Simple Pastas: Spaghetti with Garlic and Oil

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Alberto Rudi
Mrs Lidia, tons of garlic? Ok, it's up to you. Otherwise it seems quite overcharged, isn't it? Should say... \
Andrea Wooten Mckinnon
I remember watching PBS back in the day and discovering Lidia's kitchen.\nLove pasta and all things Italian, then and now.
Angela Ciaramella
Povera cucina italiana!!!!cara signora Lidia studi un po' la prego prima di improvvisarsi cuoca italiana....ha mai letto un libro sulla cucina napoletana?????
Anne Cinturati
Lidia my dear you have no idea in how much I adore you. Have so much in common. Ww both lived in Astoria-Queens, at same time and are the same age. Even got married around the same time in the 60s and raised our children. God would answer my prays if we could one day meet and so that I can hug you. I admire your calm and jou in the kitchen. Love always anne cinturarti
Aquarius M
I love Lidia's cooking. Simple, beautiful food that looks and tastes fabulous ❤️
Ashley Nicole
Ok so I’m so stupid I tried to make this without following a recipe and used a whole stick of butter for the sauce instead of adding the pasta water😭😭 at least now I can perfect the recipe 😊
Brian Garon
you know all that flavor rinsed right off the pasta with all the water she added.
Cecilia Messerville
Ma che ha fatto il brodo???? Ma vai a cucinare spaghetti with meatballs che è meglio
Christine Gallo
Love Lidia's Recipes, especially pasta with baked cherry tomatoes.
Cindy Gracia
Guys, what about adding cilantro instead of parsley or add both?, I'm going to try this but I'm adding both.
Ciria Hinojosa
so i have been wanting to try this for ever and i finally made it! Thank u so much it is delicious ny kids love it and our home smells amazing thank u
Crank Turner
Link to the recipe is dead... just fyi
It taste good
David Mayhew
Linda is so wonderful!
Davide Lenarduzzi
Divina Samala
you made my life soooo easy
Eddie Jeffers
I love Lidia Bastianich. Hope to meet her one day.
El Auria
It's not true not everybody loves basil and I really don't understand and I'm sure confuses you my daughter absolutely hates it and I'm going to guess because it's actually good for her people don't realize the connection the ancient knowledge and art of preparing meals herbs are not only for flavor these combinations to each ethnicity came about because of the knowledge of the healing ability of those plants and that is how Italians became known to use certain herbs because that's what was available and then you have all the other nationalities that chose the herbs that were available to them that would protect them or help them with digestion or you know kill bacteria all these things these weren't common knowledge and it's not only about Flavor the flavors came from necessity not from the palate but that's lost information at least it seems that way\nI actually am more interested in the ancient knowledge of the herbs used and then the flavors that they impart but what is their true function and how did all these nationalities come up with their own variations like I said what is indigenous to their demographic area
Eric Vitelli
Very easy..the garlic can get bitter if burnt..the water stopped it.👌
Eric Henderson
Awesome dish Lidia, this is one of the best simple pasta I wanna make all the time.
Ernesto Del Prete
It's a pity because this is not real spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and peperoncino. I didn't expect so many mistakes made by an italian chef.
Fabrizio Caci
A Lidia ma che stai a fa?? Quanto aglio metti... Bah. Da te non me l'aspettavo
this lady takes her eating very seriously
Ginga Vitus
suckle those monsterzzzzzz
Hamid Elouardaoui
I still remeber this episode i watched it 4 years ago in fatafeat chanel !\nand i still cook it cuz it's tasty and sooo easy !
Huff Puff
Garlic soup
Ike Dogg
hi lidas I love watching you, im from Detroit mich, my question I tried making the homemade spaghetti sauce tell me how does starts off/////
Ivonne Garcia-Meitin
Lidia is so nice to see you again, you look so nice! Thank you
That looks good ⚓
Jane Doe
Lidia, will you adopt me and be my mother? You're THE BEST!
Jay Huerta
I am making this pasta with garlic tomorrow for my lunch with a breaded chicken breast.
Jay R
Awesome video!
John Hooper
Now I am hungry.. nom nom nom.. :D
John-Paul Giordano
Entirely way way way to much pasta water in that sauce. That is not how we make it in italia. This is not zuppa. Lol
My secret ingredient: a little anchovies paste added to the sauce just before adding the pasta.
Karen BeSaw
Love you program.....Always watch it....I would love your lagane e ceci recipe, can't find it anywhere
Katy López
My second favorite food is Italian ❤️
Ken W
Never Doubt  A Nona  ? ? ?
Kevin Grady
To really bump it up a notch add the zest and juice of a lemon.
Khitam Kadhim
I learned a lot of things from you so that's a lot love you
Lego PAC
Lidia you make amazing stuff I watch you on the tv keep up the good work👍👍👍
Lisa Lisa
Ty for doing an entire dish, rather then a few seconds 👌
Lisa Velez
I have heard of it so many times, but what is pepperonccino? (I dont even know if Im spelling it right lol
MEthat LovesCats
3 things. 1, it's ok to put olive oil in the water look you put pasta in water and oil. 2. If you can't have salt you can use a salt free seasonings. And 3. If you don't have many teeth and need smaller noodles then just break them up before cooking to your desired size or after cooking cut them up in bite sizes. Do what you can to personalize the dish for your needs. It's still ITALIAN.
Mari Ann Joyner
No matter what time of day, whether I’ve just eaten or am starving, her videos literally make my mouth water..I swear I can smell them through the screen...I could watch her all day..Just one question..why doesn’t she pour the pasta from the skillet to the serving dish? Is that just an American thing? Either way, love Lidia!! 🇮🇹
Maria De La Torre
Lidia, you are the best, I love you!
Marie Tan
So yummy. Gonna try your method some day. Thanks for the demo
Mavis Felblade
I dont have garlic oil D:
Michelle King
Lidia you're the best chef in Italian cooking and lidia's kitchen is my favorite show on pbs
Mondo Enterprises
anchovies, please!
Nagalingam Kannan
nice mis I flowing your food
Neda Ventura
One of my favorite spaghetti dishes!
Omar Gonzalez
Love this lady.I wish she was my mother. No disrespect of my mother whom I love. But I love to eat!
Oρμlεɳ૮ε Pɦσεɳเא
Lidia can you please make a new Italian style Noodles Romanoff ?
Phil G
There's million vids on making pasta with garlic n oil and this one is the absolute best n perfect way. Been doing it this way my whole life. Learned from my grandparents. And you were so right about the oil in the water. Never ever do that. All the starch from the salt won't stick to the pasta if u add oil to water. Love ❤️ this video and you.
Pritta Ira
Ah...don’t rest the pasta...
Ramon Toyens
Rob C
Exactly How we grew up making this. Fantastic Dish that always hits the spot.
Robin Hoodlum
I love Lidia's Channel.. she's a very amazing cook
Rodriguez Family
😍😍😍😍😍 Thank you for the recipe Mrs. Lidia! 😘
S. C
Thanks for the tip on adding water to garlic sauté
Scott Hull
amazing, thank you for the perspective
Sharon S
I don't understand how anyone could not like this dish!
Simone Angilletta
Linda, mi hai fatto venir fame!!!
Tasty & Easy
Beautiful recipe, you will try my Italian recipes. See also my recipe channel thanks.
I use less water when boiling my pasta so the starchiness is more concentrated. It makes the sauce so much creamier 😋
Tyler Peacock
How much garlic damn?
Virginia F
Williem Lea Plaza Saál
Thank you Lidia, you are my Teacher...
Wu - lay Unysoul
LIDIA is a sexy woman :)
Lidia lascia Italia te la tirano nella schiena quella pasta !!! Il prezzemolo non deve esser cotto perchè la pasta diventa amara deve esser tagliato all'ultimo e messo fresco sulla pasta ma poco però , l'aglio è troppo veramente troppo...poi il formaggio beh, ma quando si mette ? MAIII nell'aglio e sono varianti ma con dei pomodori PACHINO !!!! lascia perdere...sei americanizzata...fai hamburger e basta forse questi li sai fare !!!\nquesta è una variante interessante:
alexander Kato
Magic! Lydia, Magic! Love your videos my dear! You are soooo sincere for your passion of cooking!! Much love!
annalisa ebbasta
questo piatto di italiano non ha nulla, questa è una americanata cucinata da una crucca
antonio sasso
Fenomeno, non ti offendere se poi ti dicono che fai schedina a cucinare. Puoi cucinare solo per gli americani come te. Mai visto un aglio olio e peperoncino ( lo dice il titolo stesso)e basta. Ma cosa c'entra il basilico e pecorino? Ma lascia stare cambia mestiere , fai l'infermiere la parrucchiera. Sei una ciarlatana. Vergognati .
Lidia is hot !! Makes watching a cooking video fun and even better.
Where are you from? Your English is so interesting!
I just made this for dinner tonight. So simple and so delicious. I finely chopped the garlic so my kids don't see it and they loved it. I never would have thought to add that amount of water but it worked great. Thank you Lidia!
fabio contini
questi non sono spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino. la solita poltiglia americana.
gail kohr
Lidia, you are a treasure. You taught me how to cook and how to enjoy food.
TASTY ..................YUMMY........................
Semplicemente bravissima !!!
This is the best version I have ever had! Lidia is the best!
marco polo
I can't eat this any more so I watch this video and dream about it!! Simply delicious!!
mariam mneimneh
I’m happy I found you
new kenwa
I like this simple cooking of pasta,
I call that “a clear sauce “ for the kids..
can the ingredients and direct link to the recipe be added to the description boxes of these videos? Thanks!
Nice alternative to marinara sauce.
This is such a great dish, also for the lazy cookers or beginners. It's cheep, it's done fast, garlic and oil last pretty long and most of the time you may already have everything at home, so you don't need to walk to the grocery store either. And of course it tastes great.
I’m a single dad and always looking for simple dishes to feed my boys. This looks awesome. Simple and delicious at the same time. I think their gonna love it. Loved the video cus it’s so simple that even I cant screw this dish up!
vilko skorlich
Spaghetti aglio e olio (pronounced [spaˈɡetti ˈaʎʎo e ˈɔːljo]; \
As an Italian, why why would you call this 'Garlic and Oil'? It's 'Aglio E Olio'. With the amount of pasta water you added, you should actually be calling it 'Water, Garlic and Oil', that would be more American.
world king
This lady sounds like the actors in the God father 1 she should have been Brando's wife
yogitunes you and your recipes....this is the next best to standing in your kitchen with you learning how to make all your wonderful dishes......this is something quick and simple, yet delicious!.....