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TIPS:\n1. Avoid: contractions Don't ==\u003e do not, Can't ==\u003e cannot etc\n2. Avoid: there are / there is \n Example: there are many development projects in the UN ==\u003e The UN supports many development projects\n3. Avoid: \n really ==\u003e avoid as much as possible\n very ==\u003e use a stronger world\n a lot ==\u003e many(for countable noun), much (for uncountable nouns)\n so ==\u003e avoid as much as possible\n4. use active voice whenever possible.\n5. Use strong verb: he gave assistance to my friend ==\u003e He assissted my friend, made an objection ==\u003e objected, conducted an investigationv ==\u003e investigated
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All of the points are valid, but you're using bad teminology in your 5th tip. Strong verbs can mean any of the following three: Germanic strong verb/ Strong inflection/ Irregular verb. What you meant there is to avoid collocations and to use single words instead.
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It's ironic that in spoken English we use long sentences to sound smart, but in written English we achieve that result with short sentences.
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3:04 \n*Tip #3. Avoid using words*
Single? Marry me and help me with my grammar too :)
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improve your writing\r\n1 do not use contractions \r\n cannot, should not\r\n\r\n2 avoid there is/ there are\r\n ——extra words that are not needed\r\nstronger+to the point\r\n\r\n3 avoid really, very, a lot, so\r\n very hard——difficult\r\n more formal\r\n a lot—— many/much\r\n\r\n4 use the active voice\r\n passive voice——weak\r\n\r\n5 use strong verbs\r\n weak verb: he gave assistance to my friend——he assisted myfriend\r\n made an obhection——objected\r\n conducted an investigation——investigated\r\n did an audit——audited
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1.do not use contractions ex.don't can't shouldn't \n2.avoid there is &there are\n3.don't use really ,a lot ,so &very\n4.use active voice \n5.use strong verbs
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Is this also active vs. passive sentences?
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Hai madam,\nI am Divya from India, I really admire your teaching style and it had helped me alot for my general IELTS exam but in another two weeks,am having academic ielts.Can you please help me in understanding the question given, as I am failing to allocate the matter if they ask two questions saying WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE PROBLEM? WHAT CAN BE DONE TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM?\nShould I have to choose to write why I think the problem has risen in first place in one paragragh?
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My teacher tells me to use the passive voice instead of active voice, which one should I use??
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5 tips to improve your writing \n\n1) Don't use Contractions\n\nsuch as; don't, can't, shouldn't\nuse; do not cannot should not\n\n2) Avoid there is/ there are\n\nThere are many issues that students face at university\n\nStudents face many issues at university\n\n3) Don't use common words such as;\nreally, very, a lot, so\n\n4) Use active voice instead of passive\n\n5)Use strong verbs
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unless it is for an essay that requires students to write a certain amount of words, like at least 750 words then i do the opposite of this video, make my essays longer with informality haha
Never us a big fancy complicated word when a diminutive one will do.
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I struggle with trying to decide when to use concise, robotic language vs colorful, rich descriptive language. (And I don't mean figuring out the rules according to situation and context). Sometimes rules are better walked all over than followed.
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There are ten reasons for not sitting IELTS exam. Here is the list of ten:\n\n1) IELTS is old fashion. Who uses pencil and paper for daily tasks these days?\n\n2) There is no correlation between the scores of four modules of the test. The test taker may get high scores on Reading, Listening, and Speaking, and low score on writing. In other words, according to IETLS, there is no relationship between four different skills of communication, which is totally wrong.\n\n3) Scoring of writing and speaking modules is subjective.\n\n4) It takes at least two weeks to get the results, and it takes more than six weeks to get the results of remarking.\n\n5) The handwriting of the test taker plays role in the scores he/she gets. If your handwriting is not perfect, don’t sit for this test.\n\n6) The test is too long. Each test, takes almost a day.\n\n7) The writing skill is measured by two writing tasks, in total 400 words, which is inadequate.\n\n8) The marking criteria for writing module is rather specific to IELTS, and it does not reflect the actual writing skills. In fact, this module is better called IELTS writing skill, instead of writing skill.\n\n9) The range of questions and tasks are limited, and it does not replicate the real-life communication scenarios.\n\n10) It is run by IDP, which is a for-profit company.\n\n \n\nSitting for IELTS test, one after another will cost you enduring psychological issues, let alone its financial burden. It also delays your plan for life. Familiarise yourself with other types of English language test. Thankfully, the monopoly era for IELTS is over, and there are up to date and impartial tests out there.
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great tips. really great tips. i tried and used a couple of times this testing and training in writing and my texts began look very different, it looked like some govr statement :) and that was the goal i wanted. thanks for explaination. \nAnd guys - just make yourself to train more and more, train writing speaking listenin and reading with your great efforts - its hard and not a lovely doing but do it untill exam and know that after this you will relax as never before :) motivate yourself and know one single main thing - everything will be ALRIGHT !!! Cheers
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