Some Americans are ignorant and proud 119 When was the war of 1812?

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Some Americans are ignorant and proud 119 When was the war of 1812 (lol epic wow best funny moments)Check out all My Halloween Recommendations for 2018:Simple Questions:1. Hannibal crossed the Alps using what animals?2. What is the freezing point of water?3. What was the name of the ship that brought the pilgrims to America? 4. Who is the vice president of the United States?5. Who is the leader of Russia?6. What does EYES spell?7. What is 38 + |-5| ?8. Name the young boy that is raised by wolves in Rudyard Kipling, The Jungle Book?9. Who is the youngest person that ever assumed the US presidency at age 42? 10. Which of the following is a famous French cooking school?Moulin Rouge, Eiffel Tower, Cordon Bleu, Chicken a la King11. What is: 0x2+1?12. Identify this structure13. How many fingers does a chicken have?14. Homeowners buy surge protectors to protect them of what?15. What is the population of the US?16. You have two pentagons. How many sides do you have?17. How many US states have the name that begin with New?2, 3, 4, 518. Spell the word: Amateur.19. Which continent below, the most hockey players come from?20. What is the mascot of the democratic party?21. How many seconds are in three minutes?22. When was the War of 1812?23. What is 7x12? funny videos humor comedy leno comp

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How did that first guy even get on Millionaire? You have to take a test to qualify.
Aa ron Gratton
You know I think these people were the one of f the people who sit at the back of the class and would fall asleep
Acklema Power566
1:52 paused zoom Porn star right there
Adrian Jackson
3:45 Cordon Bleu not Cordon Blue
Anne B.
It doesn't do any good to tell kids to stay in school...they just go to Socialize, not prioritize. Then later in life when they can't understand a intelligent response, they criticize. Something all dumb people have learned to do quite well.
Ladies and gentlemen, American education!
Arrow TT33
If water froze at 50°C, Australia would be the coldest inhabited country in the Southern Hemisphere.
Average Boi
This isn’t all of us
Blake The Marching Tuba
Hmmmmm never seem to find any videos of the actual smart Americans because everyone hates us for being the best so they put the dumb people on the Internet and hide all of the smart ones.
Bumbo Man
Honestly, you could be a theoretical physicist and not know who, Mowgli, from The Jungle Book is. (3:11 for reference.) Not knowing that information is okay, you can be ignorant of that trivia and continue to live on without consequence.
0:50 we wouldn't have this issue if everybody used celcius, It's 0
I am an Indian and I used to think, when I have children, I will send them to America to study. Now, I will send them anywhere but America. \n\nWhatever I learnt in a cheap government Indian school has stayed with me and my friends forever. Love my country even more now.
Chad Carraway
I have carefully watched this 4 times and counted everything.. here is the truth of the video \n\nThere were 63 incorrect answers\nOf those 63:\n\nconfirmed faked or set up (asking people who are drunk or high): 35\nconfirmed as in I have seen their source material and know it to be true...\n\n\nTrick questions: 15\n\nnot important enough to remember: 10 \n\nBtw JFK was the youngest president ever Elected.. key word is elected... he was 43\nRoosevelt became president at 42 when McKinley died... I count that as a trick question because they asked \
Chris Potts
I feel dumber just watching this...
Cole Caragan
Brain of a young child was really more impressive than their older counterpart
Dabunny Rabbit
The war of 1812 was in 1932.
David Childers
To be honest, I thought JFK was the youngest president,
Doug Montgomery
I might not have room to talk...when I was a kid I thought The American Revolution was World War I and the Civil War was World War II. That's why we have school. And who was the Vice President under John Quincy Adams? John C. Calhoun. (No, not Daniel D. Tompkins. He was James Monroe's Vice President. Edmund Gwenn had it wrong in the movie _Miracle on 34th Street.)_
Duke Makedo
Heck, I thought JFK was the youngest.
Dylan Carroll
this is why °C is better, because 32°F is so random of a number, while in °C water freezes at 0°C and boils at 100°C, simple and easy to remember.
Ella Donna
New Hampshire, New York, New Mexico, New Jersey?
Emiliano Hernandez
Think about it, some of the people go to college. Just proves how much \
The girl at 1:57 I've seen in other episodes.
Ernest Bigot
What is the population of the US? How do you answer that, even if you knew the exact number it would change before you could answer it.
Etienne Aubert
The Empire State Building of Paris?
Fancy Colt
2:55 leave this man alone. He looks so innocent.
Frederick Green
Don't ask me questions can't you see I have blond hair questions hurt
the e y e s thing is stupid. Not really people being stupid it's just a trick question. Stop putting like 10 of those clips in a video
There is something very wrong with the education system in the US.
Giant Fan
“I don’t know, I’m failing science... and 3 other classes”
Lol everyone knows the war of 1812 happened in 2019
Yea lets give a bunch of 20 year olds history questions about other countries, and THEN LAUGH when they don't know the answer, these questions have nothing to do with someones IQ, they are just not relevant enough for today's young brains. and to move forward in the future, you need to know the here and now.
How do they get into college?? This is what's scary.
Hannah Anafelōz
The y-e-s e-y-e-s one is a trick on the mind, it isn't some one being ignorant considering anyone who doesn't know the trick will fall for it.
Harold clark
The adjudicator couldn’t pronounce Cordon Bleu
We have a bunch of European Einstein’s in the comment section.
Ingo Schweitzer
Well it wouldn't be funny if everyone got the answers right would it?
Isidor Fist
Must fave been filmed in California.
J. Montrice
3:41 So the Asian Dad Stereotype is not always true?! I'm Disappointed.
Jack O'Jack
what color was the white horse of Henry the 4th ?
James Bond
And these people are allowed to reproduce ,scary
Jason Markson
One day, one of these genius's will be president... Oh WAIT.. That has already happened.
Jay Dark0
Damn kids smokin dope again
Jessie Godsey
Jesus Christ, this hurts. It literally hurts.
Jew Cunt
You do realize that some of these are a skit right
Joe Gower
These questions are just trivial, u acting like it's common sense
John Orvis
I answered the freezing point (water) question as 273° k, 0° c, 32° Fahrenheit.
John Smith
Simple Questions:\nHannibal crossed the Alpines using what animal?\n\nIn what world is this a simple question?
Josh _
The freezing point clip was from my school!
Jucab Nubster
Dumb? Or improv geniuses?
Justine Haro
3:08 glad to see, us Asians are not dissapointing😂😂
Kevin Kimball
When was the war of 1812? It was right after 1811 and before 1813.
Khaos Inoculation
You're asking question they don't all need to know.. Do you know that we deliberately made sure the smartphone didn't replace all the devices it can hold digitally? Why? Continuous tax profits from sale, resale, and maintenance. All those factories dumping poison in the water & into the air that could have been used to make products that last like the original intention of products. Draining energy in every form we have.. INTENTION.. Google \
Liam Ward
7 times 12 seems hard to me off the top of my head although i am european and the times tables werent drilled into our head to be recited
LoJack Brewer
Mandy Candy
I got 6 right 😭😭 oh well, went to a public school in Camden NJ, and I been outta school for a few years now. Most stuff I forgot, nonetheless going to watch more and touch up on my trivia lol
The 2:33 clip has nothing to do with intelligence, it's a word trap.
Mr. Nibble Nips
Russell Crowe? 2:36
1:37 - _\
Nomad r.
We are dumb help us.
Peter Johnson
this is how my hard earned tax dollars are pissed away........I want my money back
freezing point of water is 0C* OR 32F*
Rafael Bovi
OMG how embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!
Schools in America are daycare centers for working families.
Rob Emanuel
Fahrenheit is a useful scale as 100F marks the start of a fever in humans and thermometers can be made with coloured alcohol instead of the more expensive mercury ones.
*shows Eiffel tower* what's this\n\nT H E E M P I R E S T A T E B U I L D I N G ?
Savage Red19
*E-Y-E-S EEE YES* he’s right 2:50
I’m 13 and knew most of these smh 🤦\u200d♂️
Shuhrat Kessikbayev
*Shows the Eiffel tower*\nEmpire State Building\n\nHOW DO YOU SCREW THIS UP IT'S LITERALLY THE MOST VISITED TOWER EVER
Guys i dont understand how can everyones birthday be on this year like jesus your kidney
Simon Jones
You could do a similar test in every Country in the world and get a similar result.
Why can’t people do the eyes thing
9:13 shout out to the Blackhawks fan
Stardust Alignment
When these are trivia questions that no one even cares about and are asked to make a quick trivia question then made into an anti-American Compilation (P.S they people, in the beginning, were using Celcius so not American)
How many seconds in 3 minutes?\n\
I’m gonna be honest. The only reason i can spell amateur is because of porn
We are learning about the war of 1812 and when the teacher asked when it was someone said late 1800s and my teacher lost all faith in us.
That guy 67463
The Empire State Building has now moved to France
Thaumiel the Protogen
Some of this isn't really important, and some are just trick questions that slipped past peoples' minds.
The Crappy Animation Warehouse
This is a bit unfair, since a *lot* of them are under pressure, and feeling the need to ejaculate random answers left and right, and 30 degrees Fahrenheit isn't that far from 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
It's also stupid to include the e.y.e.s. clip and the crying over spilled milk one in a video like this because that is a brain trick and a riddle, which don't count to be calling someone stupid.
To Meme or Not To Meme
Vinxos Studios
But I can’t answer that IM AUSTRALIAN
Freezing point of water: 32°F and 0°C
Where's Waldo
A lot of Americans say USA USA yet they don’t know The US Constitution
Yes, Hannibal ran around the Trebia with a bunch of Carthaginian spitting llamas.\n\n\n10/10 for history
Is anyone able to tell me who the boy is at 3:56 he looks suuuppperrr familiar....
Dear America, please switch to Celsius. Freezing point of water: 0. Boiling point of water: 100. Isn't that simple enough to remember? Even the girl who failed science can do it.\n\nAnd while we're on the topic, please also switch to Metric System and get rid of the archaic Daylight Savings nonsense.
deezy the runt
Plymouth Rock
amateur is a tricky word. I do know how to spell it though cus i use it quite often. 100 points to anyone who can guess why!
ghost filled basement ss
I live in the United States and most people here are very ignorant but that seems to be the way the government wants them. Dumb and on the gov tit.
i do not understand how you guys are able to survive
martin schmidt
Math education is marred by at least these 2 things: kids not being able to calculate up to 10 times 10 mentally and doing division by hand. If you need a calculator for this, then your math-learning abilities are seriously impaired. It should be mandatory to learn up to 10 times 10 by heart and doing division by hand.
I only got about 3/4ths right thats sad
Leno’s bits were fake.
roland martin
ruhig leute, das ist in Deutschland?Belgien und Frankreich auch nicht besser!
*when exactly did September 11 happen.....*
wesson smith
What is the mascot of the Democratic party. \
winged hussar
No just no!