gone Wrong - Keanu Reeves

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Published on June 11th, 2015.You can watch the original video from this link:

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Adam Miles
This was very strange, and poetic at the same time.\n\nKeanu Reeves battling parasitic demons feeding off his energy. Keanu Reeves is legend, and very universal actor. The early 90's was such great time to see him bloom into star. Unfortunately Keanu is getting older , and still stuck within our deminson of time on this earth...... . \n\nDon't worry Keanu u are loved, and one of kind.
Adam Moon
my faith is now restored.
Ahimsa Rem
I love you Keanu.!
Alia Phelps
I barely recognized Keanu there...
Alondra Silva
I love keanu reeves
Amelia B
I want a 6ft1' canadian boyfriend
American Son
I'm sitting in class watching this and I'm having the hardest time not breaking down in laughter.
Andrew White
This was like Constantine. Went on for way too long.
Ava Baudelaire
An actual Funny or Die skit that made me laugh.\n\nKudos to the writers...\nand Keanu Reeves ^_^.
Bella L
Keanu looks different. His face is a little puffy? Or maybe it's the lighting? But he's still so sexy 😆
Blammo D
Keanu, we love you.
Wow. I... I... this video is the best thing ever. Mr. Reeves, we love you.
Camille Triboulet-Hall
Keanu will always be one of the hottest stars, EVER.
Chengfu Saechao
Chris Vaughan
Wow 😳 look at where method acting can take you! Mark really transformed for this role!!!
Christine Eliza
That was very very funny! Lol!!! Made my day well night as I'm watching this.
Chup Smith
I would SO pay to see John Wick vs Jason Bourne :-)
Crazy Cat Lady
Ah, my gosh! Now I have something if I ever feel down and in need of a good laugh. \nThank you so much for this! \u003c3
David Igleniec
Slammin ass courtside, yessssssss
Dewz Matey
Dilly Frankenchili
OMG, you couldn't have made a better combination :D\nI think I just died!
Dina Fadillah
i love keanu reeves😊
Doreen Patterson
Brill script,I wonder how many takes there were?
Ergun Yeniyurt
1:55 John Wick :D
Fizz Pop
Keanu is such a good sport for doing this :D
Frederick Reinhardt
rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 of u guys are a proper appetite for some fun.
hearing him say john wick isn't real breaks my heart.
Ijaz Ahmed
Holy shit Keanu Reeves is Canadian??
Isaac Mok Chuang Xing
I was laughing the whole way!! X'DDD I also love seeing Keanu's reaction like, \
Funny as hell! BRAVO BRAVO!!
Jeremy Satcher
this is probably keanu reeves best performance ever
Jhonatan Sneider Salguero Villa
And yet there are some people that say Keanu is a bad actor.
Jodie Fisher
Love it love it love it
Where was all this emotion in his movies?
I thought this skit had to be at least 10-15 years old when I started watching it since Keanu looked so young for now pushing 50.. then they mentioned John Wick... \nThis man is a time traveler.
That's the biggest amount of emotion I've seen from Keanu and it's on a comedy skit ahahaha.
Karen Keating
Some of Keanu's best acting!
Karla's Corner
this is gold!!!!
Kenton Kobza
4:27 to 4:36 sounded like Jim Carrey lol
King Alistair of Ferelden
If Keanu just keeps making action and comedy I'd be so happy forever.
Kino Uy
Well he can act again! 8D
Okay, one said Lake House (which is a good romantic movie) but what did the other say ? Point Break or something ? #keanufan
Wtf. Why is he so good in this and normally so wooden?
Love Keanu beyond words and would love to see him in a comedy. This is golden. I want more. ;)
Lee Parker
It took over 50 years but Keanu finally looks older than 30.
Lori zh
This is hilarious, I love them both!
Marco Peña Farfán
These guys were lucky to not get shot by Willem Dafoe
Maria Inés Mottino Schlimmer
jajajaja fantastic greetings from Argentina
Mark Smales
An I want a selfie with your abs!!. LOL
Mckenzie .Latham
Keanu Reeves sells this so well.
Michael Lara
LMAO! I would love to see the outtakes from this.
Michael Quinn
4:15 is the best...
Michelle Anastasoff
Michelle Kelly MKellyPhotography
I want to see the out takes of this....:)
Mojo Jojo
damn Keanu looks like Nathan Drake from Uncharted
Mr. Mediocre Gamer
I bet they hate doing this cute bullshit to promote their movies/brand... But ti's part of the game.
Mrs. T.
Hahahahahahahahahaha this is really funny :-D
Nadia Nabolina
Neil Chapman
My god mark wahlberg is that good an actor he actually looks like Keanu reeves!
I'm Canadian!!!
Rafael Trivino
Wild Stallions.... the end.
Rajat Y
that surely did sounded like Keanu Reeves.
Rose Navarro
OMG freaking funny..luv u keanu...ur the best
4:09 'I was in that mooooovie' haha Keanu Reeves.
SaBi NuKi
Yep, that's definitely Mark Wahlberg!
Samuel Covadola
i know its fake but i have never seen keanu so angry, is look XD
Sissa Altamirano
Am I the only one that thinks Keanu is so freaken sexy?!?!
Did Mark Wahlberg see this? I hope he did.
Speaking of Mark Walberg I'd like to see Kaenu Reeves and him in a movie.
Søren Kjeldsen
He does look older :) Not that there's anything wrong with that
Mark Mark did a good job pretending to be Keanu
The Artificer
Thank you, in these times of darkness, laughing till I cry, as I have forgotten how to; is so healthy..:) I can only imagine how hard it was to not laugh while you made that skit. Those other two fellows are good at acting as well. I really needed that!!! PAX et LUX
I dont understand.... What's the joke? Is it that Wahlberg is pretending he's Keanu Reeves? Seriously, Wahlberg could never be six feet.
Top 1Percent
Trent Hubrich
It was free pizza!
Vilkas Vision
Just realized Keanu Reeves could play a good Han Solo
Vlad Matuscsak
the reaction after the guy said \
Who AreYou
That was extremely surreal...but funny!
They should've shown Keanu Reeves reaching his breaking point at that last line. I'll bet it would've been hysterical.
Zax Zumu
Keanu Reeves looks like Nathan Drake from Uncharted. Either he or Bradley Cooper should play Drake if they made a live action movie.
I am in love with this lol!!!!!
The lake house part had me laughing so hard
brian williams
Greatest underrated actor in hollywood.
Holy shit I've never seen Keanu Reeve's emote this much haha
Thank you so much for putting this on YouTube 
I'm getting Harrison Ford vibes from Keanu here.
This is some of the best acting I've ever seen from Keanu. I'm not dissing his previous work, I just think he really fucking brought it to this sketch.
eddy rocks
Mr Reeves never gets old... How it's possible?? Great guy by the way.
The most intense acting I've ever seen him doing.
plot twist: keanu really did do all those things, all while shouting \
Why does he look like Nathan Drake
He should have just sat there and said \
lee loo
That was the funniest thing I've ever see you oh God I love Keanu Reeves
michael espinoza
Keanu is such a funny fucking actor dood, It would be so chill to hang out with him!
I'm gonna book him all night long! Yes yes yes!!!
hahahahah The Cops actually reminded me of someone who actually thinks they are a hot shot with a lot of power, but are an actual dipshit.
Triple check, i am so exited!