How to Stop Translating in Your Head and Start Thinking in English Like a Native

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Alex Prima
How do I understand if i Don't translate it?
Alexander Danielyan
3:26 start
Ali Farokhi
thank you for your help \nI'm really good at listening and reading but speaking is difficult for me\nI decide to do your advice from now
Anchi Huang
Love your tips and all the sentences you said are pretty clearly! And I often talk to my self in English when I’m alone, and I can say it definitely works in my case! 😊
Andressa Oliveira
I speak portuguese(from Brazil) and my dream is someday speak and understand English fluently, I'm studying for myself and is hard, but channels like yours help me so much,so thanks for this video, I learned so much and I'm training my listening here. Peace❤️
Aniket kumar
Ardany Zulfiqar
Still confused baby... how to make my english better, it's difficult to change naturally mindset of me
Barbara Leon
Hi! Well idk how i came here but i`d really liked your attitude! By the way, libro is book in Spanish too. Good video
BiG Link TV
I'm a korean learning english. your pronunciation is very good and careful. thank you for the video.
Catherine Sales
I've start to watch how to speak english fluently in youtube,and I saw your video so a watched it and I was amaze how you pronounce every word and I am very happy that I understand it😂😊
Cezar Zbughin
1)Just watch youtube.
Cynthia Oliveira
Good portuguese! I'm Brazilian :) thank you for video :)
Darss quetzal
Hello everyone! This video is so amazing... I'm learning English for myself, it's difficult but your videos help me
David E. Martinez
I like this video... I want to learn English!!!
So cute lloraras...;)
Deivid Machado Gomes
Curti banstante te ver falando em português, Gabi. Obrigado pelo vídeo!
Elleyde SantOos
Só ñ compeendi o vídeo sobre o tema porque ela fala inglês. Mas blz rsrsr
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Watch English videos and talk to ur self in English are the best and fastest way to learn and speak English fluently... Talk to ur self in English may feels so awkward in ur first try but trust me it really helps if u do it on a regular basis😀😀
Emanuel Ccanchi Apaza
I'm a GENIUS ...!
Que buen vídeo el de hoy!! Bailaste, cantaste, hablaste otros idiomas... jajaja, y con mucha energía!! Muy buenos consejos, me animaste a darle caña otra vez al inglés!!!\n\nGreetings from Barcelona!
Finn 。
Thank you very much for this video ! I'm French and I learn English at school, and I really need advices, so thanks !!! 😅😃
Francisco Silva
Bom tarde profa. Eu nunca viajei pros Estados Unidos. Eu tenho uma pergunta. Como é nos Estados Unidos? Tipo, tem documentos ex: Identidade, CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) Titulo de Eleitor, Carteira de Trabalho e Previdência Social (CTPS). Reservista, Certifica, Diploma, Graduações, Cursos, Graduação de Psicologia, Jornalismo, Administração, Ciências Econômicas, quantos créditos para se forma. Como é que a gente fala tudo isso em inglês?\nLer mais
Gen Abainza
I hope this video help me a lot.
Go Natural English
FIRST COFFEE, then think in English hahahaha :-) love you guys \u003c3
Greeicy_ Fans
I’m learning English by talking to my friends in English, I’m talking to myself ( SOO WEIRD IK ) watching videos ....... I’m doing all that she said and trust me for everyone it helps a lot I’m progressing everyday ♥️
Halil Sayma
oww that was a great experience to me.After ı watched the video,ı changed all of thinking english.Thank you so muchh :D
Hesti Paginta
I can understand English but it's really hard for me to speak English fluently.
Hugh Moore
It's okay to talk to yourself anywhere . . .\npeople will think you're on your cell phone . . .\nIf you want to wear your headphones . . . that's okay also\nIn any case just realize . . . nobody really cares how crazy you are . . . as long as you don't get too close
Hugo Martinez
Yo estoy tratando de aprender español y ya lo hablo bien y lo escribo bien ya lo entiendo mucho
Gaby the name of salsa song is lloraras and was very hard to understand your when you pronounced this word , pero al final pude entenderlo saludos Gaby y gracias por tanta alluda😘😘😘
Jannah Verceles
This video was really amazing,informative and really helpful.. Hahaha i was just like realized that.. \
Jefferson Alcântara
Oh my Gosh!! I’m from Brasil and I loved this video!! Won one more subscriber in your channel!
Joel Silvera
Como empezar a pensar en ingles.\r\n1) Comience con pequeñas actividades en ingles\r\n -Configura tu celular en ingles\r\n -Usa el ingles cuando paseas con tu perro.\r\n2) Escucha màs ingles\r\n -Escucha musica en ingles\r\n -Escucha podcast, radio, videos, netflix\r\n3) Trate de adivinar o planear lo que un hablante nativo va a decir en la siguiente conversación., presentación, etc. Esto ayuda a preparar el cerebro a recibir informaciòn.\r\n4) Pare de aprender exclusivamente a través de la traducción\r\n -Usemos la asociación,\r\n -Visualmente, el tacto.\r\n5) Pare de usar un diccionario bilingue, use un dicionario de ingles a ingles.\r\n6) Etiqueta objetos de tu entorno.\r\n7) Habla de ti mismo en ingles, estoy ayuda speaking, listening, vocabolario. Piensa en voz alta.\r\n8) Comienza el dìa pensando con un mantra o motto o alguna frase que solo lo haga empezar con motivación.\r\n9) Hace un poco cada día. Por ejemplo pensar por 30 segundos en ingles.
Jorge Schwimmer
Hey Gabby, my name is Jorge and I am from Paraguay. I have been learning English since I was 14 (now I am 24) at the beginning I had a lot of problem as you said understanding because I was translating everything in my head before I respond or simply to understand a question, so I struggled a lot before I started to think in English and everything was way easier... How did I do that?\nWell many people might think this is crazy but what I do it's talk to myself in English, daily things such as WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TODAY? And start thinking about my ''agenda'' you know like TODAY I MUST GO TO CLASS, IN THE AFTERNOON I NEED TO MEET MY FRIENDS, TOMORROW I NEED TO PAY MY CREDIT CARD BILL and things like that you know, I made English my second daily language after Spanish, also having my computer and my phone in English help me up a lot too because I am constantly in a ''English environment'.'' \nThen you have thousands of other options to actually use your English everyday: YouTube, Music, read something in Internet, anything that might make you have some practice everyday, try to use my English in my real life situation, that's very helpful. I hope I can help someone with y tip. :)
Julio Bolsomito 17
Meu Deus qui gata 😍😍😍
I’m Japanese 🇯🇵\nLearning English and Chinese are difficult, but I’ll never give up and try everything! Thank you.
Ket ler
что она блеать сказала?
Keylor *
Ojalá los nativos del ingles hablaran como ella,asi se puede entender. Que triste historia 😂
Keyti Moreira
Pessoal, esse curso de conversação pra entrevista de emprego é maravilhoso. Vale muito a pena.\n @t
Let's Play Aprelsky
Thanks for the tips !!! Every day I try to think in English, and it really helps! You are right !
Leticia Sousa
I loved the video, helped me a lot! Thank you so much.
Life & Nature
I am a ski patroller and in our area there are many tourists from the United Kingdom and Ireland who, by the way, have a funny and bizarre accent. I'm too used to thinking in English since I was attending College in USA and when I switch to English mode and I have the following problem: I have great difficulty translating the speech into Italian for my rescue companions. It is not at all intuitive. There must be specific techniques that I miss for simultaneous translation as they do during the meetings of the European Commission or the United Nations. Gabby, what do you suggest?
Lizz Betty
I understand everything,,but talking is hard for me,.,,I love this channel thank you Gaby😍
Lucas Nunes
11:00 Good pronunciation, but you said \
Luciano Pais
I´m really fall in love with your videos!
I only understood you 10% of what you said. You speak very fast for the beginners. \nMaybe I would have understood more if you had spoken more slowly
Hi, I'm from Brazil, and I'm sure that book is \
Mafer V'R :3
Cual es la diferencia de \
Mafika Rochim
Thank you so much 👍
Man Dis
Manuel Machango
Marcelo Benassi Filho
I like when your face blushing while you singing and dancing.. 😊😊😂😂
Mendez C
This is the best english teacher.
Mousab Ahmed
You are talking quikly .. and you are using american English … Pleas try to talk mor slowly and use british English … because I understand you difecultely
Muhamad Ramdan
You speak slow and make me easy to hear what you say. Kamu terbaik
I have studied English for a long time and I have wathched these kinds of videos(?) but... yeah I have a confidence to use English and I can say what I wanna say when I communicate with foreigners.. but again.. always I feel some limitations.. even I can speak what I wanna say, there are always grammar errors and I'm not sure it is right or not. I really want to improve my English more but It's really hard. I watched a lot of English videos and read many books with English but It's hard for me to speak or write English accurately. What should I do? Please help me...TT
Netto lima
Like/gostei Very good/muito bom!
thanks for all information. im soo proud of myself because clearly understood what you say. now i just need to improove my speeking skill and think in english
Panikoba Luravdaule
Gabby, thanks a lot for useful advice.\nHere are some *tips* though *from an experienced non-native* in response to what Gabby says:\n1. Take your time, don't respond to what you're told immediately; a pause before your response allows you to think more carefully about what you're going to say; your interlocutor also needs time to realize more fully what they've just said. You don't belive they all think carefully before they speak, do you? :-)\n2. If you don't already think in English, don't force yourself to do that in such important situations as meetings. You think more efficiently in your mother tongue because you are not restricted by scarcity of the language means, i.e. words, grammar rules etc.\n3. Be careful while learning not through translation: check what you learn with a translation dictionary. Many people lack accuracy even in the first language, let alone a foreign one. You may choose to use explanatory dictionaries for learners instead, but you have to bear in mind that the definitions may not always seem clear or unambiguous or even be accurate enough. Of course translation dictionaries may lack clarity and accuracy as well, but a good one will significantly reduce the amount of misunderstood language material.\n4. Don't underestimate learning through translation because words in your first language have considerably more associations than the ones in the language you learn. The word “libro”, for example, will evoke more associations and arouse more emotion with a Spaniard than the word “book” at earlier stages of language learning. Don't worry, you are sure to stop translating when you gain enough experience because our brain tends not to exert itself much. :-)\n5. Don't have too much uncontrolled practice, e.g. speaking to yourself, because you may internalize incorrect speech patterns.
I liked your video so much. I'm learning English, I have an intermediate level and I think that your tips help me to get better my English. By the way, I've just subscribed on your channel. I really like it. Congratulations on your videos!!
Remy Alshareef
How whant to practice English with me.. I whant to speak like i native people
J'ai rien compris à la vidéo
Rudra kumar Dubey
Well I can understand English but when its come to speak I got frustrated. That's my problem...
Rustiks TV
It's don't help, if you speak Russia, no help if you novice, but if you want up your level English, thats it become difficult to translate sentences in your mind, for example: if I want to speak something English, but my sentance is difficult to translate into English. And what are I doing?
Santiago Velastegui
Thank you so much, Gabby. I'm studying a major based on the English language so every day I'm talking and thinking in English. However, there are so many moments when I feel confused or lost because I tend to think in my native language so I translate everything. I'm going to put on my head your amazing your ideas and then I will tell you about my future experience in this wonderful English world.
Sena sn
I am Turkish. Thanks ❤️🇹🇷
Siyawash Nishat
It is not easy \nTo not think in your native language. \nI’ve been in the Uk for 5 years and still can’t think in English if I think in English my thoughts will be limited.
It's really a matter of how much you use the language. I was born in Poland and spoke and thought in Polish, but we moved to Germany when I was almost 5 years old. I started learning German, and after a few years I began thinking in German. Age 8 I started learning English, and after having consumed most of my media input in English for over 10 years now, I automatically started thinking in English. I was actually surprised when I realized I have been doing this for some time xD
The lord is my pastor
Here is a tip that has personally helped me improving my vocabulary: whether you are reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music, or having a conversation and you come across a word or phrase you don't know the meaning of, don't go looking for the meaning in your native language but look for the definition in English. This way your mind will learn to associate those words in English rather than translating in Spanish first.
Tolgahan Yılmaz
bi susss bee
Valerii Topovskii
I improved my English when I was playing TES4: Oblivion being a schoolboy. There are so many dialogs in the game, and the pronunciation is so distinct. A lot of the common phrases have remained in mind since then.
Victor Acosta.
Jajajaja=hahahahaha. I love how you hear in Spanish.\nBesotes para ti! Ojitos hermosos.
Vinicius Castro
O que eu vou comer hoje (no) almoço \nO que eu vou ter hoje (pro) almoço. Não é normal usar (ter) para comer em português mas não está incorreto.
Weronika S
It's my first video in your channel and I want to say that your words give me energy, motivation to improve my english! Thank you!\n\nPS greetings from Poland :)
Wilson Pereira
Very very good your tips and your portuguese is excellent can I understand all your words. Thank you so much for your classes.
4:29 that's a great way to speak English, I mean if I want to speak English and I don't have anyone, then I pick up my phone and I talk to my Google assistant xD it will sounds crazy but it really work. Other way it's to type something in videos like this that's my way to learn to type or write in English
Yamin El Khatibe
I just loved the word \
But my English grammar is so weak ! Therefore I very hard to write a good assignment with good English grammar . I
alexis londoño
I am a Spanish speaker, my name is dairo de colombia. I can teach Spanish to a Native American or British who wants to learn this language if they teach me English or practice with a conversation.
amanda sanchez
alguien que sepa ingles y me ayude a practicar
anantha krishnan
It is quite usefull for guys like me
carmen Torres
Hello! May I speak to you ....
elisa porras
Cantaste muy bien 👏🏽😊
Спасибо за видео. Буду пробовать вашу технику для изучения языка)
house Lilac
S+V(+C, O, IO DO, O OC) This is the basic structure of English but in some Asian language, Verb should be the last in the sentence. That’s mainly why Asians having hard time to speak English. You should say “I boy am” in Korean or Japanese while you say “I am a boy” In English. We say “I in supermarket humous man saw” while you say “I saw a man who has a good sense of humour in a supermarket” every single time we need to take this process of restructure. It takes really long time to think in English for us.
manuel ortega iñiguez
im spanish and have to tell u this is one of the best videos about learning english i ever seen... . By the way your pronunciation into spanish is quite good. You´re on the ball !!
maryam esmaeilynasab
Thank you. That was so helpful.
I watching this video and I understand only 15-20%,I speak spanish and i study English only few weeks.Hi from Russia)
mohamed hagro
It's perfect way learn new language and to be in touch with it but it's not easy to get rid of your native language in your thinking but you should be connected with the new language as much as you can I'm not pessimistic but this is reality
saei bright
i love this video. Actually, i've been learning English 2 months ago. I always speak in English when i was at home just like you said. That's really good.
Перестань думать по-английски, сразу думай и говори по-русски!Легко тебе советовать-попробуй сама, покажи пример!
Дмитрий Ларин
i've just understood everything you said. wow(Im from Russia)
Сергей Бондарь
Who learning English and can practice in Skype or facebook. Write me
Спасибо. Но как человек, не изучавший глубоко английский, выдержал только 2 минуты вначале))))
영어쉐도잉 저장소
i can