5 tips to improve your writing

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I wish I watched this while I was at school, too late now and I'm stuck in graphic design. I wanted to be a lawyer...
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All of the points are valid, but you're using bad teminology in your 5th tip. Strong verbs can mean any of the following three: Germanic strong verb/ Strong inflection/ Irregular verb. What you meant there is to avoid collocations and to use single words instead.
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Hi,Emma,Thanks for teaching the trump card while writing as tonic.
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It's ironic that in spoken English we use long sentences to sound smart, but in written English we achieve that result with short sentences.
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3:04 \n*Tip #3. Avoid using words*
This video is wayyy longer than it needs to be
Single? Marry me and help me with my grammar too :)
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I’m using these tips for my selective exams tommorrow, pray for me
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1.do not use contractions ex.don't can't shouldn't \n2.avoid there is &there are\n3.don't use really ,a lot ,so &very\n4.use active voice \n5.use strong verbs
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Is this also active vs. passive sentences?
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Hai madam,\nI am Divya from India, I really admire your teaching style and it had helped me alot for my general IELTS exam but in another two weeks,am having academic ielts.Can you please help me in understanding the question given, as I am failing to allocate the matter if they ask two questions saying WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE PROBLEM? WHAT CAN BE DONE TO RESOLVE THE PROBLEM?\nShould I have to choose to write why I think the problem has risen in first place in one paragragh?
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Obama destroyed health care. Period or exclamation mark?
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5 tips to improve your writing \n\n1) Don't use Contractions\n\nsuch as; don't, can't, shouldn't\nuse; do not cannot should not\n\n2) Avoid there is/ there are\n\nThere are many issues that students face at university\n\nStudents face many issues at university\n\n3) Don't use common words such as;\nreally, very, a lot, so\n\n4) Use active voice instead of passive\n\n5)Use strong verbs
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I think that sometimes you do need \
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unless it is for an essay that requires students to write a certain amount of words, like at least 750 words then i do the opposite of this video, make my essays longer with informality haha
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I did not know what actually is 'correct' writing.\nI'm Asian, it is hard to understand what word is strong or not......such as\nI killed you / you were killed by me, it just same meaning, right?How to judge which is stronger?
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Thank you. This makes sense. I want to share my writing skill. Someone reply to me any mistakes and give me a rating. Don't use emotion. Use logic.\n\nMark's about to be attacked by a great white. Jack tries throw a rock at the great whites nose to avoid Mark, but failed. Jack tries it second time and hits the great whites nose, but there's a strange difference. The great white does not quit. \
Ян Н.
great tips. really great tips. i tried and used a couple of times this testing and training in writing and my texts began look very different, it looked like some govr statement :) and that was the goal i wanted. thanks for explaination. \nAnd guys - just make yourself to train more and more, train writing speaking listenin and reading with your great efforts - its hard and not a lovely doing but do it untill exam and know that after this you will relax as never before :) motivate yourself and know one single main thing - everything will be ALRIGHT !!! Cheers
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