9 Rarest Cars In The World And Their Price Tags

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... 9 Rarest Cars In The World And Their Price Tags And Their Price Tags Cars In The World And Their Price Tags Rarest Cars In The World And Their Price Tags

The 1936-1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic would've been the perfect Nr. 10 rare car on your list. There were only 4 units built, 3 of which exist to this day. One was sold in 2010 for 30 million US dollars, one is quite a few a million due to its new parts added after a complete restoration and the other, Ralph Lauren's one, is estimated at 40 million US dollars. Or the Shelby Daytona Coupe, only 6 built in the '64-'65 period.
What's the Ferrari on the thumbnail?
Abraham Aguilar
with 13.5 million dollars i can feed a lot of hungry kids.
Alessandrini Matteo
Perché il titolo in italiano se poi è tutto inglese
Alessandro Berti
Oh my god that ALFA ROMEO!
Andreas Madsen
what about the auto union type D?
Angelo Pavesi
Sempre le auto italiane sono prime
Ante Leandersson
The 1969 Chevrolet corvette zl-1 they made 3... And where the F**c is the Shelby daytona? Do some research dude
Ben Mason
Smart cars are only $15000
BenDaKill -
That 250 GT California is beautiful. Simple.
Bill Welter
`Wheres the ZL1 Stingray ? Porsche 917...  mmmmmm!
The #1 car should not have been. That's just not a good enough car!
I drove the McLaren F1 too! Back in the 2000s.. in NFS 2 SE
Captain FALKEN
Just because at the auction place, people pay half a million dollars for a car doesn't make it special or worth that much. It's like giving a waitress a 50 dollar tip just because you like her ass. These prices are far off except the Ferraris. A 69 ZL1 is not that much at all. You can look in a car magazine and see a 69 ZL1 for less than 100k
Ceramica Canuelas
Alfa Romeo in 6:38 \
Connoisseur of Cannabis Cars&Pussy
no Lamborghini Miura??
Coolnvigilant 88
Not really an interesting selection
Curtis Kreklau
1988 Camaro Z28 1LE of which six were produced. Not put up?
i would trade them all for a 1974 260z!
Daniel Cottone
What about the first stingray corvette
Disques 13 Swing
Talbot Lago 150 SS-C, 14 made last one that changed hands went for $15 million.\n\nAlfa Romeo TZ 1, a race car along with the 1300 Junior Zagato and it's sister the 1600 Zagato, production cars, about 1,500 total production. And let's not forget the Montreal...
DrLobster 42
This is one of those NON-talking videos
Emanuel Severino
Can you do a Ford Mustang hoonigan burnout/drift video
Fail Zero
250 GTO, 36 made, not 39.
Frace Nyle Cajuday
two Muscle cars in Australia are worth over a million each\n\nGTHO Phase 3 - worth 1 Million+ only 15 are known to exsist\nGTHO Phase 4 - worth priceless because only 3 are known to exsist and the people who do own them wont ever sell
I help anytime
The porsche 917k is a race car.
Ivan Baschirotto
Lamborghini Miura?
And where is the Daytona Cobra Coupe?
Jean Ferret
A mass produced Chevy has no place on this list. The GT40 makes a most glorious noise...Lola's finest piece of work.
John Grafelman
Regular F1 McLarens are going for 13 mil. The LM is worth way more.
Johny Kampret
bugatti atlantic built in 1937 theres only 3 in the world.. most expensive car in the world
Jonathan Kafrouni
Imagine when you baught one of these at the time of their creation, you’d be a millionaire now
GT40 built in an attempt to \
Justin Nother
Great closing music, don't ever change!
that lyakan crap is ridiculously overpriced...not necessarily that the other are not but appearing in a blockbuster movie doesn't make it a super car in any way especially with a flat six engine
Kristian Brandt
Camaro.... Really?
Leonardo Ballor
you forgot the Lamborghini miura $3
Matthew Henderson
I can think of a list of 9 cars, rarer than the 250 California, right now without mentioning any of the other cars on this list: Ferrari 250LM, 32 units, €10M. Aston DB4 Zagato, 19 units, €10M. Nissan Skyline GT-R (BNR34) Nismo Z-Tune, 19 units, €500k. Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2, 12 units, €1M. Ford GT40 Roadster, 6 units est. €5M. Mercedes-Benz 300SLR Uhlenhaut Coupé, 2 units, €20M. Ferrari 250 GT Drogo Breadvan, 1 unit, €15M. Jaguar XJ13, 1 unit, est. €10M. Bentley 8-Litre Blue Train, 1 unit, est. €15M.
Meneer De Kip
The sound of these cars is just unbelievable!
Metal Head 420
The car that was it was John Rhodes Cobb's Land Speed Record Setting Car! . The time was the 1930's and he was driving at 367 mph... .... He was The Man.. no one else...
Michael Costigan
The soundtrack to this video is my alarm clock ⏰
Midnight Mechanic
No mention of the Shelby Daytona, of which only SIX were made? Huh.
Mitch D
That GT40 was not a genuine car, but was instead a replicar. You can build a replicar with original specs or better for anywhere from 25k to 150k USD.
WOW the GT California is such a beauty
Muammar Gaddafi
Alfa 33 is an ultimate beauty!
Muhammad Awis abd Shahadan
Kamu perlu buat kajian manusia paling mahal pulak selepas ini...
Rare doesn't equal valuable, but if anything is inherently desirable AND rare you may have something. There are thousands of one-of-a-kind cars, obviously more rare than these, but still not very valuable. This video maker missed an opportunity to explore what really makes these cars so desirable.
That McLaren sounds like my neighbors civic, the Zl1 was just a copy of the Yenko Camaro done for race track rule adhesion. Yenkos were not allowed on the track after production since they werent finished by Chevy.
Nate Hollingsworth
Look at the shifting on that Porsche 917k!
What was the car in the thumbnail?
Patrick Simmons
This channel is horseshit. So much disinfo...
Prahlad M S
i felt too bad for that chevy because it was just after mclaren f1\n\n5:39 what is she taking a picture of?
And.. Where are BMW M3 E46 GTR? High-performance version? It's race car that practicipate in La Mans. They made 10 or 20 normal cars (gtr version) and like 6 cars with high-performance.
R Michael 46
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale! Still the best looking car ever built togheter with the 250 GTO!
33 Stradale omg love it
Res Ipsa Loquitur
Rare I guess but OMG that plain Jane Camaro is ugly...and I once owned a 78 Camaro Z28.
Richard Hopkins
Anybody else see the dude in the red Testarossa blow right through that stop sign?
Bugatti Type 57, and The Bugatti Royale
Hahaha... millions of dollars in European beauties and an old crappy yank tank for a few hundred thou' : )
Sergey Pupko
That Alfa at the end of vid. So gorgeous.
Shane Norman
It looks as if you've taken the reported price for the modern XKSS recreation as being the same for an original. Dream on. The $30m cited for the McQueen car is closer to the mark.
Sop Lim
What about the moon buggy only one ever built
Starkid 1236
Toyota 2000 gt ??
Stephen Williams
He also failed to mention two of the rarest cars ever built, since only two were built...the 1952 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Gullwing. There were only two 300 SLR gull wings ever built. There were plenty 300 SLR's built as roadsters, but only two as gull wings.
Good video. But not giving a mention to the Shelby Daytona is a bummer. As for people mentioning the Superformance replicar, they also make the GT40 replicar which got a mention in this video. Also, the Superformance Shelby Daytona is not the exact car. The original 6 are probably well over $10,000,000. The last one sold in auction went for $7,250,000.I find the replicar to be more aesthetically pleasant and it only goes for $170K-$500K depending on the options and if you want a Fiberglass or aluminum body. Plus you get all of today's little creature comforts that come in cars now.
Tears of Rage Clan
The GT40's didn't just challenge Ferrari on the track, they sent Ferrari back to Italy with their tails between their legs by winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans four consecutive times, from 1966 to 1969 (1966 being the Mk II, 1967 the Mk IV, and 1968-1969 the oldest chassis design, the Mk I), including a 1-2-3 finish in 1966.
The 250 GTO is my favorite classic Ferrari by far.
Thomas Jenkins
on 1 minute the car is from gta 5 online
Tong Spoon
I was to busy looking at all the rare classic cars champ. What stop sign???
Toys for boys
Alfa Romeo Stradale is perhaps the best looking car ever made
True Form Oblivion
Ferrari F50 GT 3 were made
VanaConn Vanagons
Umm, The 1967 Ferrari 365P Speciale 3 seater not even mentioned ????????????? They made what three ?
1971 Hemi Cuda convertible 4-speed. 4 made.\nMy 1969 Dart GTS big block Mod Top. One of one.
I'm Italian and i appreciate, but no Bugatti and no Mercedes? The SLR and SL pagoda are amathing, i remember that Hiter's car was sold for about 13 milion $, Bugatti Atlantic was sold for about 40 milio $ and Tipe 35 is one of the most iconic car in the istory. Oh! And Jaguar E type was define by Enzo Ferrari \
asus m3
Ma la ferrari nella foto?
The 57 Ferrari Testarosa is the one I'd take. Its my all time favorite. There's a movie with Clark Gable driving one.
brother sly
So, the 1969 camaro zl1 at a price tag of $451,000 us.dollars made the list .. Well,.. In Australia a car called an 1972 ford xa gt phase 4 just sold for 2million Australian dollars... Only 4 were built,. 3 went to ford company racers,.( Which 1 got wiped off) ..and only 1 got sold to the public **by mistake**.they were ment to go into production but the nanny state kicked in so after the 3 race cars got given to the racers.. The street cars were ment to be scraped... Well,... 1...some how slipped through and got sold to the public... 1 of the race cars with*(5160)* odd miles on the clock got sold by auction 2 weeks ago for 2million Australian dollars... **what do you think the street car is worth****a true 1 of1of1of1of1of
Half a mil for a 69 Camaro!! Holy S&*^ ! A loaded SS 396 was probably around 4 or 5 grand. Probably could buy one those back then for 6. lol Still, beautiful car. And those exotics... :P I can't believe the prices. *shakes head For Billionaires only. Must say they are truly works of art though.
The GT40 is not an American Classic, yes it's a Ford but it was built in Britain.
I have a 1990 1LE-IROC-Z with 6.3 mi. one of 27 released,no air,radio or P.W./P.L. .It has an alum.driveshaft and Corvette breaks. It can be your for only $150.000.00.
jose marques
who was the ass in the golf cart?
Ferrari made the history of cars, proud italians master work.... :)
mattia_ borgognoni
Lamborghini egoista??
max Zago
9 on 10 are Italian
mike jones
How much was the golf cart! ....beautiful cars
I know the comments are filled with \
my play list
i have a 1969 pontiac gto it was my dads first car when he passed away it became mine.
paul austin
You have to be insane to pay these ridiculous kind of prices! Any of these could be wiped the floor with by a modern vehicle costing a fraction of the price!
ryan sean
3:32 guess stop signs don't apply to a $30 million dollar car.
stu booth
All those horsepowers, still can't pass a golf cart
Click bait
1998 McLaren F1 LM exhaust note (1:02) says \
vargo hoat
lots of comments on other rare cars, this list is just a smattering of very rare cars out there, with so few cars it cant be comprehensive but i dont think its too bad a list. if you want the rarest of the rare, youre getting into prototypes and such.
omg that GT40's exhaust note wow thats amazing