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Italians have a strange family dynamic......they constantly YELL at each other till the point where one of them freaks out......when I ask why?.........because we're Italian is all I get......LOL
Ma il senso di 'sto video psichedelico (sì, intendo con proprietà psicoattive, perché ti fa uscire le palle dalle orecchie), mah :( .
Alessandro Asciano
Siete proprio stupidi, tutti quanti...è un semplice video umoristico, fatto solo per far ridere la gente, italiani e americani...e che palle...perchè litigare per ogni puttanata? tipico italiano...\n\nYou all are fool...this is just a humor video which wants people to have fun, american and italian people...why are you quarreling for a similar bullshit? typical italian attitude...
Alessia Gatti
Atanasio VINCE Formosa
Bea Giovanna
orangotazio,Amerigo Vespucci and Christopher Columbus,both contributed in discovery of Americas!They both Italians!Most famous painters in the whole world(not americans):Da Vinci,Giotto,Raffaello,Caravaggio&Michelangelo etc,etc,all Italians!\nAlso in America,you don't speak English,but some made up,weird connoction,of american which is nothing to do with Enggerland\
C Rota
Well, That was STUPID! and doesn't relate to any Italians I know or ever knew! Sounded and looked like the dialog of a poorly acted porn scene between the sex takes trying to have a story line, and not succeeding! Very bad!
Carlo De Simone
Troppo divertente!!! This was so funny!!! Raga siamo italiani.. Siamo tutti cosi! Focks we're Italians....and alla italians are like this!!!
Chee Sem Soon
I wanted to like this... but it was so bad.
Cyan Angel
I married and Italian worst time of my life.
I want to marry one.
David Starkiller
Questo video dovrebbe essere intitolato perché ho sposato una americana
Dezmona SG
This is Not how Italians act... should be called \
Diana Avila
Italians are the best
Dictator Caesar
Bah, these aren't Italians - these are dissolutes.
Emily G
This is extremely racist and offensive.
Emmanuel Oppong
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂oo gees I can't stop laughing .. \nFate ridere veramente
Eric Sirias
I havn't been in a relationship in nearly ten years, and this video is proof of how psychologically and emotionally damaging a relationship can have on our psyche, health and nervous system. I am not envious of married couples they look miserable. I am single don't have kids and i have all the time in the world to focus on myself and make my life better. Those in relationships only get the life drained out of them year after year.
Fabian Barnes
Fla L.
Ogni volta che riguardo questo video è come se fosse la prima volta. Fantastico!😂
ammetto senza vergogna che vorrei toccarle alla signorina col top nero\nquelle bambine sembrano fuori scala
Gabriele Tatoni
Proprio di Torino! Ahahahah I am from Torino
Gian Adamo
Are they the new Italian steretypes?
Gino è un grande lo stimo troppo xD
Gulfam Ali
italian gril is so sweet
This video should be titled \
Ivonne Martinez
I have seen Italian women treat their men like 5 year olds. Italian men will never grow up, cause they need a mommy
J Corby Prall
Aaaiii Dio Mio... Bisogno Umberto Riva!!!
John Marston
Ma vaffanculo you and the teraphy ahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂
This language sounds fucking sexy... imparo il francese ma penso che farò anche imparare l'italiano.
Kristeen Raynes
I'm Italian and sometimes i don't like what most Italians do, I'm just honest, but i do love true romance
Kylo Shoren
At 1:05 \
Laura Guerro
You gotta keep the communication open, no matter who marries who, or else stuff like THIS can happen.
Leo Porticciolo
Perchè il nostro caro Gino è un uomo coi controcoglioni ahahahaha
Leonzio Travelz Betty Rangiwai
Player's! Lies and cheating not faithful and so many divorces in Italy!
As a roman i appreciated the Gino character! xD
M. Hunter ☆
Questa scenetta è piuttosto esilarante. Ovviamente, tutti gli italiani non sono gli adulteri.
Looks like the begin of porn movie
Madeleine deburgh01144
Very emotional, irrational, loud people .. this could people Spanish, Spaniards, Italians, Americans, any Latin country
Malila SU
Where's the hand gesture???
Marc Van Masten
italian style is a culture
Marco Bucci
ma vaffanculo you and therapy! ah ah ah ho le lacrime agli occhi! Gino the best!
I like the Italian girl after she dissed that other girl who kept telling her husband to shut up. 
Matteo Peronaci
ahahah i can actually really imagine something like this happening in real life, but only when there are italians involved :)
Michele Manocchio
Miguel Jacobo
I'm Italian
Miss Idontcare
Good video...Really funny. I don't have any idea how I got here in the first place 😂 I am neither Italian neither American
Miyoshi Umeki
Italian or not...bad acting rules here.
Mony Rouge
Quanti troll sfigati che passano le giornate a scrivere commenti dementi.. Che vita interessante avete ❤️
I tre Italiani si riconoscono dal semplice fatto che sono decisamente piu' belli degli altri tre
Nicola Scarpetta
phuahahahahahahaha soooooooo cooooooool!!!!\nVi lovvo ragazzi mi son pisciato dal ridere!
Don't marry an American.
Olüc Limaččel
Alla centoquattresima faccina del tizio seduto sul divano blu ho chiuso... e per la cronaca non eran passati neanche due minuti
Why those Italians married those freaks? LOL
Qualcuno mi sa dire il nome del ragazzo scuro con le bretelle?! \nDio mio che meraviglia!
Pier Bianco
Mah, cosa dire... ha dell'incredibile sentire degli italiani che parlano bene l'inglese, e questo è un punto a favore del video. Ma non ne ho capito il senso. È stato fatto per mettere in cattiva luce gli italiani? Ovvero: italiane tutte troie e italiani tutti \
Ryka Sunny Reus
AHAHAHAH Gino sei un mito !
mavvaffanculo you and the therapy ahahahha
Samantha Costanza
These are more average relationship problems rather than marrying someone from Italy problem. That is insinuating everyone from Italy is unfaithful. Which is a lie. If I was married to any of these people I would probably freak out like that guy did too. Sheesh.
Samantha Pateman
Gli italiani sono neri.\nEd ecco a voi l'ideologia SJW/pseudo-biologia imperiante che cambia magicamente la razza di un intero popolo!\nOSANNA COMPAGNI! D'ora in poi potremmo difenderci con ogni accusa con un profondo e sentito \
the title should say why did I marry a Northen Italian....
Italien men are so hot!!!😅
Ma che è sta caccata razzista.
Stefano A
Stefano Natalino
America taked the name of one italian Amerigo Vespucci!
Stefano TiJean
Ma che è sto video? Dovrebbe essere una serie televisiva, sarebbe il cazzo di top.\nA metà tra italiano e americano, ma che spettacolo!
I know its comedy but its still offensive
Tcy va
their language is so ... *_*
these folks are not italians or americans. they're just idiots
Thomas Spera
Argentino-Italiano qui. Ci sono stati più gli italiani che si sono trasferiti in Argentina che gli Stati Uniti
Vale Sole
I'm italian and my skin in absolutely white and I have got blue eyes.The stereotypes you have against the italians as we are black or we are \
Xavier Pushkin
I just love Italians, they are funny.
At 4:38 I said: \
These guys are probably from the north. I hate em
ecco perche me la so presa straniera....Milanese...
Imagine if all illegal aliens were Italians and Italian was the US\nsecond language? What if all those illegal women were Italian...man things would be better.
Italians are cheaters because they look hot. They are male chauvinists and extremely oberconfident. I refused to learn how to cook when he offered himseld to teach me. I will never date an italian.
bend over
How do these guys get these model girlfriends??
I want a husband like Franco, someone to speak Italian with,good looks, good fashion etc.
ahahha  vaffanculo with your therapy !! gold!
God I am Italian and this is hilarious
Lo capite che la gente all'estero ci invidia e vuole parlare con il nostro accento vestirsi come noi mangiare italiano avete le vostre cose che vi incazzate per nulla
Wooow people, there's a lot of shit going on in the comments! I really can't believe that there are people discussing about who discovered what, which language has a more complex grammar or vocabulary, who spread the culture first and all the non-sense discussions I read.\nYes, Colombo and Vespucci were Italians, yuppy-ye, but were sailing for Spain cause, let's just admit it, we have always been too busy fighting against each other and pursuing immediate profit to just understand that Colombo's could actually have been a good idea. So, not sure it's something to be proud of. \nPeople generalizing about Italians...just, really? I won't even start commenting on this because it just comments itself. I have a suggestion, though: get a freaking culture and stop being assholes. Cheaters, extremists, criminals are there in every culture and nation, as well as honest, faithful and trustworthy people. That's it.\nThe language argument is hilarious! English is a language with a very rich vocabulary because it had many INFLUENCES over the centuries. That means that you shouldn't be judging other languages as B-class because they (or the ones that led to them) probably contributed to yours. Italian has a difficult grammar, ok (the hardest, definetly not) but let's face it, it's not important in an international stage. Sorry to break it to you. I'm not saying it's a shitty language but let's accept the fact that it doesn't make sense for Americans to speak Italian just cause Colombo was Italian. There should have been some actual influence on the culture and society to make that happen.\nAbout the culture thing: every culture is different and rich in its own way, it doesn't really make sense to compare them in order to decide wich one is better. Anyhow, I have to say that Italian culture (art, music, literature, discoveries) has been important even after the Roman empire - I read this somewhere in the comments and it really pissed me off. Just appreciate the differences and learn something from them.\nI think I'm done. Thanks to the ones that decided to read this all, I know it's a lot but I had a lot of things to say and I'm too lazy to write so many different comments.\nBye.
gheda luca
I'm Italian and I found this really funny 
luigi pascolo
Gino sei un mito!
luke villarreal
the hispanic girl (pamela) is the one that looks most italitan
nícola battaglia
im Sicilian and this is not true but its funny lol
sebastian bonface
This is exactly how they behave, they are full of shit. Noise is their usual lifestyle.
How can a stupid video get people to fight about things that are even more stupid than the video itself, and sometimes not even true?\nThis video, I guess, was made from these guys just to have a little fun. It's obviously not true and I felt a little bit offended too as an Italian but there's no reason to fight about it.\nItalians are not all cheaters, people cheat on each other in every country and people have the same relationship related problems no matter where they're from.\n\nAbout learning Italian, it might not be a relevant language, but it's still a beautiful language. And if you marry someone that speaks another language it would be nice to learn at least a little bit of it. It's not impossible. Of course English it's easier, it probably has the easiest grammar between all the languages, but that doesn't mean that English-speaking people can't learn a different language. \nI'm Italian and I'm also fluent in English and Spanish. I've studied Latin in school, and I've learned basics sentences and words, that can be useful when traveling, in Portuguese and French. That are people that speaks more that 4 languages and they don't have superpowers, they're normal people.\n\nSo stop fighting, calling each other racist ignorant or stupid. Every country has flaws, every country is different, but this doesn't make it less worth or anything.\n\nI'm living in the U.S right now. I'm proud to be Italian, I like America but there are cultural differences I'll probably never get used to. Variety and differences are beautiful.\nGo eat some chocolate and get yourself together.
zero chris
italians are the best ever anyway
Дали формата ја дава функцијата или обратно?
I definitely like Italians (culture/language and before all -the people) and I don't like the neo-italian youth (sorry 4 poor phrases but who cares if I make a point it will be anti american and thats all) who has serious lack of their lovely and plentiful tradition and under the pressure of financial crisis their behavior day by day is more like the Ugly Side of America/ns: Ugly Selfish A-holes who looks and are lost in mmmodern world, but thats how the world works, I'm sure thats the real italians are still there and there are with style; with gorgeous eyes; with family; with friendly behavior with honest smile thats says ciao! on strangers and they don't care about the world or english, they just looks how to make the best of their Romantic Relationships and not just them i'm pretty sure that the sex is overvalued for animals without sense of life and joy and self-confidence or just a insanity instinct zombies who are part of a modern shitty world and don't realize that bad habits are ruining the other opposite side who is less and  less common, what if all are bunch of unsatisfie loosers with one purpose: to assimilate others, but carefly listen your shitty boss at your shity work but don't say a word at him, but harm others in first opportunity thats a recipe 4 disaster and unbalanced world and thats is our cost and america is one big (realy fucking bIg- its everywhere if you now what i mean;) eXperiment (like a freud says) and life without a division is impossible and nagging...Live & let Live..\nps: I want to live and die in Italy with Italian ~stereotypes~ thats is my dreammm to get job in Italy and stay there to create more art in the best country (tradition) on earth... I don't have a time to write detals... see ya! (americans- no ofense but i hate thats nasty habbits all over the world not just in USA ok?!