10 Movie Moments Where Actors Werent Acting

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E.T. Horror alien brad pitt christ... drew barrymore fight club home alone jack nicholson kubrick macaulay culkin sci fi shelley duvall the shining

What about Lexie screaming in Jurassic Park when the T-Rex broke through the car's roof?
Aamir Hoda
My favourite scene was the waxing scene! Damn that would have hurt so bad!
Alain Vielle
You're missing The Name of the Rose, where Christian Slater and Valentina Vargas did it for real, while slater was not aware she was about to do so
Aled Wescombe
ET is my favourite movies of all time
Alivia Ulrich
Amari Lee
The blood on the girls knee in Willy wonka was real
Angela Longinidis
Is it really a Great “Performance” if a little kid is reacting to what they think is a real, live, kind, alien creature that they’ve grown to love dying before their eyes?...maybe a little messed up. Why not just run over her puppy in front of her that she got for Christmas to get the “Great Performance”?!...Then again, i guess i’m pretty biased because i STILL remember how I cried and threw a tantrum after watching ET for the first/last time around age 4 or 5.
Annalise Avina
intro sounds like this guy works at universal studios
Apple Smiler
When you haven’t watched any of these movies ;-;
Avery Ealy
The guy said charile fucket instead of Charlie bucket
Ayushree Saumya
a bollywood movie also, Coolie. In which Mr. Amitabh bacchhan was injured and was admited in hospital. It was for real
BOB money
That shining thing is messed up....
If I was Brad Pitt I would be furious. You can get cauliflower ear from that. It never goes away, not even surgery can help.
why is it always the ear punch with fight club? why can't they talk about the golf scene?
(Ab)using people, like Duvall and Barrymore etc. were (ab)used, to achieve a goal, even if it's considered \
Blue G
wow Kubrick is a sociopath
Brenna Barnett
You missed the scene from pretty woman wear he was giving her the necklace
Challenged Duck
Ventura pet detective
Dan Reed
Seriously Screen Rant....Five ads? I want to support you, but this is the reason people put ad blockers up. Overkill.
Dana Djaha
This was fun to watch...especially watching Micheal Meat in run through Times Square! I had seen the movie and would've never guessed he was running through a real crowd of New Yorkers! 😂😂😂
In Bee movie, they used an actual talking bee so when the bee starts talking to the lady that's a real reaction.
Der Finder
You should have included the scene from Jurassic Park where the T Rex breaks the glasses of the tourist jeep and the kids are screaming. The T rex which broke the glasses was a animatronix in that scene. The kids were very scared.
Dyani Baker
omg can we please just see the clip w/o someone talking
Dũng Bế
I’ve just started watching and I hope that they have the interrogation scene from the dark knight where batman was actually hitting Joker
Elgin Voon
Plot twist:\nET is a real alien. The Gov has been giving us signs
Euginna De Ramos
hEy R u WaTcHiNg In 2018?
Evie Hammond
Its kinda fucked up how they get child actors to best express the scripted emotions of the character they're portraying. I always was curious how they get babies/toddlers to cry. I almost don't want to know the answer to that question after hearing what Drew went thru during the filming of E.T. 💛
Fancypinapple Peterman
The shinning isn’t even scary I mean really
Good thing I watched The 40-year-Old Virgin last night
in IT, they kept pennywise away from the kids so they could get a real reaction.
Gracie Young
I feel so bad for the women in the film “the shining” she must have so much will power to have still carried on playing that role because if I was her I would probably have quit so props to her🙏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Gretta Clarkson
Ahhhhh a time before lawsuits...
the shining was a bit far
James Smith
You forgot the scene in THE HATEFUL EIGHT when Kurt Russel smashes an authentic 140 year-old guitar. Jennifer Jason-Leigh's shocked reaction is genuine because she knew it was the original antique while Kurt Russel thought it was a prop.
Jennie Spooner
poor shelly that means they didnt trust her acting abilities and had to really torment her
The actress from the Shining actually is very mentally ill now. Very sad throw Kubrick in prison
Josh Gel
Our friend went to college with Brad Pitt and was in the same class.
Justin's Night
0:42 I thought of thinknoodles
K Graff
The story about Shelley Duvall really changed how I thought about the Shining. Now that I've read the book, it's the only way to fly imo. Yes, the movie is still iconic, but Kubrick took it waaaay to far with her. Duvall often lost hair and sleep over her days on set. Meanwhile Kubrick tried to be as nice as possible to the child actor who played Danny. So, the man CAN be nice, but he made it a point to actually horrify his main actress. \n\nAlfred Hitchcock's \
They told her ET was real😂😂😂😂😂😇
Katie Marigold
Man this list was SO GOOD! All of these movies are my favorites!
Laughter Talks
And they shouldn't have been doing that to a child either. Drew's family should have sued them.
Lauren Fletcher
In the fight club scene you know brad pitt didnt know he was gonna be hit i the hear cos if u listen he says \
Lauren Talise
that poor actress in the shining, she didn’t deserve that torture
Lynne Wright - Glzrbug
No wonder child actors get so screwed up, they play with their minds.
MK Ultra
In Friday the 13th part 4 tommy Jarvis wasn’t acting when Jason grabbed him through the window
Mayara Miquidade
Man The Shinning thing was messed up... Damn so was the E.T one
why are directors praised for abusing their actors? They hired these people to act they shouldn't have to trick them into getting the reaction they want. You'r not \
Micah Kenneth8
Ms.Drew... this is a living breathing baby alien ...and we are gonna kill him for being a bad actor ...I'm sorry ... you have to watch him die ...
The 40 year old virgin 😂😂
Mils Pen
Pretty woman: Julia Robert’s laugh when the dude closes the jewelry box while she attempts to touch the necklace
Mr Nothing
the Shelly Duval thing actually kinda pissed me off. Like great acting and everything, but at what cost. Poor woman. She deserved better than that.
The amount of ads in this is ridiculous
Nathan Haimson
I feel bad for Shelley DuVal. Have y'all seen her Dr. Phil interview? Poor thing, she deserved to be treated so much better.
Naulo Sanchar
Wolf of wall street was awesome ... best movie
Nia Bronson
When I was in New York a few years ago my parents and I were going back to our hotel and ended up seeing the bird man underwear scene.
Owen Miller
something bath rarely chaos variety pleasant repair support manager whisper division sharply
It’s actually Charlie and the chocolate factory not willy wonka and the Charlie factory
Pandas are cool
You forgot Audrey Hepburn getting thrown in the pool by Albert Finney in Two for the Road. Her being terrified was real due to having hydro phobia. When Robert De Niro cries in Silver Linings Playbook, it wasn't scripted and he was thinking of his real son.
Pidge SpaceChild
once i was in a play. off stage i had to make sounds like i fell off a boat while people dumped water on my head. but the water was so cold that i screamed. afterwards people told me that the scream was one of the best parts in the show. i wasnt acting. the water was cold!!!
Purple Arrow
The shinning \nActress abuse
Raymond Ross
You totally missed the Alien chest burster scene: talk about not warning someone! Veronica Cartwright's reaction was pure horror!
Ryan Tolentino
Clikbait thunbnail :\u003c
Ryan Who
WHAT?!?!? ET DIES???
Stanley Kubrick is a sociopath that should've been charged for the abuse & torment he put Shelley Duvall through, it's unacceptable.
If that is true about the female actor in the shinning that is practicaly torture and he should be punished for it. There is no way that could happen today.
SeaDogSilver Productions
I’m honestly shocked that all of the different pirates of the Caribbean movies weren’t on here. Like that jar of dirt scene, Depp just found a jar of dirt and brought it on set for whatever reason.
Shubham Mittal
Movies and songs have some unreal unapplicable unvalid unpractical concepts...... Be real be practical... Sports games fun enjoyment love sex lust etc are must always... Self work self interests self style are must always
Silly.Me.Koran T
The boonies at the ship part. The kids hadn't seen the ship before so the take where they all gasp and are suprise is real.
Stavi G.Molko
Well that was a very good list, but I hoped to see \
Stephanie Burdick
Poor Drew Barrymore! Thank God she wasn’t scarred for life.
Home Alone is one of the best movies \u003c3
The Steve Carell waxing in the 40 year old Virgin shocker!!!! It doesn't take rocket scientist to know that scene was real and Steve Carell's reaction was real and genuine cause nobody could fake a reaction like that. I mean damn the dude got his chest hair ripped off any man who has that happen is going to have the same reaction.
Why wasnt shining's director arrested for harrassment.
Tabs T
So to make the greatest horror they mentally abused shelley duvall
The Silencer
The scene in the dark knight where heath ledger's joker remote detonated the hospital... the stalled explosion was actually not supposed to happen.. lol
TomHolland Fan
At 5:31, did someone else notice a guy in a costume of Spider-Man?
I think that if I made a video like this it would be removed for multiple copyright infringements. YouTube used to be for ordinary people like YOU and me but now it's all corporate.
Truther Revolution
And now she has lost her mind (the woman in the shinning)
Twins in VR
You missed a big one. The Goonies seeing the pirate ship for the first time.
Vakas Shah
Shelley was tortured to the point that she actually lost her mind. Ofcourse he pushed her too far. Ruined her life.
10:50 lip sync
Wolfman Dave
Brandon Lee actually dying at the end of The Crow
XxTheDarkPhantomxX Phantom
How about when bruce lee got shot on set.
Yashpal Singh Rathore
ARGHHHHHHHH ..........where is the one that you show on the cover of this video
annette fournier
Shelly Duval had serious mental issues for years because of The Shining. Should have sued that director for mental anguish , all her medical and living expenses as well. Poor woman could barely function.
cassidy •
how bout when jack nicholson pulled a real gun on leonardo dicaprio during a scene from The Departed
Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry scene in Monster's Ball. I'm sure that's 100% real!
dont look at my channel :l
The movie “IT” is another one now. They hid Pennywise from the kids until they filmed.
This is an interesting video but I find it disgusting how Shelly Duvall was treated. Never knew that before.
emily abney
so what you're saying is Hollywood has been exploiting and abusing children for a very long time. 😒
Ha my mom told me the heeeeeres johny was not part of the act
jmar kedron
Leonardo DiCaprio in Django Unchained .. Best one.
lucia 28
I thought birdman was terrible just me?
nova B.
When Bruce Lee's son was shooting a movie and someone switched the fake gun and real gun. So he died on screen
10:52 The announcer for this video says \
steve Kos
it takes away the meaning of them being actors if they aren't even acting in the role. the whole point of movies and tv shows and other fictional pieces is that they're supposed to be acting. if they're going to have so many scenes where they're not acting, then they may as well not be called actors and where they don't get scripts or lines for their parts.
@2:12 maybe the dumbest question asked on YouTube this decade ! Smh
trashy queen
Brandon lee dying from a real gunshot in the crow was a pretty big moment