Bruce Springsteen w. Billy Joel - New York State of Mind - Madison Square Garden - 2009/10/2930

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25th ANNIVERSARY ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME CONCERTBruce Springsteen & the E Street Band w. Billy Joel - New York State of Mind - Madison Square Garden, NYC - 2009/10/29&30

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AOC Metro
Can't wait to see Billy Joel at the Garden celebrating his 100th show. tonight!!
Adrie Hasenbos
Nice, very nice!!
Alan Hope
Springsteen is absolutely drenched. How does escape being electrocuted?
Ali Osman
Who’d have believed it? What a couple of brilliant old crooners - excellent stuff!
Angela Fischetti
Angelo Kournianos
Billy Joel is the boss. Better than them all.
Antonio Fioore
Rivera meets E street band. If only he could have played here with Clemens
Asif Saifullah
If anybody asks me who is my most favourite singer, I can't tell. There must be two; Mr. Joel and Mr. Springsteen.
Bob Murphy
2 towering giants in the music biz, from the metro area. Celebrating the GREATEST state and city in the country....hell, the world! So much talent and power. Yeah you can hate Bruce's politics, or reflect on Joel's sad life style.  But NO ONE can detract from their talent! Go on guys, show us how it's done...
One and only complaint, The Big Man is in the house and you have Mark Rivera on lead sax?.....oh what could have been. At least bring Richie Cannata with you if you're going to be onstage with the E Street Band Billy!! Loved hearing Mighty Max back up the Piano Man on his set that night. Reminds me of Liberty in his prime.
Burt Milburn
The fabulous Mark Rivera joins the two legends ..... what a combo!
Carolina Teel
Holy cow, Mr. Springsteen can sing!
Cheryl Haydon
 I do believe I would have given my right arm to see this live...I love both of these artists.
Chris Saner
wow wow wow
Chris Yuill
Great concert from \
Christopher Prentice
What a cool ending! Certainly gracious from Jersey Bruce, but they seemed to really enjoy jamming together. And, man, that E Street Band is top notch! (duh)
Cinnamon Swann
This is far from being the best rendition of this song that I've heard, but I enjoyed it nevertheless.  I love this song, I love Bruce Springsteen's raspy voice and I love both gentlemen's ability to improvise when things don't go well on stage. I ought to have paid more attention to my piano lessons. (sigh)
Cosmic Liki
The best storytellers. Billy and Bruce... Nobody tells and sings stories about simple people the way they do...
the boss and the piano man could it get any better?
David Hall
And what a fantastic Sax Player too
Deborah Moat
Piano 🎹 Man! Beautiful Music 🎵!! 👩🏻\u200d💼🎶❤️🎵❤️🎶❤️🎵🙏🏻☘️
New York! the Big Greit voices :)
Devlyn DeAugustine
If I am ever down, all I need to do, find a Billy Joel song.
Edi Utama
Such a magic rarely produced in this digital age! They're real talent...
Eric Parent
Thank God. I was so afraid this was going to be a video of them doing a cover of that awful Jay Z song.
Two R&R  LEGENDS together!  \u003c3 \u003c3 you both, thanks for a great performance. ^5 .
This is just outstanding work all around...two of the best artists of their generation trading vocals back and forth...these two men are the best in their time...
Fred Stuckmann
2 of my favorite story tellers on 1 great song. Awesome.
Gaurav Arya
2:14 that gesture of Bruce 😁
Glenn Sullivan
Heavenly :)
Guy Girard
bruce's best ever performance.
Isabella Isa
Awful performance.. Springsting screams and shouts and billy joel is out of tune
JP Boucher
Wahou!!!! Even if I am french and living in the close south-east of Paris, when I listen to this monument, I feel like a true new-yorker. The fact that I was born on 9/11/71.
Janac Meena
bruce is one cool mofo
Jared Creash
Wow this gives me chills
Jc Conklin
Ive never been a Bruce fan, Billy is my man! But what a smooth, beautiful duet. Bruce's singing was top notch here. A pleasant surprise!
Jeremy DeBose
He's been performing 50 years yet Bruce is only in his 40s it looks like. 🤨
Joe Nocella
I wonder if Billy enjoyed hugging a sopping wet Bruce.
Jordan Bechtel
Billy and Bruce are neither known for singing, but Bruce sang the shit out of this.
Judith Díaz Porto Robles PhDc
It doesn’t get better than this!! NYC childhood Memories
Karen Berino
This is awesome - they both sound amazing! I'm just wondering why the audience isn't going berserk?? I've seen Billy at the Garden recently and have watched videos from his other shows and every time he brings a guest on, the audience goes wild. Maybe they edited out the audience response from this video, but why would they? Anyway, they both sound great - I'm a huge fan of both of them. I'm going to see Billy again in August at MSG.... xoxoxo
Ken Scar
God damn when he played those first few chords I would have lost my MIND. What a moment. Thank you for posting this - the internet is good tonight
Kevin Mcginley
Absolutely incredible and absolutely beautiful should be re issued for a number 1 spot for xmas 2015
I've never been a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen, but this just shows that he really has an incredible voice. 
Laurylie Polito
Some folks like to get away\nTake a holiday from the neighborhood\nHop a flight to Miami Beach\nOr to Hollywood\nBut I'm taking a Greyhound\nOn the Hudson River Line\nI'm in a New York state of mind\n\nI've seen all the movie stars\nIn their fancy cars and their limousines\nBeen high in the Rockies under the evergreens\nBut I know what I'm needing\nAnd I don't want to waste more time\nI'm in a New York state of mind\n\nIt was so easy living day by day\nOut of touch with the rhythm and blues\nBut now I need a little give and take\nThe New York Times, The Daily News\n\nIt comes down to reality\nAnd it's fine with me 'cause I've let it slide\nDon't care if it's Chinatown or on Riverside\nI don't have any reasons\nI've left them all behind\nI'm in a New York state of mind\n\nIt was so easy living day by day\nOut of touch with the rhythm and blues\nBut now I need a little give and take\nThe New York Times, The Daily News\n\nIt comes down to reality\nAnd it's fine with me 'cause I've let it slide\nDon't care if it's Chinatown or on Riverside\nI don't have any reasons\nI've left them all behind\nI'm in a New York state of mind\n\nI'm just taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River Line\n'Cause I'm in a New York state of mind
LuBi Bochum
Simply GREAT !!!! Love you both.
So far the solo at 3:56 is the best one ever compared to the other renditions.
Marcos Nino
Marilyn Mesa
I don't have any reasons I left them all behind...I'm in a NY State of Mind.  I heart NY.
Mark Levasseur
Who says Bruce can't sing???
Mary Westerfield
the sax player here is awesome..
María Ester Valdés
Good Music!
Matt Caliguire
As the 500th comment, I’ll make a prediction... Billy Joel still has a masterpiece up his sleeve before his story ends.
Matt Smith
I have never understood the people who say Bruce can't sing. That all he does is scream. Does he scream on \
The Boss and the Piano Man, with a double shot of Mark Rivera sax. Oh hell yeah!
Mitch Gawlik
This is really Billy's song, he owns it, just the way Bruce owns \
Mitchell Rologas
This is just embarrassing actually. Springsteen can still sing but Billy Joel's voice is completely shot and he really shouldn't be performing any more. (I am a big fan of both men by the way).
Gotta love this one,Poppa..........
name a better duo ill wait
Nerve Centre 79
These guys are just beyond brilliant.\nYou absolutely need to smile.\nThank you
Orr W
Wish I had Billy Joel's fingers
Paul Isaac
I agree with Chris Thomas. Billy Joel 's singing voice was much better when he was younger. Springsteen ' s is still good.
Paul Sandberg
This makes me so goddamn happy it's ridiculous
Roland Hersan
Mark Rivera awesome, as well as Bruce Springsteen and of course Billy Joel, by the way, I'm glad watching while Billy is playing piano with different angles, the camera captures the best of him....
Roy Batty
Boy, that old geezer can play that old Joanna ;].
Russell Elbaum
I can’t believe how many times I’ve watched this
S Fry
just does NOT EVER get any better than this. The read deal -- squared.
Shahbano Malik
Two very underrated artists, in my opinion.
Sharon Aldridge
Two giants..and I'm practically on my knees and NO it can't get much better than this..heaven. Take me away Chariot..think I'm ready. Lordy yes. This IS a glimpse of what might be behind those Golden Gates. Alright, I get carried away. Whoee \u003c3 \u003c3
Qué grande Billy Joel.
Skeet Freak
I love them so much
must admit ...this is a great \
Tracy Greenwood
OMG - this was amazing.
Virgil kirschner
omg, what talent. what can ever equal this?
ali martin
great is all i can say to these two geniuses.
baler johnson
You know when your soul is touched .
WHO IS GOING TO BE THE NEXT GREATS WHEN PERFORMANCES LIKE THIS ARE NO LONGER???  it is really too bad rock and roll is now becoming a dying art. making it harder for people to break in. Hardly anyone is buying this art form anymore. Concerts are charging way too much money.. Guns n roses a couple hundred dollars.. Way too much for a show. I remember back in the day it was 25-50 bux..We are talking 2009/ 10 so not that long ago. The bands are willing to let this sort of thing go.. They know how much they make and charge. Ticket master is charging way too much.  Bands make more from live performances these days than album sales. People are willing to Pay...  Thanks for this legendary upload.. CHEERS PEOPLE!!
Two east coast kids getting together for a little jam session.
chris thomas
when Billy was younger he had a better singing voice and I never thought of Bruce as much of a singer though he always entertained thoroughly but he did a better job vocally on this performance than Billy did in my opinion... I liked Bruce`s voice on this.
Billy Joel...just wow, what a performer, and with The Boss, such American Music icons from my very own time on this big blue very blessed to have been growing up with their music.
New York and Jersey powerhouses.  Does it get any better than this?
Amazing-Beautiful, Thanks for This :::;))))
Two of the greatest songwriters of all time performing a great Billy Joel song superbly..
kevin u
It doesn't get any better than this! Love The Piano Man and The Boss!!
After a week of pushing a big rig through New Jersey and New York metro traffic... this is the perfect antidote.
maryanne o'neill
Two great music icons on stage together. Wish I was there. Thanks for sharing this.
moto ,
great friendship
Damn... The Boss sounded great!
nicole fortin
I m a fan of Bruce Springsteen abd Billy Joel. There voice together is just a gift for the heart.
Such a great song, full of flair, flowing into the air for our delight!
Q: How could a nice Jewish boy from Long Island write this song with the love of NYC at only the age of 20?\nA: The same way the nice Jewish boy from the Bronx who never left the city of New York and wrote \
scott rogers
I don't know what some of you are hearing but I think this is great
I'm a BIG Joel fan, and have never cared for Springsteen much, other than as a great entertainer who knows how to work an audience, which I admire...\nAnd this is EPIC.\nWhat I liked:\n1.)  Joel's piano intro and outro show what a really good keyboard guy he is, and he seems to be some mutant combination of Ray Charles, Richard Tee, and (dare I say it?) George Gershwin;\n2.)  Springsteen, not having to play guitar at all, actually does the best singing I have ever heard him do;\n3.)  Joel, a musical chameleon, almost a musical \
Ζωή Π
springsteen and joel? This might be the best duo ever. EVER. Amazing artists.
What a life it is 🎵