top 10 best commercials of all time

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my favorite commercials of all time

10 all best commercials of time top

Aaron Rollins
Adde 1997
the Discovery was the best
Aldea Iulian
the song from 0:48 ?
Alexander Liu
we are sinking ,we are sinking . .......What are you sinking (thinking )about ? hahaha my god . this is really funny .everytime when i think of this .I can help laughing .
reverse the list and it will be correct
Andrew Burns
These are shit, especially the kids with blank expressions raising their eyebrows, remind me why that`s funny?
Anh Quan Chu
The Discovery song is amazing :)
Arthur Palauro
number 4
Baaru Joseph
10 - did int get the idea so 1\n9  - Hilarious its a funny one \n8 - Damn didn't get it either\n7 - funny but still don't get it \n6/5/ - just damn don't get it . \n4 - The discovery add is just amazing the setting, theme song \n3 - now that's hilarious its a reminiscent of doing it \n2 - Di dint get it , the kid makes it better but its damn\n1 - just damn if you are gonna do some commercial about pants , you can do better \n\nthanks up loader really appreciate will try get that one for discovery channel loved it \n\nothers most favorite \n\n- Chivas legal commercial with best song theme and the words \n- Pfizer - sometimes it takes more than medication , commercial on painting a wall\n- The Porsche commercial of a small kid who fancies the new 911 and says hel be back in 20 years \n- Most of Super sport commercials are amazing \n- The old Bp commercial \n- Sketchers man vs cheetah\n- EADS corporate film 2010\n\nand the list is endless , at the end of the day should have a theme for the same \nthanks for uploading this once again we really appreciate\n- 
the commercial with the german is the best:D germans do have humor;-)
Bee Beesley
The second one is WTFFFF LMAOOO
Belle Durand
Number 4
Brianna Lawson
#3 was the best ;D
Christian Martinez
The 9 minute most wasting moments of my life.
The rating at #3 gave away the joke at the very beginning. So sad.
Berries and cream starburst commercial
Dave Elmy
pretty stupid stuff
David Roepnack
# 10 (old spice) was ok.. Discovery Channl (# 4) was good but hav seen better .. this was a lame compilation.. some European sense of humor .. sooo dry. Meh.
Deccease Yang
what are you sinking about? XD thats epic
Ded Pewl
*Starts video*\n*Singing in head*\n\
These are all good so far... *sees boom de yada* HELL YEA! BEST COMMERCIAL EVER!
Dom RM
I sink the only funny one was the sinking commercial other than that, you sink deep balls in ya mouth\n¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ just sayin
Elon Musk
Was that a Dildo??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Eric Taylor
My favorite was the kid playing with the \
Erik Petersen
Number 9 is both creepy and funny at the same time
Estela Dapper
What a wast of time, it´s a horrible selection.... misleading title
Frances Atty
6:02\ni love tornadoes\ni love drinking my own piss
Frank Lynch
I had to watch an add to watch more adds...
Fred Jones
using hypercam to capture youtube vids instead of just searching how to download them.
Hector PG
Más malos que el hambre... Worse than hungry ...!
Hunter Suo
And that's why MW2 is the best.
Ian Higdem
#2 eeeeeeeewwwwwwww
Its SirRamos
BOOM DEE ADA! awesome song
Its-a Me
#9 was so cringy
Janet Morrissette
I love the panda(he was so bad,also spoiled
Jenna Sullivan
With the exception of the Discovery Channel commercial, I want my time back.\n\nThe guy I watched this with likes the \
Jess T
+Dat Polarbear omg clare number 3 tho :')
Jordan Irving
I am commenting before I watch the video and I swear that if the Cadbury gorilla isn't in the top five you can end your life
Jorge Raimondo Sosa
9th is the only funny one... the rest of them just suck
Joseph StalinJG
The lollipop dell commercial from 2009 better be here
Karl Hans
what are you thinking about xD
Katie H
The discovery channel one made me happy inside.\nI love ads like that.
KevClips Gaming
#4 was amazing!
LER iz mor
I FINALLY found the discovery channel commercial yayaaayaya
Lee Williams
Let the damn kid play with the vibrator!   Stupid closed minded people of the 21st century. :|
LiveTigger - Alles über Minecraft!
#4 is the best one.
Luke Stubbs
that mw2 comercial really got me😜
Man of Truth
Marwan Alasmari
Massive Balloonknot
Tick followed tock followed tick followed tock followed tick. Guinness 
why so many hates? its a good video!, apart from number 9 and the old spice shit.
What are you thinking about??? Had me ROLLING!!!!!
Mimi Quitted.
why is never say no to panda not here or on #1.\nhe's the best xD
Mitch Carluccio
What did I just see
COD2.... Everyone is doing it ! ^_^
Muhammad Jefferson
What about battle tanks,super smash bros,and big bill hell cars
NOMO judement
Number 8 was the best
Nayeem Kalam
The only one that I believe deserves to be here is the IMPROVE YOUR ENGLISH almost sank me ;-)
Paris Teasdale
Number 4 #yolo
Pijus Malaškevičius
Boom-dia da, boom-dia da, boom-dia da, boom-dia da...
Pott Glas
hahaha.. The German *sinker* is the best =D
Private Account
The caption at the end: \
#9 LOL
Number 9: what?
Top 10 best commercials of all time? I doubt if any of these were even in the top 100.
Rich Bones
Was I the only one trying to move my eyebrows as fast as the kids were? Blahaha (^_^)
Rohan Kulkarni
Are you sure these are 'BEST' commercials??\nIn my view these corporates need to sack their creative agencies for such work.
Romao Cumaio
ve la essa porra
Ruben Treffers
-1 too much commercials
8:54 To skip ads!
Wtf Ikea
Scottie Matthew
German Coast Guard wins hands down.
Am i the only german who is feeling a bit offended now ? xD
Sue Harvey
The last one is lost on me, they are all wearing pants...............but no trousers.
I am still waiting for the \
8 minutes, 54 seconds of my life wasted.
The ABC Jug Band
The lonely grasshopper Jin was scared of
Number 7 is really bothering me.
Tim Langley
People complain about haveing to watch ads then why have 12 million people clicked on this video?
Tom Plx
I wasted 9min of my life...
number 8 man that was funny
Tural Aliyev
lol man you found all these scenes but couldn't find crack for Hypercam3
WHAT ABOUT THE STORY OF SARAH AND JUAN BY EXTRA GUM!?! ..........wait this video was made in 2010 \u003e.\u003e
White Noise
The Discovery commercial got me lost for half an hour..
You like jazz?
Roses are red \nGrass is green\nUnregistered hyper cam 3
Best commercials of all time. \n\nWorst Video Encoding of all time. 
cipnr korvo
most of them are heavy american humor. not so funny. but the discovery channel boom de yada song is nice!
Personally I think 5 is the best
darron greatrex
eXoN Zero
The Discovery ad is really awesome
I'm on a horse
konstantinos konstant.
Well let's see...\nNo 10: a half naked , muscled, black guy\nNo 8: many macho football guys\nNo 7: a half naked, muscled, black guy\nNo 6: a half naked white guy\nNo 5: unifromed, german speaking, coast guards guys\nNo 4 : Two male astronauts looking together at the beauty of earth, singing a cheesy song\nNo 2 : A vibrator\nNo 1: Many men with no pants, singing \
m ti
06:12 steven hawking, lost it lol
misaldat W
well that's 9 minutes of my life I won't get back! :(
No. 4 was awesome.\n\
sam foppen
#1 what the ...???