🔥😲 REACTION! 😲🔥 Eminem - Lucky You ft. Joyner Lucas

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21 Empath
This is the best reaction channel. 💯 Y’all are so passionate about hip hop.
Ac Guerrero
Your missing the point.. Hes MURDERING these elementary beats cuz.. Hes doing it sarcasticly..lol yall youngins dont know shady..
Agus S
Eminem is RAP GOD
Akatsuki’s Enemy
This isn’t Eminem this is Slim Shady
Alexander Cowell-Blumm
Chill on yunglord react too killshot. Dudes sick. He will get too it I'm sure.
Alyssa Kitty
Love you guys!!
Andyxb 7
Killshot !! And make sure to give AK his weed before the video
Skipped to 10:14 on accident and laughed hard af
Where can I find “do you need me” lyrics? Song is lit 🔥
Y’all in denial if you think Eminem won the battle. Just cause he’s the goat doesn’t mean he won 🤦🏼\u200d♂️ he had 2 weeks to write a diss and it was garbage
Brayan Coronado
*like si hablas español :v*
Clutch Tactics Gaming
The red eyed people are mumble rappers
Dahoodie 315
Em dissed nf in the ringer so idk if that collab gonna happen
It will be forever documented that in one sitting you trashed on Eminem's Fall then said I love it is some of Kanye's best work... You ain't escaping that boy.
Dat Boi
did AK eat today lol\ni swear it always looks like he's starving
Don GuardianAngel
This is epic🔥🔥🔥🔥
Eli irvine
That choker chain does not suit your boy on the left
Eric Park
good to see that AK copped his ounce, the world is in balance again
Guys chillout. The disstrack literally dropped today. 😂😂 Give the dudes some time. I’d rather have some quality content that they took time on, than some speedy upload that came out hours after.
Geefry Herrera
React to killshot!!!!!! Lmao
the part he mentions ghost writers,Em is doing a dance Drake does in Hotline Bling
Gregory Santiago/WildBoy
React to Eminem: Killshot🎤🔥🔥
React to Killshot 💯💯💯💯💯
Irish Marshmallow
🙌hands up for good health
Isaac Kleidon
Comment section: 265% killshot, 1% about the video
ItsMe LilPimp
XxYungLordxX legend waiting to happen
KILLSHOT. may not sound to catchy but my boi em bodied kells
ItzWallyMan 100
Ak reacts to Em the same way he reacts to Hop...
15:43 WTF
Jen C j4k
RIP manbun kelly 😂😂😂 I have the flu too y’all smoke your way through it !! 💨👌😝 love from Ireland 🇮🇪
Jerry Peralta
l Ike this channel because they actually show passion to the videos they listen to well mostly hip hop but with other songs and hip hop they actually listen and explain what there saying while other YouTubers just nod there head the throughout the video and don't explain much lol. love this channel👊✊
Jill Morgan
I understand why he got like that lol I was mad too cause everyone was on MGKs side and then switched to Eminem. AK is probably super loyal. I like seeing the under dog win sometimes but everyone dickrides Eminem so hard. Eminem was the biggest bully and I like seeing a bully get bullied. AK liked the MGK diss so much he was lifting weights lol He couldn’t just go switching after that right away especially without smoking too
Joe Star
*Machine Gone Kelly*
Johny Fag
Eminem has almost 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 compressed lungs in his system and that’s a fact
Jonathan Turner
They look like the heartless from Kingdom Hearts XD
Jorge Lopez
React to killshot 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Joshua Parsons
Control you’re boy Lord and get him some weed so he can calm down. AKD you just mad cause people called you out now you just trying to make fun of it.
Julian Magana
I don't judge people but homie wearing a dog collar
Justin Mcatee
Lol I’m a sleep at the wheel again
Kaneki The Ghoul Sent by Cyberlife
Kevin _
Why canon sound like 6ix9ine 10:19
Kody Carrell
The demon things represent today's rap generation. Basically Em and Joyner are showing you they(current rap generation) will copy anything the older generation does
Kyle Whitney
I still think MGK won because MGK called him out on a lot of shit throughout the whole song while em only hit a few points and the rest of the trash talk was meaningless. Don’t get me wrong though Em’s was still hella fire
LeShaun Jenkins
eminem &Joyner Lucas SEAT ON THE RIGHT HAND OF SATAN.....
Lewis Markham
“My man just threw a frag”😂
Logan B
15:46 when you hit the saddest part of the movie
Lowkey_ Jayden
AK so high lmao
He got his weed now
Martin Dowell
Mason Lane
Lol these boys stoned af
Waiting for you to drop that Eminem diss track reaction video!! I’m sure you dudes already filmed it
NOFORPAIN - No Pants Gang
Glad AK is smokin during these again. He was breaking shit down and fun again! These 2 need to do a collab album like Joyner and Chris Brown did before. I'd buy it twice!
Nathan D
16:25 had me dead lmfao
Yo react to Killshot by Eminem
I always look to see what game is being played in the background lol
Rhys Partridge
React to killshot. It’s insane.
Richard Williams
Robert Bair
AK I had no problem with what you said. I come here for your HONEST opinions and you guys passion. I got exactly what I wanted from you, please always say what’s on your mind... there’s enough yes men in this world and it’s a breath of fresh air when someone like you speaks on something with their true feelings and heart. I love you guys, keep up the great work!
Robert East
Bruh this is gold. Joyner needed an eminem song to gain traction in the main stream, but eminem needed joyner's flow and savagery to revitalize his place on top
Rowan Lloyd
It's crazy how joyner will be rapping pretty fast, like fast for any other artist and then right after that he'll go from fast to warp speed and its just insane
99% of people are saying to react to KILL SHOT but no one talked about their reactions which was crazy asf...
Saint X
Those hooded guys in the background represents mumble rappers. That´s why they do everything em and joyner did.
Slim AE
React to Not Alike featuring Royce Da 5'9''
Yo X wear you get the shirt bro? so clean!
Son_Of _Oberyn
Killshot\nKillshot\nKillshot\nKillshot\nKillshot\nKillshot \nKillshot \nKillshot \n\nHave I said it enough times! 🤔
Steven Stanley
DaCannon is about to be one happy camper after they see KillShot
Stolyarchuk Productions
The Cake Is a Lie
Had to come here and comment since Em broke YouTube! You guys gotta react to Killshot!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Thomas J
Eminem just made a diss on MGK please react to it
Travis Mccoy
6:11 X’s flow.
Unknown Ninja294
React to killshot
Vsxu Grixh
GREAT reaction. Coolest dudes doing this shit
Wade Wilson
MGK is now BB Gun Kelly.
I don't know what happened to the volume 😢
Xman Gameplay
I can’t stand Eminem
ZZG crew
MGK took the W
Zack Doran
Y'all are late af this shoulda been out yesterday. We're all already moved on to that manbun Kelly diss 😂😂😂😂😂
Zero Thehero
I am not a Stan, but i think he is so intelligent and on another level, we are just watching something amazing unfold. He got bored and now he wants to play.
bros, where are the reactions to amine & denzel curry's new music vids???
bonny john
AK maybe you next becareful
db-city Remixes
Comment on The Real AK songs: Wake UP and Selfish WOW the are Bom you stoned bastards😂
fan shinee
Eminem is the best lyrically
fluid creativity
my mans younglord looks like an abuse victim every time AK gets loud he flinches lol
henry ha
Killshot and rap devil are both equally good
ido agmon
15:45\nYoooooooo😂😂\nThat face😂
melt down
killshot\u003efap devil
sergej milinkovic _
RIP MGK\nYou are officialy a living meme now\nHe had clout for like a week
shine shine
Killshot!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
subscribe me only if you are sad
unityslayer x5
Yo em dropped the diss track today, its 🔥🔥🔥🔥
xXx_Pokemaster Cyro_xXx
Upload response reaction.
Where the “KillShot” reaction tho?🤔