10 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV! #13

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That lady at 4:45 is very lucky. That could have been a serious injury to her face.
A Kalt
#5: that mother is stupid and unsafe. Who the hell told her grills were safe?
Ako Sii dK
Alex Mitchell
What do you think that last woman would make of Nurse Sharks!?
Alex Veldhuis
The guy with the liquid Nitrogen was way too casual with it. No gloves, he can lose fingers pretty quick.
At 5.11 ....this is rediculous how these women were put in danger with this stupid mans looney experiment...bet dark haired woman has a perforated eardrum...not funny at all....
Amanda Pittar
That Old Lady driving the wrong way happened in Tauranga in New Zealand. How do I know? The articulated truck,who swerved to avoid the elderly thrill seeker, drove up the concrete median barrier & landed on it. Just above me in my car, gushing diesel all over my car roof. The poor truck driver was in tears. Thank God for tall, solid, well built, medianConcrete barriers. The Wee Evil Kinevil then drove another hundred meters or so causing havoc- as it was into a round about - then headfirst into a bank, over and into a pole. No, she did not survive, poor thing. It was fast, awful & terrifying. Completely mystifying as she must have disobeyed several signs to get onto the duel carriageway. I used up another one of my 9 lives. I shook for the rest of the day.
Amanda denman
A flea market grill. Yeah that’s the perfect gift for a 7 yr old.
Ana Maria Martinez
The little racist girl proved how ignorant racism is 😂😂😂😂😂😂 The boy must have loved that moment!!
Andrew Manche
poor drunk Tara, she opened her mouth and removed all doubt
Ansam Saleh
The red hoody guy
Archie Bunker
Great parenting grills are for looser
Actually the photographer on the #9 one did a great job!
Big Moe
Tara Ried makes the saying \
Bill Dumas
Tara Reid .... professional in the field of animal procreation ... We should all be proud of her for reminding us all that whales are mammals, and sharks are just animals!
Blind Freddy
Already forgotten
Brian Fidler
Pull it off the shelf because I can't say no to my 7 year old; total write off from the gene pool.
Carl Walker
Ding! Ding! Ding! She’s a bright one Johnny! One blonde moment after another. Yet she is adorable.
Carol Lothian
I went on a date and the dude turned up with a grill 😑😕 yep I was done there and then 😂
Cauan Lima
Celeste Marie
Gross she bought the grils from the flea market ain't the flea market like second-hand stuff someone wore those grills?
That coca experiment... Man, that was dangerous. It looked enough force to kill you on the spot.
D B Cooper
Now, the video about wale/sharks. This people is one of the well known celebrity/ Liberals, this is one like all the others that like to think they're smart when it comes to politics. This should say it all about their depth of knowledge about anything outside of their craft. Let's not listen to them anymore.
D Dorcha Graine
Holy shit Tara Reid thank the God's you never had children.
Dave Dawe
They wouldn't have been laughing if the Coke bottle struck her directly in the face!
Desiree Rimback
Some of the videos have terrible sound
Devyn Glass
I absolutely love that lion! Total bad ass!
Don Johnson
#1 Well she's blonde.\n#2 she's being honest.\nNot really unforgettable..\nBut it was ok✌👊😎
Dub Tzar
What kind of woman buys her 7 year old son a grill.....oh .....yeah.....that kind 3:29
Edward Mena
Great job mom.. 7yr old with a,grill
have really enjoyed these..just ran across your channel...love,love,love it, made me laugh my head off- and that is coming from someone that uses an Elmo puppet on his channel..lol
FuckOff ./. B1tches
HAHAHAHA😂 i can't stop laughing. Thanks for making me laugh😂
Garry Kennedy
Inspiring a 7 YO white kid to be a gangsta rapper. Good on ya MOM!!!!!!!!!!! Mother of the year!!!!!!
Gil Terrero
Tara Reid is an example of a Blonde Trump supporter, White \
Hate Monger
I just farted and sprayed hot blood against the wall ☹️
Host Mo Berry
The mom of the grill child is stupid for buying him that...now You want them to pull them off the shelves
Humans Ruin Everything
I wonder if I could convince Tara that she needs to get off the cocaine and alcohol... 🙏
Ian P
Sort your volume levels if you're gonna show multiple videos from TV!!!!
Why would a mother but something like a \
James Gentry
Tara Reid, thank God you're pretty.
James Jones
A mom that dumb should have her uterus pulled off the shelf
Jamie Brasnyo
Tara Reid was just putting on a show it was embarrassing
Joe User
2:32 Mom thinks grills are unsafe and should be pulled from the market. Or how about not giving a 7 yo a chocking hazard to wear on his teeth, Mom.
Justin Last
#5 \
Kally Kat
Re the grill. Gotta love people who want to blame everyone but themselves. Hello????? Use common sense!!!! The world just lost all its common sense so blame the manufacturer or store or whomever but you fool bought it... you fool allowed your child to wear it.... take accountability fool....
Kat Prinner
4:42 stupid women! look at her remove his hand after she clearly is uncertain with the instructions. 🤦Shes very lucky she didnt hit her stupid face or someone innocent!!
Yeah I bought my grill at swap meet
Lee Dumbell
wow that was so unforgettable I forgot about it ?
Long Jawn
Legend has it the grill was found on the 6th day and worn on the 7th
Someone ask her about Nurse sharks.. wohoooo
Mama Marianovits
Now, look at little Bobby Tadeskos grill.....\n\n......😂
Martin West
This video montage should be forgettable
Melissa Haletky
Your 7 year old doesn't need a grill.
Menolikeit Me
2nd camera man. Good improvising 😂😂
Mixed Man
How is that kid going to shit a grill?
5:19… Greatest bowling trick shot ever!!! 👍👍👍
Music Is Food For The Soul
The audio is low af.
Number five? What happened there, nothing
Paul Valentine
The red hoodie where did he come from
Pradhyumna Gupta
Give that camera guy from the second clip a big raise. He still had enough sense to frame her in the hole of the kayak. Good work.
Princes Berliner
mom buys son a grill. At the FLEA MARKET.......😣😷
Pubg Mobile 98k
RIP Scuds
Tiger shark? Nurse shark? Dogfish? That's a lot of interspecies sex going on.
Robert Patterson
H-m-mmm. That grill might be tasting a little off, after retrieving it from the toilet 💩🚽🚽🚽enjoy grill boy.😜
Roma Holcomb
The boy put a grill in his mouth that he bought at a flea market. We're they used?
Savage Guy
woW Tera Reid was a total bimbo but used to be one of the Hottest girls on the planet at one point and time. damn that girl used to be red Hot !
Sean Kennedy
So unforgettable I am already forgetting about it.
The grill part 😂😂
Shawn Bowling
Why don't mom stop buying them! \nSTOP MAKING THEM!\n SMH!!
Stephanie Murray
I think that some mothers should be pulled of the shelves ! silly cow !
Stephen Warhurst
1:42 LMFAO
#1 this is what happen when you have burn all your brain cells on drugs and your whole body uses that last one and it get a little over loaded and confused. LOL
Toxu sound designer composer
04:13 was very dangerous. this guy should be more responsible.
10 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV! #13
Ura Nium
Try to normalise your audio, human.
Yo Mama
Was that Clark Griswold driving the family truckster??
aaron rhodes
Lol the kids mom bought him a used grill at a flea market?? Wtf??
eric heine
Whale sharks....??\nI'm sure you've heard of Trouser Snakes......... Trouser Snakes?\nIron American Dream on YouTube
freakin personal shit
You bought a cute 7yr old a grill.... Seriously,? LMAO seriously? OMG no more comment LMAO!
5:00 even women in lab coats are stupid
Legend says the lady on the last clip had used her brain for boob implants - half in one boob the other half in the other.
henrik h
No 4 shows the dumbest persons, ever!\nThey kill a bird, damage a tree, but still keep on laughing. Nutters.
Just think, If that grill does go through his body, and he puts it back in his mouth that would give new meaning to \
john hanrahan
#4 is awesome these \
To this day Tera Ried continues to share her knowledge about sharks and other topics with people who will listen. \n\n\n\n\n\nKeep your children away from her. 😂
laila kassem
That mom and the grill.....she said pull it off the shelf, you're the one who bought them....welfare looking mom.
mary lamberton
How come Tera reed is still on tv she is always so high on meth what a discrase
Bobby's grill, I wanna be, Bobby's grill.
mike johnson
They must've removed the \
Well at least watching this level of intelligence explains why Tyra Reed did all that s*** to her face and body
Tara Reid...any chick that dumb has GOT to give the Best Head...it's a Rule... ;\u003e)
people's republic of liberland
Yellow one lmao
Tara can barely speak English.
Wasted my life watching this!
Hey Tara leave the thinking to the people who have brains please and thank you
sylvain brethes
1:10 professional cameraman !!! look at the way he found to still film the presentator ! 4:50 looks super dangerous to me ... and 6:20 ... wtf...
The guy in #4 using liquid nitrogen is just plain stupid. Not using a faceshield or gloves is really stupid. Liquid nitrogen has a boiling point of (−195.79 °C (77 K; −320 °F). Any amount splashed on exposed skin will freeze it almost instantly especially if it pools. Any splashed into the eyes can cause blindness. He is not just putting himself at risk but also the ladies with him.