ASMR Turkish Barber Face,Head and Body Massage 120 (16 Mins) 💆‍♂️👍👍💈

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Hey Guys. Here is a new asmr video for you. Thanks to you about 32K subscribers. I hope you guys enjoy our channel. In this video we visited barber Murat which he has his own channel ''Şaplak TV''. He has a really great talent on massage. He gave us a great benifit and relaxing. You will his skills on head massage and upper body massage on this video. As our new crew member. Deniz also in this massage. You guys will see more videos with him in near future. We would like to travel all over the Turkey if we can find barbers. Also we have plans about exploring the world on this path. I hope we can reach that. If you guys love our work,dont forget to share,like,comment and subscribe to our channel.If you guys would like us to make more and good quality videos. We need your support. There are some ways to support which i will explain here1-Subscribe to our channel if you still havent! (That will makes us grow and would get sponsors) The Link is: Aftershave Splash for MenMerhaba arkadaşlar,yeni bir masaj videosu ile karşınızdayız. 32K abone için hepinize teşekkürler. Bu videoda Kuyumcukent'ten Murat Bey'in harika masajını sizlere sunuyoruz. Kendisi gerçekten çok başarılı. Hizmeti olsun insanlığı olsun on numara diyebiliriz. Kendisine ait Şaplak TV isminde bir kanalı var. Ordan da onu takip edip destek olursanız seviniriz. Deniz artık bizim ekibin bir parçası bu yüzden sık sık onu göreceksiniz. İnşallah da biz devam ettiğimiz sürece bizimle olacak. Gayet eğlenceli keyifli bazı yerleri sert bir masaj oldu. Yeni videolar ve süprizlerimiz olacak. Tüm Türkiye'yi gezmek istiyoruz bu yüzden çevrenizde veya İstanbul dışındaysanız bulunduğunuz illerdeki berberlere bizlerden bahsedersiniz bizde geliriz çekimlerimizi yaparız ve hatta bunu sizlerle yaparız. Bunun için sosyal medyadan bize ulaşmanız yeterli. Yaptığımız işleri seviyorsanız lütfen beğenmeyi,paylaşmayı,abone olmayı ve yorum yapmayı unutmayın.Address/Adres:Merkez Mahallesi. Ladin Sokak. No:4 Kuyumcukent Atölye Blogu 1. Kat 10.Sokak 9 Numara. Yenibosna Istanbul Çambeyli Kuaför Murat KazanTel:0538 242 13 44.Prices/Fiyat:Saç/Haircut:25 TLSakal/Shave:15 TLSakal+Fön/Shave+BlowDry:20 TLMassage/Masaj 1 Min/1 Dakika:3 TLMassage 30 Mins/30 Dakika Masaj:50 TLCilt Bakımı/Facial Care:50 TL

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wow handsome guy
Albert van Heest
This is a very good proof that you are an excellent masseur !
Alche Mist
I want this atleast a million times in my life.
Alonso Torres
this guy is really cute!
Avery Siegler
I actually had a heart attack when you popped his neck, low key thought you killed him 💀💀💀💀😂😂
Brody Penn
I don’t know how I feel about this video. Some of it looked really relaxing. Some of it looked like the barber was murdering him.
Broken Halo
Whoa, are you mad at the guy? This poor customer is having his face slapped, his skull beat on, and nearly has his neck broken. I don't know how this is enjoyable for anyone. I just kept watching because the guy in the chair is REALLY hot.
Burn It
Samoa Joe leaves WWE to pursue career in barbering!
Carol Hurst
Half of the massage looks like it would feel nice an relaxing.the other half looks like a beating😁
TÜRK bulamadım ben varmışım
Chris Mcdonough
10:22 wtf I though he killed him
Daniel Sweeney
These things r rough but probably feel soooooo good
Dark Way
Adama biz böyle masaj yaparız goççuuum. -öldürdün la dayı öldürdün :))))))
Darren Taylor
I'm convinced multiple times throughout this video, he wanted this guy dead. 😅
Doktor Professor Sommer
You can really see the passion in this man
Dr. Jibesh Patra
Awesome. Where in Turkey he is located
Dr. Karameel
Será q só eu de brasileiro assistindo esse vídeo kkk
I was about to get asleep then 6:35 came in. I cnt stop laughing.
Georgia Balderrama
Soy la unica que piensa que son muy duros al dar masaje?
Grande Prêtresse du Prout
Is this how real men give each other a relaxing scalp massage? Maybe it's great for your scalp and hair, but I don't think it was relaxing for the poor dude at all. But hey, I am a simple woman...
Güven Kale
TURKEY 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Harry Smallcombe
7:47 when you fart in your hand and make someone smell it
He’s so hot omg who else thinks he looks like four from divergent 😂😂
Hinata Hyuga
That barber is so violent! I think i would like to do the same thing to guys but in a gentle way, especially massaging their arms \u003c3
Hrishav Gogoi
fight him back you coward
Hugo Music
Very relaxing boooi !! 👍
Ia ira
I feel sleepy to watch this......
I'm actually so jealous of the guy in the chair. I am literally mesmerised by the massage. I NEED ONE!
I want to try this massage
J Shawn
Awesome video, so relaxing to watch. 😴
Jason Blackwell
30 minutes after, the customer realizes that he didn't get a shave or a hair cut.
Javi Seoane
I love this video! Incredible technique
Jeff's Wife Kristie
I have literally watched this video like 150 times and it still puts me to sleep every time, so relaxing 😊👍😴
John Paddy
Shits himself at 6:31 🤣 Dont hit me again!.. Good Job! 10:21 Assassination Attempt 🤣🤣😂😂😂
Kayloww F.I
6:36 when one of my parents ask me to massage their heads but im mad at them lol
La Signorina Silvani
Perfect \nHi from italia
Laura Deltour
The comment section under this video is way too funny 😂😂
Lucas Burgueño
9:26 when you are alone at home and mom texts -in 5 im there
Lucy Power
Where in London can you get this massage? This guy is incredible!! Loved the video, super relaxing
Luke Coolmann
You cant tell me, that this head massage is good for his head
Manifest Yourself
Go in with dreams of a beautiful lineup. Leave with 2 fractured vertebrate lol
This is literally located in the thin line between pain and pleasure
Marta Plebańska
As a girl, I'm ready to cut my hair just to get this done
Matheus Antunes
he's so cute!
Matt Hilton
Good lord this guy is brutal! I asked for a massage not a damn beating! Lol
Metin Akçadağ
Abi adamlar Türk yorumlar yabancı 😁 ama mükemmel izlerken rahatladım
Miquel Salvador
Murat is so skilled, I enjoyed watching his technique. I really like the project your have to go across your country looking for the best barbers and even abroad. We will enjoy a lot of this project too.
Miraj Kayastha
Now we know who the greatest Mortal Kombat fan of all time is...dude just tried to end him right then and there....10:22 and failing that he tried to literally disarm him at 14:02
Put a shop here in houston tx usa
Muhammad Ikhwan
Woaaaa... looks like satifying!! I would like spend hours just to get this massage! Are you enjoying Bro?!
My babe Lian
man this guy is literally experiencing heaven hahahahahah
Нахуй ты Тарика асмаришь
Nerms Bas
hahahhahahahah that scratching looked painful, as hell
OG Deadeye
I think for every minute of pleasure the barber needs to try break a bone just to make up for it......that neck crack was just dangerous......
Omar Vazquez
10:22 FINISH HIM!!!!
Please do more videos of this dude!
Peter Markusic
All good except the neck crack
I want a massage by this guy too. Looks relaxing!!!
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Prism Sage
Man this looks so relaxing its not even funny
Proximity Symbol
I could really use a massage like this. My wife doesn't have the power in her arms and fingers as a man would have. These Turkish barbers are really masters at their profession.
Queen Ghoulika
Mate, I need me a Turkish barber... if that's what it takes to be as beautiful as that guy, pull and punch as hard as you like
I feel like this guy went to this barber shop when it was about to close😂🤲
9:18 how i beat my meat
Rakesh Jangid
amazing yarrr... awesome.\ni never seen like this relaxation video. you are amazing.. love from india
Rick Hall
I went to this barber shop in Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. They shampooed my hair with giblet gravy. It made me Hungary.
Rohini Ajay
Superb just subscribed to this channel ! Massages are awesome !! also the guys are soo cute doesnt hurt to see them lol 😊❤️
Silver Cymbal
Fantastic video, very relaxing from my normal busy life!
Slava Daemon
great video, when you look you get a relax
Slim Shady
10:23 mission accomplished
Nice video You Just earned a extra sub!
My mans straight punched him in the spine.
There were moments when the massage looked amazing and de-stressing... and then other times where it looks like it was his first time trying to figure out this foreplay thing.
The King
7:46 Smell my fingers! 😂
Tyler Pelser
I'm relocating to turkey and living next door to this guy
This massage look so nice if I was there I definitely come to your shop, Amazing work
V1nIcius Tv
I dont want this Massage ... i want the man 😍☝🏽
Ximena Carranza
Excelente Vídeo :)
Yaron Elalouf
I skip to the end to check if that guy is alive and return to the point I stop
Young Forever
When your neck is suddenly broken but you’re a man so you can’t react.
Can u some with long hair
At 10:23 that neck crack scared me lol. Looked like he was trying to kill him haha
janice campos
Necesito unos ricos masajes relajantes
Man i gotta visit Turkey to get my self a Turkish hair cut
For a moment...\nI thought he fell asleep..\n\nBonus: Am i the only one who feels likes i can feel a little bit if them massages??💆\u200d♀️💆\u200d♂️
0:51 When you're in the shower and late for school
I see so hes a barber, a massage therapist and a chiropractor? Lmao
Get video - can u imagine getting this type of service in the US lol \nIt wld cost you lots of $$
This is like the funniest massage ever 🤣
omfg this comment section.. i am gonna die
vsboy 25
His very rough . Almost killed the pretty boy dude.
Özgür Görgülü
Mom: wake up 7:00 am\nMe : more 5 minute\nMom : 6:35
Γεωργια Λυκου
Amazing video i can feel the relax of this person ...
Представьте как он дрочит.
Алина Новгородская
Русские чуваки согласитесь барбер похож на Джарахова ?
نوفمبر تشرين
Am I the only found 6:32 funny ? Haha😂😂👌🏻