Italian’s reaction to Hawaiian Pizza [PRANK]

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- Kadobu -
As always Italians are triggered by the fruit on a pizza. I personaly love pineaple pizza.
100 subs without no content? Shamrock
Pineapple doesn’t look good on pizza, and should not belong on it ,but you gotta agree\n\n\n\n\n\nIt’s really freakin delicious.
See hawaii? You ruined pizza
Adjustable Wrench
No matter what topping added, I would always love pizza :)
AltheAlien IZ
Thanks God we got English subtitles.\nAnd I'm Italian.
Amber star
Just take the pineapples off and eat them for pudding 🍰 simpleus
Ash Ketchup
just wait until they hear about how mexicans put chorizo on pizza haha
Physical assault for putting pineapples on a pizza?? Wow. Just wow.
I'm studying chemistry atm. What am I doing here.
Bad Goy
Lol the disrespect
Beaus 13
Livello culturale italiano: Picchiare una persona per una pizza. E vabbè.
Blake Dixon
Napoli Napoli... e si va sempre indietro...educazione, civiltà e linguaggio al livello degli Zulù
Alguieni pir dayoscripti bambino?🇮🇪
Carl 99
È più intelligente un animale che quella signora che picchia per una ordinazione sbagliata
Cicada studio
Fake ke ke' kake
Pur essendo italiano capivo di più dai sottotitoli in inglese
Dalina Caliman
Ma vogliamo parlando dei commenti razzisti che ci sono sotto questo video? Ma vi sembra normale che dite \
Dan Blackett
haha my mom is Sicilian. try takin the fukin dominos off her tho. she breathes in ham n pineapple slices
Danielle Smith
“I’ll give you 15 euros if you just go.” Well dang lol
Was not disappointed :D Greetings to you Italians from Germany. We love your food...playing against you on semi finals not so much xD
If I were president the first thing I'd do is make a law that frobiddens putting pineapple on a pizza. #MakePizzaGreatAgain
Duke of Wellington
that one woman though, he brings the wrong pizza and she literally tries to attack him.
Dylan Massa
Si, ma nel titolo scrivete napoletani, non italiani
That's Naples? It looks like a war zone, wtf.
La donna è una pazza psicopatica,si deve curare
Only monsters enjoy pineapple on a pizza
Felisa 72
*I* *hate* *Pineapple* *on* *my* *pizza*
Ffionn Cutie fox
Never try giving us those american's idea for pizza... we will kick you in the rear and send you back where you came from 😂😂
I love Hawaiian pizza, can't believe people hate it, it makes the pizza taste better!
Flapping Online logic
Actually pizza with pineapple is tasty 😂😂 rip italy
Francesco Schintu
Capisco di più leggendo i sottotitoli in inglese che loro che parlano Napoletano
Gabriel Almeida
General Grievous 1495
Scrivete napoletani al posto degli italiani per cortesia...
Best pizza toppings: ham, pineapple and blue cheese.
Humble Man
pineapple pizza taste real good. try it and be amazed.
Ibra Kalas
man I love how expressive Italians are
Itchybell games
Some italians are very rude
Pizza man with camera man, seems legit
Jena TH
I love Italians but I think the people in this video are overreacting and crazy
Karim Alzaghaibeh
La donna che lo picchia per una pizza è malata di cervello
Kay Tee
Some of the comment said that fruit doesnt suppose to be in a pizza. Wait. Correct me if i am wrong. Tomato is also a fruit . Right?
Kenneth Martinez
Somebody toucha my spaghet!
Kevin A.
😂😂 man's said he will pay him to leave....if this isn't proof pineapple doesn't belong on pizza idk what is
Ham&pineapple is a perfect pizza.
We Italians need subs too, how is that Italian?
Louie M
wow, that woman was really violent!!!
I see, u can make fun of anything in italy but dont mess with their food.
pizza with pineapple is shit, try with cranberry if u want something sweet on it
Man Red
I swear if I was in his shoes I would beat the s**t out of that woman.
I think Hawaiian Pizza is delicious :) Just my opinion :)
Melina Melena
Pineapple Pizza 😍🤤🍍🍕
Nagyon Nagy
i love hawaii pizza
Neno Martínez
Haha, Hawaiian pizza is really disgusting actually ..\nThis pineapple is a fruit, it doesn't have place on any kind of pizza..\nItalian pizza is the best!!!!\nI eat Italian pizza very often, I love Salami, Diavolo and Speciale !!! 😍😍💖\nBut here there is another problem:\nA big picture of Rome in front of the box and in the back with small letters written: *mªde in germªny*
Nico Zue
Bella l'apertura mentale e la pacatezza dei napoletani
Nicoleta Dobrovolschii
How would Gordon Ramsay react on it? 😁
P40L0 Andriani
Potevate mettere anche i sottotitoli in Italiano
Pepe With Down Syndrome
An English commentor here . Those hand signs are guud
Red Spot Channel
i think they will kill me if i put grapes for topping
Reload Fire
Anybody that order pizza with pineapple , should get the hitman to deliver your pineapple pizza .
Ron Swanson
Pineapple pizza should be outlawed. It's a disgrace to Italians and specifically people who live in Naples.
SantaMuerte livE
It's a Fugazi (in my Mario voice)
Ranch on Pizza is disgusting
ShadowDark Pro
I would just remove the pineapple and my problem is solved
Spyro Synes Symbio
Nelle descrizioni non trovo alcun riferimento al fatto che questa pizza sia stata proposta a gente proveniente dai bassifondi napoletani. In caso sarebbe molto opportuno specificarlo, questo dettaglio; perché qui, per colpa di quei quattro zotici nel video, ci fanno una figuraccia sia Napoli che l'Italia intera. Quella pizza è un'idea disgustosa, ok, ma non giustifica le reazioni che si sono viste. Per piacere, specifichiamo quello che c'è da specificare.
Strange Brew
Italians are way too proud.
Pinapples??\nFucking pinapples?
im not an italian, but this so called \
Tiberian Fiend
This is the only correct reaction to pineapple on a pizza.
Timm Schulz
Wie kann man sich nur so aufregen?
Tomás Roma
I would be angry if they brought me the wrong pizza as well regardless if it has pineapples or not
Trust in Dog
Tomato is a fruit.
Un tizio anonimo
Hahahaha video in inglese commenti solo in italiano
Valerio Barone
Sono dei pazzi maniaci
Viktor Barna
Never seen something more fake
Its a clip from the TV show\nHow to trigger an Italian S01E01
Yaranaika Rem?
Well, they are correct that pineapples on pizzas are disgusting
a most natural reaction to that abomination of a pizza
cant think of a name
respect to the Italians i love their culture and history dont buy into the modern world keep your traditions and beauty, from Britain!
coltello affillato
Ehmmm... 5 napoletani su 5 ti prendono a schiaffi se fai uno scherzo sulla pizza. Ok...
david robinson
But I like Hawaiian pizza
I thought everyone hated anchovies..
Almost thought one of them would pull out a gun.
edoardo fedrighi
I'm an italian pizza boy and if they'd dare assaulting me like that i'd assault them back 10 times harder
Even the thought of pineapple on a pizza makes me want to puke.
Pineapples do not belong on pizza.
inoki ness
I napoletani , la solita razza di sporchi e cafoni
instagram stories
Io l'ho assaggiata e non é male provatela prima di criticatela
They don't have to get so pissed like WTF it's just a damn pizza
laura carstairs
E poi ci sono io che leggo i sottotitoli in inglese per capire cosa dicono
na x
Dice the pineapples!!!
non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere
sarah s.
I love Pineapple Pizza :DDD
shakuuza ez
But I like pizza hawaii😞
shinjuku mad
What's wrong with this Italians? I can eat Hawaiian pizza every day.
I´m an english comment and I wanna stay near the top.
jebnieci, zaatakowali goscia za kawalek pierdolonego placka
łuki uki
I like hawaian picca