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This is my own list with top 10 Linkin Park guitar riffs and I dedicating this video to Chester Bennington. I Hope you will like and enjoy it my friends!SUBSCRIBE to the channel: For business Inquiries:[email protected]

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drop d tuning?
Abigail Crysteffor
Given up?
Aidan Sanita
Amazing job dude but can you do Amon Amarth riffs in the future or Lamb of god maybe?
Alexandros Kontopoulos
Without the voice of Chester is like SOAD Riffs😂😂
Anan Y. Mouse
I like how he did In The End in the end.
Anonymous -
Thanks. RIP chester 😇
Ayush Kumar
Very Underrated channel, i love your channel, i come here to get my favorite riffs
dayum man\nthis is really cool\nkeep it up!
BHIO 5000
Toooop Linkin park forever
I love all of these songs! EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.\nRest In Peace, Chaz!
Bryan Casella
No More Sorrow !
Carlos Eduardo
top 10 Three Days Grace riffs \\m/
Cyka Blyat
1:20 \
Do P.O.D. !
Dakota Fritz
Dude much respect and amazing job! ❤️
Dante De Vries
1 like = 1 prayer for Chester
Darren V
Omg guilty all the same is on here ❤❤
Darth Sheep
You have earned a new sub!
Daxter ZA
Awesome vids man, keep it up!
Denis Khomushku
Brad Delson is so underrated. Actually, all the instrumentalists of the band are underrated imho.
I knew guilty all the same had to be on here
Deuka Cirino
Ficaria bom um Breaking Benjamin riffs.
Erick Hetfield
No Given Up?
Futuristic Program
Do top 10 Death riffs?
Gear Head
Great job man! Not what I was expecting!
Gianluca Sorrentino
Who else thinks Hunting Party has the best all time riffs?
Gibsoad Studios
Didn’t know Linkin Park was this heavy!
Intellitech Studios
It's Dom
A place for my head rift is legendary
James Hale
Top 10 As I Lay Dying or Trivium riffs
Jared Nava
I love your videos man keep it up
Jonathan Gomez
Wastelands needed a little more \
Jordix_ Cas
Top 10 Deftones Riffs, please
Joseph Bastidas
Top 10 Every Time I Die riffs \nTop 10 Fear Factory riffs
José Rivera
can you make it for CHVELLE?
João Caldeira
Man you killed it! That was awesome! Nice performance
Linkin Park was metal before? Holy shit. I better not to underestimate LP.
Karine 26
Hell yeah ! Brings me good memories ^_^ linkin park was one of the (metal ? Rock ?) bands I listened to with my cousin when we were younger :) you did an amazing job, man !
Konstantinos Shinoda
Top 10 RED riffs? Please!
Kuba 1906
Stop the video at 3:37. Somebody doesn't like me ;(
Kushal Bhattacharjee
Down picking+LP Nice
I'd also add chorus of \
Leonardo Daniel Hernández Hernández
Excelent, congratulationes!!!👏👏
Lkiler 3815
were is with you? :(
Luis Atienza
Linkin park riffs are simple,but great and memorable
Magda Chlebicka
I love the way you play Faint, One Step Closer and Guilty All The Same \u003c3
Matheus Neves
Not a LP fan, but just passin' by to leave a thumb up, great job as always bro
Matteo Coarezza
Can you do an episode with Children of Bodom's riffs?
Matthew Votino
Top 10 Alice In Chains riffs
Michael Charron
And people say LP isn't Metal. Yeah they released a bunch of non metal songs and album, but... I mean, just watch that video.
Minority 905
I'd add in Points of Authority
Mr Shaneyt43
Could have missed great vid ( even though subbed +bell YouTube decided not to notify) you really killed it 🤟🤟
Nameless Ghost
You forgot the song Heavy.
Once a Linkin Park soldier\nForever a Linkin Park soldier\nRest In Peace Chester Bennington
Nathan Skroch
Top 10 killswitch engage riffs please??
Organic Oregano
I love how you added QWERTY, its a great demo that not many fans know about, another great song is Reading My Eyes which is a older demo linkin park did when they where called Xero.
Patrick Vera Cruz
the first time i heard Rebellion, i knew right away it had a System of a Down vibe, and i was right!
Chester ;-; I never been able to see them live\nI saw Chester on the streets in Amsterdam tho\nHe signed his autograph and a small puppet on my arm tho and I let them tattoo over it so that's permanent with me\nNever forget his hug and his love man... He IS my savior\nWithout him in my younger years, I wouldn't be here anymore
Poopy Butt
People say Linkin park isn't that heavy, screw them this is so heavy
Это круто!Просто бальзам на душу.)
Ratul Sen
Man these riffs are metal
1:38 courtesy of Daron Malakian
This Channel is going to explode soon
Rebel With a Cause
You can see how much Brad Delson improve his skills over the years (especially in The Hunting Party).\nGreat video, dude!
A line in the sand and Keys to the kingdom
Ri Kandum
Great job! Nice to hear a lot of riffs from The Hunting Party (arguably their most underrated album). Would have added No More Sorrow if it was a top 11 :)
Rodrigo Miranda
The best part about linkin park is that they are as easy as fun to play. Absolutely love them
Samurai Jack
Do top 10 riffs from Lamb of God.
Sarah b4mv
The name of the first song
Scott Alan
Given up????????? ;-;
Setsu Desu
Thank you for making this video. I don’t know why but in the community of music in general Linkin Park is always hated and especially brads playing. I’m glad someone has made a Linkin Park video cus there very scarce
Shivang Agarwal
Absolutely loved it. LINKIN PARK!!!!
qwerty sounded very similiar to slipknot for me :D
Stoyan Orozov
Rage against the machine?
Sulwek Olejbik
Great, but one clean riff would be good in this video, maybe one more light, or the litlle things give you away.
TheKaldun PSN
This Awesome !!!Good job R.I.P CHESTER WE LOVE YOU
Thebruhman 03
I bet after this every one looked up QWERTY
Tommy Urnorm
Top 10 5fdp riffs pls
Troy Jovellanos
Chester must be proud. He is always in our hearts through this beautiful riffs and songs.
Finally my fav band
Hey there! This is my top 10 Linkin Park guitar riffs. Dedicated to Chester Bennington. Rest In Peace brother..\n\nYou could also follow me here:\nFacebook:\nTwitter:\nInstagram:\nTwitch:\nTelegram - this is a chat where we can talk each other:
Vagyok Brigi
Hybrid Theory, Meteora, The Hunting Party. Linkin Park \u003c3
Victor Camargo
1:40 *Rebellion by Daron Malakian! SOAD ❤*
Viewing Account
See I know this guys good....this is one of my favorite guitarists on Youtube lately....I know hes good bc Im not even a huge Linkin Park fan at all but this, this is good!
Yagami Raïto
It's when you look at these types of videos that you wonder how they go from there to stuff like \
Yassine Yassine
Please, could you do your top 10 Incubus riffs
Zuhair Alam
Alexisonfire riffs please!!
blackt 26
Who else made this a guess the song challenge?✊
shalva cicagi
Figure.09 and rebellion is best
A place for my head is my fav song from LP :o
Aside from Metallica I don't like any of the bands on your videos, but man, I love the way you run this channel. Short videos, straight to the point, no clickbait, professionaly recorded, both video and audio, no 12 minute video with \
Νίκος Μαλακάσης
Top 10 Hatebreed riffs?
Игорь Воробьёв
Bro, go Papa Roach or Stone Sour riffs)
Максим Гаврилов
Dude, work on the fingers of your left hand, they should not fly like that, especially the little finger. if you learn to keep your fingers bent and closer to the strings, you will be able to play much faster and more clearly, the addiction will take a couple of weeks, but the usilia are worth it. I wish you productive work with the guitar and I'm sorry for my English.)
Чернокожий Гомосексуалист Трансгендер Азиат
Just russian comment passing by: сука ебать он ахуенно играет
Awesome riffs.. They are proving why linkin was a paradigm changing band of 20's. RIP Chester