Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids 2018: TNT Boys as Jessie J., Ariana Grande.. |Bang Bang Reaction Pt 1

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Alfressa Cabotiro
i subscribe
Alice Ayag
More tnt boys please
Arian Occillo
Francis looks like nicki minaj than nicki minaj herself. The sassy one 🔥🔥🔥
Bea Roxas
I enjoyed your reaction lovely couple
Bhadz Fenty
Watch their performance on yfsf lady marmalade.
Boji Dobin
U both are very interesting
Brenan Ph
Greate video!!!!!!!subscribed!!!!!!shout out
Caramel Macchiato
💖My Baby Francis💖\nLittle Nicki👏👏👏👏👏
Carlo Dalita
love this couple ,,keep reacting to our singers. \ngodbless!!
Crystal Campaan
Basta Pinoy palaban hehehhe😂😂
Delia Borjal
I'm always happy to see your reaction..\nThey have a new performance now with their family\nAnd another one from its showtime
Dhaniel Bayquin
Watch them in singing abba and beegees
Edith G Mateo
Pls react to TNT Boys/A Million Dreams version 2.0, so inspiring! This is their final performance on the show and they won as the best impersonators! Can you pls check out the other performances on the show like, TNT Boys as the Supremes, Bee Gee and other artists. Thank you so much
Emy Samonte
Wait you should watch the comparison between the tntboys versus Jessie J,Ariana Grande and Mickie Minaj,so you'll see how really talented these boys are and you'll enjoy it much better.pls.
Eric 2210
Pls( lady marmalade) they cover
Evelyn Taneo
Please react tnt boys I will always love you... In thier cebu concert. Hear thier amazing voices. Thank you
Faith Princess Pineda
I enjoyed your reaction!\nNICKI MINAJ IS LIT!!!\nI enjoyed your reaction. I subbed.
Gezan Gerald
Adorable kids and soo talented😘😘😘😘
Graciano G
Amazing performance and great talents. Thanks for supporting Filipino Talents. More power to you both & your channel. Good luck & God bless. Great reactions from you two. I'm a new Filipino subscriber here in Manila.
Haggai Simon
Ha ha Francis is chubby, my boy!
Harvey Dave Tabudlong
Jackson Castillo
this is soooooo.....Awesome!!!!
James Gatela
Sooo amazing😍😍😍
Jason Parks
Thank you, I enjoyed this reaction. I'm a new subbie here
Jesabel Bundalian
great video !!!!! 😘😘😘😘
Johans Astrologo
Nice reaction😊❤
Jordan Cabailo
Love it and Wr Love You
Jose Ortega
Josh Asprey
ooooohhhhhh🤣🤣 I luv your reaction especially when you saw Francis as Nicky..keep the good vibes!
Julius Rayon
By the I am glad you reacted this video thank you and God bless \nLove from Philippines
Kresie Java
Please react Jessie J.Ariana Grande and Nikki Minaj versus TNT BOYS sing BANG BANG side by side video..thank you
Lady Nice
Pls react to TNT BOYS performance with their family member at the kids choice show
Leigh Andrew
watch their humble beginning on a video featuring tnt boys called a million dreams version 2.0
Leishungbam Dinesh
Great video!!! I Subscribed
Liane's channel
Great video i subscribed!!!
Lin Serrano
Lovie Dela Cruz
I love your reaction\nNicki Minaj slayed it👍
Lucky Anthony Zulueta
I Saw this Video First here on Youtube and not from my TV on my own Country. Wow haha Awesome.
Ma Rich
They will compete in a singing competition in U. S. A. WAIT FOR THEM!!
Margo Ide
francis nailed it
Marla Hudgins
Marlon Lowaton
I just subscribed because I love how you guys react on their video. 😂😂😁
Mauricio Flores
No stop video please 😡😡😡
Mayline David
Niky loocks like a grim ripper
Melody Nipas
Sirmiguel nipas decastro compound sta quiteria caloocan city
Merlyn Oronan
Thank you guys
Mikaela Coles
I whach this in my TV and the tnt boys win/won I think they have 1000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars
Na ning Bata ller
Thanks from. Your reaction. We love them. They nailed that night.
NapoleonChannel LyricsKo/Reaction
Great video. Subscribed done
Natalie M
Subscribed! Love your reactions! :)
Nehd Nocsag
Best reaction i've ever seen with this performance.,can u please react all their performance in Your Face Sounds Familiar Tnt Boys..thank you
Norlita Simbulan
Amazing performance
OFW mum
Please watch the original concert of BANG BANG and compare it it's really exactly the same🤣
Oliver Estorco Liboon
Please react TNT Boys as Mariah Carey , Boyz 2 Men l One Sweet Day. please...
Rainier Esguerra
Awesome performance and reaction. ☺
Richard Portugal
tnt boys have 17 this show.your face sounds familiar.(ysf).
Rodel Taguibao
Ronald Aniero
Please react also for there own version \
Rose King
Ronny did you watch the TNT Boys Sing One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey and Boyz to Men?
Rowel Rosa
Nice vedio,,,,, im proud pilipino
Stephine Jose
I love it when you said that the best part is Nicki Minaj and not rant about it being racist and blackface (unlike other reactors and some comments).
THE SANDBOX akasands
These boys slayed Nicki, Jessie and Ari :) \n\nIf you have't yet, I suggest that you also check out their other performances. Include those of Sheena Belarmino, Esang De Torres, and Krystal Brimner.
Tara Duncan
Like the video
Teresa Reed
New subscriber, love the video TNT boy's are very talented, looking forward to hearing more
Uel Bandejas
Nice video
Wacky Joaquin
They are super talented.
Yhan Padin
Nice...tnt boys...
Yoyoyo Yo
More TNT boys please!
carole mason
They won the show with a 100% combined vote. They did 16 artists in total on the show ( both Male and female) and nailed everyone of them🙂 check them out doing Mariah Carey and boys to men, the bee gees, lady marmalade, the three tenors, destiny’s child, ABBA and the supremes. The concept of the show is the show chooses an artist either Male or female and the contestants have just one week to practice sounding and mimicking the artist then the make up artists go to work 😀 you need to watch the bang bang video side by side with the original to see how spot on the boys were. And yes Mackie (Jessie) is padded out because he’s a boy and if you noticed all the children have fitted shorts under the skirts to keep them as decent as they can xxx the lady recording on her phone is one of the judges lol and the two shocked guys in the audience is their mentors 😂😂😂😂
catpet guiller
Hi ronnymp... So. Happy for the reaction you gave for the tnt boys... However there is this one reactor who is so shallow minded... Bigot and racist. The reactors name is eqari wise. Check out her reaction video on the same subject matter and read the reaction from viewers as well. This reactor takes this video so literal and thinks that this boys are what you see in real life. Which is not. She doesn't understand the name of the show.... Your face sounds familiar. Watch her reaction and be the judge on what she says about this boys. Atleast with you... You enjoyed the video and the talent of this kids without malice. With that i thank you for that for you are sensible and smart reactor. 👏👏👏
dary saman
They all goose bump but keifer really like ariana grande and the voice too wow..keifer voice move is like ariana..proud tnt boys keifer mackie francis..
diana dilao
Please watch all of their performances at your face sound familiar kids.
erickryan mapili
Wow nice pure Reaction! Pls react to GGV kiefer maki francis (tnt) Listen the battle!
genalyn martinez
great video
irene jabas
Hello sir ronny, try to react tnt boys yfsf lady marmalade, survivor destinys child, too much heaven bee gees, one sweet day, listen(big shot uk), flashlight(TNTV), Silent night(TNTV), THIS IS ME, FIGHT SONG..etc..hope you love to watch and keep reacting this three amazing kids..we love them so much..thank you
jazz mck
I. Like it😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
jewnrichard ceralde
jjeennyy Carubio
I love your reaction especially in francis (nicki minaj) part.. And thank you for understanding the show 😘😘
joshua Wingate
I like at
lexash 24/7 rello
why pausing like 10 times...
marl boro
filipino! filipino! filipino!!
mercyful vasis
amazing I was blown away more of them pls..
montaño carreto
Meda hueva q paren el video
rey dela cruz
Awesome!! Subscribed
rowie Loanzon
Francis will always be a bomb.... So goodddddd
ruliph auditor
I subscribed idol
ryzel flores
New Subs .here..\nI love TNT Boys ..\nBig fan of Keifer @Bahrain.❤❤❤\nThank you for loving TNT boys such a genuine reaction you both a lovely couple.God bless
Love Love Love your reactions
zhe wall
the audio wasnt very clear
〰 aLdA 〰
Francis as mini Nicki. He was amazing. ❤️