Yema (mom) is calling. Will you answer? | 7LIWA, BALTI

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واش نتا عربي
Abdel Sami
Wise words bros,i love your message thrue the video 👍👍👍
Abdelbasset Taboubi
Balti is a Tunisian rapper
Abedou alg
توووب قناة رووعة خاوتي دائما تابعك \nتحياتي من الجزائر ❤
Adam Naoui
Make a reaction for moha la squale the song is pourquoi
Ala Ham
7ouma means the hood and can also mean someone from the hood
Alex H
The meaning was so deep last part of the song was so sad still awsome reaction!
Amina Fassil
I miss my mom💔
Amine Elarroubi
Damn they touched ur feelings that mean we have the best rappers on the world huhuh
Anas Yazi
ISSAM - Bonne Année react this please(moroccan rap)
Anass El Bakkari
Rect .fnaire chayeb
Ayman Ba
reaction balti ft hamouda ya lili
Aymen Achnti
My heart is paslestanian that means he s comparing his heart to the tough palastannian hearts and the iraki mind that means he has their attitude I guess but 7liwa is Moroccan an balti Tunisian
Balti ya lili 433 Millions view !!!! Incredible !\nRéaction for ya lili please !
Barhoumi Tita
Bedoui Dali
Cool to see you doing north africain music bro's 😉 and no Balti isn't iraquien he just sayd it cause he supports bouth case's the palestinien and iraquien ^^
Nice reaction guys like always. Big Love from Morroco
Ezzahouani Wassim
Peace and so much love from morocco
Fay Mej
I live for your reactions 😍 please react to TOTO Déjà Vu.\nLove from Morocco
« My heart is palistaninan and my head is iraqi » means that he has a innocent heart but my head is ruthless  by the way
HANANE la marocaine
7liwa is not my style but this song just broke my heart . A very deep message . A big shout out to Balti is one of the best rappers in arab language . A nice reaction guys , keep always up 👏🇲🇦.
Hafidi Vlog
مغريبي تونسي دير ابوني 😍😍😍
Halta3lam Trol
Wow 7liwa king mice reaction😘
Hamza El
هادو مغربة 😂😂😂😂
Hamza Harti
Muslim and Balti should make a tune together what do you think?
Hamza Master
Iraqi means terrorists
Hamza Merai
réaction sanfara sikou sikou i whan't see it is best sing in Tunisie
Haruko M
React to balti feat hamouda - ya lili
Hasnae Lamzouri
Tflow ghanfer
Balti is Tunisian
Jebbouji Mohamed
alright this review is one of the warmest I've ever seen...with not only reviews one of my best recent songs but also the way you analyzed it till it's conclusion that is : no one can love the way your mother does....and that's a symbolic fact of culture in Moroccan countries .....\nnailed it guys
Khoukana Said
issam bavra ft toto !!!!
هل صديقك مسيحي ؟
Maria King
J’aime avant de regarder 😉❤️ wé c la famille
Mehdi ali Ali
Balti is from Tunisia and 7liwa marocco
Mhd gamer
lucky gang
Mimi Mimi
يعيش المغرب العربي الإسلامي
Mirvana Frieden
Mohamed Walid AMER
Balti is an OG in rap game like muslim and big in morocco and double kanon in algeria
Mohammed Elhaou
you king 😍
Moroccan Girl
You are amazing! Got me in tears 😭😢 \nAs always best reaction so far
Naima Remtakh
7liwa. Maroc
Nessyou nassim
you reaction yous45 track mkech kech.very good song
Omar Extreme
React Em lucky you
Othmane Bouazzaoui
Never at the expense of the person that loves you the most ...👌
Otman Minkl
تحية \nلمغاربة \nوتوانسة
Oublkass Yassine
وخا هكاك مسلم هارب عليهم بزااااف
Oussama Ayadi
balti king of arab rap
Outman Kharass
Pedro rojo
Toto deja Vù
Raed Nouar
Tunisia and Marocco the king mama ooooooo love 💜💜💚💚💚💛💛💛💞💞💞💕💕💕💝💝💖💖💖💖💑💑💑💗💗💗👑👑👑
Waaaw comme jamais #luckyloush 🔥🔥
لي 🇲🇦🇩🇿🇹🇳 يجي حدايا بلايك 😍😍😍😍
Salima Hakim
Lartiste. MAFIOSA. svp
Sedani Sedani
لمغريبي دير لايك 👍👍👍
So Nia
React to Balti - Ya Lili feat. Hamouda ✌
SouFian LB
Finkom almgharba \nViv moroco
Soukaina Liife
wow amazing reaction
Taha Elamrani
Tooooop moroco
Talel Hamadi
Balti Fort BEZZAF !
Tp NewS
Good job
Wijdane Amg
Guzman istanbul
Youssef /يوسف
Nizo- madrasti l7ilwa
wlad lhoma mchaw milano weslo roma ❤
Zakaria Drk
Don bigg Album is coming he will destroy them all
azdine bendoula
babito PâššīŃő
Great react 💖🔥🔥
dope boy
Siempre je t'aime YEMA ❤\nAllah yerham OM kul wahed.
elbied zakaria
shout out to you just make sure to check more Balti s songs the older tunisien rapper he s a LEGEND
essaid zhar
Class a el raton Moroccan rap❤️❤️❤️
hamza jaouad
Balti very old and big rapper his morr famous then this young generation 7liwa toto ..... except shayfeen are big \n\n\n\nWe need reaction for = Rozalinda by 7-toun pleaaaaase
haytam/ هيتم
Vive morrocoooooooo ❤ ❤ ❤
hubqaad casriga. tube
balti and 7liwa Raber of Tunisia 👍👍
ilhame mouhibe
Toto deja vu
jihed benahmed
React to balti new song called \
marwa rahmouni
seriously!! you guys don't know who balti is?
maryam Louba
Je t'aime YEMA❤
meriem maroc
i love my mum...if whoever dares to hurt her i swear i don't know how i might react. same for my dad (i'm not used to say to him i love you but i really would die for him). parents are special they love you without expecting anything in return...
nidhal ghithia
React to balti feat hamouda - ya lili
nizar trabelsi
react to SAMARA ._ Me Dayem Welou tunisian rap
romaysa be
Everyone loves his mother 😚✔🌷thank you 🇲🇦
saddam eckraem
please guys look at libyan rap because we are from north africa too and wr have rappers too\n\nissa beb dardaf - im genuis\nahmed al shaafe - kish\nvolcano - c5\nissa ben dardaf - جلوى
sara salhi
Je vous aime beaucoup la famille ❤❤❤ all the love from Tunisia 🇹🇳🇹🇳🇹🇳
setati adil
حليوة لهجة أحسن من بلطي بكثير...تحيا الجزائر الحبيبة
tawfik ahmam
troll morocco
wahid rouini
Balti( ya lil ) reached over 400 million view
yasine mh
Please can you Put Arabic in translation
yassmin Cici
Chkobistan 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿rkoum hna
youssef yous
Moro-tdne \nIt is a diss track to 7liwa \n(Morocco)
zakir zara
بنت المغرب
راهم مغاربا راه غير شادين فيكم 😂😂😂\n#المغرب العالمي ✨💓
نادي الرجاء الرياضي
LFERDA - Occupé