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WHO KNEW?!👍🏼 Thumbs up from our fellow Americans and Canadians👍🏼 ✿ Zoey's Channel: 👏🏼 Thank you SO much for being here 👋🏽 💋 CIAO

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Adanna Eziekwu
I am in Canada but I guess a act like an American
Ajay J K
Alex Deleon
Canadians don't get free health care. They pay higher taxes and that money goes towards their health care. No one works for free including doctors and nurses.
Alexis Morton
I say Bathroom; and I’m Canadian; so do my finds it’s preference of what you prefer to use. Nothing about being Canadian.
Angel Lee
Americans = Ignorant, racist, rude, obese.\nCanadians = Open-minded, awesome, polite, nice.
Anime Trash
Im a proud Canadian. I also never noticed we say things differently than Americans.
Annette Dupras
Im sure there is a more informed Canadian to do this video with. She had no idea what she was talking about
Anthony Rodriguez
Also in these vids you'll notice that Americans are always eager and excited to learn how our country and others compare and contrast but the foreign counter part is always like \
I’m Canadian and have never heard any Canadian say Hey instead of eh
B. C.
Americans living in Washington state and Oregan are closer to Canadians in British Columbia than they are to Americans in Alabama.
Basic Animations
Canadians say bathroom instead of washroom too instead sometimes lol
Benjamin Pidlaski
Ya the girl that said we have free health care in Canada is completely WRONG. We pay for it in taxes and for high earning people they have to pay up to 50% of their salary in taxes. The wait times for surgery is brutal and the quality of care is not even close to as good as the US. Basically if you can afford healthcare in the US, its WAY better than healthcare in Canada.
Wooo Canadians! Go Canada! And Americans, in case you didn't know, Canadians pronounce the last letter in the alphabet (z) like 'zed' and Americans as 'see'! Interesting, huh?
Bombbts 206
To me, a beanie is something you would wear for fashion, not so much for practicality and people wear them in seasons other than winter. But Toques, are only worn in the winter, when it's so cold that if your ears aren't covered they will freeze.
Bonnie Yarbrough
What the heck?? Krispy Kreme has the best doughnuts 🍩💕\nDunkin's doughnuts are so dry 😝😬
Brian Barton
Americans Rule!!! However, Canada does have Terrance and Phillip😳😳
Bruce Wayne
Terrance and Philip EH
Chris Johannsen
This video has so much misinformation.
Christopher Padilla
Well i live in quebec
Coins With Why Daydreamer
Lol! I got a Tim Hortons ad during this video!
I'm Canadian and I have never EVER heard someone say eh.. lol
Daniel Robles
Americans are simply better lol
Dave Lb
nobody says hey at the end of a sentence.. anywhere!! lol im canadian and also say bathroom or washroom. Also I hardy ever say sorry. I will say F off before sorry. lol
Douglas Rage
1:11 is it just me or I’m Canadian and I say I gotta go to the bathroom anyone else? Well some times I say washroom
Dylan F
Well... in Canada we have much better Gun laws and its easier to walk outside without getting shot.
EliTe BlitZy
I’m in N.S. I don’t say eh, hey at the end of my sentence.\n\nWhen I went to America in Florida I bumped in to someone and they yelled at me and I was only 11 they were like 40
Elijah Moore
🇺🇸\n🙆🏻\u200d♂️\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n1 like = every time the flag gets raised
Felicia Crowe93
Canadian here in Ontario 🙋\u200d♀️ we do talk so different from Americans eh?
Felipe P
You chicks are really hot.
Field Marshal Marc
Not being salty or shit but here's the fact.\n\n(USA Racism intensifies intense crime rates and poverty) (Canada Politeness low crime rate)
Gary Whipple
Im canadian, and i use bathroom. 3rd weekend in october. They made it that way because they wanted thanksgiving just after the last harvest, and its not too cold
Gloria_Grace 2211
I’m from P.E.I Canada (its in the maritimes) lots of lobster 😂 I am pretty sure they have lobster at McDonald’s......? YEP a Mclobster
Hentle rob
Oh error is not TOQUE ...BUT TUQUE is real name !
Wow. This Canadian girl does not know very much about our country. Embarrassing.
so many stereotypes in this videoo i’m cringing 😖😖
Actually there is a wide variety of difference in Canadian accents, the stereotypical Canadian accent comes from the country side, Newfy from Newfoundland, French Canadian which is different from normal french, the Prairies have there own accent, BC sounds sorta like a Californian accent, out in the bush is a whole other thing, and Nunavut has there own accent.
James Thomas
heres to a long happy relationship with our brothers and sisters to the north of us... LONG LIVE THE UNITED STATES AND CANADA
Jean-christophe Bérard
Vive le Québec  😍
Jenna Strydhorst
Canada in Alberta and i say hey
Jennifer Townson
Ugh.. NO. HealthCare is not “free” \n\nShe failed to mention a few key points. \n\n1) When employed, you pay for your benefits. Money comes off one paycheck per month. \n2) Most insurance companies only pay a certain percentage of coverage. \n\nFor example- prescriptions are usually between 70-90% sometimes 100% but that’s usually only if you have a career type job, or work in oil and gas. They’re rich.. they have more than enough money.\nMassages and chiropractic work usually only gives allowances of $500/year. That doesn’t last long does it. Then you’re on your own. \n\nIs it cheaper than America? Absolutely! But it’s not free. Wait times here are insane. If you’re ok worrying if you have cancer for 8 months until your MRI apt, cool! If not, go to the states and pay for it.\n\nIf you go to the hospital, - non emergency, you’re waiting a good 3-7 hrs to see someone. \nWhy? Because now hospitals are filled up with ppl with a cough. Instead of an actual problem. Clogs up the system with people who take advantage when there’s no real reason to be there. \nIt’s also worth noting that American doctors are by far more skilled and qualified. My dad had a hip replacement.. you know what they did? Doctors cut his leg bone to short. So now, he has to permanently wear lifts in one shoe, because they cut the damn bone wrong. He’s now literally almost 2 full inches shorter in one leg. And here comes the best part!!!!.. in Canada, YOU CANNOT SUE DOCTORS for situations like this.They’re protected. Thanks government!!! You can try, but 99.99% of the time, nothing will happen.\n\nMy husband was also almost sent home from the hospital by a doctor who thought my husbands leg was fine, “just put some ice on it”.. when in fact, the muscle was completely detached from his knee. And it was only until I had a spaz about him not being able to lift his leg on his own, did the doctor go ask someone else who actually helped us. \n\nYes, I agree that it’s nice not to receive a bill for every apt. Absolutely!! But it’s also scary to know the government is in charge and can decide what’s best for my health. \n\nMy best friend is also a nurse. They make next to NOTHING compared to American nurses. And because of budget cuts from the government, their wages have dropped, they’re losing hours, and now!!!!... the government has decided to hire LPN’S Instead of RN’S. LPN’s can’t do the same as a RN, but guess what?! THEYRE CHEAPER TO EMPLOY. So that’s great!!.. now we can go to the hospital and receive care from people not fully qualified in nursing because it’s easier on the governments pocket. \n\nThis type of socialized medicine isn’t the answer either. And we only have 36M ppl. You guys 336M ppl! We pay a disgusting amount of taxes on our paychecks to help pay for something you may not use very much. Im personally getting tired of losing $350-400 per paycheck. Higher or lower of course, depending on your wage. And mine isn’t considered high earnings. I work in a warehouse, it’s not a career. \n\nSo no... it’s not free. She’s just forgetting or not realizing what her taxes are going towards. Never mind paying into her benefits at work. I’m so sorry this was so long, but that one really chapped my ass.
Jodi's Expat Life
Yes!! I would say \
Jozey Smallwood
Thanksgiving is in October because of harvest season I think and here on PEI our tables are covered with potatoes because every one lives 10 minutes TOPS from a potato field and you either are a farmer 👨\u200d🌾 👩\u200d🌾 or are related to one (PS Islanders are reallyyyyy into saying SLIPPY not slippery (other people in Canada say it too)
Jynxy GTP
We (canada) have the same shit we say bathrooms we say eh as in a question mark. Example.......dont u hate justin bieber too eh.......or a comfirmation of what was said storms eh. Aka asking someone if they love storms? Alot are the same except we have less bs of rasism and violence we have some just not as much and not over blown
KC Barnett
Thanksgiving in Canada is in October is because its the time of harvest
Krislyn Bodyk
Canada has maternity leave, health care, credit cards with chips, and we don't carry guns everywhere.
That is not true. Braces are not covered by your provincial health care. You can get extended health care that covers braces like Bluecross or Sunlife. The Canadian health care covers all major health concerns that you require to survive. The only things that aren't covered are dental and cosmetic surgery. Although, Cosmetic Surgery is covered for burn victims and people who don't do it for the purpose of having a prettier appearance.
Lizzie Productions
um besides america having disney channel and donald trump, pretty much everything is the same, canadians don't say washroom instead of bathroom they say either or
Lmao Idek
I’m Canadian and I say bathroom and washroom, like bathroom if there’s a bath or shower in it and washroom if it’s just a toilet and a sink, also I’ve never said aye and I know no one who says aye? And hey and eh are not the same thing idk what that girls talking about.
Lydia Lapensee
It depends for some stuff like in school I say bathroom and washroom I don’t say eh or tuque we say about not aboot um I say sorry not surry. It just depends on the person
Madison Gibson
i’m canadian and 1. we say bathroom, washroom and restroom 2. we say tuques sometimes but usually just beanies or hats 3. we (at least me) definitely say the word “right” after sentences lol, but a lot of people say “eh” not including me 4. all people i know say pasta differently there isn’t a distinctly canadian way to say it 5. tim hortons i believe was just recently bought by burger king (i think) but we’ve had timbits forever and we’ve had sandwiches there for sooo long, i don’t think it’s been just bagels donuts and coffee for like a long long time, it’s also just as good as it’s always been in my lifetime 6. for me personally growing up, we had kind of a negative connotation with americans because you guys knew nothing about us but we know so much about you, also you guys are so obsessed with your own country and the whole “america is the greatest country in the world” thing it was kind of just like we saw americans as crazy people across the border lol THAT being said though i love going to the states bc you guys have so many more stores and cool food that we don’t have (ex. you guys have SO MANY flavours of oreos it’s actually insane) and also your serving sizes at restaurants is incredible 7. when i travel, and most people i know travel, we don’t want to be called american bc no offence a lot of countries around the world don’t like americans but they like canadians so if you travel with a canadian flag, in my experience people are so nice and they come up to you and like to ask us about it
Madison Lidster
I guess i'm not Canadian because I don't say eh, or call a hat a toque
Maple Syrup
Thank you! \nYes ik I’m very late
Marcela Cortes
Ok I wasn’t born in Canada but been living here for half my life, and this girl don’t seem to really know much about her own country. 🙄 like I could probably do a way better job than she did.
Maria Paulenne Balde
Americans are overexagerated with their hand gestures. They are quite snobby than Canadians. Canadians are under British rule that's why we are more polite.
Myself and I
The american girl kinda looks a bit like Kourtney Kardashian
Nicholas Yansouni
I’m French Canadian and I’m bilingual. When I speak in English it’s the same thing as American English
It's not FREE healthcare. Taxes pay for it. If you work, you pay.... for everyone.
I think 'hey' is also a french canadian thing. In french we say 'hein' at the end of sentences in the same way :D
Norm Chiu
Thanksgiving in Canada is to celebrate the harvest, it's a harvest festival.  The USA version is in November to be thankful that the Natives came to rescue them from the poor harvest the first couple years in the new land.
O loves Makeup
I’m Canadian and I say bathroom or washroom.
Ophélia Perrin
Shawn Mendes 😍😍❤❤❤
Otoskire The great
Canada and America really are the same bruh your proof is so bad, accents are different all over America and so are those little words
P. Shelaine Henry
I'm from the Caribbean. To my ears only when a few words are mentioned I catch the difference but sounds the same. Except in pitch. The pitch is different. Lol!!!!
Priya Queen
Justin is also Canadian
Professor Snippety-snaps
1.washroom/bathroom/restroom is used across Canada \n2. Older generations say toque and younger say beanie (where I am from)\n3. Never said eh in my life. Only the older people say eh. (We also say right wtf)\n4. Aboot IS NOT A THING. No. Just. No. \n5.pasta not pahsta \n6.starbucks n Tim’s are v popular in Canada \n7.our health care is superior\n8.we watch all American shows. Like everything u watch is on Canadian tv too. It’s all American. We have pbs n Disney n everything idk what she’s talking about.\n9. walmart. super store. Costco. All of our one stops
Puppy lover Games
I am Canadian I say bathroom I say hat and I say hey \n\nI think Canada is better tho because we don’t have Donald trump lol\n—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\u0000—\n\nI’m 12 and I am really stupid so I don’t understand what half of the replies mean\n\nNow that I think about it the USA has more stuff like target lol
Rachel P
I don’t really like the videos where someone speaks for their country as a whole. I grew up and still live in Canada and I could disagree on something’s. Not everyone is the same
Shah Shawon
Are you Indian American? It seems so 😃
She Wolf
I think Canadians are more 2 faced than polite. Canadians will not tell you what they really think. They are non confrontational which is not the same as polite.\nAnd Americans put cheddar cheese on their apple pie, Canadians don't. Also Canadians have ice tea sweetened while Americans have no sweetener in their iced tea! Yuck!\nAlso, in the USA was the first time I had ever seen corn syrup packaged as honey. Canada doesn't LIE on its labels of food. It wasn't honey!! From there I explored the reasons and discovered that the USA has a problem with dying bees because if GMO crops and so they use corn syrup in place of honey. Food in Canada is better, but not by much.
Sheryl G
Canadians are in complete denial over how they actually sound. I've lived more years in the U.S than I lived in Canada, but my mother and brother are still up there. I don't know why Canadians spend so much time attempting to prove how unlike Americans they are, but absolutely refuse to admit they have an accent. \n\nTo get a better idea of how most Canadians sound, look up old interviews of Stompin' Tom Connors. That is EXACTLY what the majority sounds like.
Simon Bohan
This would be really cool if you had an English person there too, because I can see that there's some things that we have in common with the US and the other things that we have in common with Canada (I'm English).
Its weird because I'm Canadian and lived here for all 18 years of my life and I say all the same things Americans say 😂😂 I say bathroom, beanies, etc and I don't have a Canadian accent at all
Only @ a public place I say washroom subconsciously
Steven Arseneault
Susie Peaches
I’m Canadian
Sylvie Vicenza
Thanksgiving in Canada is earlier because colder climat and we harvest sooner in the season.
T0gxThEr :p
Lmao it’s so true that we say sorry for everything
Tasha Lydia
I'm English and I say I need to go toilet not wash room or bath room
Taylors Takeoff
People try so hard to separate themselves from others. When you grow up, you’ll come to know the countries do have some differences, but the people are exactly the same.
USA Resident
Most of the Americans I know are polite also, especially the Christians I know. They want to do so much good in their communities. Most Americans I know also apologize a lot and use manners. I have taught my children how to apologize properly. Saying just \
VioletJuliana Lucy
It is cool learning about Americans because I am Canadian
Yola Montalvan
AMERICA 🌎 = NORTH AMERICA + CENTRAL AMERICA + SOUTH AMERICA\nThe U.S. is not America. America is the name of our continent from Canada to Argentina. And everybody born here is an American.\nI am from South AMERICA and I always say I´m an American from the the South living in Quebec.
Zombie Revolverheld
There actually is quite a large difference in the accents between the West Coast and Ontario. It depends where you go, but you may notice it more in rural areas.
abdifatah mukhtar
I like Americans tbh.
I was born and raised in Canada but WHO TF says “HEY” at the end of a sentence?!!?
Where r u ma Canadiannnnnnnns!!!! 😘🇨🇦
first time i ever anyone say they don't like krispy kreme
interestingly mouse
If anyone even dares to compare America to Canada as the same you need to eat a salad sis.
katrina valckx
Noooo... one stop shop for canada is definitely costco
one piece fan
I love being Canadian
portman 323
I live in Canada and have heard people say eh.. not alot but sometimes. Being polite is obvious .. anyone anywhere being an ass is exactly that. Canadian Thanksgiving is on the second Monday of October, it's a well known 'fact' we have free health care (witch we pay for during taxes) but ... ok .. my wife went into labor and we live in a small town 4 hours away from the nearest hospital (we have a tiny clinic with 10 staff and 2 ambulances) we got in the ambulance 4 hours to the hospital, got our own private room, (TV, fridge,microwave, 2 sofas, etc) had the baby, went back home didn't cost us a dime. We need medicine we pay for it keep the receipt and get it back through tax return. we do pay for the health care either through employment benefits package, or government issued witch is around $60 a month. Or don't pay for it and get billed and pay loads during tax time.
ryan phillips
newfies might say \
stephanie campbell
lol I like how she brought up the Vancouver vs Toronto. Because I was born and raised in ON, then when i was 21 moved to BC. I was waitress in DT Vancouver, you have no idea how many times I got asked if I was from Toronto or ON. They would then add after I said yes, its because you're so polite don't ever change! Usually it was older ppl that would say this. I've since moved back. Both places are awesome!\n\nBtw, in BC you have to pay healthcare its not free, its cheaper taxes, but i don't think by much. Also our dental isn't covered unless your parents or you are covered at work. If you have an emergency yes its free at the hospital.
the excited chair
stop what youre doing right now and go to 9:44