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Top 30 most hilarious responses to wrong number texts that will make you laugh all day. A good sense of humor can save even the most hopeless of conversations!Subscribe to Bright Side :

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none of these are real
Afsheen Zubia
Seriously, the comment section is more fun than the video. Hit like if u agree.
Well, have they called you Pathetic Bearded Hipster?
Amanda Ditmer
*i’Ve EaTeN a SaUsAgE*
Amber dolphin1210
Hahaha! Always text your dad when a guy cheats on you. Hahaha!
Autumn Mist Productions
#18 tho.... I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂
B. Hagedash
Remarkable how 60 odd random people all text with with perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation all write in exactly the same style and voice.
Bear Pao
What should I say when someone ask me \
Because I'm Batman!
Where is my shotgun?
Beltus benz
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Billy Feltz
Unknown number:hoy last night was funnn \nPerson:yes very fun right \nUnknown number:want to do that again ?\nPerson:yeet this is married man so who do you think this is but are you even old enough to have a girlfriend
Bob Loblaw
Hmm. All these kids must be Veterans since every single conversation is sent from a device set to Military time.
Brian Ervin
Can someone please download that software update for the phone...
I call BS on #23. What kid even used the word \
Continual Improvement
When you text your mum but were meant to be texting your girlfriend...
Crazy Hai
Either every third person in the world is called Suzy - or there's some unexplored reason why phones belonging to Suzys, can magically repel attempts to text them. Who knew? The number of Suzy-related mentions (that I see in wrong number compilations) is abnormal.\n\nPerhaps scientists should investigate this phenomenon. The possible benefits of harnessing this amazing power, are endless. You could ensure unwanted spam doesn't reach ur phone, by pretending u name is Suzy, when u buy a phone. Do u have a stalker? Again, convince ur phone, that ur actually called Suzy, etc.
Crosseyed Riri
12 minutes wasted... I watched it to see the text on the thumbnail but it wasn't in the video....\nEdit: The thumbnail changed and it _still_ isn't in the video
Crystal Wolff
D Hoosier
*I didn't find any of those funny.*
Number 4 was lit
Draw Kids Channel
Do ppl actually by accident text their teachers??\n\n\n\n\n\n\nI mean I live in the UK- maybe its an american thing 2 hav ur teachers no.\n\n\n😂😂😂😂😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Here is a real one that happened to me.\n\n(Unknown Number) Hey, this still your number?\n(Me) I'm not Ivan.\n(Unknown Number) LOL, How did you know I was looking for an Ivan?\n(Me) Because I've gotten a phone call for him every 3-4 months for the last five years.
Dáithí Ó Nualláin
I can't believe you cheated, O sorry dad. Baby weres my shot gun . GOOD FATHER👍.
Ho , no I can't believe am 5min late, after 26 comment
Edible Pizza
wow so fun*cough* *cough*not
Edson Lopes
I've wasted my time ugh....
Emmalee Burrito
8:24 I feel you. I keep getting texts to \
Etzerdlas Gaudistuben
this is 1 timewaste, m8s.
FNAF Adventures and more!
One time my mom got a text from a wrong number and it was a picture of an advanced test. My mom said it was the wrong number and the person was like, \
Fahed Kingo
I’m here before ya hit 21mil
Gordon Go
#1 dad has good taste to ask for cognac
Indo Raptor
Random person: *is a big, burly man*\nMe: Oh hey becky
ItsJustMe Sarah
No one puts that much punctuation in a text, these are obviously fake. If you're going to fake the trend then atleast do it correctly
J. Montrice
These are Hilarious, really especially the one with the girls all in one picture
James L
1:30 the best one.
John Ellison
fake alert
Jorja Grey
Just saying who has their teachers Number??? \n?? Anyone understand or no?\n???
These are so funny! Loved them! A lady texted me by mistake once. For some reason I decided to act like I knew her. She was in Ohio and I'm in GA. I told her I was so excited and relieved to hear from her...finally. I said the job was done and I needed her to help me get rid of the body. She kept texting saying she texted me by mistake and who was I . I am in my 70s and realized I was scaring her. I felt bad then and gave her my real name and told her she could find me on Facebook. I apologized for scaring her. The neat thing was she actually found me on FB and we became good internet friends. That was a few years back and we laugh about how we 'met'. I'd even like to meet her someday. 💙
Just saying
My married sister once text her lover she was having an affair with to my phone.
Karen Carney
It would be a lot funnier if the corney early 90's 'america's funniest home videos' theme song didnt play in the background
Katie Bartrop
They were bad, not funny at all!!!!!!!
Killer_ Rei
Kirsty Lamont
So when do we see the funny ones?
Krystal Contreras
27 was my favorite they went above and beyond and copied their faces😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Leticia Alvarez
These are fake, arent they
Little Coyote
A lot of those people seemed nice. *Except the ones in the comments* :/
Lora Yapp
This just made my day, lol.👍🏻
Martin Feroli
Hey Who Did The Music For This Vid?!?!?! DYNAMITE!!!
Mentos back at it again
Caption: TOP 30 FUNNIEST WRONG NUMBER TEXTS!!! \nActual video: person 1 \
It is remarkable that all 60 of these individual being texted with the same style. They also have names that you could think of right off of the top of your head. They also have pictures you could find on google. It's almost as if one person typed them up. Wait...
My name is
Who says dastardly? A guy from 1830 maybe
someone sent me a pic of a random plate of food once.
fake and not funny.
It's FAKE \
Onai D. Asai
Oto Roger
the funny is 15 harry POTTER
Pan A
This is fake because no app has this kind of text.
Purple Wolfy AJ
The funny ones, 3:36 Delete my number. :P 6:12 😆 And 9:09
Thumbnail changing original one which was funny? CHECK\nNot actually using actual text conversations? CHECK\nAnimating Everything for no reason? CHECK\nCongratulations you are the worst for this kind of stuff!\nLike if you agree that there are better channels then this such as comment awards funny texts because ATLEAST THEY ARE ACTUALLY TEXTS NON ANIMATED\n\nEdit:i also didnt know all the 'wrong number' texts they had to update their software in the top left corner\n\nEdit 2: 99% sure no dad says 'shucks'\n\nEdit 3: 17 they literally got a stock photo of the 'do i look like a amy?'
1 millionth view :-)
Reon Baruah
Roman reigns ;-;
I thought the guy in the thumbnail was Daniel Bryan in wwe if u know Daniel Bryan in wwe like this comment
SL Bellue
Even if some or all of these are fake, at least they're fun. It beats the fake news our media puts out there getting people riled up & keeping them focused on race issues.
Saki Chan
2018? 😋
Sarah Cawley
Absolutely completely not fake.
Serchhip Chelsea
Not funny.
Smol Peridot
I texted a wrong number today about math homework.\n\nThey said they haven’t taken Algebra in 6 years and then wished me luck on the homework.\n\nI don’t know how to react.
Tammam 47
*Fake asf!!!*
Tavi Ariton
#25. What kind of breed is that cat ? Canis lupus ?
The NightRaven
these are the worst wrong texts ever find a new hobby like seriously
I thought they were funny a.f.... I must be in a good mood
Ubaid ur Rehman Tariq
Wrong number \nLike if u get it !!!???!😂
Gloria??...\n\n\n\n\n*burger. And you watching pew news*
Valentina Perez Alles
None of that was funny.Just a waste of time\nSomething important down!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nNothing! Jajjaja! 1 like if you read this!
Vashi Oza
*tbh* Comment r more Funny
Great selection.
Winsant Store
Number 29, 27 and number 1 are my favorites....
Wolfie Oofie
5:50 my battery 😣😣\n11:28 *LOOK AT DA TIME*
Xinyan’s Toys Review
Me too!
5:46 You have soooooo much high battery charge point
alois wolff
Ah ah ah ah ah ahahaha....
I'm going to make up 30 wrong texts, but I'll make them believable.....and funny.
ashley m16
1:37\nSimply men
gideon karthik
No. 1 is ultimate
glyn hodges
Youtube, please change your algorithm back to the way it was when recommended videos were related to what you were watching. I used to be able to follow a path to more interesting and lesser watched videos and now I am stuck on a ring road with no exit. So boring.\r\nI keep clicking the not interested option but you do not seem to be listening. I don't want to watch a video just because a million others have.\r\nIf you, dear reader, like this comment then please start spreading something similar on other videos and perhaps we will get somewhere.
insanity 666
I texted the wrong number once, I was trying to contact my mom to see if she can pick up some Dr. pepper and I accidentally asked my friends mom... The best part was that the mom actually told me to come to their house to hangout and let me take off with a box of Dr pepper cans
kannan soso
*10:20** LOL 😂😂😂😁😀! Shotgun 🔫🔫🔫!!!*
leopardi the poodle NoName
well let me ask u a sec...\n\n\n\n\n\n*how did u bright side got all of these messeges huh??*
mrs. min
I knew when i saw \
namjoons_expensive gurl
it was so funny, I forgot to laugh.
For those of you who cant tell all these texts have been made up by bright side for entertainment purposes. They are not real.
People know these arent real txts right? Unfunny
thanos tv
2:24 \nLOL\nIt isn't cat!!!\n😂😂😂😂
time for sunrise
9:36\nit reminds me of Himchan's BAP line 😂 but i forgot what song tho 😂
toughomie boss
I'm that was a dog not a cat
wolfy 1968
Nice fake texts
zoza BB
Harry 😂😂😂