Best Fails of the Week 1 June 2015 || FailArmy

Hey Buddy, your dirtbike is on fire! This week we have some hilarious fails including ruining a corvette, a chocolate fountain eruption and a dog gives its own version of a bridal "shower". Let us know your thoughts down below, and as always, Salute!Check out our second channel FailArmy U:

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2:50 we get it you vape
Andres Felipe Palma Vargas
Oh my god... That poor Corvette... ;(
Andrew Mark
Anzxige YT
Ariyanna Tyree
Legend has it that there still cleaning up chocolates
2:53 with a haircut like that all you do is make mistakes
Austin Sloan
at 3:06 this man tried no blow it out👌🏿
Bas van Lissum
well, the dumbasses with te rockets werre dutch.. yee for the netherlands :D!
Ben Ball
hohohoho i got dat! i got dat!
Big Country
3:05 dude tries blowing fire out on a burning motorcycle.. Ya that helped lol
Bill Hiers
So, the guy whose motorcycle caught fire... what was he attempting to do? Push the tree over?
Bluff Heard
3:03 lol..
That drummer is a douche
Those germans at the end tho xD
Coen Hao
Cohen Lauzon
3:05 did he try to blow the fire out
Corina G.
These fails are too funny. I love watching them with my kids. Something both grown ups and kids can have a big laugh with.
DJ Thanos
All we had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!
Dark Dubbs
02:15 that's the problem with people today - don't care what going on around them unless it's on their phone.
Darude Her Right In The Sandstorm™
Man, that doge was getting it in good
Diamond Spike UV
2:34 scared the life outta me
2:20 what could possibly be so interesting to absolutely ignore the train right behind you?
When gentle horseplay turns into murder haha lol
Evan Runco
I wouldve left teh person there at 2:15 because she needs to pay attention!!!!
Fag Master
lol *taking photos* HEY GET OUT THERES A TRAIN COMMING *lifts* Phew now u are safe *girl keeps taking photos*
FailArmy U
Those are my type of friends at the end.
Gaśnica Gaśnica XD
Ferhat Ok
2:32 Assassins Creed confirmed?
Fiona Collie
3:04 yeah big boy blow on those flames, they're almost out!
Gasmaster Plays YT
But it makes since
Generator Masności
last the best XD
Hurrikan Loui Trollthemall
4:36 wild dream about an beautiful kiss... wakes up... guy: youre a real beauty you know?
4:45 Why would you name your kid after a game (Day-Z) ?!?
Izzy Equein
Iωάννης Κοραχάης
0:02 I don't think that this dog can understand the difference between a wedding dress and a   Fire hydrant
Jeremy Boateng
Who's watching in 2018?\n\n\n\n\n\nWhy are you even here
Jo Mntg
That guy with his motorcycle be like ''yeah I just blow the fire out''
Johnny Utah
@ 4:20....Memories of My First Kiss.
Jojo D
2:11 flying saucer in the top left corner
Kacper Poland
2:39 Poland :D
King Potato
If you are so into your electronic device that you can't here a train, hear people yelling at you to move and fell them trying to get your attention then you deserve to get hit by the train
Pozdro dla Polaków którzy próbowali gasić motor alkoholem xDD
Linnéa Saltin Sjöstedt (elev)
Logan Perry
5:00 those shitholes shouldn't be parents
0:50 wtf with this young... why he needs two watches and sunglass when its cloudy. he want to be cool but he is just stupid....
Things that still piss me off about certain fails:\n1. If you're going to do a stunt where you can fall and break your head, wear a helmet.\n2. If you're doing a stunt where there's heat and maybe fire involve, have plenty of water or a fire extinguisher ready.\n3. Learn how to REALLY drive your car before you show off.
Marie Carie
0:43 is it weird I want to be this guy's friend?
Matthew Walker
3.40. How that kids head isn't cracked open and blood spilling everywhere is a bloody miracle.
Mr. Deleted - \
Darwin Awards!
2:40\nThe amount of redneckness is *TOO DAMN HIGH*
Niclas Matthia
5:40 germans.... x,D
Nintendorak Yamato
3:45 He broke his golf club
Ohio Against The World
you're not supposed to be celebrating the last jump as you're beginning to hit the next jump. that shit happens.
Operator SeaSail
3.25 such a genius he use a beer to put the fire of no way
Philipp Grimm
1:55 chui is it u ?
Thumbnail is clickbait
2:13 a worm with no brain has better situation awareness than that woman.
Remi Carl
4:20 The mating season. Only one man knows this type of love.\n\n\n\n\n\nAnd I'm Nick.
Rob Davies
5:40 Why are drummers always such dicks...
Rob Shingles
that puppy licking out that dude's mouth, made me feel sick!
Robert Maher
4:15 that looked painful 😓
Seattle Subdivision Productions
2:11 Too busy lookin at dat Big Boy.
0:43 - Will Sasso!
This videos arent of June 2016... those videos are spam i watched them 100000 times.
Are these meant to be funny? I don't get it.
3:03 HAHAHAHAH did he honestly think that blowing on it would work 😂😂
Techtastisch | Experimente und Lifehacks
0:47 Physics saved his balls :D
Had to say it: white men can't jump but fat men can't land
That was a mad frontflip, though. So satisfying to watch
0:56... best of all :)
TheLastGamer Air Skorpion
Wir deutschen aldaa😂
0:15 O NO!\nIs the car ok?
Tomtom Nuckles
5:15 LOOK  ful speed idiot XD
Tony Mckinnon
How did that Zildjian taste?
2:11 He should've let that idiot get hit. Natural selection.
3:30 nie wodą tylko piachem xD
I used to be in a band, then I took a cymbal to the face.
Ugh Ugh
0:42 Is that Ryan from Supermega?
V Meester
4:10 laughed so hard more tears came out than when i cry
3:07 How about you piss on it, ur next to the porta potty
XxXDeathSpine XxX
2:37 don’t come crying when you get acid rain and/or air pollution in your state/country. Burning up all those damn fossil fuels, what’s wrong with you?
Also ich sag nur... 2 Guy 1 Bet ...Apecrime der letzte Clip
Zitronette 97
2:38 best! :DDD
aidan graetz
3:55 the golf club is like nope you not hittin that today
2:56 and the legends say that fire is raging to this very day....
elizabeth herrington
2:00 dang it bobby you did it again
everything's funnier when it's germans/russians/polish
Dude at the end deserves to have his ass beat...
Anyone one know what the people at 2:10 were filming? It had to something good if they were ignoring a train that was gonna hit them...
4:16 - \
Week 1 June. \nExcept when the first fail is from many months ago.
2:10 wtf are people that stupid
the jumpheight on that guy 5:44
4:13 that moment u realize your head has just been smashed like a grape. The show must go on!
Folks...learn to film in landscape