The Phoenix Wet Shave - HairCut Harry Experiences The House of Shave Barber Parlor, Phoenix Arizona.

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10S Coach
One thing tho never leave your razor open on the client, too much of a safety hazard, thats how accident happen... Always close your razor and put it in your pocket or on counter, never on top of client
That guy is a pro. I enjoyed your video. Thanks for posting it and for not including any background music Harry. Best regards from Central America!
Harry I have been trying to figure out your accent to no avail. You are either an Englishman or from the deep South. Where are you from?
Now this is a barber. Way to go Matthew. I wish I lived in Phoenix.
Adam Reyes
Like this video
Alan L
Happy day! A new Haircut Harry video. This one is fantastic. Nice length and totally immersive. Thanks Harry for another gem.
André Cavalcante
Best shave on youTube.
Carlo Duncan
What an excellent barber. I've got to visit Phoenix.
Chris Piazza
I've been watching these videos all week now and Matt Gallegos is without a doubt my favorite.
Christian S.
This is so relaxing.
Christopher Heath
Like the atmosphere there. all the kind of stuff you would see in an antique shop.
Chunk 1978
Such a woofy bear barber! I'd love have his hands all over me ;)
OMG! You're good! I could fall asleep to you. Lol
Cody L
How can this video have 90 dislikes? Are you people insane?
Dan Allnatt
Loved the big model of Darth Vida in the background.
Dan Griffin
Got my first straight razor shave at the barbershop recently. Very relaxing. A man should do that at once in his life. Not at as good as these barbers but still a good experience.
I really enjoyed watching this video. I live in Dallas but my family lives in Phoenix. I will have to make sure I visit your Parlor the next time I'm in Phoenix.
Dario Witer
Another great video by Harry, folks!  =D
Dave Lister
All sort of magic, Awwww Yeaaahhh !
Don Fraysier
Nice, relaxing video.
EL Rope
Ma che cazzo fai??!!
Ege Yaldız
Where are you from, Harry?
Felix Gates
Dang Harry, I doubt I'd just be able to get back up after the shave, I'd be like, \
HairCut Harry
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Hank McAff
it's the squirt bottle that does it for me
Hippykilla 420
Looked like a dam\nGood shave ! Top work brother !
is it me or are these videos soothing
Ian Cook
Love watching these,but I wouldn’t bother having all this done,if wasn’t good looking,what’s the point might as well use a bic razor with some pound shop shaving foam,like the females at our work having eyebrows and lips done,when they are rough as,it’s like wearing a thong when your size 18
Irving Ramirez
where was this place at ? cuz im from there
Jamie Wyld
is it just me, or does this trigger off a huge wad of ASMR? NIce to see a shave done somewhere nice a QUIET.....
Joe Shuler
Great video
Joe Tiso
Now that was a shave.
John Hurt
Anyone else notice Darth Vader in the background at 5:23
John Smick
Wished to hell I lived in Phoenix!
Joseph Cardona
This guy wore a shirt and tie he knew he was going to be recorded 😂
This place is great. He now has two chairs. The other barber there is great and both of them are real nice. Very personal place...the decor is out of the world.
I like the Darth Vader in the back ground! :)
Krishan Mistry
First class production as always! Always enjoy watching your videos before I get my weekly shave.
Kristie Coldero
Great, loved it.
Jack the clipper is the best shave.
Marek Jemala
Its about the time to do the next video here.
Mark Hunter
Great smooth shave harry
Master Barber uk
Tummy rumble at 11.47lol\n\nNice work
Matthew Aper
This guy does not know how to mix a proper lather. I really like the atmosphere of his shop though.
Matthew G
growl @ 11:45 ?
Nice Harry, 
Mj Noor
I think the guy is waiting to get paid at the end !!
Did you get a haircut too ?? And did you film it ? Good work. Very cool Barbour and show. How did you find it ?
The perfect shave!
Nina Flores
Brilliant! So relaxing to watch a shave!
Otherealm Entertainment
this is a great asmr video.
This guy really seems like an exceptional barber
Prof. Hector Medina
Excellent video!!!
Rebecca Maloy
Wow! Amazing!
Rick Maynard
  I finally made it to \
Ron Elberg
best shave ever. thanks for the video
Salehovic S
a good video keep it like this.\nthank you..
Salvatore Tranquilli
mmm never seen so little soap.
Shawn G K
My goodness, this looked like it felt amazing.
Matthew is an extremely thorough barber. That has got to be the best $20 you'll ever spend.
What a nice guy and what a quiet little salon. I don't like those loud macho type places where the barbers find themselves more important than their clients. This here is quality, service and skill. This is what it's about!
This guy is a true barber. Knows not to talk too much and just focuses and gets to work.
13:48 ...that \
Terrence Moore
This was great. Love the pics on the wall too.
The Relaxation Station
What powder did he use at about 15 minutes in?
The_Silent Dragoon
I don't see to many barbers using straight razors that you strop and hone by hand most of the use the disposable ones now
Thomas Jimenez
They say, interact with the customer. I think the silence was perfect. Good video, adding to favorites.
Tpz Elf
12:40 : One minute-long vigorous face massage. Major ASMR, for me at least.
Verônica Farias Santos
i must grow a beard!
The barber had the perfect combination of putting the customer at ease and giving a luxurious experience while simultaneously being efficient in his technique. I would very much like to visit this establishment.
Yusuf Onur Cicek
Really liking the videos Harry !
This is easily your best video yet. Love the ambient barber shop sounds not interrupted by music. More like this please. Keep up the awesome work Harry!
david czapla
Why did we ever get away from this kind of service in a barbershop is beyond me.
david lindsey
Somebody knows what they are doing! Great looking service that I'm sure is well worth the money and time.
def abc
It's so nice. I really want to visit there if i travel USA. It's worth watching!!
dunk mac
great video harry
Watching these videos makes me wish I had hair.\nI shave my head now and have a beard.\nTerrific video.
now that's service. M. Gallegos is the real deal.
Wow, that was one of the best looking shaves I have ever seen! I bet you feel butter smooth after that. \n\nI wish there was someplace around here like that. I'd go in once a month to get my whole head shaved, talk about treating myself!
The minute he left his razor on his chest thats it..
james eadie
need a lesson in lathering . . .
keith arenas
I want to go there !!
kerry smith
i can't imagine trying to dust in there with all the pics on the walls
koma sregor
Great shave. I love the ambient sounds of someone working their craft. Please, no background music, unless it's played in the shop normally. Preferably Big Band Swing or Jazz. Keep up the great entertaining videos.
I wish my barber was like him, mine always charges me at the end!
Awesome !!!
excellent job He is a real proffesional in my opinion
mike wener
i like this video, almost no talk  no music just a good shaving, very relaxing to watch!
good asmr
Looks great, loved the beginning.
Matt used to cut my hair back in the day!!!
feel relaxed =)
Love all your vids Harry!
Such a tease. 3 times the Hairy, 3 times the shaves, 3 times the haircuts, 3 times the videos made.
torn mask
very impressive Straight Razor Shave Barbering video presentation which is absolutely, marvelously superb! thank you Sir Harry for not playing the background music as i requested in one of many videos that you present while the shaving process was being performed cause the amsr is very listenable in the human ear. this wonderful presentation really relaxes me into a snooze. in edition i watch this video in my most quiet moments with headphones & last, but not least Mr. Matthew Gallegos is an amazing Barber that every barbershop should take notice. cheers & thanks again Friend!