The Strokes - SXSW Full show (2011)

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The Strokes full performance at the SXSW concert (only the brodcast) Almost one year already...01. The Modern Age02. Undercover of Darkness03. You're so right04. Under Control05. Last

Albert Hammond Jr Is This it Julian Casablancas Last Nite Nick... SXSW The Modern Age The Strokes Under control Undercover of Darkness You're so right

I really need them 
Celina Galicia
i wish i could live this day again it was amazing \u003c3
Ilana Casarez
I want to go back to this day
Jasmine Tarin
The way he says \
you could upload videos of Planeta Terra 2011 completely? please
Oscar Sanchez
such a great night, it feels like yesterday
Saad El Adraoui
Thanks for uploading the video.
Yes I would do that. Would you like it as a full video concert (1hour) ? it's way better than one video at a time.