Marcelito Pomoy - Power of Love (Celine Dion) Reaction Pt.1

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Abigeal Takiang
the pride of the philippines 😄
Alfred 78049
marcelito national artist
Ali Dawson
If the power of loe was the national anthem,i would sing it everyday lol
Ana datukali
try to react marcelito pomoy. listen.. cute couple
Anatoly Bensing
Yes! Thank you for reacting this
Arjun Mailla
adele medley by tnt grand finalist on wish plzz
Armond Furmie
B-Jhay Morta
I like this with marcelito pomoy.. \u003c3
Baira Cuevas
love marcelito
Binr Vah
Please React to TNT Grand Finalists adele medley.
Bumble Bee
I didn't know Steph Curry is doing reaction videos XD
Cebuano Mind
thanks MGN for featuring Filipino talents in your channel.
Chester Allan
damn.. whatta voice!
so u wont do a reaction to williams new cover? :(
hi Stephen Curry :)
Danica Olivo
loving both of you guys . Imma subscribe now 😍😘
Denita Baguso
Nice voice, very smooth
Dyasen P.
You frickin like steph curry!!!!!
EL Vencedor TV
This guy is not from this world
Earlneth Cojeda
walang kahirap hirap grabeh ka talaga the best marcelito pomoy:)
Ej Samonte
can you react guys please on spain covered by gary valenciano, it's so good a very classic jazz song..
Evan Visalda
Fariz Akmad de marichalar
watched 50x
Gabriel Perez
M angel And Ovelar number one for long ! ! !
Geum Jandi
please do a Reaction to SOHYANG singing I BELIEVE I CAN FLY on star king...please......\nI request this several times
Ham and Burr
Just look at them looking at Marcelito like proud parents lol
IMAT toretto
ilove your reaction guys 👍
Ingride Machado
vc e dimaiz irmao tem de aparese em, salvador
Irish Aussie
Good to see you actually listen to his stunningly beautiful voice and then comment. Most reactors too busy listening to themselves to give it a proper hearing. Regards.
Jason Galang
Ive always watch ur videos guys and i love it..hehehe\n\n#philippines
Jayson Pelaez
That awkward part in the end hahah love it.
Jela De Guzman
Ellen she invited marcelito in her show
Jhayz Alcera
hell yeah! he should be a national anthem\
Jho cabz
Plz guys M-angel and ovela react to lyca garianod in YFSF ( your face sound familiar kids) on rolling on the river by tina turner plzzz..thanks in advance 😍😍
Jhoanne Rizaba
oh my Gosh!.. thank you so much oVela and Angel!.. I really love you both! 😘😘😘😘😘
please react to the 2 guys reacting to your reaction video with a great reaction, i hope you react.
John Demafeliz
Pls. Re act Gary V Spain cover
John Francis Monta
please do react to sia,sassa and kz. and adele medley / bruno mars medley on wish music award please...
Joven Tingson Agabon
yes the amazing reaction MGN tnx i enjoying watching your video so power of love :-)
yes! this one!\nSalamat guys!\nyour the best, keep it up 👍
here we go again Steph curry for three ! gets it to go :-)
Kale Frias
marcilito is an alien half human breed in the ph;)
Kamuda Moreng
Wow.. impossible.. I not believe..
Khayecee Lim
M-angel is soooo cute here!!! Adorbs!!! 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘
please react to adele medley wish awards
Kyrie Vhong
Can you sing Delilah plss bakit nag tagalog yung nanood
Lance Aquino
the guy looks steph curry...
Larry Macoy
I always did liking it M-Angel🙂
Lester Jess Mangondato
When Ovela tries to hush MAngel at the beginning then sings along in the middle of the song. Owned! Peace out! :D
Lynlei Alberto
Braboooo🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👌👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍👍😂God bless Marcelito Pomoy🙏
Magic Johnson
How does he do it ? just incomprehensible !\nAbsolutely breathtaking to watch...
May Anjuline Villamin
guys try to react to Gary valenciano(Spain)on wishbus..\nsalamat...;-)
Mhai Villar
Hi! can u do reaction to Sue Ramirez Covers \
Michael Baniqued
The best reaction ive ever you guys
Myles Repolda
Filipino talent ... speechless
Neknok Manalang
ELLEN, could you notice this man singing in a girl power voice!
TNT grand finalist adele medley on wish awards please MGN
Prince Vincent Rameses Anania
you guys are amazing.. been watching all the vids i have not seen yet and its AWESOME .. LOVELOTS to both of you
Raymon Castro
Wala ata ang ibang bansa ng ganyan! Sna humanap din sla kung meron, well nice reaction you two guys
Considering he is not recording in a studio but singing live on that station this is the Best Version yet !
Ricardo Montalban
Rosano Gopez
you're the best guys i really love your comments & reactions.
Saturnino Malicsi
Additional info: Wish 107.5 is a radio station in a Bus with glass windows that's parked, where you see other vehicles are passing by.
Say Kulet
Thanks MGN.. pls react to Adele medley TNT grandfinalists
Stephany hairstyle
Mabuhay din sa inyon!!!
Theo Arcoi
Uchiha OBITO
ovela your face was so moved men i cannot blame you that guy can slay haha
I love the way M-Angel reacted to this video! She's so cuteeeee!!!!
Venus Doutzen Parks
Wow you truly are great in givin time to react on great videos with people who has rare and raw legit talent . Love you guys with love and huggs from me here in Philippines 😘😘😊😊👍👍❤️❤️🇵🇭
Von Aramis Rafols
that was soooo funny of him haha
Xander Montilla
can u sing like that m angel?obviously not insecurity registers on your racoon face
VS PLEASE: \nNina's I Love You Goodbye VS. Morissette Amon's I Love You Goodbye
blue moon
guys if you do not know him, he used to work at poultry farm before his fame, he collected chicken maneur to survive..He was a grand winner of Pilipinas Got Talent with 2million Philippine Peso...I am so proud of you Marcelito..
bubbly face
she really sounded like celine oh he great voice control
chinoypi pasaway
I love you guys!
cris lar
Marcelito Pomoy A filipino Singer with two voice man and women with high quality high notes when he sing . I love this Man . when he sing.
dave claveria
i like the violet lipstick of M-angel so pretty, and the guy, is so handsome 😍
eduardo fernandez
a jaw dropping performance...too bad for Celine coz her impersonator is only a Man and He nailed it. Love your reaction guys.
edwin reyes
I Love this song and marcelito. Proud being Pinoy.
This guy is from another planet. He was belting a Celine Dion like it was nothing, I can barely see a vein on his neck. Lol I think he could still go higher than that if he tried.
jordan michael
How can he sing on a chair! ... damm! That was a dope!
joy almarez
he sings so smooth yet so powerful...
kee labang
M-Angel can you do a cover video? pls.. thank you.. 😘
maldita si ako
M-angel i love the color of your lipstick...😍😍\nas always nice reactions..👍
mariemarjodee luna
omg! you're the best marcelito:)
mark ybanez
the lipstick of miss M-Angel is heavenly beautiful.. love it 😍😍😍😍
he struggled because at the end of the day he's still a dude lol\nbut i'm glad you criticized him as if that was his _'natural'_ voice and like a legitimate diva powerhouse. that alone is a compliment in itself, because you held him at a higher standard.
r-jhea faithlyn xilef
hi m angel..looks like you really love celine dion..
rhui sy
all you have to do is close your eyes and feel the angel voice..
rudy estas
wow..well done MGN...i thank you...
stephen almanon
mangel and ovela you reacted to a lot of pinoy singers but you skip mori's against all odds
vector dayao
wow now your so early to react marcelito pomoy anyway thanks..
yeyeng reyes
now you are reacting as a music professional, coz symphony noticed that your a fake reactor! then your finding a hole,the way marcelito sing,as if your a good reactor not fake! who is she? by the way,im not the one who is upset,most of the filifinos,sorry unsub